Baby Furniture Outlets

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    Baby Furniture Outlets

    I'm just looking for general thoughts/advice.

    DH and I are going crib-shopping tonight at the Baby Furniture Warehouse in Reading. They have an outlet in back that appears to have great prices -- Munires under $300, etc., but I'm kind of overwhelmed by the selection and the different models.

    We were going to go with IKEA but if it's possible to get a higher-quality crib at a low price that could last through two kids we'd like to. My Baby Bargains book says don't expect IKEA stuff to last that long, not to mention the fact that DH and I both nearly had nervous breakdowns the last time we went to that store.

    Any advice on shopping baby furniture outlets and/or buying floor sample cribs? Anyone have experience specifically with the place in Reading?
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    Re: Baby Furniture Outlets

    We bought our crib at that same place in Reading.  I liked it there.  But I have to say that I did NOT shop around for selection or price.  My MIL was buying the crib (we are very lucky!) and she had been there for a different grandchild, so off we went.
    The outlet in back had a lot of really nice stuff, but a lot of it was being sold in sets (like not crib only).  We didn't want a set because we already had a lot of hand me down bureaus and dressers.  And I also didn't want the kind of crib with a big headboard thing (because we had a small room) so I was limited.  So I didn't find anything I wanted in the outlet.  But it all seemed to be in good condition and I wouldn't have hesitated to buy from the outlet if they had something I liked.
    I kind of wish I had looked other places for mattresses, like maybe Ikea.
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    Re: Baby Furniture Outlets

    We got out furniture at Baby Furniture Warehouse in Braintree. I think it's the same store,mdifferent location. We had a good experience there - friendly, good customer service, etc. it's certainly worth going there to look around and pick their brains on cribs, rocking chairs, strollers etc. definitely a more friendly staff than Babies R Us. One thing that I especially liked was they were willing to order our crib and store it at their store for free until we were ready to accept delivery. We ordered the crib super early in the pregnancy thinking it would take awhile for it to come and it came well before the room was painted etc. so it was really nice to delay delivery until we were ready for it to come. ETA: I'd be totally comfortable purchasing a floor model crib from that store. They are run by professionals and would not sell any product that wasn't safe. The floor models are great too because you don't have to wait as long for it to come in.
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    Re: Baby Furniture Outlets

    We bought a Munire from the Baby Furniture Warehouse in Braintree last year.  I did a ton of research and DH and I decided that brand had all the safety features we wanted at the most reasonable price point.  I would say that the customer service we experienced was less than stellar however.  We have an SUV, so when the time came to pick up the crib, DH went and got it.  It was a bit of a production because it comes in a huge box and required us to fold down our seats, etc.  Well, we get it home and see that the paint job is all smeared and smudged with fingerprints on it.  I called BFW and was not treated all that professionally in my opinion.  It was a hassle to pick it up and I asked them to come exchange the piece that was damaged since I believe that they should stand behind their merchandise.  I basically got the "it's not our fault - it's the manufacturer's fault" excuse.  They refused to deliver the new piece, saying that "if they had to deliver and replace every damaged piece, the delivery guys would be out all the time".  Led me to believe that this is not an isolated problem!  So we had to load the thing back in the truck and exchange it ourselves.  We also had the thing half-assembled when we realized the damage, so I was not happy about all the extra work.  The guy on the phone also had a condescending tone telling me "it really isn't that hard to take it apart and put it back together".  In the end it was fine, but I didn't think their customer service was great.  I guess the moral of the story is pay the extra $ for their delivery/set up service to begin with or go through the painstaking process of inspecting every aspect of the crib before you get it home.  Good luck!
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    Re: Baby Furniture Outlets

    Thanks all!

    Medford, that's funny, my situation is very much the same -- my aunt is buying ours (and told us she'd be mad if we went cheapo :-)) and we have a hand-me-down dresser and a small room. Good advice on the outlet. It turned out all the ones we liked back there were only in sets. We found a few nice, good brand, not-huge cribs in front at prices that don't make me feel like we'll be totally taking advantage of my aunt's generosity.

    Rama - Definitely agreed on the staff. The guys at the Reading store had lots of helpful advice but weren't very salesman-ish at all.

    ALS - Thanks for the advice on delivery. I felt a headache coming on when my DIY DH started asking the salesman how easy the crib would be to assemble ourselves. I doubt any of these would fit in our car anyway and assembly is included with delivery, so I'm going to try and persuade him to just pay the extra $ (since we ARE getting a free crib!). Besides, though I've assembled my fair share of TV stands and bookcases, I'd rather leave my baby's furniture up to a pro.

    We found at least 4 good candidates and we're going to measure our teeny tiny nursery and go back to pick one out on Saturday. Bonus - they handed us a 10% off coupon as we were leaving!
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    Re: Baby Furniture Outlets

    It's probably a long haul for you if you are frequenting stores in Reading, but Gardner Furniture Outlet has awesome quality for reasonable prices.  We bought a living room set, dining set, and sleigh bed at The Factory Coop, our favorite of the 6, but I can't remember if they carry baby furniture.

    Here's a list of links to the 6 furniture stores in Gardner.  Definitely give them a call to see if they carry baby furniture.  But, I know Lyndon (a Factory Coop manufacturer) does custom work so ask The Factory Coop about that if you want. 
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    Re: Baby Furniture Outlets

    That's too bad about the staff in Braintree!  Yes, we went with the delivery and assembly even though we normally do stuff like that ourselves.  My husband was actually convinced mainly by the argument that we'd be able to see that everything was right before the delivery people left.
    It was sort of funny shopping to go in there because my husband was totally daunted by the 5000 cribs.  But since I knew I wanted a smallish frame and I wanted a drawer, we knocked it down to less than 5 almost immediately.
    FYI, I think this is the crib we ended up with from there:

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    Re: Baby Furniture Outlets

    Looks like you've figured it out for the most part... but for anyone else reading this thread ....

    I was not super happy with my options at Babies R Us, so we took a trip to Buy Buy Baby in Nashua (new one just opened in Burlington) and found a great floor model.  Their prices weren't so different from BRU, but I guess we just lucked out on finding a good floor model that they were discontinuing.  If you sign up for their mailing list, you get a 20% coupon for one item ... so when we combined the 20% coupon with the 25% discount for the floor model, we walked away with a very nice crib for $150.  Also, I had a friend who signed up her mom, MIL, sister, etc and each person gets a 20% coupon, so she got a 20% discount on all the nursery furniture items.   oh.. and we also chose not to buy all the pieces to convert it to a toddler bed and then a full size bed.  Toddler beds can be purchased cheap, and we plan on having a second baby so using it as a full bed doesn't make sense since it would mean we'd be buying a second crib when the time came.  The mattress I got through BRU for $80.

    For dressers, we went with an unfinished pine dresser from Boston Wood (brighton, watertown, and bedford locations) and stained it to match our bargain crib.  We got the 4 drawer model that is the perfect height to use as a changing table too.  The major advantage of going with the unfinished pine was the quality of construction.  I really wasn't happy with the particle boad backing and flimsy drawers that most of the BRU stuff had and wasn't willing to pay a fortune for the better quality.  Our dresser is made of 3/4" pine, has nice runners for all the drawers, and is sturdy enough to handle a toddler using it as a ladder ... and cost $300. 

    Our nursery looks a little mix n' match with the crib, dresser, and glider all coming from different locations, but the wood colors are all close enough that its not a big deal.
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    Re: Baby Furniture Outlets

    Some of this info won't pertain to you, but I'll share for other expecting mothers.  We bought a crib at the Baby Furniture Warehouse in Reading and a dresser at Jordan's.  I did most of my research through Baby Bargains and this message board, but the salesmen at BFW were also super helpful and gave us advice on which woods were more durable, etc.

    BTW there is a difference between the two locations.  I called Braintree to ask if it was worth going there as well, if they had a different inventory.  They actually said that Reading is much bigger, so it has more merchandise, and also that Braintree doesn't have the clearance room.

    We ended up with the Munire Essex, which is a good brand, but probably their most affordable model.  DH wanted to have it delivered & assembled, even though he is usually handy.  After watching them put it together, he kicked himself for paying for it because it was very easy.
    I decided to go with a dresser from Jordan's because a lot of the nursery dressers are pretty small and I wanted something full size that DD could have for many years.  If I remember correctly, the dresser was the same exact price as the matching Munire dresser, so the only difference was that I didn't get to use the BFW 10% off coupon or whatever deal it was at the time.

    I know it's stressful, but it's also fun so I hope you enjoy! Smile
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    Re: Baby Furniture Outlets

    We got our Munire (popular brand!) from BFW in Reading as well, and one thing I learned about the delivery/assembly option is that it seems that is the ONLY way they will replace any damaged items.  If you pick it up and bring it home yourself, my sense (from the delivery guys - the salesman didn't tell me this) is that exactly what happened to ALS happens to everyone.  The delivery guy said that if they deliver and assemble, they assume responsibility for any damage.  I was glad I had chosen that option; they really should tell people that at the time of the sale.
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    Re: Baby Furniture Outlets

    Thanks again for the advice, all! We picked out our crib from BFW this weekend (Baby's Dream Infinity) and I feel like we got a great deal! We opted for the delivery/assembly, and I just got a call from them that they have the crib in store and can deliver within a week! Of course, Murphy's Law, we need to have water damage in the room repaired so we need to wait at least a few weeks to get the crib in. I thought I'd be just down to the wire getting it (they told me assume 8-14 weeks to get furniture in, and I'm due in 12 weeks!). Oh well -- they were super nice about keeping it in store until our room is ready.