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Consignment Shops

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    Consignment Shops

    I was wondering what consignment shops people have had good experiences with.  I haven't been able to find a concise listing of quality shops in MA, and so I've been trying to visit the ones I've found listed on google... but it is a slow process.  I figured it would be easier and help everyone if we started a combined list of places we've liked.  I am in Worcester, so obviously the places I've visited are biased in that direction.

    The ones I've been to are:
    - Kid to Kid in Natick ... seemed to have good prices and high quality items.  Had a huge selection of clothing as well as baby gear and toys.

    - Kid's Stuff in West Boylston ... small store with limited hours, but nice clothes.  Not too much for gear/toys but I did find a $10 BabyBjorn carrier and some other very nicely priced items.

    - Cutie Patutie in Leominster ... Large store, huge selection, but over priced in my opinion. 

    - Savers in Worcester ... I was a little apprehensive about a donation place vs. consignment shop but I found their children's clothes selection to be pretty good.  I wouldn't buy adult clothes there, as they seemed more "worn", but the baby/kid's clothes seemed decent.  Prices were very good.  Not much in terms of gear/toys that I would buy (though a very big selection of children's books).

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    Re: Consignment Shops

    boston- there are a number of consignment sales- twice a year- held by other groups and organizations. I use those, and then supplement with consignment shops during the rest of the year. unfortunately, you just missed the round (next round will happen in the spring) but they are great for gear and clothes.

    there is another shop on the south shore in norwell- tummies to teens or something- but it is high end.
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    Re: Consignment Shops

    It's not in MA, but "Gently Loved Baby" in Salem, NH, is great for all sorts of things.
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    Re: Consignment Shops

    I'm with Winter in that the best deals, best finds are at the consignment events, like parents of twins events, etc.

    I also shop at the Children's Orchard consignment chain, there are three stores near my house, but am not sure how close the other locations are to you in Worcester. 

    My best advice is to find a good Mom's Club in your area and join it. We are forever swapping, trading up and down the stuff that we need on my mother's club forum boards and classifieds. Months back I needed a bumbo and a mom dropped one off to me same day I asked for it, three months later when I was done, I immedately passed it off to another mom with a younger baby. It works out perfectly.

     I like Savers for home goods and furniture, but I've never bought clothing from them.
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    Re: Consignment Shops

    There is a consignment sale coming up next month that you might be interested in--I have been both a consigner and shopper and have been impressed with the quality and variety of items. I shopped @ their sale in October for a friend whose granddaughter was coming to visit--she was amazed that the items I found came from a consignment sale! 

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    Re: Consignment Shops

    Bostongrl - Children's Orchard in Westboro is great for clothes.  We found a Talbots button down shirt for ds for $3, a set of flannel Elmo pjs, winter boots, a brandnew winnie the pooh sweatshirt/pant combo and multiple other items while there.  Most things are either new or gently used, they are picky about what they accept.
    This store also has strollers, especially snap n' gos; toys, books, dvds.  It is not very far from Worcester - right on rte 9 in the Julio's plaza. 
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    Re: Consignment Shops

    There is also Children's Crossing in Sturbridge that is really good.  The prices are great and they have a lot of sales at the end of the seasons.  They have toys, strollers, shoes, clothes, other basics and they also have women's clothes as well.  They're also really nice.  Also, it's right off the pike. 

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    Re: Consignment Shops

    Thanks!  I'll definitely check out the Westboro Children's Orchard... should be pretty easy to swing by that way on the way home from work one night.  And thanks for the Sturbridge suggestion... I always forget to check out options in the westward direction... hehe.