Anyone have United Healthcare?

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    Anyone have United Healthcare?

    so I just got a notice that my employer will be changing healthcare providers starting in 2011 from BlueCross to United Healthcare ... and I am a bit worried because we are TTC and so the impending number of doctor's visits and all the hassles associated with insurance were already making me nervous and now we would be dealing with a new company.  At least I knew the BCBS systems and knew they covered most things.

    Does anyone have experience with UHC?  We will have the choice between the POS and HMO options, any advice on that?  Are they restrictive on their coverage and providers?  Should I be worried about out-of-pocket costs?

    Between pre-natal appts, the actual delivery, follow up care, breastfeedign support, and pediatrician appts ... I feel like this is a time in my life where having the right insurance company is really important and I really don't want to be fighting for ever nickel and dime or be facing huge deductibles and co-pays. 

    arg!  maybe I am just being a worry-wort ... but who needs to add any more stress to this process?

    Also... related question... right now DH and I have separate health insurance because it is more cost effective to have two single plans than a family plan, and we know we'll need to change this.  Is it better if I carry the insurance or if he does?  Would my maternity leave and time off from work complicate matters?  is it better for him to carry the insurance so there is no question about the continuity of employment?  what have others done for this?  FYI... we work for the same company, so there is no difference in benefits.  Right now I am assuming he'll pick up a family plan for 2011 and I'll drop my coverage.  Does this make sense?

    oh.. and of course I'll do my homework before we sign up for any particular plan... just wondering if any of the ladies out here had some experience/advice.

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    Re: Anyone have United Healthcare?

    I have UHC Choice, and I'm pretty sure that's the HMO.  It's not really like an HMO though because you don't need any referrals, which is nice, but you do have to pick docs in network.  I had signed up for it long before I was pregnant because the costs were lower than BCBS (we have a wide array of options where I work).  Anyhow, they covered just about everything when I was pregnant!  You only pay one copay for your first prenatal visit, then nothing else until after delivery, and then there was a $250 copay.  I didn't know about that ahead of time, but if I only had to pay $250 on a $20,000 bill it seemed good to me.  They also covered all U/S (I had 3) and the NT early risk assessment (even though I wasn't in the high risk group).  Oh, and I saw midwives too which they covered.  So, I think they're great insurance, but then again I have nothing to compare it to because I only have one baby :)  Oh, and the coverage for my baby was seemless.  The just had her under "newborn" until they got her name in the system.  Good Luck!!
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    Re: Anyone have United Healthcare?

    Thanks!  That makes me feel better :o)

    I checked and both my primary and OBGYN are in their network ... starting to relax.  The fear of the unknown drives me nuts.
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    Re: Anyone have United Healthcare?

    bostongrl, I have an HMO and haven't had to pay any co-pays so far.  Not sure about once the delivery occurs though... should probably look into that.