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August - Pregnancy

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    August - Pregnancy

    Hey Everyone,

    Wow, is it really August?!?  This summer is FLYING by!  Thought I'd get our August threat started...

    Congrats Cookie!!! I am sorry the delivery wasn't what you were hoping for, but the bottom line is that you have a healthy baby cookie!  Yay!!  So glad to hear he is healthy and you are both doing well!

    Thank you all for your adcvice on choosing a Peditrician!  We have another apt for a meet & greet in a week, so I am looking forward to that.  

    I am 35 weeks - I'll be exactly one month away from my due date on Wednesday!  I can hardly believe it.  Starting my weekly midwife appts this week... it seems so frequent to go, but I guess that is part of the gig.  People are loving telling me it could be anytime after teh next two weeks... I am in denial that that could happen... personally I am betting (and planning) on this LO being late... Although I am getting more uncomfortable, I definitely feel like I need more time to prepare both at home and at work.   ... I may see things differently in a few weeks.. if I continut to get more and more uncomfortable.  I am up 2-3 times a night to pee... I thought the sleep deprovation didn't start until after they baby is born?  Oh, and I have the pregnant waddle going on because my hips hurt... not so attractive.

    I had a minor anxiety attack this weekend about how much stuff we have to get done and I was up until midnight "nesting" on Saturday and up again at 6am starting right back in on my "to do" list ... my poor DH!  He asked the midwife this at our appt on Saturday if that was normal and she laughed and said it was called nesting and comes with the terrritory.
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Belated congrats to Cookie! 

    Krystabel - that is too funny about your DH!  I can't believe it's already August.  I really need to start checking things off the list, even though I am only at 27 weeks.  I don't want it to sneak up on me since it's already gone by so fast...I really haven't done anything except buy a crib.

    I am starting to feel a bit uncomfortable.  I've felt pretty good up to this point.  Some of the kicking is starting to annoy me...sometimes it feels like he is kicking me in the crotch...weird, I know.  I'm also finding it hard to breath.  But thankfully, not too many aches and pains yet and no insomnia to date.

    On vacation next week...can't wait to sleep in everyday!

    Hope everyone is doing well.
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    So I have a little bit of an odd question--I have an intermittent but quite intense sharp/burning pain a little bit below my right breast.  I sometimes also have numbness.  I've had it for a while, but it gets worse and worse.  I mentioned it at my last appointment and the midwife didn't think much of it, but I don't think I really emphasized how weird and painful and numb the area is.  Any thoughts?  It's pretty bad, especially at night.  It doesn't seem to matter if I'm wearing a bra or not.

    Leila, I believe you and I are at the same point--and buying a crib puts you way ahead of us!
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Thistle - I've had something similar happen a few times and my midwife says its indigestion.  It's only happened about 3-4 times, and it generally happens when i've eaten foods I normally don't.  It is the point it's woken me up.  If it's still bothering you, bring it up at your next appointment just to be safe.
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Oh yeah, Thisle, I've had that too.  Leila is right.  Do you notice it when you've eaten fatty foods?  My MW said it's the gall bladder.

    Krystabel, Sounds like you're doing great and right on schedule with the nesting! :)

    AFM, 1 more week!  :)  I think I'm ready...
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Trouble!  Thansk for the encouragement!  :-) Wow, one week to go!  You must be so excited and ready!  I am uncomfortable now, I can't imagine in 3-4 weeks how I am going to feel.  I have been lobbying (to the universe - I know crazy) for the baby to be one week late for a variety of reasons but I am starting to think that may not be such a great idea if I am uncomfortable already.  Keep us posted!  

    Leila - I used to get sharp pains in the crotch too I didn't associate it with Baby movement, but it could have been.  My midwife just thought it was ligaments stretching. It did pass.  And Oh YES - the out of breath thing ...  I had to give a two hour presentation/training for work a couple of weeks ago ... the trainees must have thought I have emphasema or athsma or something the way I was gasping for breath!  Just a little embarising... and I notice it is worse after I eat like the food takes away some of my lung space.

    Thistle, I have a pain in my right side under my right breast too that is burning but it hurts the most when I have a bra on and and sitting up, so it doesn't sound like exactly the same thing... it feels much better when I lay down.  If it is like indigestion I have had good luck propping myself up on a ton of pillows so my head and shoulders are elevated when I have heartburn at night.  I haven't been eating for at least 2 hours before bed and that definitely helps reduce the heartburn... not sure if it would help a gall bladder thing, but it might be worth a try.

    Who else is on deck?
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Wow Trouble- that's exciting!!  If I remember correctly you have a c-sec scheduled but were also willing to try VBAC if you ended up going into labor?

    Thistle- I haven't had any shooting pains in my breasts, but a couple appointments ago, I was having some sort of other pain in my chest area and my ob asked if I was having shooting pains or something that felt kind of like an electrical current.  She explained that kind of pain to be associated with the breasts and surrounding tissue prepping to produce milk.  I don't know if this is the same thing you are experiencing though.  Hopefully it's nothing to worry about?

    Leila- I'm just behind you and Thistle and we have ordered a crib & dresser.  I am starting to feel that we should get a move on some of the other stuff, though I'm not totally sure what that is. 

    AFM, I feel fine overall, but yesterday I suddenly got some sort of back pain in my lower back and I can't shake it.  It freaked me out because I didn't know why it started.  I was fine in the morning and then suddenly my back was hurting.  I didn't lift anything or make a sudden movement or anything.  Last week through Saturday were super busy and my DH is convinced that I'm overdoing it (though I generally thought I was better at accepting my limitations).  I have been doing wall yoga with my office door closed because I feel like stretching all day yesterday at least loosened things.  I hope it goes away soon because I don't like not being able to do things.  I am also scared that it will just become worse and become a bigger, long term problem, and I am praying that is not the case.
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Trouble--one week! You lucky duck. :)

    I'm just about to hit 33 weeks and I'm just sick of being so stinking hot. Even though the weather is a little cooler, it still doesn't seem to make much difference to me! I've got my regularly scheduled ultrasound and NST on Monday (it's protocol at my OB's practice to get extra monitoring if the mum is AMA). So, they'll do a weight estimate then, too. Curious to see where they think the little guy is.

    Otherwise, I am just getting ready to get back to school. Meetings start in 3 weeks and student return in 4. I'll get 4 weeks with the kids (hopefully) before I start my leave. Where has the summer gone??
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Kar,  I did get permission from the surgeon to BF, but the double mastect is in three weeks.  I felt like getting the hang of BF, and then having to make the switch might be too much for both of us.  So, formula it is.  Very tough decision, but the one that makes the most sense.  I will need radiation and tamoxifen (for about five years) post-op, so it's a long journey.  Interviewing now for help after surgery, since I won't be able to lift the little guy.  He had his first checkup today, and is doing great.  We are so glad to have him home.  His due date is actually today, which is pretty funny after the week we've had.

    Thistle,  that pain definitely sounds like gallbladder.  See if you can tie it to diet, and absolutely keep your MW in the loop.

    Best wishes to you guys in the home stretch.  The breathing and the midnight bathroom trips are but a memory.  So, you have that to look forward to, in addition to bringing home little bundles of joy!

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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Hi gang!  So great to read everyone's updates.  I can't believe the last month has gone by so quickly (and I haven't really posted!)!  Congrats Quad and Cookie on your healthy babies! 

    All is well here - have a happy 5 week old who is just beginning to smile.  He's so much fun!  He's finally portable enough where we can actually get out and do things.  I'll make sure to check back in more often! 

    I can't believe it's August! 
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Wow Trouble!  That is awesome!  I hope I go early...not too early, maybe a week.  I can't wait to hold and kiss him!

    DH and I started a list last night of things to do over the next couple months so we don't get overwhelmed.  I feel better already just having made a list.

    Kiwi - I hate this heat.  It's sucking the life out of me.  I was more of a cold natured person before pregnancy but now I feel like an oven.  I felt like passing out on the T this morning and I was sitting under the AC vent.

    So emotionally I've been pretty normal up til now...I've started to notice I have a much shorter temper and I'm becoming very sensitive to things that usually wouldn't phase me.  Last night I tripped over my cat and started crying.  I was fine and she was fine, but I just started sobbing and couldn't stop for like 10 mins.  It was ridiculous. 
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Leila - I can totally relate to the over emotional-ness!  I too felt like things were roling along and I was perfectly rational until some time in early July ... I have probably posted some on my overreactions... one heres another ... a few weeks ago my DH saw a neighborhood cat running sown the street with a baby bunny in its mouth (i had been watching a baby bunny in our yard everyday for several weeks before that) and DH yelled at the cat to drop it, which of course made the cat take off (withthe bunny still in its mouth) like a bat out of hell and I instantly broke down in unrelenting tears! was sad - don't get me wrong, but my reaction was totally disproportional to the situation!  I was sobbing ans at the same time saying I know I'm being silly, I just can't stop... All I can say is crazy hormones!  gotta love 'em
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Sprout!  Good to hear from you!!! Glad things are going well!
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Cookie, just wanted to comment that you continue to amaze me.  Your little guy has one strong mama!
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Leila, me too!  I've been on a hair trigger when it comes to crying for at least the past 3 months!!!!

    Kiwi - good luck surviving the rest of the summer.  Thank god it hasn't been as bad as last summer, right?

    AFM, just had my last prenatal.  MW said have lots of sex and maybe the baby will come before my c-sec.  So game on!  I don't mind at all and neither does DH since we will soon have that 6 week abstinence period again :(  I'm not hopefully that he will come early though.  I haven't had many BH or anything.

    Hope EOE is well!!!
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Just got a call from my OB...Had my GD testing yesterday...I have to go back for the 3 hour glucose test.  Hopefully everything will be fine, just not looking forward to more blood work.  I hope they have another nurse drawing my blood because the lady who did it yesterday hurt me and bruised my arm.  I'm also not looking forward to not being able to eat for so long...I'm not awesome to be around when hungry, pregnant or not.

    Didn't someone have to go back recently for the 3-hour test?  Were you worried?

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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Leila-I just had to go back for the 3 hour. I wasn't worried since I failed by 1 point, and have a reasonable gain (32 weeks now and 11lbs gained). ETA: Should have commented that I don't have GD.

    I hear y'all on the hormonal emotions! I burst into tears over a rug! I've cried over the name (which we still haven't decided on), I could cry now if you looked at me funny.

    AFM I have these great nesting plans in my head, just haven't gotten to them yet...and it's driving me crazy! Took a long weekend to go away with DH and DS-best thing we've done! Went to the maritime aquarium in norwalk CT-a great aquarium for kids-lots of things that DS could get into. If anyone is looking for a quick get away (less than 3 hour drive from Boston), this was a great place.
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Leila - I had to do the 3-hour 2 weeks ago. I failed the 1-hour by 3 points and my MW wasn't concerned. She was actually pretty shocked that I had failed so miserably on the 3-hour. I unfortunately have GD, but am managing pretty well witht he diet. I haven't been horribly hungry either.
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Congrats Cookie and good luck Trouble, Almost there.  DS 3 weeks tomorrow.  We are all doing well and adjusting to our family of 4. 

    Good luck to everyone else who is coming up on there due dates.

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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    In Response to Re: August - Pregnancy:
    I hear y'all on the hormonal emotions! I burst into tears over a rug! I've cried over the name (which we still haven't decided on), I could cry now if you looked at me funny. Posted by KAM2007

    Haha!  My friend told me yesterday that she cried because her dog wouldn't go potty where she wanted him to.  I should start writing down all the silly things I cry over now.

    Oh, and I suddenly can't stand the smell of my husband.  I feel really bad, but he smells like garlic. 

    Thanks for the encouragement on the GD test...I go back for the 3 hr tomorrow, so I should know by Friday.  I would be shocked if I end up having it, but I suppose there are worse things.

    Any day now, Trouble!  If we don't hear from you for a couple of days, I'll assume you have a new baby!
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Cookie - Belated congratulations!

    Trouble - Good luck in the home stretch!

    All - Reading about all of you in third tri being so emotional has me thinking I'm in for a loooong 7 months, b/c mine's already kicked in. I'm a worrier by nature, but I've been a freak lately. Worst was trying to call DH on my way home and getting hysterical thinking something happened to him b/c he didn't answer his phone for 15 minutes (for the record, he was out mowing the lawn :-)). Oof.

    I'm coming up on 9 weeks and feeling pretty good. However, I am ALREADY wearing a Be Band and a coworker told me I'm showing (I thought I had a few weeks at least until I started getting unwanted comments :-). Did anyone else start to grow out of their pants this early? DH's grandmother keeps prophesying about twins, but we only saw one at the u/s. I doubt it's diet, b/c I'm not eating much more than before, and I figure cutting out the beer/wine and mostly replacing with water has cut a good # of calories. Doesn't even seem to be gas/bloating b/c it's constant, even when I'm not feeling bloated at all. I was somewhat slim to begin with but definitely not skinny, so I'm just really surprised. Anyone else experience this? Am I just going to be huge?
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Arcain - I grew out of my pants fast and I'm petite...I think around 8 or 9 weeks they were uncomfortable already.  Different bodies do different things, but it doesn't mean you will be huge.  I was always surprised to read that people in their 4th and 5th month still weren't wearing maternity pants.  If it makes you feel better, at 27 weeks my stomach measures completely normal.
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    I can add to the crying theme... I was crying yesterday because DH doesn't want to repaint the baby's room.  It is currently blue and I'd like it to be green.  Mind you he has painted this same room several times over the past few years for various reasons.  Today I woke up with the realization that yellow/blue can be just as nice and gender neutral as green/brown would have been.  oh the joys of hormones. 

    Hope everyone is doing well and good luck to those in the home stretch!

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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Arcain, some of my pants were too small by 9 weeks as well.  Some of my roomier ones were ok but even those are now getting uncomfortable.  Can't really guess as to size but I don't think how early you start showing necessarily correlates to how big you'll be- it's just that some people show a bit earlier- I think anyway!

    For those crying at the drop of a hat, when did that start?  Boston, I think you're just ahead of me, maybe 16 weeks?  So far, I've had no mood swings at all. I was way more emotional while going thru IVF and TTC but maybe the hormones really kick in later in pregnancy?

    I'm sure this has been asked at some point but, for those who just had their little ones (or had one previously), what are the couple of things you needed right away?  We're not finding out the gender so I want to wait on some stuff but besides the car seat and a snap & go, any other items you needed really early on?  I'm a planner.... :)
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    tc--This is what I'd consider the basics of the first couple days/week. One, you need a place for baby to sleep (co-sleeper, bassinette, PnP, crib, etc.). Diapers, obviously. (DS #1 was in newborns for about 2-3 weeks, then went to size 1. He was about 7.5 lbs at birth.) Have lots of onsies and kimono-style shirts. (The kimonos are good because it can be hard to have to keep pulling shirts on and off. Newborns are messy--poop and spit-up!). When are you due? A couple of pairs of pjs would probably be good, too. You want some spit-up cloths (we used cloth diapers). DS was a huge swaddle fan--our favorite was the "Swaddle Me" velcro ones. We found the hospital blankets the best for "unassisted" swaddling. Steal as many of those as you can!! Vaseline for the early meconium poops. Some gender-neutral stuff depending on your specific choices might include binkies, a white noise machine, bottles (we had a latch issue, so I was happy to have a few on hand from the beginning). I'm sure others will have good input, too.