August 2012 pregnancy

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    Re: August 2012 pregnancy

    Congrats, med!  I had a big feeling it was the real deal, and I don't usually "know" like that. Hugs and best wishes!

    Wow, memes, maple, and time alltogether - exciting!!

    Spent Tuesday with my BFF with the triplets and 2 yo.  They are doing awesome, but I honestly don't know how she does it 24/7.
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    Re: August 2012 pregnancy

    yay! congrats Medford!

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    Re: August 2012 pregnancy

    Congrats Medford! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months.  I would assume your OB will do a dating ultrasound and should be able to tell if you're 4 or 9 weeks.  Even though I knew my LMP I had really long cycles and they had to adjust my due date by 2 weeks after my dating ultrasound.  Best of luck!
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    Re: August 2012 pregnancy

    Yay med!  So exciting to see all these new BFPs on here.  Now lots of sticky thoughts out to everyone. 

    Random question from someone who has never experienced a labor contraction: last night and this morning, I've occasionally been feeling some cramping.  It's nothing unbearable, and definitely nothing like the cramping I felt when I had the miscarriage (closest to labor I think I can compare), but will last for 30 sec to a minute, and not really patterned or anything.  I go in this afternoon for an NST and my weekly OB app't, so I'm not stressing about it, just wondering if this is the beginning of something?  I know the NST will be able to pick up contractions, so I'm interested in seeing what's going on.  I've also noticed in the last 2 days or so that when I walk, I'm feeling more and more pressure "down there", so I know there's some sort of adjusting/movement going on. 

    So funny to think that this is baby #2, but I have absolutely no frame of reference for labor! 
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    Re: August 2012 pregnancy

    Luv, my friend with the trips experienced the crampy type of contractions with pressure and since she was carrying three, they admitteed her to the hospital for extreme bed rest to stop things from progressing. I'm sure they won't do that for you with a single baby, but your body is getting ready for real labor, I think.
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    Re: August 2012 pregnancy

    Congrats Medford!! happy for you! Very, very exciting!  If I were you, I would probably be on the phone to the doctor to see if I could go in for a visit since you don't know when your last period was.  But that is just me, and I am slightly antsy and wish I could have a doctor appointment and not have to wait a few more weeks until the first one.

    Luv, yes I definitely had the cramping, and real labor for me was VERY strong cramps that were also painful (in addition to the cramping feeling) and they came in regular intervals.  My stomach would also get hard with each contraction, like the Braxton Hicks.  And, not to discourage you or anything, but I had A LOT of pressure down there for probably like 2 weeks before I went into labor.  I would get a lot of zaps down there, that my husband just thought were hilarious.  Again, I don't mean to discourage, just wanted to give my experience.  Oh, and the contractions I had early on in my labor were not too bad and definitely manageable.  I even went for a walk with my husband during the early part of my labor.
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    Re: August 2012 pregnancy

    Love all the recent bfp's! Congrats medford & maple!!! Thinking lots of sticky thoughts for all these early pregnancies

    Medford - I had wacky cycles before my bfp, was pretty sure I ovulated early, and had recently experienced a miscarriage so they did a dating ultrasound after my first appointment. I think it there is any question about the timing (especially if it could be up to 4 weeks difference), they will take a look.

    Luv - I have been feeling like AF is about to arrive on and off for the past 3 days. Is that similar to what you are experiencing? Not really painful cramps but just kind of crampy/achy. I'm going to ask my MW about it at my appointment later today. I also get some irregular tightening and pressure that last probably 30-60 seconds but I think those are just Braxton Hicks.
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    Re: August 2012 pregnancy

    Cici, that's very similar to what I'm feeling.  It's that kind of impending doom feeling I'd get a couple of days before a period.  Glad we both have app'ts today!  Hopefully things are moving along for both of us!

    Med, I have always had irregular cycles, plus the whole pregnant right after the miscarriage thing.  They did a dating ultrasound for me, like they did for Cici, with DD, since I really had no idea when it happened. 

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    Re: August 2012 pregnancy

    Ditto on the congrats to everyone getting BFP's and in the first trimester! Sending sticky thoughts for all of you. I was SUPER sick with this pregnancy, when I hadn't been nearly as bad with the first one. I thought for sure that I must be having a girl this time, since the last was a boy and everything was feeling so different. But nope! DS#2 is on the way and less than 5 weeks to go :-)

    At just over 35 weeks now I am getting so ready to be done with being pregnant. This time around has been very different, and chasing a now 21 month old active little boy has been exhausting! My back/sciatica stuff started a lot earlier and I'm at the point now of having some pain/discomfort pretty much every day. I work at a hospital, so employee parking is way far away (and uphill!), so I have just been approved for "disabled valet parking". I don't mind being called disabled if I don't have to walk a mile uphill in this heat to get to and from my car :-) I've also started having more BH with a couple of real contractions thrown in. We found out today that the baby is head-down and in a good position. The ultrasound predicts his weight to be a little over 6 lbs (about 70%ile for weight). I know that there is about a full pound margin of error in the estimate, so we are hoping that he will be a good size and not huge when he arrives! DS1 was about 7 1/2 lbs at birth and he was a week early.

    Any fun labor day plans?
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    Re: August 2012 pregnancy

    hooray med!! so happy for you and DH. 
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    Re: August 2012 pregnancy

    Thanks, guys, for all the congrats!  Still seems surreal.  It's also great to hear about the dating ultrasound - I will definitely ask about that.
    We're going to be away on vacation next week, so hopefully they can do it soon after we get back.

    Luv and anyone else on deck - I'll be thinking of you!  :)
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    Re: August 2012 pregnancy

    Memes - I think I'm about 5.5 weeks? Based on my estimate, I think my due date should be 4/29. Last time around DD arrived one week early. So we may be close! I'm feeling great and very excited...but a lot more at ease this time around.

    Medford - Yeah, congrats! Thanks for sharing the good news.

    Thanks to all for the good thoughts... I'm also thinking good thoughts for all of you.

    In response to August 2012 pregnancy:

    Congrats Maple!  We should be very close in terms of due dates.  I am about 6.5 weeks and due date should be 4/22.  How about you?  How are you feeling?

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    Re: August 2012 pregnancy

    Congrats Medford and Maple!  The site wouldn't let me post yesterday (not that you were all waiting on the edge of your seats lol!).  I remember you too, Maple.  I think we have LOs around the same age?

    Luv and Cici - That sounds very much like what I felt around midnight... and then woke up with full fledged contractions at 3 am!  Maybe babies are soon to arrive!
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    Re: August 2012 pregnancy

    Congrats Maple and Med!!  I need to check over here more often!
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    Re: August 2012 pregnancy

    congrats medford, I am so happy for you!
    maple- welcome to the group!! hope you post more often now.

    and memes, in case I didn't already write it, congrats to you as well!! I can't keep track now since they log me out every time if I just thought it or wrote it!!
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    Re: August 2012 pregnancy

    Congratulations on all the new pregnancies! 

    Our daughter was born on Sept 1 in the afternoon - we did go in for induction that morning. My plan was just to go as long as I could and then get the epidural. The early part went pretty much as I expected although slowly - I had gone in already 4cm (been at 4 for well over a week) and effaced to at least 60-70% so it was just getting set up and starting the low dose. First 5-6 hours was slow going and just waiting, without feeling much while the last hour was at warp speed (not to me - it seemed so much longer - when I asked for epidural, my nurse immediately got things set up for it but it takes like 1/2 hour for the IV fluids to drip in before they can do the procedure). So the last hour is one big blur - because by the time the IV was done, it was too late for the epidural (definitely one big mental curse when the anesthesiologist walked in, looked around - I guess the nurses were already setting up for delivery too, although I don't recall that - and said she could not do it, it was too late) - and my doctor got in just in time (my nurse even called the hospital OB just in case they could not wait for my doctor) for the one push I did.

    So, I guess I made my goal of delaying the pain medication as long as I could, but I don't see myself repeating that again.