April updates

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    Re: April updates

    Speaking of maternity, Old Navy is having a sale through tomorrow -- 15% off and free shipping if you spend $75 or over.  The promo code is "ONSPRING" 

    I concur on the "reallocation" of my chub assets.  I'm actually still down 2lbs from my pre-PG weight, and am still comfortably in my pants.  Good, right?  Yeah, but the Bean is contributing to some rearrangement of my existing tummy fluff.  Sort of up, in, and out, with a little dent near my belly button.  Sigh.  I'm not liking the current configuration, so I'm wearing maternity tops as to keep "The [anti]Situation" under wraps.   

    Cue to Bean, fist-pumping. 
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    Re: April updates

    IPW--oy...7 boys, and 3 of them the same age.  EEK!  Twins are actually more common in older and younger mothers.  I can't remember why.  Triplets are usually a set of identicals plus a fraternal for some reason.  I don't know why.  It seems like I hear about identical trips more often, though.

    So...not exactly the same thing, but one of my uncles had a girl, a boy, and then seven more girls with his first wife (and then a girl and two boys with his second wife).
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    Re: April updates

    GC - happened to my girlfriend.  We called it double belly.
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    Re: April updates

    Ok, for about a week now whenever my nipples get hard (like tonight when I went out, since it is so cold!!) they become excrutiatingly painful, like someone is holding a lit match to each one.  (sorry if TMI).  Have any of you ever dealt with this?  Everything I'm looking up is either about sore breasts (not the problem), or about sore nipples during breastfeeding!  How about sore nipples at 14 weeks?  OUCH!

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    Re: April updates

    Poppy, my nipples are CONSTANTLY like that. High Beams, very sore. I've been wearing nursing pads in my bra (not that I need any additional padding these days, thank you very much).

    I've experimenting with various cremes and lotions and potions to see if they help, and they don't really. I just make sure I'm warmly dressed all the time, and properly covered. :(

    Wish I had better info, but I am going through the same (21 weeks).
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    Re: April updates

    Poppy -- ditto.  It's quite unpleasant.  I've had some luck with applying hydrocortisone and turning up the heat.  I'm 18.5 weeks, but noticed this starting about three weeks ago.  [does quick self-check] They seem fine now, though.  My episodes with this seem to come and go. 

    Last time it happened, I had the bright idea of heating some lotion to see if that would help both relieve and soothe, but I was too lazy to get up out of bed to do anything about it.  I'll report back should I try it in the future. 
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    Re: April updates

    Wow - I can't believe how fast time flies!  You all will soon be doing your full scans.  Enjoy it.  It was definitely one of my favorite appointments and I have one of the pictures framed and look at it often :) 

    AFM, I'm 38 weeks today so I guess it really is any day now.  My baby is still breech though, so I've been stressed to the max with going to all these alternative medicine appointments as well as trying to get the nursery ready and of course still working full time.  I saw a chiropractor 3X last week that thinks my hips are out of allignment and that my ligaments are too tight which is causing my uterus to be twisted at the bottom and not allowing the baby to flip.  She's been trying the "Webster technique" but as of last Thursday's U/S still no flip.  DH and I tried moxibustion this weekend.  It's Chinese medicine and basically he holds this foul smelling (smells like pot!) incense stick by the outside of my pinky toe.  Sounds nuts, but the baby does get very wiggly when he does it - hopefully it'll help.  There are pelvic tilts too, but they are so uncomfortable.  I dred them!  I'm also scheduled for an external version procedure tomorrow morning.  Hopefully that'll do the trick because if it doesn't, they'll schedule me for a c-section.  With the version, one of the OBs will try to manually shift the baby to the head down position while monitoring with U/S.  I'm not looking forward to it because I hear it's quite painful.  Bleh!  Never did I think this would happen to me!  Funnily enough, when I talked to my aunt at my shower, she told me my dad and his 3 brothers were all breech!  Maybe it runs in the family - I am built very similar to my grandmother.  Or maybe it's just what I get for having such an easy pregnancy up until now!!  I alternate between thinking that it'll all be OK and all I want is a healthy baby no matter how it comes out, and being really bummed and nervous about possibly having a c-section.  I would have thought I'd have reached the acceptance stage by now.  Oh well!  And then my midwife tells me that I need to relax before the baby comes because this is my last chance.  When am I supposed to do that????

    Sorry for the rant - thanks for listening/reading!

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    Re: April updates

    Well, that made me laugh!  The above post by JDB_77 is from me!  I guess I have another screen anme that I created and entered the wrong email to log in.  Can you tell I'm frazzled??
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    Re: April updates

    I had a breech baby and chose to go the C-section route.  The dr did explain the external version but she said that it included some pain medicine for the whole procedure.  Is that offered at your hospital as well?
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    Re: April updates

    IPW, yes, we had our 18 week ultrasound today!  The baby was being shy, though, so we don't know what we're having.  It was great to see the Bean again, and s/he gave me a couple of good thumps this morning, so that was fun.

    Trouble -- I got zip by way of advice, but I think you need a prenatal massage to ease your nerves!  (if that's allowed at 38 weeks).  I know I'm far more accepting of pretty much anything if someone is kneading my back. 
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    Re: April updates

    ML and GC - sorry you are also going through this, but glad to know it's likely not abnormal.  Here I was feeling like I was getting of scot-free regarding pregnancy pains.  Been feeling great.  IPW - like you, I'm liking the second trimester.  So I guess I'll just have to not let the girls get cold.  I'll be positioning my space heater at work right at my boobs.

    GC - cool on the u/s!  Do you want to know the gender, if possible?  I'm still so on the fence about that.

    Trouble - you know what's funny, I knew that was you that posted up there!  It just sounded like you. :)  Good luck with the turning... I hope it works for you.  It's funny, I'm realizing that the majority of my friends have had c-sections for one reason or another.  I barely have anyone to ask about vaginal births!
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    Re: April updates

    Something tells me the n*pple situation will be short-lived; soon we'll be drenched in sweat and trying to figure out how to cover ourselves decently without overheating. 

    FWIW, I tried looking up "n*pple" in What to Expect last night, and struck out.  I hate that book.  I really do.  EVERY other symptom on earth is listed, but "Help, someone is holding a lit match to my n*ps"?  Nope.  You'd think that would rate at least a passing mention.  There are, however, about 232 pages on the horrors and damage an infant's mouth can inflict on your n*pples, so that was awesome. 

    Poppy, we do want to find out, and the tech had a guess for us, but it was mostly based on fleeting glances and the old 50/50 element (it's a baby.  How wrong can you be, you know?).  We're not telling that we're finding out, however, as this is just for us, not for gender-specific stuff or painting or anything like that.  I know, we're weird.  But we're planning/hoping on having two (or more, if time/ovaries allow), so I want the gender neutral shower.  But we're lying our faces off about it b/c I cannot stand the "You SHOULDN'T find out!  You'll RUIN the Greatest Moment of All Time" camp's unsolicited feedback. 

    In other news, my trainer at the gym has another PG client who he tells me is due in less than a month.  I salute you, 36-week pregnant woman who is still working out with a trainer.  And thank you, as the mere thought of you still showing up at the gym shamed me onto the treadmill this morning for an extra little burst of cardio. 

    Then I housed a breakfast burrito.  Oh well. 

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    Re: April updates

    Hey a question for the ladies here.  At the risk of sounding crazy (which I am sure I have already achieved) - have any of you had a pelvic vibration sensation (sounds better than it is) during your pregnancy.  I actually have looked for my cell phone several times thinking is was on me.  I googled it and I am not alone but I am quite sure you can google anything and not be alone.  I am assuming it is increased blood flow but I am not sure.   Any takers? The OB nurse had no idea.  I am sure it is nothing bad, it feels benign and without pain.

    GC - you went to the gym.  Even if you didn't work out you deserve a breakfast burrito. 

    As for the n*ipples - all calm here.  Just sitting atop of two huge mounds but otherwise not causing problems.
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    Re: April updates

    LIL-  I have had the same sensations!!  Although not while pregnant, I believe it was during my first IVF attempt.  I kept doing the same thing though, checking to see if I had my cell phone on me!  For me it was only on one side of my groin and it would radiate up into my hip area.  I think it happened for about a week and then it went away.  Strangest sensation ever!!!  So I guess we can be crazy together :)
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    Re: April updates

    LIL - I can't remember how far along you are, but it could be fetal movements.  I've always felt many movements close to my pelvis.  Still do since this baby is still breech :(

    Well, the external version didn't work.  The OB who performed it was a "master" and said that the little one just won't turn and if the version didn't work, he didn't think anything would.  So I plan to just relax the next 2 weeks and no more crazy chiro/accupuncture appts and running around.  Oh well.  At least we tried.  It was extremely painful, and no, I wasn't offered any pain meds.  I have bruising on my belly now.  At one point I really thought it was going to turn, and I guess he did turn it, but then the little head would just pop right back up.  So it's a scheduled c-section for me!  5/5/10.  I guess everything happens for a reason, and for some reason this baby wants to exit through my abdomen!  Very different then I thought childbirth would be, but I think I've finally reached the acceptance stage.  Hopefully I will have a quick recovery like many of my friends did who had c-sections :)  Now I need to figure out what to pack up for a c-section birth since I will need to stay in the hospital for 4 nights!!!
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    Re: April updates

    Trouble-Sorry to hear that the turning did not work out but your plan to relax for the next few weeks seems like the best approach to take.  On the bright side, at least you know when your LO will arrive. 

    GC-Does that mean that you're scheduling another u/s?  I hear you about the unsolicited advice.  I'm getting it big time regarding my birth plan since we have decided to try hypnobirthing. 

    AFM-Thankfully passed my GTT so I don't have to go through the three hour test.  It wasn't bad but I wasn't a fan of the drink first thing in the morning.  I am now officially in my third trimester which is strange how everything goes by so quickly. However, it has motivated me to start the conversion of our study into the nursery which is something which we should have started awhile ago but couldn't do to factors outside of our control.  I don't believe that my due date is 12 weeks away.  I feel that I waited so long for the first appt. and now everything is on superspeed. 
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    Re: April updates

    Touble - Sorry to hear that things did not go as you hoped and also that you did not get any pain meds!  A bonus to a planned c-section you can get yourself all ready - I got a pedicure the day before to relax which was nice.

    You may want to buy some "granny panties" for after your c-section so that your undies go above your incision.
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    Re: April updates

    Trouble, I'm sorry it didn't work out as you hoped.  On the bright side, 5/5/10 is a cool birthdate. 

    LIL, I'm also not sure how far along you are, but that vibrating sensation was the first stirrings of movement for me when I was pregnant with DD.  It could be that.  However, if you aren't that far along, I've also felt something similar, but not nearly as pronounced, with this pregnancy (I'm only 6 or 7 weeks).  Not sure what it is.
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    Re: April updates

    Trouble: Just be aware that you don't HAVE to stay 4 nights.  If things go smoothly and you want to leave and your doctor agrees, you may be able to check out earlier than that. I had a semi-planned c-section due to a large baby and gestational diabetes. I had my DS by section on Thursday at 6:00 pm, I was standing up on my own at 9 pm, walking to the bathroom with assitance by 11 pm and had a very smooth recovery.  There was a snowstorm due on Sunday, and I was booked in through Monday, but I asked for permission to check out Sunday morning and my doctor said fine since I was doing so well.  I might have even been able to convince them to let me leave on Saturday night, but that seemed to be pushing it, plus it would have been a little too soon to remove the staples so I would have had to go back for a follow-up that week. To me, the hospital room felt like a prison cell (even though it was very nice), I couldn't wait to get back to my own home...although I did miss the rails on the hospital bed which were a lifesaver in getting to a seated position.

    I had been committed to a drug free natural birth so I know it can be a little tough to have a change of plans. You've certainly given it you're best shot.  Hope everything goes as smoothly for you as it did for me!
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    Re: April updates

    Notanewbie - Too funny, I was SO happy to stay for 4 nights!  I felt very ready and capable by the last night to head head home but I loved every minute of the hospital stay.

    Trouble Notanewbie brings up another good point, I was also up and moving very soon after my c-section and had a very easy recovery -- I think moving early helps you feel better faster.
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    Re: April updates

    Trouble, I would get a mani/pedi, a blowout, and a massage the day before I was going in.  Oh, and a wax if that's your thing.  You must be disappointed -- I got nothing on the silver-lining side there.  Other than the aforementioned beauty treatments and the whole, "well, now we know the WHEN" aspect. 

    As for what to pack ... hmmm.  Personally I would opt for comfy, loose and easy to open in the front.  You might want to post a separate "what should I pack for a C-Section" thread to get input from other been-there, done-that moms. 

    AFM, no, we're not scheduling any additional ultrasounds to try to suss out what's going on with Bashful's goodies.  In fact, I may opt not to have the tech tell us at this point and leave a small sliver of the element of surprise.  We got some fantastic profile shots (my child's head is adorably round) and one of the strategically-placed feet, as the doc found that amusing. 

    In other news, breaking down and buying some real maternity pants today.  Gap is having a 20% off sale.  :)  Made it to 19 weeks in my real pants -- not bad, I think. 

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    Re: April updates

    Trouble--a Cinco de Mayo baby! How cool. LO will always have fun birthday parties for his/her entire life. Good luck and as disappointed as you may be, enjoy the time you have to plan and relax between now and then. :)
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    Re: April updates

    GC, go get the maternity pants, you will be so glad you did. I waited a long time before getting maternity clothes with DD and once I had them, I had no idea why I hadn't gotten some before.  They are awesome.  I would wear maternity pants all the time if I could.
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    Re: April updates

    LOL KT.  Yeah, maybe I'm one of the few on here that would want to leave so soon after a c-section, but I was one of those people that if it weren't for the high risk nature of it, I'd probably opt for a home birth.  The nurses were great, but I hated them at the same time.  I had one nurse who kept wanting to bring the baby to the nursery at night so I could sleep, even after I repeatedly told her we were rooming in.  The same nurse also kept telling me I was holding him too much and I should ring her when I wanted to have her help me put him back in the bassinet (nevermind that my husband was sleeping in the fold out chair right next to me).  Thanks, but no thanks. This wasn't an old school nurse either, she was probably in her early 30s, but she did have 4 kids herself...and obviously a completely different view of parenting than I do.

    Trouble as for what to bring... if you plan to BF it will be nice for you to bring your boppy or other nursing pillow if you have one.  I made do without it, but it was kind of a pain in the neck.  I mostly just wore the hospital gowns since it was the easiest thing to deal with due to the IVs, need to check the incision and dealing with nursing. I did shower and change into loose yoga pants and a nursing top on Saturday when I was having friends visit.  The pants were loose enough that they didn't constrict and the nurse could easily pull them out and down to check the incision. I wore the hospital sposie panties so that I didn't ruin my own (you'll still have a lot of bleeding down there even with a c-section).  I think you need to bring a lot less stuff than you were planning on since you won't be going through an extended period of labor.
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    Re: April updates

    Thanks so much ladies for all the recomendations, advice and support.  There is just something about the kindness of strangers that gives me warm fuzzies. 

    It's also so nice to hear that so many people have pretty easy recoveries from c-sections.  I really hope I'm one of them.  I think I'm most scared of the recovery and being incapacitated at home afterwards.  I also worry about going nuts at the hospital for so long, but also have heard from friends that it's a godsend to have the help especially have major surgery.  But I'm also one of those people that always has to be doing something.  I'm not very good at laying around.

    Another question for those that have been there: do I need to bring multiple outfits, burping cloths, etc. for the baby since we're staying for 4 nights?  Or does the hospital provide clean clothes, diapers, etc? 

    I do have a nursing boppy, so I'll be sure to bring that as well as books/laptop and maybe even write out the birth announcements.  And I think I'll need to hit up one of the maternity stores for nursing bras and pads and granny panties, nightgowns, etc.   Thanks again for all the advice!!