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April updates

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    Re: April updates

    Yay, Lil!  That must have been so great!  My appt is tomorrow and am hoping for the same thing.

    We are telling my extended family either tonight or on Easter... I'm kind of nervous!  I think I'm going to make DH make the announcement...
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    Re: April updates

    Great news from both of you!  Just had to pop in and say I am so excited for you.
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    Re: April updates

    April already!!

    LIL-  So glad you were able to hear the heartbeat!  We were not able to yet at our 10w2d appointment last week.  I was a little bummed out, but have to have faith that everything is still going good :). 

    poppy-  Very exciting to share the news with more people!  I think my Mom and Dad already told all our extended family

    I'm doing good.  I had some red spotting last night which kind of freaked me out a bit, but it never got any worse than spotting and I didn't cramp or anything.  5 weeks ago I had some really heavy bleeding/clotting and cramping, but everything was fine.  I've had some occassional brown spotting here and there since, but this was the first time with red.  Always something to worry about.  I also have to keep reminding myself that I am on blood thinners so that will probably cause more bleeding that most people have. 
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    Re: April updates

    Antimony - When is your next appointment?  Of for sure there is always something to worry about - sorry to hear about the spotting - I have been there a couple of times so far and it is just not fun!  The more I read, though, the more I hear how common it is in normal pregnancies.  I would guess that 30% is low!
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    Re: April updates

    Just to add my two cents on the normalcy of spotting--I also had spotting--red, brown, pink--during my first trimester. I'm now 16 weeks along, and everything is perfect. The spotting is surprisingly normal, but you're right, as long as it doesn't include cramping that keeps getting progressively stronger, it's almost always nothing to worry about. I had spotting with my first pregnancy as well (unlike the spotting this time, spotting when I was pregnant with my daughter was due to a first trimester cyst that bled--the cyst resolved itself on its own during later in the pregnancy).
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    Re: April updates

    Hi Ladies!  TGIF!  It's going to be a gorgeous weekend too :)

    Exciting news from all!  HB, telling family!  So much fun!

    Antimony, count me in as one who had spotting her first trimester.  So stressful I know, but the nurse in my doc's office told me 50% of women experience spotting! I remember they also said spotting particularly after intercourse is common.

    AFM, I also had a DA and U/S yesterday.  Unfortunately, they did determine my baby is in the breech position. Frank breech to be precise.  So than means now I'll be laying inverted on an ironing board and trying acupuncture and a chiropractor to get this baby to spin!  Oh I hope it does.  I have such a mix of emotions right now.  It's so hard because I hope to deliver naturally, but if it doesn't turn I will need surgery.  Not knowing is so difficult!  But the midwife I saw seemed to be optimistic that we can get the baby to turn and said one of the OBs at the practice is very good at the external version procedure, which would be manually turning the baby.  So I've got to stay optimistic too!  I do have my shower tomorrow as well, so I'm hoping that the support of my friends and family will help me to feel better.  :)
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    Re: April updates

    They wouldn't possibly even consider attempting a vaginal delivery with a frank breech?  Of course, you want it to turn, but to absolutely rule out vaginal might not be necessary.

    P.S.  Usually, I'm the Queen of the Reality Check, but I know if conditions with a frank breech are right (small baby, larger mother, etc.) it can be possible to avoid a c-section.  Sounds like you are really against it, and I'm hoping your doctor is exploring all the options with you.
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    Re: April updates

    Hi Kargiver -

    I appreciate the input, and I know some doctors will attempt it.  However, it is the policy of my practice as well as the hospital that I am delivering in that they do not allow vaginal breech births.  From what I understand, it is really a lost art and OBs/CNMs are not trained to do it any longer.  I am also a first time mom and don't have any stretching yet.  From what I have read, it is very risky for the baby because when the body comes before the head, it can cause oxygen deprivation if the head takes a while to come out after the body has emerged.  Of course a healthy baby is my top priority, and if it means I don't deliver the way I would have wanted, then so be it.  I just can't help be a little disappointed at this point, but once the baby comes I'm sure it'll be a distant memory ... if it doesn't turn that is!

    You are right though in that if they did attempt a vaginal breech, a Frank breech would be the only position they'd try it with.

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    Re: April updates

    Trouble - what does "Frank breech" mean?  I haven't gotten to that part of my pg books yet...

    I'm having one of those days where I feel totally inadequate as a human being and am having thoughts like, "How the heck am I ever going to be a good mother?"  Anyone else have days like that? :(
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    Re: April updates

    Sorry this is happening, Trouble!  If you arent' comfortable with exploring a vaginal delivery with a breech, I understand that 100%.  Just wanted to make sure you knew it MIGHT be an option if you wanted it that bad and the conditions were right, etc.

    poppy, frank breech is when the legs are folded up parallel to each other so the feet/ankles are in front of the face.  Full breech is when the butt is down and the legs are "indian style" (can you say that anymore?).  Partial is when one leg is folded, the other is up.  The Frank breech can be considered for vaginal delivery if the baby is small enough and the mother is big enough because it can just slide out without the legs getting in the way.

    P.S.  I have those days about simply being a good wife and homemaker so I can only assume that I'd be freaking out about it if I were pg.  Sounds normal enough to me!
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    Re: April updates

    VERY few doctors will do breech deliveries these days.  They just don't.  The risks are too high for the baby, mother, and, of course, the liability for the doctor.  Even very experienced OBs have very little experience with breech deliveries and very few will even consider doing one.  There are a few who will (my OB wasn't crazy about it, but he was willing to consider it)--I have heard there's one at Mt. Auburn--but it's really just not done except rarely.  Small baby/larger mother really doesn't have much to do with it.  Of course, it would be easier to deliver a small baby under any circumstances, but the "rate-limiting step," so to speak, is the stretchiness in the uterus and cervix.  For first pregnancies with breech deliveries, this is usually an issue.

    One of my twins (DD) was breech.  She was "baby B"--2nd in line to come out if delivered vaginally.  (DS--"baby A"-- was head down and raring to go vaginally.) In MANY discussions with my VERY EXPERIENCED OB, he told me that for first pregnancies, the uterus just isn't stretchy enough to do a lot of the things they would normally do.  It's harder to do external version, for one thing.  Granted, my situation was more-complicated and they were more-limited in what they could do b/c I had two babies in there.  With a 2nd pregnancy or later, they can be a bit more agressive and the baby is easier to turn.  In the event of a breech delivery with a 2nd or later baby, the cervix has also been stretched before and has more "give" to it, so some doctors are more likely to consider a breech if it's not a first child.  The bottom-line risks don't go away though--getting tangled in the umbilical cord, or cord prolapse, or detaching the placenta, for instance.

    Up until I was in L&D triage at 37.5 weeks with pre-eclampsia and talking about what we were going to do to get the babies out, I had been adamant about delivering vaginally and unmedicated.  My OB did offer to induce me.  He expected no problems getting DS out vaginally, but when he started talking about all of the risks to DD during a breach delivery--even though we were very sure she was smaller than DS, so whether she came out butt/feet first or head first, the chances were better for her--it became very clear to me that this was not about me anymore, and the safer option for DD was a c-section (c-section would shift most of the risks to me; vaginal/breech would shift all the risk to her).  So...I had the c-section.  It wasn't what I had dreamed of for my birth experience, and I am still a little sad I didn't get the birth experience I had hoped for, but I know I made the right decision for my daughter's safety, and none of that really matters once the babies (or baby) are out anyway.

    So my advice is to pursue the options you're comfortable with as far as turning the baby--you'll have many more options than I did--and really push your OB on this and ask LOTS of questions about different scenarios, BUT when the time comes, make the decision that will get your baby out safely.

    Also, I took the multiples birthing class at Isis, which is endorsed by the hospital I delivered at along with many of the other big hospitals.  The instructor made a big deal of telling us that if baby B is breech, MOST OBs will be willing/able to do a breech delivery.  When I talked about this with my OB, he was appalled that they were telling twin moms that and that it is simply not true.  He actually said that he would be discussing this with someone over there b/c he was so disturbed that they were giving people this expectation.  He elaborated that most OBs have only done a few breech deliveries EVER, and the number who had delivered a baby B breech were even fewer.  So, even if, technically, it is possible, most OBs do not have the experience nor expertise to do it safely.  If you can find someone who has experience, that is great, and by all means, pursue it, but I'd be wary of having someone who has delivered one or 2 breech babies in the past 10 - 20 years delivering MY baby breech.
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    Re: April updates

    Hi- I haven't been very good about regularly posting... but just finished a visit and wanted to share once I saw the April updates! I am now at 23 weeks- and even though I got to hear the heartbeat a little... he moves around so much that it isn't ever for more than a second or two at a time. I was also kind of bummed to find out there aren't really any more ultrasounds, which I was hoping for- it is so neat to see him moving when you can feel it.

    Antimony- about the spotting, I actually had some following an external ultrasound as well, which they said was normal.... so that is one more thing to add to your list of other times you may experience some spotting.

    Poppy-have a great time sharing with family.  I am sure everyone will be thrilled!! One thing that made me and my husband more comfortable was to talk about what we wanted to share and what we didn't decide yet, or didn't want to share yet.  For example, we haven't decided completely on our ideal birth plan, but my sister in law is a die hard natural birth person- so we knew it would be a question that got asked and decided ahead of time just to say we were still talking with our doctor about it.  we also brough our most recent ultrasound which made it more fun to share a "picture" with others.

    congrats everyone!
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    Re: April updates

    Hi All, 

    I had an appt on Tuesday, just routine, but very exciting nonetheless.  I heard the little peanut's heartbeat on doppler again, and the Dr. said it was a very good rhythm.  :)  The most exciting part was getting to schedule our 18th week u/s.  We'll find out if it's a boy or girl in two weeks!!!  I am sooo excited.  

    Also told the folks at work this week and everyone is very excited.  

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    Re: April updates

    Trouble, I know you've posted about turning, and I don't remember if you are south of the city or not, but if you need the name of an acupuncturist, I can give you one. Kar- the issue of delivering breech babies is that because of liability issues, doctors are no longer trained on breech deliveries. my DD was breech at 36 weeks, and the OB wanted to schedule a C-section when she found out - I had to ask her and the NP about other options, since I wanted to deliver naturally. I tried acupuncture, and had a successful external versioning, but if I hadn't been stubborn, it would have been a scheduled C-section for me. I think it is a sad state of affairs that so many women aren't even given options about holistic alternatives, or things like external versioning unless they are very vocal. I do understand the safety of the baby is very important, but at 36 weeks the baby might still turn, and there is plenty of time to try other options before pulling out the calendar and saying "when do you want a C-section?"
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    Re: April updates

    Hi the results from my blood test this week and the numbers are excellent.  I breathed a big sigh of relief and am now starting to let myself get a little more excited about this pregnancy.  It's amazing how going through a loss changes how I look at this second pregnancy...much more cautious about everything!

    First doc visit is still a couple of weeks away and we're looking forward to that...once we have it and know everything's okay, we'll start sharing the news with some close family and friends.  Now if only we could fast-forward to November!!!
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    Re: April updates

    Along the lines of what Amy-lynn said--if you don't want a c-section, don't schedule one.  I never scheduled one and my OB didn't push me to.  The reality is, that when the time comes to get the baby out, they'll get the baby out.  It's not like you show up at labor and delivery needing a c-section and they tell you "sorry, we can't get you in for another week, so you'll just have to wait."
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    Re: April updates

    luv - what's your due date?  i think you and i are on the same schedule more or less (i'm 8 weeks tomorrow).  (though i guess with twins my due date would be different?)
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    Re: April updates

    Good news luv and evanase!  I ended up telling everyone at work after the doppler heartbeat.  I couldn't help myself! :)
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    Re: April updates

    IPW - great news!  We are going on Thursday for our u/s.  I can't wait.
    I am sitting here trying out the bella band.  So far, seems to work great.
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    Re: April updates

    My friend warned me this would happen....

    Thursday, my work clothes fit, I knew I had to go shopping but didn't get to it this weekend (it was too nice!). This morning, I went to get dressed for work and nothing fit! I had to wear a flowy dress that isn't quite right for the office, with a blazer that couldn't be buttoned up for all the tea in China! Guess I'm going shopping at lunch time today, hope I can find something to get me through the week!

    Warning, get yourself a few work items before you need them. With the season changes, I was hoping to wait until the weather got warmer, and it just did!

    Anyone else dealing with constantly hard n1pples? I am already wearing what seems to be the largest bra ever made, an FF for heaven sake, and now I have to find some kind of padding to cover myself, and yet make me look even larger. Ugh!
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    Re: April updates

    ml--yup, that's how it goes.  One day you're fine and the next day you need a new wardrobe :)

    I don't know how they'd work in a regular bra, but nursing pads might do the trick.  I'm not sure if they'd be too bulky (cause wrinkles in your bra), b/c my nursing bras were thicker/grandma material, but just a thought.

    Good luck with shopping!!!
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    Re: April updates

    Great news, IPW!  And it must have been amazing to see all the action going on in there!

    I wholeheartedly agree that this weather is so uplifting - I just feel lighter, happier, more awake and alive!

    So we made the big announcement yesterday and it was great.  It is so nice to now be able to acknowledge it with my family and extended groups of friends!  It does feel weird to just talk openly about it now, though, after it being a "secret" for so long! :)

    Also bought my first maternity jeans Saturday at Motherhood Maternity.  My other clothes fit pretty well still, but the button on my jeans is SO not forgiving!  What a relief to have the elastic waist!  I can't wait to wear them.  But ML - your point is well taken.  I may go back soon to invest in a couple pairs of work pants.
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    Re: April updates

    speaking of clothes... what's the concensus on the best place to buy maternity work stuff?  motherhood seems popular.  any other good spots?  (i think gap s*cks - too casual!)  and, have any of you been to a store to try stuff on, or do you just order online?  i'm normally a huge online shopper but with this i feel like i should try stuff on???  thanks! 
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    Re: April updates

    Poppy - congrats on the announcement!  Glad it went so well.  

    Stefani - I really didn't want to invest a ton into the clothes, so my first order was Motherhood.  I did online because if I spent $75 or more it was free shipping and you can return to the store... so win/win there.  Turns out that out of 4 pants, 1 leggings and 1 skirt - I am only returning the skirt.  Everything else works great.  Mind you, its not the best quality and I wouldn't wear this forever... but for the next 6 months, it'll do.  And I still look professional at the office.

    ML - that is exactly how I felt... I simply could not put on my regular pants this weekend - only 1 day after I could!!
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    Re: April updates

    I was actually pleasantly surprised at the prices at Motherhood Maternity - I expected them to be higher (I had never looked online or been in the store before Saturday). I can deal with $35ish for a pair of jeans! :)  I didn't look at work clothes, however...