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Baby names

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    Re: Baby names

    WPP, that's an interesting comment, but I don't buy it, especially not when you're a kid...I have a relatively uncommon name (never on barrettes!) and I hated it as a kid...much preferred my nickname (which is more common, and seen on barrettes with a different spelling).  It's only as an adult that I started liking my name...and it's a traditional name that was most popular in the 20s and 30s.  I can't imagine how I'd have felt if it was more out there! 

    And since my son is David, I definitely don't like JAson Lee anymore!  :) 


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    Re: Baby names

    In 1972 my name was not common at all for barettes, etc. Now it's all over the place. Accoriding to Baby Center my son's name is number 19, but it was a lot higher years ago. He's the only one in his class, but there are 4 kids with the name on his soccer team of 12 boys!

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    Re: Baby names

    It's pretty hard to describe which kinds of names you like without offending anyone!  It was a good thing we had a girl, because we never would have agreed on a boy name!  My favorites were Eli and Ian, and DH's favorite was Dustin.  I might have won DH over to Ian.  I've since heard of three acquaintances naming their baby Eli, so I guess that wasn't too original! 

    For girl names, I had a looong list of names I liked and DH basically checked off a few that he also liked.  The top four were Camille, Lila, April, and Morgan... But if I'm completely honest, Morgan was his name that I pretended was in the top four :o)  We chose DD's name when I was about 20 weeks along and miraculously it stuck for another 20 weeks!  Her middle name is after DH's grandmother.  We didn't share the name until she was born, though.  We're not planning on having another baby at the moment, but I love the name Annika for DD's imaginary baby sister.

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    Re: Baby names

    Speaking as someone with an unusual (but not weird, it's not Moonshine or Elephant ears, or Apple, or Sky Blu or whatever Beyonce named her poor baby), and whose name has a story behind it, I LOVED MY NAME.  I also didn't have a middle name (yes, only person in Massachusetts who doesn't have a nickname, and yes, that means I'm probably not going to heaven (which is what a few children told me when we were in elementary school), but I've reconciled that a long time ago, LOL).  So.  I didn't get one of those cool ovals with ballet slippers on it that said "Karen's bedroom" on my door.  I didn't get a monogram sweater, because I don't have 3 initials.  I couldn't wear barrettes with my name on them, blah blah.  So when Santa Claus could find pencils or bags with my initials on them I was over the moon (yup, I think he shopped from the Lillian Vernon catalog) but I loved my name, loved the story, and loved the fact that my name is from a greek myth. 

    My sister's name also has a story behind it, from greek mythology.  When she and her husband named their first child, she wanted that name to have a story, since we were raised with that. they chose a lovely girl's name which is in many Shakespeare plays (not Juliet) - it's Portia.  And with their son, his name is handsome and unique (Luca) but not out there. 

    So speaking for the two of us, we loved loved loved our names.  But of course, there are other children who probably didn't like their names because they were unique.  But you know, I've never had to be called first name last name until college, when there were 4 women at my college with my name, and TWO of us lived in the same dorm my senior year - we actually got each other's intercampus mail because our friends would just write our first names on it (my last name was impossible to spell) because they figured we were the only ones with our name.  Funny.  But now we have so many Olivia and Sophie and William children - At one point our chlidcare center had THREE Elly's - two in the same class so those babies knew their first and last names! 

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    Re: Baby names

    I have an unusual name and I'm a huge fan! It never bothered me growing up either, even though I was perpetually correcting the pronunciation, and definitely couldn't shop for personalized barrettes. There are worse things in life...  even though it was not a top 500 girls name when I was born, my best friend since elementary school shared the same name and we were sometimes in the same class. Go figure! As it turns out, the name has climbed in popularity a lot and is now a top 50 girls name. 

    As a result, I ruled out any baby name currently in the top 10-15, a criteria my DH couldn't care less about. For boys, our picks were more conservative but I wanted to stick to that. Our girl name is sort of like my own name in popularity-- you've probably heard it but it has not been a top 200 name in the past 30 years. 

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    Re: Baby names

    CT - Elephant Ears... that is actually my name.  JK!  My husband doesn't have a middle name, and neither do his two sisters.  And my best friend and her little sister don't have them either.  So there are at least 5 other people in MA :-) And I love Portia and Luca... what a really nice combo for siblings, and really cool to have a story.  I took both Latin and Greek in highschool, so know almost all the myths... so now you have me wondering (My two favorite myths...Persephone or Cassandra perhaps?) :-)

    BTW, about the barrettes and pencils... as I mentioned earlier, by the time I was old enough to want these things, every named item anywhere was sold out with my name because it was #1 for so many years.  Which always made me so sad.  But alas, I have no lingering effects today :-)  I don't know many people who absolutely HATE their name.  Some use their middle names, or some pick a nickname instead.  But most people probably don't even give it much thought (until they are naming their own children!)

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    Re: Baby names

    CT - My name is also a bit different, though it doesn't sound like it's as uncommon as yours, and I also did not have a middle name.  I only remember knowing one other girl with my name growing up.  I actually recall not liking my name in kindergarten; I think I was self conscious about having a weird spelling when "everyone else" was named Jen or Katie.  Not sure when that changed, but I like it now :o)

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    Re: Baby names

    Ohhh luv, Jason Lee is kind of a jerk, huh? There's also a difference between naming a kid something uncommon and choosing a crazy bananas name! Although I do like Elephant Ears, not that CT mentions it ;) 

    Even though my name was common in school, no one could spell it, which always annoyed me. There are, technically, other spellings, but mine is the normal (correct!) one. My friend had a baby boy last year and named him Brian, which is a completely normal name, but I also realized that I don't know any Brians under 25. I thought that was interesting.

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    Re: Baby names

    I have a really unusual name that also happens to be the name of a male celebrity (I'm female). I was named after my grandmother, so it was never a problem for me because I knew why I was named it... I think I would have been bothered if my parents just didn't think it through. I am constantly mistaken for a male. That can be a bit annoying, but it is great to have a unique name because people don't forget you. I would name my child a unique name, but I think my bf would never go for it. He has one of the top ten boys names and loves it. I have a feeling we will debate when the time comes. I do think some of the trendy, "new" names are a bit odd and way too popular in some ways. Addison is the first one that comes to mind currently. I know 4 children under 5 named Addison, which I'm sure their parents were not expecting.