Birth Class and Pillows

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    Birth Class and Pillows

    Benice, I think I remember you asking about what the pillows are for that you'll bring to your birth class but I don't remember where I read that - so I thought I'd start a new post.

    DH and I went to the first of two sessions yesterday.  We brought 2 pillows and a mat and we used them for awhile while the instructor went over different labor postions.   We were lying and kneeling on the floor and used them for added comfort.  Two seemed like plenty but that was mostly for me....maybe they want you to bring an additional two for DH.     When is your class?
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    Re: Birth Class and Pillows


    thanks for a response, I posted a while ago and then it got dropped to the bottom because a newcomer had made a comment to a bunch of posts.

    My class isn't until the beginning of August - it is an all day session.  They probably do want us to bring them for DH, thanks!