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August - Pregnancy

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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    In Response to Re: August - Pregnancy:
    For moms with August due dates, am I the only person that has been too exhausted to decorate a nursery during this super hot summer? I feel like a terrible mom already! All my friends had a super cute nursery set up before the baby was born. None of my furniture has come in (been on order since May), so I have a big empty room that kind of looks like a storage closet and I'm just not finding anything that excites me for window treatments or wall hangings. I keep thinking when the furniture arrives (we're having it delivered and assembled--thank goodness) I might get inspired, but at this point, the babies might arrive before the furniture! I have a co-sleeper ready to go for our bedroom and all the clothes, blankets, etc. washed. But that's all I could muster. I'm having twins and I'm generally feeling overwhelmed. I know that nursery doesn't matter in the long run, but I also know I'll have even less time once the boys are here to set it up...
    Posted by LowellwTwins

    We still have not finished with some things in the nursery, and the baby is already 11 months. We focused on just the basics to start with when he was born (changing table, mini-crib - the big crib was not even purchased until he was 3-4 months old! and the recliner was not until after he was born). I figure we will eventually get to the pictures and other minor stuff during a lull (we have lots of other things to get done first that takes priority in the house).

    DS does not care and won't remember that his room was still work in progress for his first year.
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Siena, it was impossible for even me to tell that I was pregnant at 9 weeks.  (I had gained some weight, but only because they told me to--I started a little underweight.)  I think you'll likely be okay. 

    On exercise--I try to run a couple of miles a couple of times a week.  (I started at 3-4, now I'm aiming for 2 miles.)  The major, hideous problem with that plan has turned out to be that I really lack bladder control, but I'm sticking with it--I don't belong to a gym and don't really want to join one right now, plus I used to do a lot of running and I don't want to lose those muscles during pregnancy.  I'm 28 weeks now and I'm hoping I can keep it up until close to the end.  However, I used to do weights, too, for my arms, and that routine has fallen totally by the wayside.

    Thanks to everyone who has made suggestions about what to purchase for baby!  I have yet to buy a thing for ours, but we were thinking maybe we should take advantage of the tax holiday next weekend to do some basic baby shopping, so it's very helpful.
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Hi everyone, and welcome to the new folks!  I am now 22 weeks, and am completely overwhelmed at the thought of a registry.  I know we still have plenty of time, but the thought of everything we need, from a crib to strollers and car seats to disposable versus reusable diapers is paralyzing me, so I just keep putting it off.

    Several people have mentioned Baby Bargains, and we got the book a few weeks ago, but so far it has just sat on the kitchen table, unopened.  Does anyone have any advice on where to start?

    Siena, I am also going to MGH, and I am very pleased so far.  I've never had to wait too long for my appointments, and the staff is all very nice. Good luck!
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Arcain- I agree with Boston.  The early weeks can be really touch.  I was fine until 7 wks and then m/s + serious exhaustion hit.  Week 10 was the first time I had any energy to go for a walk, and that was it for another couple weeks.  I think around week 13 I slowly started feeling a bit more like myself and have been able to get back into the gym thing.  If nothing else, once you have energy back maybe you can use the great weather as a push to take evening walks?

    Jennifyr- Many people told me (and I echo this now) not to read Baby Bargains as a book cover to cover.  I think I read the intro and the 2 chapters on cribs and car seats.  If I had to pick between the two, I might just read the car seat one since you know that no matter what you have to purchase that before the baby comes.  Then, I would suggest taking the book with you when you start looking at the baby items (cribs, strollers, etc.) so you can look things up as you go along- see how they rate it, etc.  At the end of the day, the book is like a consumer report based on feedback the authors get from consumers.  Take what they have to say in perspective and it can be helpful.  HTH!

    I am surprised about those of you who are so on top of things and have started registries already!  I'm about to enter the 3rd trimester and still haven't done that...  oh well!  It will happen soon.
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    one more thing for post-birth - if you can swing it, I would recommend a mini-fridge for your bedroom. When it was just me alone with the baby, it helped to have the mini-fridge in the bedroom that DH would stock with stuff before he went to work and made it easier for me to remember to grab something to eat while taking care of the baby and some chores. When it was DH at home with the baby, I would leave breastmilk I pumped out for him in the mini-fridge since everything else including bottle warmer was upstairs with the baby. And if we have medicine or pedialyte that we need to keep chilled for the baby during his sick periods, we stuck it into the mini-fridge too and it would not get lost in the big fridge (plus it was right at hand when dealing with a crying baby).  

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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Add me in as another due late March/Early April!  I am 6 weeks with my second (my DD is one).  Due to my age, we wanted to have our kids close in age but we thought it would take awhile. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I will have 2 under the age of 2! 

    I've glanced through the posts.  I exercised during my first pregnancy (yoga, pilates, spinning, and some personal training) until 37 weeks or so and I plan to continue to exercise through this pregnancy as well.  I'm a little anxious about it because its harder to find the time with DD but I really feel that it helped me to recover from my c-section more quickly.

    In terms of things which are helpful to have when the baby arrives, I would include side snap t-shirts (helpful when the umbilical cord hasn't fallen off), pack n play (it came in handy when my movement was restricted due to my c-section), and Aiden and Anais swaddle blankets.  DD also liked both the swing and the bouncy seat. 

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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a lurker from the wedding board (some of you may remember me as scrabulous when I got married last June), and this is my first post on the pregnancy board.  I'm due on Valentine's Day!  I'm just about to 13 weeks now, and am starting to feel back to normal (much less nauseous and tired).

    Someone mentioned the sales tax holiday coming up - brilliant!  It didn't even occur to me that it would be a good day to purchase some baby things.  Does anyone know if the sales tax holiday also applies to online purchases?  I've been looking around to see if I can find the info online somewhere, but I don't find it mentioned anywhere.

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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    I'm answering my own question... sales tax holiday does apply to online purchases.  Also, I'm not sure when it expires, but the Land of Nod currently has a 20% off promo code (BUDDY).  We used it over the weekend to purchase our crib and it pretty much covered the cost of the shipping! 
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    siena, at 9 weeks probably all that will be showing is a bigger, um, top.  
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    I think that was me, planning to shop on the tax holiday!  Speaking of which--we've talked about going to Ikea.  Are there other not-too-expensive furniture/baby places we should consider?
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Thistle- not sure what your budget is, but Baby Furniture Warehouse has a wide selection of brands and prices.  We went to the Reading location and were happy with the service, etc. there.  I used the Baby Bargains ratings as a way to help me narrow selection for the crib and dresser.  Of course, we considered looks we liked as well. 
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Thistle,  we ordered our nursery furniture from  The store is actually in NJ.  But, it was all delivered to the house via UPS freight.  No sales tax, no delivery charge.  We had made the rounds to BRU and BBB, and Baby Furniture Wearhouse in Reading.  We had already read the crib chapter in Baby Bargains to feel comfortable with the furniture company itself. 
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    I'll add in my good review of Baby Furniture Warehouse (we went to the Braintree one). It's definitely more expensive than IKEA, but we've been happy with the furniture we bought there. It will still be in good shape for #2 when we transition #1 to a toddler bed (which we'll probably end up getting at IKEA!)

    Welcome to all the new mommies-to-be!! As hard as it is at the beginning (wondering what exactly is going on with the bub, strange body changes, etc.), it is a very exciting time! Try and enjoy this time when only a few people know your happy news and your pregnancy is not the subject of almost every conversation, especially with strangers!

    AFM, I just had a check up today. I'm 34 weeks this week. The little guy is "stubborn" to quote the nurse. He is currently sideways, with his foot within kicking reach of my cervix. Ouch! He is under strict orders to get head down by my 36 week appointment!! He also repeatedly kept trying to hit the monitor during my NST. I hope this isn't a preview of his temperment as a baby! ;) His estimated weight is 4lbs 10oz, so that's right on track. Yay!
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Kiwi- I love that your little guy has quite the personality in there.  Hopefully he understands that you and the drs mean business and he gets hopping on those orders!  Good luck :o)
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Hi Kiwi - Several people have recommended this website for baby positioning:

    There are exercised you can do to encourage the baby in to the right position for birth using gravity in your favor. like:

    The good news in once the baby is in the right position these exercises won't turn him/her the wrong way.  Good luck!!

    AFM:  I'm 36 weeks as of this past Saturday... 4ish weeks to go! We had our now weekly check up last Friday.  Waiting for the results for teh Group B strep test... keeping my fingers crossed and hope to avoid an IV and antibiotics!  Otherwise all looks good, the head is down, yay!! Still going to continue my excerises to encourage the baby to stay that way and prepare for labor thought!  Still a lot left on the "to do list" - both at home and at work.  Trying not to stress over it.  Feeling good overall, just tired from not sleeping all that well.

    ...for ladies early on in your pregnancy, first of all congratulations!! .. and welcome! Also... just a heads up so you can expect it because the lack of sleep BEFORE the baby comes has come as a HUGE surprise to me!! I feel like a zombie from lack of sleep.. I am up all hours due to being uncomfortable and getting up to pee 2, 3, sometimes 4 times a night and heartburn in the middle of the night.  I always thought really women were tired because of the extra weight adn the whole making a human thing (and I am sure that is a part of it) but overall for me at least it is because I can't sleep through the night!  

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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Kiwi - Hope that stern talking to gets that baby to turn around!!!

    krysta - I hope you can get some much needed sleep before baby arrives. My wake up times have been all over the place.

    A happy welcome to all the new mommy's to be!!!

    AFM - Will be 35 weeks Thursday. Been feeling really good and have had some good energy to get some stuff done around the house. I haven't had my shower yet, but I am thinking next weekend so hopefully I'll have the baby's room ready by then. Fingers crossed. I have a MW appt tonight. I don't think it will be a good one. I lost weight again and it was quite a bit this week. I've been on the GD diet for about 3 weeks now. I've lost every week 1-2 pounds. This past week I'm down 5. I'm not looking forward to this appt at all. Anyone know what, if anything, would they do because of this?

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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Congrats to all the newbies here!

    Kiwi-we should set up a play date for our fiesty LO's...every time the doctor goes at my belly with a dopler/u/s/NST devise she kicks them away. I can't even rest a book on my belly without the book getting the boot. Funny but uncomfortable at the same time. Though she doesn't kick at her brother when he leans on my belly.

    I'm 33 weeks, had a u/s yesterday and she's measuring at 4 lbs 11 oz! which is awesome. Right now she's still breech, and that's part as to why I'm so uncomfortable these days (and the big ole belly doesn't help either). The doctor offered to write me a note to get me out of work, but that seems silly-work isn't making me feel uncomfortable, the baby is! I spent the weekend nesting big time. I organized 4 closets all by noon on Saturday. Thankfully we have a bunch more closets to go to keep me entertained. All I want to do is clean out closets.  
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Kiwi - Oww! I just read in What to Expect how some babies like to stick their feet up into your ribs. Your situation sounds even more uncomfortable. Hope he turns around soon!

    Krysta, Twin, and KAM - Good luck in the last few weeks!

    Thanks to whoever reminded us newbies (I'll still consider myself one until I hit 12 weeks :-)) to enjoy the early time. I'm so anxious to get past the first tri, start feeling some kicks, and even getting a belly. But this time does have its advantages :-)

    I seem to be finding a freakout topic a week, and this week's is probably my first actually-worth-worrying about one: daycare. I've been listening to an NPR series on childcare costs and worrying how we'll manage this. DH and I both work full time and are pretty solidly middle-class: no real luxuries, save a little $ each month. I don't think we'll have family options for ft daycare (my dad's the only retired grandparent, and I can't see him as a fulltime nanny :-)), so it's going to probably be our cheapest good option, maybe some combo of us working from home/part-time etc.

    For those who have been through this before or are further along in the process now: how did you calculate your best options RE: fulltime daycare, cutting work hours, staying home entirely, etc.? Where did you start the daycare search?

    What makes me sad about this already is that I'm pretty sure I WANT to stay home the first year, but I just don't think it's possible. Ugh.
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Arcain, my DH and I were having the exact same discussion today. We started looking into childcare costs and it's just staggering. How do people afford full-time care?!

    We can't afford for me to be a stay at home mom, so I think we're going to try a combo of DH and I working from home on alternating days at least for the beginning and see how it works out. Hopefully we'll be able to get enough work done, but I honestly don't know how it will all pan out. We'll probably have to do at least a day or two of childcare for days we have meetings in the office etc.

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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Arcain-This is where I started my daycare search with DD.  It's a list of all of the licensed daycares in the state.  You can search by town and select a radius you are willing to travel.  I found the website to be really helpful.

    I work in a small school where cutting back my hours or job sharing wasn't really an option so it was either that I would take a leave for a year (or more) or return to work after a few months.  I took 4 months but ideally I would have preferred 6.   If it weren't for student loans, staying home would have been seriously considered.  I also really like my job and its a perfect fit for me and before my DD it was my 'dream job' and I'm not sure how I would have felt about transtioning to full-time mom. 
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Nene - Thanks so much, this looks like a great resource! Did you end up going with a place you found on here? I'm not in a dream job like you, but I'm pretty happy with my job and on a career path. I'm also not sure exactly how long I'd want to be a SAHM. Everyone says you don't know until the kid comes, anyway.

    Pitt - Sorry you are stressing over this, too, but it's nice to know I'm not alone! When we were having our first vague conversations about kids, DH and I imagined some sort of scenario where we both worked from home sometimes. I'd love to be able to do that and only a couple days a week of daycare, but I worry about productivity, too. My old boss worked from home one day with her infant son there, but she tended to be kind of hard to reach. In any case, I figure all parents manage this SOMEHOW, so we'll get there...
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    I haven't found a daycare yet, but I've been using the website that nene posted.  I've been focusing on home daycares since they tend to be much more affordable.  I put in my address and literally dozens of names came up in a 3 mile radius of my house.  The amount of info for each provider varies, but there are generally the hours and cost.  From my initial looking, home daycares are about 1/2 of what the centers charge in my area (Worcester).  Finding one with an opening and compatible hours for my work schedule will obviously be a challenge, but the center based daycares didn't have particulary long hours either. 

    Working from  home on a regular basis is not an option for myself or DH, but even if it were I would worry about productivity.  If you were planning on working from home, you might still need a mother's helper in order to maintain a reasonable level of productivity.  When babies are really small they tend to sleep alot (if you are lucky), but as soon as they are mobile I think it is a pipe dream to think you can care for a child and do a full day's worth of work.  I am sure others can weigh in on this because I know its been a topic of conversation on the boards before, but one of the conditions of working from home is usually that you will have someone else caring for the child.  (at least in workplaces that have policies on such things)  Though it all depends on your industry, your job, and your responsibilities. 
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    In Response to Re: August - Pregnancy:
    Waiting for the results for teh Group B strep test... keeping my fingers crossed and hope to avoid an IV and antibiotics!  
    Posted by Krystabel

    Don't stress too much if you do test positive for Strep B.  It's one of those things you don't have control over and doesn't indicate any sort of failing on your end.
    I had to have an IV for strep and it worked out because I ended up vomiting repeatedly (read: every 5-8 minutes) once my water broke.  The nurses were like "oh, yeah, some people vomit" like it was no big deal and happens all the time.  I do NOT remember reading about that in any of my books!  Anyway, they gave me an intravenous anti-emitic and I stopped puking within 10 minutes of it being in my system.  Plus then I had saline so I wasn't dehydrated. 

    If you do need an IV, try to request (or tell your partner to remember to request) the IV go in your non-dominant hand.  It's not just having an IV in, which doesn't usually do much damage.  It's having the IV in the arm you're using to squeeze your partner's hand which leads to lots of soreness and bruising. 
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    I'm not sure if this is true with midwives or just if you have an ob but an IV was put in as soon as they admitted me in case it was needed at anytime during labor because they didn't want to have to do it when it was needed but rather have it all set and ready to go.  So you might want to ask about that. It may not be option to not have an IV put in. (I do know the same thing was true for some of my friends too.)
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    When I delivered they had to draw labs when I was admitted (I'm not gbs+) so they started a PIV at the same time to save me a needlestick.  I was ok with that, even though beforehand I had thought I didn't want an IV.  If you are going to get an epidural you have to have an IV anyway, so you might as well have the labs drawn as you get your IV placed on admission.  Its just saline-locked, no IV fluids running until you want an epi.

    And, to whoever wrote about how us newbies should enjoy the first trimester, THANK YOU! I have honestly been thinking about that a lot.  I am 10 weeks and I just want to be further along so I know everything is ok, but thats silly. This is a good time- I'm not showing, I can still move around, and people only know if I want them to know!  Bliss.  And yet--- to feel baby move would be super! Innocent