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August - Pregnancy

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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    It feels like a long time, but rest assured, 10 - 12 weeks until the first appointment is standard.
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    I think 10-12 is pretty standard, but was pleasantly surprised to find that MGH does the first appointment at 8-10. 

    My iron was always fine, too.  That's why I find this surprising--it's the first time I've ever taken iron supplements!
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    You're not alone; it's common to be anemic during pregnancy due to the increase in blood volume (and no increase in hemoglobin) and the iron needs of the developing fetus.  (Source)
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    TC - Do DH's family and your sis know each other? IMO, people are putting you in a somewhat awkward position by asking you about your own shower. I would just tell DH's family what you said here about your sis -- you don't think she's planning anything, but you're not sure -- and let them get in touch with her if they're concerned. That way you're not asking anyone to go to any trouble for you. You're putting it in their hands -- where it should be anyway!

    I found myself in a kind of similar situation with a wedding shower recently. I'm in the bridal party. As the wedding got closer I still hadn't heard anything about a shower. I was worried the family had dropped the ball and wanted to make sure the bridesmaids planned something if that was the case, so I just went straight to the sister/MOH (who I don't know very well) to ask if anything was in the works, and it turned out they were planning something small with just family -- a little odd, but I think it was better to clarify things without involving the bride.

    Speaking of showers, I know mine is still many months away, but I'm already letting the control freak in me worry about it. My MIL is very into party planning, and let's just say we have different styles. In this case, unfortunately, my style is that...I don't really like baby showers (to illustrate: last one I went to, I spent most of the gift-opening time texting my DH to update me on March Madness scores). I do want some sort of party, but I'm really not a good party planner so I'm not sure what I DO want. Has anyone had a non-traditional shower (no games/cutesy decorations/hours of watching gift opening, etc.)? I think I can trust my mom and DH to tactfully convey the info to MIL, but I don't want to be a brat and simply give a list of what I DON'T want. I've been bratty enough as it is these last few weeks!
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Thistle- I had the same result as you... passed the 1 hr glucose test but came back slightly anemic (and as Kar mentioned I developed it as a result of the increase in volume).  I had my test done at 24 weeks and they didn't retest at my 28 wk appt last wed so i really don't know how I'm doing.  But they told me to take supplements in addition to my pre natal that has iron in it.  I'm also vegetarian so I am mindful of eating iron-rich foods in addition to the oral supplements.  But, I want to see if I can try that Floravital drink thing someone mentioned- constipation in the third tri is even worse than in the first!

    Tc- I don't think a mom or sister has to be the one to plan a shower.  In my experience, different people plan different things and IMO it's ok for in-laws to do something if they want to. 

    Arcain- You can have whatever type of celebration you want to- it's just a matter of sharing your thoughts with friends, family, or whoever is planning it.  I also think that by the time you are ready for the shower (in your 3rd tri) you will have relinquished your inner "control freak" because you have so much else on your plate at that time.

    Kiwi- sorry to hear that you're on bed rest so early!  I hope the next couple of weeks go smoothly and your little guy settles down- headfirst of course.

    Best of luck to everyone else!!
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Hi Kiwi!  - Sorry you are on Bedrest!  I'm sending you good thoughts!  I hope your LO can hang in for a few more weeks!

    Trouble - Congrats on your little guy!  That is so cute about your DD! 

    Thistle - I am not veg, although I eat very little meat, especially beef.  My iron came back slightly low around 28 -30 weeks if I remember correctly.  My mifwife sent me a list of high iron foods and there are two categories - there are two types of iron: Heme (which appears to come only from animal protein) and nonheme which is what it in beans, veggies and enriched cereals - so of course heme iron is more easily absorbed and topping the list of course is beef.  I asked a friend that is vegan for where she gets iron and this is the list she sent me:

    Iron sources:

    Cream of wheat 50% iron
    Dried fruit
    Walnuts, pistachios
    Cheerios 45% iron
    And there r lots of vegan veggie deli meats & meat crumble by Yves that r loaded w iron 45-50% (found in tofu section of grocery store)


    TC - I can relate about feeling arkward about the shower. I wanted one, but felt wierd about it.  Arcain's advice is right on the money.  They are (althought well intentioned) kind of putting you in a wierd spot.  I'd just tell them you don't think so, but give them your sister's number if they want to contact her to be sure.

    Arcian - I ended up telling my sister that I wanted a low key casual home shower.  My sister planned mine and it as a very nice home shower  - although there were some paper baby decorations that my 10yo niece insisted on (according to my sister after the fact - she actually appoligized fo rthe paper decorations) but it didn't ruin the atmosphere.  I was worred about it before partially because I felt weird getting gifts and having a big thing for me and partially because my sister told me the date and location (my house) and nothing else and my mom kept reporting to me .."your sister hasn't done this or that for the shower yet" - so my type A/control freak kicked in and finally I had to say to my mom - that is not appropriate for you to talk to me about this and I had to consciously let it go.  It turned out really nice and felt really personal and comfortable.  I love having family and friends at my place and it was especially nice that I didn't have to do any of the work or cleaning to enjoy it.  ... and added benefit - all the gifts were already at our place so we didn't have to pack them up and lug them home!   I do think at least some people will want to see you open the gift they give you, just something to consider.  
    What I am getting at in a round about way is that I would tell your DH and Mom what you want, but then try not to think about it until the day of and then just enjoy it however it turns out because however it turns out it will be lovely and you and DH will be touched by the love, support and generosity your family and friends give you.
    I am a party planner and I would have undoubtedly done things differently than my sister, but in the end it was perfect the way it was because it was something she did for me from the heart and I was able to enjoy it because I let go of worrying about the details. easier said than done :-)  From one "control freak" to another, HTH!  :-)  
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    TC - I was going to say the same thing others said.  For mine, I provided my family and my DH's family with each other's emails/phone numbers and let them figure it out - I just made sure to encourage them to talk to each other (and not to me).  Even if your mom's medical situation prevents her from planning anything, and even if your sister isn't ready to take the full reigns on a shower, they both might like to be involved/aware of what's going on.  Good luck!
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Twin - I meant to say in my crazy long post... congrats on your shower! Have fun putting baby stuff away and washing clothes and sheets and stuff!  I basically just had to look at everything for a couple of weeks before I could figure out what the heck I wanted to do with it.

    ... the past two weeks I've been nesting like crazy - cleaning the baby's room, washing clothes, organizing and reorganizing stuff!  I'm 37 weeks, so the reality of time ticking by is hitting me and I really want to get stuff ready!

    My due date is Sept 3rd.  Twin, I know you are right after me... Is anyone on deck before me?  

    Ok - enough procrastinating for me ... back to work!
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Krystabel - I have been the same way. I finally cleaned out the room we are moving into 2 weeks ago. Just have a little sanding and painting left and we should be able to switch over. Then have some painting to do in the baby's room and I'm hoping that will be done by the end of day on Friday. I'd like to set up the crib and go through baby stuff this weekend. I'll be 36 weeks on Thursday, due Sept 15th!
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Thanks ladies for the advice about the shower.  My in-laws have only met my sister a couple of times in the 2 years since my wedding but I'll just give them her contact info. I didn't want her to feel badly either for not planning anything but I tend to overthink these things.  Yes, it sounds like several of us here are admitted control-freaks!

    Arcain and Krystabel- like you, I'd definitely rather a small gathering at someone's house. No games, especially for me as I'm over 40!!  But, given what we went thru to get pg and how scared we were to celebrate early on, I'd love to have a little celebration with family & close friends. I think I'll have a chat with my sister so she knows what I'm thinking and then leave it up to her and/or the in-laws. There's plenty of time as I'm not due until January but the in-laws are big planners. Thanks again!
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Congrats to all the ladies in the home stretch!  I am starting to stress over all the things that need I still need to do...I know I have time, but the weekends are really the only time I can get things done and I there doesn’t seem to be that many left.  I am also getting irritated with DH...I am stressing over all the things we still need to do and get for the baby, and he seems mainly concerned about getting in his concerts and hiking trips before the baby comes.  I know it isn’t really that black and white, but I’m emotional and seeing things in extremes.  I am now 29 weeks and I just started getting uncomfortable.  My legs hurt for the first time while I was (trying to) sleeping last night, I am starting to have trouble falling asleep, and this morning my back and pubic bone area are hurting.

    Well, that’s enough whining for now.  How is everyone else feeling?
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    I wonder if it's less about "getting those things in" and more about your DH getting super anxious, too, about becoming a father very soon.  The preparations will be done since I'm sure he wants them done before the baby comes as much as you do, although, I get the frustration of not having it done RIGHT NOW. :)
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Leila- I totally understand how you feel about getting things done and not having enough weekends to finish them.  Yesterday I did what I always do- make lists.  It helped me figure out what I have to finish and what I can overlook if I don't get to it.  Last night, I was actually the one telling my DH that our weekends are slowing down to a few, but I want to have some time that we aren't just doing baby stuff!  I am trying to be mindful of not going nuts while nesting (which is hard!!)  I'm also with you on the discomfort.  It's not too bad, but it's getting more uncomfortable to move especially while trying to fall asleep.  I'm 29 weeks tomorrow, so we're at about the same place.

    On the topic of baby showers: I am with the folks who don't want something traditional.  My friend (who is also pg) and I essentially asked each other if we wanted to do something.  She gave me her preferences and I gave her mine.  We were each involved with picking a date that works and coming up with a guest list and that was it.  I haven't had mine yet, but I planned my friend's get together.  It was a co-ed event, very casual, some games that appealed to everyone (no baby food or diapers or measuring of bellys), light food, no gift openings.  It was just what they wanted and they weren't involved in the details.  So, I'm with you TC- let your thoughts be known and then take a back seat.  It sounds like your in-laws are very excited if they're thinking about a shower already for the LO due in January!!  But, that's very sweet :)
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    I can relate to everyone's feelings about wanting to get things done. I sit here in the hospital all day making mental lists of what I should/want to be doing, but am not. In the end, though, whatever you can't get done beforehand will either happen at some point or really might not be necessary in the end. Even if it's hard, DON'T spend all of every weekend just doing baby things. DH and I still talk fondly about the "last suppers", last movies, last whatevers we prioritized in those final weeks before DS arrived!

    I'm going to keep going on the "been there, done that" bandwagon for a bit, so bear with me. :) As for showers, I agree that smaller is better. When I had DS, I had 2. One was a family shower (just mine because DH is from New Zealand and his whole family is there or in Australia) and the other was a work shower. It definitely felt less overwhelming to be surrounded by 15-20 close people rather than a huge all-inclusive shower. I was not comfortable at all during my bridal showers, but I felt completely differently at my baby shower. First, DH was by my side the whole time for both. Secondly, the presents didn't feel as much for me, but rather for baby. I didn't have a "gift grabby" kind of guilt. Thirdly, it wasn't just about the gifts, but the stories that went along with each gift--like my cousin who knit a winter hat for DS and talked about how she'd done it for each of her own kids, or my aunt who picked up the diaper genie for us but also entertained everyone with stories of potty training my cousin who was a real wild child. My mom and MIL have both passed away, so I really appreciated the collective wisdom of the women in my life and the recognition that even though DS won't have a grandma he'll be surrounded by the love of lots of really wonderful women. Also, I never really enjoyed baby showers before I had DS (I mean, I was happy for the honoree, but there was only so much oohing and aahing that I could take). Now that I am a mom, I love them. I get to be one of the ones telling stories and sharing tips. :) Just make sure you have some wine and lots of cake--that will help the less excited attendees make it into a fun afternoon for themselves!

    AFM, I'm still in the hospital, probably for the next few days. No new bleeding (phew) and just some intermittent contractions that we're keeping an eye on. I hit 35 weeks today--woohoo. If I make it to 36, then there won't be an automatic NICU stay for DS #2. Fingers crossed.
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    That is a really good reminder to not focus solely on "baby stuff" - I have been a little obsessed with getting things crossed off the list.  I think I need to have a bit more balance and try to find some time for fun stuff too.  ...and feeling good that we actually have gotten a fair amount done.  

    Kiwi - Congrats on hitting 35 weeks!! I'm sending you good thoughts!! Hopefully you'll be able to go home in a few days and DS will hang in with you for a couple more weeks at least!

    This morning I had a really good meeting with my boss and a couple of coworkers to set a plan in place for who will take stuff over while i'm gone.  That is helping me feel more relaxed and ready! I made a comprehensive list of all the projects and issues I have been dealing with outlined with the status and who else is involved and organized all the related files in to a shared folder so if I go out at a moment's notice my stuff will be easy to find.  He was really appreciative and gave me great feedback and said noone else that has worked for him and gone out on a leave has left things so accessable and organized.  That made me feel really good!  I just thought I'd mention it incase any of you professionals out there are interested.  When he first saw the list the said, well we'll really be looking forward to your return (because it was really long and detailed).  It made me feel good that things will not fall through the cracks while I'm out and made a good impression on him.  Win-win. We've been talking about being "type -A"/control freaks so I thought that may appeal to some of you as something you may want to do when you get close to the end.

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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    So I just need to rant a bit...

    So when I first discovered the pregnancy board (back in March I think) I remember reading updates from pregnant moms saying how people at work are irritating them more than normal... now I can totally relate!  

    ... Why are people so wierd about preganant women?!?    I work with one 60ish year old woman who literally giggles and says "there she is" in a vvery high pitched voice every time she sees me (3-6 times a day!) ... Yesterday she said "Hey Waddles, how are you feeling"  ... Seriously I know I have the Pregnant waddle going on, especially when I first stand up from sitting and my hips take few steps to adjust) but REALLY?!? Today she asked... any signs of labor and I said no, I have at least a couple of weeks left and she said ... "well I want the baby to come sooner, but not next week because I'm on vacation so do what ever you can to hold the baby in until I get back" so I asked her why would it matter to her if the she is on vacation - she said because she wants to see me go in to labor and have to breath funny (she actually didn't say "funny" - she mimicked heavy panting breaths) and because she can't wait to hold and play with the baby - so wierd!! Does she thinkI;m going to give birth IN the office?  ...She is a nice lady, I don't work directly with her and mostly just see her in passing a several times a day, I just laugh and try to take her ridiculiousness in good humor, but seriously - get a grip... she is a mom of 4 grown adults adn like 6 grandkids... its not like pregnancy is a new thing she's never seen.  It is so strange!!!  Oh, she's also lobbying for me to have a girl... because she has all boys in her family ... does she really not understand that I AM NOT HER FAMILY?  I barely know her. ... seriously, casual work aquantance!

    Oh, just one more thing to add to my long rant ... I also work with someone who smokes like chimney and consequently smells really bad - so bad that the hall way or conference room still smells bad for like 5 minutes after he walks by ...I DREAD having to be in a meeting with him!  YUCK!!!  To make matters worse he is a close talker and when you try to back up and he keep following you and getting closer!  AND he comes around my desk in my offise... I have two visitor chairs on the OTHER side of my desk for a reason!!

    ..OK i think my rant is over... sorry!

    P.S. I'm mostly a happy pregnant woman - I swear!
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    so ... just an fyi - sensored the word "ug g"  ...why?
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Krystabel and twin04-- sounds like you're in good shape! I really want to be "nesting" more, but I am sooo tired all the time and I run out of steam before I even get going. I'm due on 8/31 so currently 38 weeks. But I just got the golden ticket--they've agreed to induce me next week on 8/24!! 

    Since I'm having twins and the babies are getting big, they don't want me go to the end. Thank goodness! I feel like I can barely move. The doctor still thinks I might go into spontaneous labor before next week.

    Good luck to everyone on the home stretch! It feels like time has started to slow down. I know we should enjoy enjoy it, but the anticipation of meeting the little ones is sooo huge it's making it hard. 

    For anyone still feeling good and mobile, take advantage of it! Go out with your husband/partners, do fun things. You can get so uncomfortable so unexpedtedly towards the end, and then it really slows you down and limits what you can do.

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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Kiwi – hang in there!  Hope all goes well.

    Krystabel – that is too funny.  There are a couple women here who do the same thing to me...the high pitch giggle and point at my stomach like it’s the funniest thing they have ever seen.  Literally every single day.  I don’t get it either, but I kinda just try to avoid them now.  Regarding smells, there is a guy in my office who eats really smelly fish everyday for lunch (it’s so bad that it bothers my non-pregnant coworkers).  He’s old and grumpy, so no one wants to say anything to him.

    Lowell – good luck!

    AFM, I slept much better last night, with minimal leg discomfort and my back feels better today.  I still have a little discomfort in my pelvis, but I was able to walk to the T this morning at a normal pace.  DH came home with a dad to-do list last night that he said he is going to start focusing on next week when his classes end, so that made me feel better. Next month is going to be busy...we have our birth classes then, our hospital tour, and a bunch of other appointments.  Work will also pick up for me, as September is one of our busiest months, but DH’s work slows down so he has said he will take on more.  We have a visit to the Diaper Lab next weekend, so I am looking forward to getting that taken care of.
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Wow, Krystabel, that woman sounds like she has a few screws loose; those are really inexplicably strange comments.  Thanks for sharing though, it's funny how strange people are.  
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Thanks all, for the shower advice. TC - good luck with yours (hopefully you won't hear any more about it until the day of!). I forget who said that the control freak stuff won't matter as much when the day comes, but you're totally right. I was the same way with my wedding shower, which ended up being mostly my MIL's planning, and I wasn't nearly so preoccupied then as I imagine I'll be in a few more months! I'll just fill DH and mom in on what my preferences are and then try to chill out (ha!).

    Kiwi -- Keeping my fingers crossed that you get to 36 weeks!

    Krysta -- Wow, now I am incredibly annoyed with your coworker! Kudos to you for just smiling through it. I don't know if I could. "Waddles?" And wanting to see you go into labor?!? You're right, it's just weird and totally intrusive.

    I work in a really small office of mostly women and am lucky to have tons of support from them. However, with that support comes probably more scrutiny than I'd like. I found out after I announced that people had been all but placing bets on when I'd get pg for months, were watching for whether I drank at events as a sign, etc. Now that they know, the comments have all been about showing (not surprising since I've become used to every coworker eyeing my abdomen since before I even announced!). Two weeks ago (I was barely 8 weeks!) a male coworker told me I was showing already (I know him well, and he's gay -- not sure why that makes it feel more acceptable for him to comment but somehow it does), but that started a whole flurry of comments. Now my boss mentions it every time she hasn't seen me for a day or so. The other day, I responded by saying "I know, and I just want to get to the point where I look obviously pregnant and not just chubby" and she said "Oh, you're not there yet!" Well...thanks. Finally, another coworker offered me a pair of her old maternity pants. She asked my normal size to see if they would fit me, and when I told her, she responded by saying "You really wear that small a size? I thought you were probably [2 sizes bigger]." Just what I want to hear as I watch the scale creep up and the buttons pop off my pants...

    I'm 11 weeks tomorrow and I'm heading off on family vacation, where I'll finally be able to tell my extended family, including a couple of pregnant cousins who I've been dying to tell that their babies will have a playmate! Hope everyone's enjoying the last few weeks of summer (too soon for that??)!
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Arcain, I am still surprised at the things that come out of other people’s mouths.  I finally said (loudly enough for several offenders to hear) when one coworker asked if anyone has been trying touch my stomach without permission “not really, but I do find it odd and very uncomfortable that people feel that they have free range to make comments about my weight or changing body parts, since under any other circumstances that would be very inappropriate at work, as well as in general.”  That seemed to open a few eyes, but there are still those who don’t get it (yesterday I got the “you sure there aren’t twins in there?!”...I wanted to say “you sure there’s a brain in your head?”)

    Have fun on vaca!
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    Co-workers can be interesting. I had one 60+ year old woman say to me "wow, aren't you staying a sexy little thing!" when she realized I only had a few more weeks to go. She blushed so red after she said it.

    Then I've had people I work with every day, meetings every day, they come to my office every day. Claim they didn't realize I'm pregnant. Though I think he realized just didn't want to say anything...but he laughed heartily the following day when he heard a comment about how the baby is eating my brain.

    So my latest delima: I went for my nonstress test yesterday and the hospital reeked of mold/mildew from the AC. This is the first time I noticed it in Labor and Delivery, second time I noticed it in the hosipital...I have asthma that is reactive to mold/mildew and after my 20 min test I was bright red and starting to wheeze...I can't spend much time in this place! I mentioned it to the nurse and she was surprised-apparently no one else has mentioned it. So I only have 4.5 more weeks left, not sure they can clean the system (or even would after one complaint) in time. And I cannot stay do I switch everything over to a new dotor/hosptial (in Boston)??? ugh.
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    KAM, that is awful!  I know exactly how you feel...I went to Florida earlier this year and stayed with family...same thing, but I could also smell it in the mattress and ended up checking into a hotel because I couldn't breath in the house.  I can't imagine having to labor and deliver while inhaling that!

    Does your doctor deliver anywhere else?  Can you visit the hospital again in a few days to see if it is any better?
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    Re: August - Pregnancy

    If the coworker is constantly doing this and it's not a one-time ambush you should prepare something mortifying to hurt her feelings (or at least get her to stop being so annoying).  Ahead of time, brainstorm possible physical characteristics she might be self-conscious about.  Be as mean as you can be--stuff that is NOT ok to comment on in public.  Then, next time she says "hey, Waddles" you can reply with a cheerful, innocent "hey, Unibrow!" or "hey, Chinhairs!" "hey, Grey Roots!"  "hey, Sausage Fingers" or, if possible "hey, Waddles Senior"  If she seems offended, shocked, or confused, cheerfullly, with an innocently bemused expression, say "oh, we're not making up nicknames to make each other uncomfortable?  sorry.  I thought when you called me waddles that's what we were doing.  Catch you later, Back Sweat!"