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Baby Names

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    Re: Baby Names

    Poppy--I'll actually be interested to see what happens with "Xander" and "Zander" over the next several years.  I heard a mother in Target one night raising her voice at a Xander (I never saw her, and she stopped talking before I could track her down to investigate).  DH was in line at a burrito place and the people behind him had a Xander.  He asked if he was just Xander or Alexander and he was just Xander (he didn't ask Z or X, though).  I was in an elevator with my kids a couple months ago with a woman with toddler and infant boys and when she heard me say "Xander" she said that had been on their short list of names for the baby. 

    Because I'm neurotic I just checked the social security website.  In 1999, it was ranked 925.  In 2003 (the year Buffy ended), it was ranked 234.  It bounced around in the mid200s over the next several years, and in 2010, it was 254.  Zander had a comparable trend, but has been slightly less popular--mostly in the 300s, and reaching 294 in 2010.  I would say that Buffy definitely popularized it, since it doesn't show up on the SS lists before 1999 (meaning it wasn't in the top 1000) but it's still relatively uncommon. 

    When I tell people his name is Xander, I get either "that is such a cool name" or "oh, that's interesting" (I take "interesting" to mean "you really named your kid that?")  It suits him though, and as he gets older, if he doesn't like it, I can think of at least 5 other nicknames one can get out of Alexander, not including Alexander itself.  So, he has options.  :)
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    Re: Baby Names

    ML - Lillian and Louisa were two of my top names.  :)
    I love reading about names.
    We were a little obsessive... we didn't start until we knew the gender, but I scoured the baby name wizard book and made a list of 30-40 names.  When we would get in bed at night, I would look at it sometimes and make an "x" next to ones I didn't like, then I'd hand it to my husband and he could cross out the x'ed ones.
    We narrowed it down to 5 and then waited officially until we saw her.

    I always wanted a family name, but none of the family names felt right, so she got one for a middle name and a name with no family history for the first name.
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    Re: Baby Names

    As for telling, we told as soon as we had names picked out AND had told the namesake or immediate family of the namesake. (We waited until Father's Day to tell my dad that we were naming DS#1 after him.) The thing is, I always prefaced the sharing by saying, "Well, we're naming him after my dad..." or "We're naming him after DH's recently departed uncle..." That way, no one could say anything negative without looking like a real as*. :)
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    Re: Baby Names

    Liz - that is his nick name...which I like :)

    In Response to Re: Baby Names:
    Pugs, I like the girl version of your DH's name :) People keeping naming off all of these names, I am starting to get ideas ;)
    Posted by lizinboston

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    Re: Baby Names

    I loved that Baby Name Wizard book.  I liked the feature where you could look up a name and see suggestions for a sibling's name.  If you look up my name, one of my sister's names is a suggestion :o)
    If you look up DD's name, though, I think it gives names I would never choose.  Still interesting!
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    Re: Baby Names

    DH would NOT discuss baby names with me until we found out the gender.  He said there was no point in spending half our time thinking about names we wouldn't use.  He had a point, but I don't think it would have been a "waste".  What if our second child is a different gender than the first?  Plus, I love "what if" conversations. 

    Once we found out we were having a girl, we both went through baby name websites and made a list.  Then we swapped list and vetoed what we didn't like.  We then cross-referenced and overlaps and went from there.  We ended up with three that we both liked, and then narrowed it down to two.  We also waited on naming her until after she was born and we got to look at her.  We wanted to see which name fit her best, even though I think we were both leaning toward one name before she was born.
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    Re: Baby Names

    My DH and I felt strongly that we choose a name that was somewhat uncommon but not TOO unusual for our son.  We ended up deciding on one that has just started making it into the top 100 list, although it looks like it is on the rise so it may be the next "Sophia" (a girl's name we had both loved forever which suddenly became popular - funny how that happens, isn't it?). The funny thing was that there used to be another boy w/ the same name in our very small home daycare so I guess we weren't as original as we thought:)

    We didn't "know" that would be our son's name right away. We would play around and call the bump by various names to see which one seemed right. In the end, we just started using one over and over again. One day, we asked each other if we were decided and then it was done. The name didn't actually seem to fit DS when he was first born but it fits him perfectly now. He looks much different than he did as a newborn!

    We had not planned to tell anybody the name before DS's birth but at home we were calling bump by his name.  DH accidentally slipped in front of a family member. She agreed to keep it a secret but after DH slipped again in front of someone else, we decided to just tell everyone ahead of time. Nobody made any rude or annoying comments, really, so it was fine.

    DS's middle name is a family name on my side. DH doesn't really like it but went along with it with the agreement that he has naming rights for the next baby (middle name only).

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    Re: Baby Names

    I love it, we looked at websites and baby name books and considered a whole bunch of names before settling on John. We needed help to come up with that?? We're calling him Jack but that's as a nickname for John. I didn't realize Jackson was popular now. Good thing we had a boy as we had a short list of girl names but hadn't decided 100% on a girl name.  Both DH and I love traditional names, it was just difficult because we were trying not to duplicate a niece or nephew and we've got more than 20 of them so lots of names were ruled out early.

    We never shared the names beforehand but most people who asked didn't push when I just said we had a short list but planned to wait until after the baby was born to decide for sure.
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    Re: Baby Names

    I've loved the name Sophie for years...but now it's the number one girl's name! Sigh. When I was in middle and high school someone would call for Jennifer or Katie and 26 heads would turn around. I'm not sure I want my kids' names to be that common (but then again, no Zanes or Khrysctyls either :)
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    Re: Baby Names

    I love this thread, hearing about how everyone came to choose names!

    My favorite story, of naming our 4 kids, was naming our son (who is, as it turned out) our only boy. We knew we were having a boy, so we went through lots of lists. Everyone wanted to know! So, we called him "Atticus" when I was pregnant (after the father of the main character of our favorite book To Kill A Mockingbird), just to mess with everyone. It was sort of fun. He's a February baby, so I even have an ornament for him from the Christmas before he was born, labeled "Atticus."

    Finally, we had it down to two choices. We couldn't decide. I said, I'll know when he's born -- because, Moms just know, right? Yeah. Maybe not. After he came out, I looked at him for hours and just could not figure it out. So we wrote both names on slips of papers and put them into a hat (actually, a sterilized bedpan), and chose. So, he became Cooper Anthony (Cooper because we liked it, Anthony after my beloved grandpa) instead of Samuel Charles.

    He just turned nine, and he is *definitely* Cooper. 

    The only name we share beforehand was our first -- Mary Grace, for our grandmothers, but we call her "Mitzi" for mine grandma's nickname (she was the Grace of the pair) -- because my mom had to sew a Christmas stocking (baby was due around that time and mom didn't want to be late). So, even though she's only known as Mitzi, her stocking says Mary.

    We have an Eloise Michelle (Eloise because we loved it, Michelle for my only sister) and Joanna Claire (Joanna after my mother, Claire for my grandmother). 

    But the son was the hardest. Particularly when DH pointed out that anything starting with a "T" was off the table, in case the boy played sports, and his jersey would be the first letter of his first name, plus the last name:  T.Estes.

    Took me a few minutes, till I saw it. Probably not the best abbreviation for an adolescent boy!
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    Re: Baby Names

    Our first was a surprise, so we had to pick out male and female names.  I had a name I've always loved for a girl.  I pretty much had it picked out when I was 14 haha.  DH approved, so we went with Aurora Marie (middle name my late maternal grandmother's name).  I had this name picked out for years, and loved it because Aurora was the Roman goddess of the sunrise.  "Aurora" means Dawn in Latin.  I had NO IDEA it's also the Disney Sleeping Beauty's name.  People hear her name and say "oh, such a pretty princess."  It annoys me to no end.  She's a very girly girl and I was always a tomboy (who was obsessed with teaching herself Latin in 9th grade, if that helps you picture what a dork I am) so the idea that people call her a princess and get her princess t-shirts and that strangers who hear her name think I meant for her to be a princess bothers me. 

    We're not telling anyone our names ahead of time for the next one.  We kept the male name but changed the middle name from our choice last time and we're still kind of choosing between a few for a female name.  Last time around my inlaws were really annoying about criticizing names.  My husband had told me not to tell people the names ahead of time and I didn't listen because I couldn't imagine anyone ever saying anything rude or weird about future names of yet-to-be-born babies.  Now I know better haha. 
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    Re: Baby Names

    In Response to Re: Baby Names:
    Particularly when DH pointed out that anything starting with a "T" was off the table, in case the boy played sports, and his jersey would be the first letter of his first name, plus the last name:  T.Estes. Took me a few minutes, till I saw it. Probably not the best abbreviation for an adolescent boy!
    Posted by ModeratorJen

    LOL! Too funy.  You definitely have to think about those things!
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    Re: Baby Names

    Went to school with a guy who had been given an in-utero nickname (like Atticus above, something from a book Mom had been reading while expecting) that Grandma absolutely put her foot down about NOT giving him.  So they named him something else which bore no resemblance to it whatsoever, but called him by the nickname anyway. Half the class didn't know what his real name was until graduation.
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    Re: Baby Names

    Poppy my SIL used the name Evelyn even though our cousin named her daughter Evelyn years before.  They hardly ever see each other though.

    Daisy I feel like what you mentioned is my issue.  I am always saying when someone mentions a name I like it but when he/she is 50 would they want to be called that?  My DH thinks I am crazy but I don't know. I like Kathryn, or Kate and even Katie but do you want to be Katie when you are older?? 

    I'm having a very hard time with names this time around.  We narrowed it down to 3 names before DS was born that we all liked (DH, I and my stepdaughter) then DH and I decided when we met him.  The funny thing was we were leaning towards one name, decided to go with another name even though we weren't both in love with it and now we just can't even imagine him as anything else.

    With DD DH and stepdaughter want an M name because all of us have M names except DH but his name starts with a W which he says is an upside down M.  So we have a list of M names along with some other names but there aren't any I really love or could imagine naming DD to come.  Some names I loved before getting pregnant I don't love as much anymore.  So I currently I have been just avoiding the topic!
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    Re: Baby Names

    I thought/think about that a lot too - how the name will sound on an adult.  I won't give any examples, but some names sound so cutesy to me.  I have found that I'm not as into the names that were runners up for DD.  Funny how that works.  For people who don't find out the gender, I am always curious to see if they use the other gender's name on their second.

    Ajuly - I liked Sophie for a long time too!  I have a cousin in Europe who named his daughter Anna-Sophie and I always thought that was so precious.  But they emphasize it different so it's So-FEE.  Maybe it's different enough that I can still go for it :o)
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    Re: Baby Names

    Congratulations TC on your baby boy!  What a miracle!

    For DD I had a name picked out before I met my husband - Ella Grace.
    For the 2nd girl, we have had more difficulty.  We like to talk about names, call the baby in my belly that for awhile and see if it sticks.

    Right now we are leaning towards Adelyn Noelle.
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    Re: Baby Names

    My MIL intentionally picked names which are transitional with a kid name, adult name and formal name i.e. Danny, Dan and Daniel.
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    Re: Baby Names

    Fram - interesting you say that.  We did not find out gender the first time, however we never really agreed on a boy name.  The one that was at the top of my list - Henry - doesn't seem to hold as much charm for me now.  I don't know why, since it was less than 2 years ago.  This time around we're going to wait until we find out the gender before really discussing names.  If it's a boy i might have to push for Xander/Zander again.  ;)
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    Re: Baby Names

    Because of this post, I've actually started thinking about names. I would love to name the baby after my dad but not his exact name, maybe just something that would provide the same or similar nickname. I have a bunch of girls names that I love, but they don't really work with the last name. My dad's last name (he was actually my step-dad) is sometimes used as a boy's first name and I LOVE it, but also it unfortunately is horrible with our last name. Ugh. I have a feeling that this is going to be a very difficult decision.

    Fram - this is totally hypothetical since we don't even know yet if the current pg is viable - but I can say that we probably will not find out the gender and would not keep the other name we decide on now to use in the future. It would be a little weird if had two children, "Al" and "Allie". But my sister has always had a specific name for a girl. She planned to use it for all three babies, but never ended up with the girl. 
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    Re: Baby Names

    In Response to Re: Baby Names:
    - It would be a little weird if had two children, "Al" and "Allie". . 
    Posted by cicirose

    Particuarly since if you have a girl who can use the nickname Allie, you will find that people in the family shorten it to Al quite often, so you will actually have 2 children who answer to "Al".  Can you guess what my nickname is ? Family only me Al, as do certain friends, while others only use Allie; DH only uses my full name  lol. So, yes, think about nicknames if you want to name children similar sounding names regardless of gender.:-)
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    Re: Baby Names

    I'm with DZ's mother-in-law on my naming philosophy.  I really like the idea of a formal name (think diplomas, resumes and business cards), as well as nicknames. 

    Of course, that could be because I have a formal name and a nickname.  At this stage, I can actually tell how I know someone by what they call, family friends, and people I've known since before high school call me by my nickname, while everyone else calls me the formal one!
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    Re: Baby Names

    Poppy, Henry is so popular now. I have two friends with Henry's and our neighbors 3 year old is a Henry. It is a cute name, though :)
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    Re: Baby Names

    Yes, well, I must admit that naming a boy Daniel would have been (honestly) naming him for Daniel Striped Tiger on Mr. Rogers.  I was THAT in love with Mr. Rogers himself and with the tv show.  Yup.  Except I wouldn't have named him the whole thing, I promise, I'm not (completely) crazy.

    And I would have named a baby after Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Or Caroline, which was Laura's mother's name (although honestly, I just realized that, but I've just always loved the name Caroline)  Except that I'm 48 yrs old and I do remember the names of all of Laura's family, which makes me a dweeb. 

    Caught in the act.

    We have a baby at the center whose name is Olive, which is a beautiful old name and similar and yet different to the 100s of Olivia's in the world right now.  I do love those old names, I think Lillian Louise has a beautiful ring to it.

    Rose is a beautiful name.  Honestly, I find it harder to find boys names that everyone else isn't using that I like.  Herman ain't on the top of my list!

    My husband wants to get 2 dogs and name them Ezekial and Jedediah.  We won't be using them for quite some time, so you all are welcome to them!

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    Re: Baby Names

    CT-DC, thanks for liking DD's name, we like it as well :)

    It's funny you mention Laura Ingalls Wilder. A big part of the reason her middle name is Louise (and called Lulu) is for Louisa May Alcott. I worshipped her as a child and when I was pregnant and so sick and watching TV in bed all the time, American Masters did a piece on Louisa May Alcott, the woman behind little women about all her strengths and feminism and activism, she was smart and powerful and strong and capable and cannot in any way be faulted for her character - and at that point I knew DD was going to be Louise/Louisa (although it's also a family name).

    As for Laura's family - Mary, Laura, Carrie (for Caroline), Grace and of course the TV added Albert :)
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    Re: Baby Names

    In Response to Re: Baby Names:
    We had tossed around Finn for awhile as a boys name but with the popularity of Glee I'm worried it will become popular very quickly.
    Posted by clc51510

    Finn has been coming up for years -- I know three of them under the age of six, and I don't know that many people. Just hang around the Cambridge playgrounds and you'll hear the next batch of popular names. Lots of saucy girl-hero names, like Trixie, Hazel, Nancy, and Haley. Josephine is EVERYWHERE. I think the next big thing is going to be Greek -- Athena, Artemis, Persephone.