August 2014 Pregnancy

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    August 2014 Pregnancy

    I am glad it is finally August!  Less than 2 weeks to go, we are hoping for this weekend with the Super Moon, I am so over being pregnant.  The last month has been rough with pneumonia, torn back muscle and DD throwing tantrums over everything.  Lots of contractions the last few days, though nothing regular.  He has definitely slowed his movements, too which makes me worry and then he starts dancing.  I am going for weekly u/s due to my age and the last 2 weeks we have gotten to see a pretty good look at his face.  So cute.  DD is so excited for him to get here, keeps telling me all the things that she is going to teach him and that she is going to be the best big sister ever.  I just hope it lasts!  

    Summer, how are you doing? DD was a June baby too. much nicer weather to be pregnant in!  Is there anyone else out there?

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    Re: August 2014 Pregnancy

    Wed - hang in there!  I hope DS comes sooner than later for you!  So cute to hear about DD so excited for her brother to come!

    Im 22 weeks alongs and everything is going great!  I woke up at about 4 am to pee and couldnt go back to sleep because I was trying to think of names for this baby!  We are having a girl.  DH thinks that because I thought of DS name he gets to pick this babies name.  Which I think is funny!  Anyone has suggestions of girl names?  Ive been on the websites but nothing is jumping out to me.

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    Re: August 2014 Pregnancy

    I'm still here too! Hanging in there. 22 weeks here too.

    One thing I will never get over is how bone crushingly tired I've been this pregnancy. There's no relief! I can't go to bed early no matter how hard I try, and once I do, I'm wide awake and have such a hard time falling asleep. I swear I wake up more tired than when I go to bed. I'm seriously dreading going back to work in a few weeks and have no idea how I'm going to function.

    We're on the name hunt too. We're having a boy and when we had DD, we had one boy name that we loved that I no longer like, so we're back to square one. We had more girl names that we agreed on, and we have very few boy names that we agree on, and NONE that really stand out or that I really like, you know? They're all just like "eh, it's alright I guess..."

    Pugs have you been on Nymbler? You can put in up to 6 names you like and it gives you suggestions of names in a similar vein, for either sex.

    Lately I've been thinking a lot about how I wish I had timed this PG a little differently...realizing that DS' birthday will likely be right around Christmas, I feel kind of bad! I don't want his birthday to get lost in the holiday shuffle :( too late now I guess! I'm already thinking about how I want to get my Christmas shopping done super early, put my tree up super early, etc, so I don't ruin DD's Christmas...ugh! Also I've already decided that Christmas will be my house this year, whether any of my family likes it or not, and they can just bring a lasagna and be happy or get out :-P


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    Re: August 2014 Pregnancy

    I haven't used nymbler but I will try it.  

    Yeah, I hear you on the Christmas baby. I wanted to wait a month but the star must have aligned and this babies fate is to be born in December.  My sister's bday is 12/27 so she knows allllllllll about having her bday so close to xmas.  You cant giver her a present wrapped in xmas paper or a combined gifts!  I am scheduling a c-section and asked my doctor if I could schedule it for 12-13-14.  I thought it was a cool bday!

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