December 2012 Pregnancy

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Siena, in my pregnancies, I also tried to keep the maternity purchases to a minimum....  The open cardigans that are still in style were my best friend, along with long tank tops (got those at old navy)...and they work well postpartum too...I bought mine in the regular misses racks at TJs or Marshalls, not in maternity sections.  As for pants, Old Navy has two styles of maternity pants...the ones with the full panel, which won't work until later, and the "real waist" style...I found the "real waist" ones to be great in the 2nd trimester and also in the first few postpartum months....I know others have different opinions, just depends on how you carry your pregnancy, I think.   I also bought 2 black tank dresses from Target, and wore them a ton, with a cardigan on top, tank underneath, or on their own, depending on weather and occasion. 


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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Siena, I just used a regular hair elastic on my pants during those couple of awkward weeks before the maternity pants were necessary.  I had a couple of regular longish camis and stuck to wearing those under things or my longest shirts/sweaters.  Lucky or unlucky for me the maternity pants became a requirement so fast (around 8 weeks) that the elastic phase was short lived, but I would have probably gotten a belly band if it lasted any longer.  I've heard they are great. 

    Telling everyone our news at Christmas was fantastic!  Everyone was so excited since there hasn't been a baby in the family in 8 years that I almost couldn't finish telling them it was twins.  I got as far as "we have some good news" and the chaos ensued for about 15 minutes before I could finish my statement.  I enjoyed it for a few minutes until the "wow your going to be huge" and "my belly was the same as yours at 6 months" comments ensued followed by a ton of belly rubs.  Love it how people feel so comfortable saying and doing pretty much everything around pregnant women... at least this was family haha.

    We had our nuchal scan appointment this morning and it was amazing to see the babies again.  They were both moving around so much and sucking their thumbs that it was hard for the tech to get what they needed so we were there for almost an hour which was so great since I could watch them all day and luckily they got into better positions in the end.  We got some great pics and the ultrasound tech was so nice that she did some 3D shots for us too.  Those were SO cool!  Anyway, couldn't be much happier right now!

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Thanks ladies for all of these ideas!  The long cami idea is perfect--that sounds like a really good and inexpensive way to extend my regular wardrobe into the 2nd tri. I will pick up a few. I don't think my regular shirts are particularly short or anything, but I have a few nice wool sweaters that cut just 1-2" below my usual waistline on my pants, and if I wear them with my maternity jeans and then lift my arms or twist my body, the stretchy panel is exposed. 

    The short-panel maternity pants would probably be perfect now.  I'm kicking myself for not buying a pair when I was at the Gap last week.  The extra stretch in the full panel seemed more comfortable at the time, but I didn't walk around the store long enough to anticipate the drooping pants problem. :-/ 

    I do have a bella band type thing and that is a huge help.  (Although it is prone to disappearing acts in my laundry basket and dresser drawers--I need a better system... :p )  I'm visiting my SIL in a few days and she is going to let me go through her maternity stuff, so I'm hoping for some good hand-me-down options too.  :)

    SSbride--hooray for a good NT scan!  I loved seeing how much my LO looked like a baby at 12 weeks with arms and legs waving (especially after the earlier 5w and 7w ultrasounds that were less identifiable...).

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Siena's question got me thinking... How many maternity tops is a good amount? Before Christmas I had 8 shirts, which meant a lot of laundry. I got 3 sweaters and one short sleeved top for Christmas. I definitely need to get a pair of black pants for work but I'm wondering if I should bother buy any more sweaters or if I should just wait and get a few more spring tops?

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Just scanning quickly, but I have to note that this is the BEST tank top ever:

    It's a little pricey, but it stayed down under my belly the entire pregnancy with DD, yet when worn under another shirt, not super obvious that it's maternity wear.  Very stretchy.

    I always felt ridiculous in most maternity tops (even though I see other people looking great in them!  Mine were all hand me down and I guess just not my style) so I ended up using mostly these tank tops, stretchy non-maternity tees over them, and cardigans.  GL with whatever you decide!

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    I had my midwife appointment this morning to go over my ultrasound. While everything looked good with the baby, my placenta is low lying and I'll need to have a follow up ultrasound at 32 weeks. The ultrasound tech didn't measure the distance between the placenta and my cervix, so we don't know exactly how low lying it is. I haven't had any bleeding whatsoever this whole pregnancy so the midwife isn't worried, but she does want a follow-up. I was just looking it up online (I know, I know) and now I'm kind of freaking out. Increased risks of c-section and, worst case, hysterectomy. Yikes! But I guess most placentas move up as the baby gets bigger, so maybe that will happen here. I am excited that we get to see one more glimpse of the baby but I wish it wasn't under these circumstances. 

    On the plus side, my belly only measured 22 cm, so DH's family that said I was huge at Christmas can shove it! :-)

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Chiclet, hope the placenta moves for you.  If it doesn't and you need a c-section though at least you'll be in good company.  I actually had 8 of my closest girlfriends from college over last night for a xmas party and to announce our news.  All of them have children and 5 of the 8 ended up with c-sections for one reason or another.  They are SO common now and I know with twins even more so, so I'm pretty much planning on one.  If it ends up being a vaginal birth I'll be thrilled but I'm going into this with the expectation that it won't be so I won't be too disappointed later.

    Happy New Year everyone!  I'm hoping 2013 is a fantastic year for all of us!!!

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Sorry about your news Chiclet.  I don't have any experience with this, but I know what it is like to worry about something.  Hopefully the placenta will move on its own.  Like you said, it's great that you haven't had any bleeding.  Also, at your follow-up ultrasound, maybe you can ask the tech to measure the distance between placenta and cervix this time.  I always feel that having more info is better.

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Low lying placenta is different from one covering the cervix. With my second, I had low-lying placenta at my 19 week ultrasound, but at the followup ultrasound I had a month later (for different reason - due to some anomolies that popped up with heartbeat and white spot on the heart), the placenta was completely out of the way. My OB said she usually does not worry too much about low lying placentas since she sees most of the time, low-lying ones at the anatomy scan tends to move up as the baby grows.

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Thanks for the advice! That makes me feel a ton better! I wish I knew the degree to which it was low-lying but the tech didn't measure it. For all I know, it could be just a shade too low or completely covering the cervix. I'm trying not to worry about it until the next ultrasound.  I don't think worrying will push it out of the way anyway! :-)

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Chiclet - that IS annoying that they didn't send the specific information.  They probably (hopefully?) would have called it "placenta previa", though, if it were actually covering the cervix.  Try not to worry, although easier said than done!  If you find it's really worrying you, maybe you could ask your midwife to have the radiologist review the u/s records and send her more specific information?

    Speaking of annoying - why would anyone feel the need to say you're huge??  Ugh.  My MIL never said that to me exactly when I was pg with DD, but she would always comment on how I was going to have a "big, big baby"!  DD was 7 lbs 5 oz, so there.  :)

    Doing really well here.  We had the fetal echocardiogram right before the holidays and everything looked great.  All tests that can really show anything are now done, and we just will have more frequent u/s for the rest of the time to make sure everything continues to develop normally and also check for any other flags like low fluid.  I guess because there's still a higher risk for unexplained loss, they want to make sure other things that could also increase that risk are kept at bay.  For the same reason, we may end up with an induction if the baby doesn't come before the due date, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Chiclet, I had a low lying placenta with both children.  With DD (first child) I had a couple follow up ultrasounds and it moved.  With DS (second child), I asked the ultrasound tech at my 18 week ultrasound if It happened again and she said yes but she was not worried about it.  I dont think she was even going to tell me.  Ended up being fine...delivered both kids with no c section.

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Med - that's great news about the echo!  That's very good that all the testing is done now and you have received good news, and that they will just continue to monitor the situation closely.  Here's to hoping the baby just continues developing normally and all goes well.  I hope you are feeling better about everything.