baby bump

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    baby bump

    Congratulations to all you pregnant girls! I remember fondly my pregnancies - the best time of my life. Bellies differ - no pregnancy is "normal". We are all individuals and so are our bellies.
    Ladies, when have the word "preggo" come into focus? What is wrong with just being PREGNANT?
    To me "preggo" is such a degrading word. Something like a slang - "My girlfriend is preggo!" I just hate that word - it does not sound like the beauty of bringing a new life into this world. More like a curse. Just my two cents.
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    baby bump

    I think that is normal. That's about when I felt like I could see a difference, and DH would comment depending on what I was wearing. I'm 5'9" and around a size 14. I think you probably see it more than most, and your mother can see it because she's your mother :-)

    At that point I thought I looked huge and coworkers were telling me that I didn't even look pregnant (whether or not they were just being nice, I don't know, lol).

    Pretty soon it will look more like a baby bump than a beer're just in limbo right now.

    I'm at about 21 weeks and I feel like I can finally see a significant bump instead of just feeling fat.

    Hope this helps
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    baby bump

    I assume that all my blood tests came back fine b/c the doctor's office didnt call me.

    I think some of it may have been really bad bloating b/c my stomach hasnt been hurting as much and it seems to have gone down over the weekend.


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    baby bump

    Sounds like you "popped". This happened to me too. At about 12 weeks between a Wednesday and a Sunday I completely grew out of my pants.

    I don't think there's a "too big" - especially at 14 weeks. Some people just start to show earlier than others. It all depends on your body shape.


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    baby bump

    I have to admitt that I use the word "preggo" quite a bit and never gave it much thought. Honestly I'm just lazy and don't always feel like typing pregnant and don't think to use pg. This may be TMI for an annoymous board but my name is Meg and people (close friends and family) have taken to calling me Preggo Meggo. I didn't mind but I now I may need to think more carefully about it. I took a quick poll with a couple of the people I work with and they agree with you pingo. So, thanks for giving me something to think about!!! :)
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    baby bump

    I would really not be too concerned about it at this point, especially if your sugars are in a proper range.
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    baby bump

    benice, YAY that you have bump! It's fun when it really starts showing, isn't it? I know that at first I was really the only one who noticed (probably because I was so anxious for it to appear) and just within the last two weeks DH has finally caved and admitted that I look preggo. Co-workers have also started saying that now they really notice it, though they also say that I barely look pregnant - so half the time I don't know what to think! I'm 5'3" as well and usually between a 6 and 8.

    I definitelty notice a difference in the size of my belly between morning and night. The more meals I have, the bigger it seems to get. And what kind of bothers me now is that my belly botton separates the bulge so I do think half the time I just look fat! It's funny, at my pre-natal workout class I spend the hour comparing my belly with everyone else's and what I have noticed is that bellys come in all shapes and sizes - so no worries about yours. Have fun with it. Time to go to the maternity store and get some comfy shirts!!
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    baby bump

    I feel silly asking, but can a baby bump be "too big" I know I gained some weight in the first trimester, but in the past week (now in my 14th week) my entire abdomen is definitely showing that I'm pregnant, sometimes I'm more bloated than others, but when I wear a shirt (I dont have any maternity shirts yet) that is tight to my body, it is like "wow."

    I'm somewhere between a size 8-10 and I'm 5'3", and even my mom commented on how big I was, I cant really feel "baby bump" so much but my whole stomach is just very protruded.

    But I haven't read anywhere about this being a bad thing.