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December 2012 Pregnancy

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    December 2012 Pregnancy

    I hope everyone is doing well! I figured I'd start the new thread and ask a few questions.

    I had the shortest midwife appointment ever on Saturday. It was literally 20 minutes. She asked me if I wanted an ultrasound in the next few weeks, told me to drink 64 oz of water (so there's the answer to that), measured my blood pressure, found the heartbeat and sent me on my way. She didn't measure my belly at all. Does that seem weird to anyone else?

    I was also wondering (and I'm sorry if this is TMI), but how many paps are standard during a pregnancy. I think I was supposed to have one at my first appointment but I thought I had one at MGH, so the midwife didn't do it. But when they looked my chart over, they don't have record of one. They were going to request more records, but I'm 99% sure that I didn't have one at the first RE, so I'm guessing I'll have to have one at my next appointment. I'm just wondering if people usually have one or two during a pregnancy. I think they usually do tests at the end (STDs and Strep B, right?) and I didn't know if this was included.

    Also, does anyone know if MA has a law about the anitbotics they put on the baby's eyes at birth? I'm just wondering if I can refuse it or not (assuming that I don't have any infections of course).

    I hate it when you leave the doctor's office and think of a bunch of questions! So frustrating!

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Chiclet- how far along are you? Because they didn't really start measuring my belly until I was pretty far along (like more than 24 weeks) with my DD, and I haven't had any measurements yet (other than the OB sort of squeezing my abdomen briefly) and I'm 16 weeks along. (Of course I had 3 ultrasounds between 6 and 10 weeks where they measured the little bean, so I guess that counts as measurements).

    As for a pap, I had one back in April, so they aren't going to need to go one until after I have this baby, but if I hadn't had one in a year, they would have done it at the first appointemnt after I "graduated" to the regular practice. (Around 10 weeks along). You only need a pap annually, so once during pregnancy should more than cover it.


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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Chiclet, as long as you've always have normal paps, the new guidelines state that you only need a pap every 3 years or so. That refers to the pap smear test specifically, not a pelvic exam. Sometimes people say "pap" as a synonym for vaginal or pelvic exam, so maybe that's what you mean? I think most OB/midwives screen women for STDs at their first prenatal appointment (8-10 weeks). Then, you really don't have any vaginal or pelvic exams until you're checked for group B strep at the end and when they check your cervix at the very end. 

    I agree with Amy-lynn, I don't remember my belly being measured until I was well into the 2nd trimester. Your appt. sounded pretty standard to me. Sometimes it helps to bring a list of questions so you don't forget and you can also make sure you get all the answers. Just be sure to bring out the list at the beginning. 

    I don't think there is a law about the erythromycin ointment for newborns, it's definitely standard policy, but you could probably decline it. They did it for my daughter, even though I had a c-section which I thought was silly, oh well. Put that question on your list for the next appt.! :) Good luck! 

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy


    Ditto above re. paps.  My OB only does them if you haven't had one in the past 2 years, or if you have a history of abnormal paps.  If everything is normal, you should need at most 1 pap during pregnancy or possibly none at all.  I was able to skip the pap, but I did still get a pelvic exam to check my cervix and uterus size at my first appt.

    Re. other testing, MGH did a battery of standard tests including for hepatitis B and syphilis and HIV along with a complete blood count, blood typing, and a few other things I may be forgetting at my first appointment.  These are recommended for all pregnant patients by ACOG according to the info sheet that MGH gave me.  

    I think that appt sounds pretty normal, but I've only had 1 "regular" OB appt so far and it was the first one so it was slightly longer. MGH tells me normal appts should take 15 minutes.

    I don't know anything about antibiotic around the eyes or why you might want to decline it, but this is definitely a question you can ask your midwife at your next appointment.  I'd be surprised if there was a law about it.  That sort of thing is not usually legislated.  (Although I believe MA does have a law requiring HIV testing of the newborn if the mother has not already been tested...)

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Chiclet, just wanted to post about the eye gel (erythromycin).  They also gave it to my DS after having a c-section (Betty, I also thought it was very bizarre).  Mine was a planned c-section so I wasn't even expecting they'd use it.  Wish I had asked as my husband is severly allergic to antibiotics.  My DS looked like Rocky Marciano in seconds.  His face eventually came back down to normal size as the swelling decreased, but man, I wish I had put two and two together with the allergy ahead of time.  Definitely ask your doctor if you are concerned.  LIL would know better, but I believe once they've done the strep test and any other swab, it is probably fairly unlikely to get an eye infection so I'm guessing you can forgo with good reason.

    And don't worry about the 20 minute appointment.  I actually had 10 minute appointments up until 30+ weeks.  Pee, get weighed, BP, "how are you feeling" and sometimes that was it.  Unless there is an issue, appts should be pretty quick.

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Thanks for your reassurance everyone! That makes me feel a lot better! I read through the paperwork they gave me at my first appointment and it said, "Expect routine appointments to last about 20 minutes" so I guess I was over-thinking it. It just seemed so anti-climatic I guess! I had asked a friend if it seemed weird that they didn't measure my belly and she said she couldn't remember an appointment where they didn't measure her belly. I'm only 19 weeks, so maybe they will at the next one.

    I don't know why but I thought you ended up with 2 Paps by the end of everything. I must have misread something somewhere. I think my last one was just about a year ago, maybe a little longer, so I guess I can't complain (although I wish they just did it at MGH since I was already in the stirrups).

    With the Erythromycin, I have some big allergies to antibiotics too (though not to that group) so I'm hesitant to expose the baby to them too early. All my STD screens at the beginning came back negative and if the Group B Strep test is also negative, I'd like to skip it if they let me. I'd almost rather take the chance and treat an infection if it comes up. I get why they started doing the antibiotics in the first place, but I feel with all the screenings that they do now, it's not as much of an issue. But I'll definitely add this one to the list of things to talk about at my next appointment. (A list I may indeed write out and bring with me this time!)

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Yeah, definitely write down the list of questions.  Because as you said, the appointments are so fast that you will forget to think of things!

    I do understand why you'd feel it was anticlimactic.  But it sounds totally normal - and I don't think I got belly measurements with DD until closer to the third trimester maybe?  Put it on your list of questions!  :)  And I had a regular OB appointment last week as well and no measurement (I think we're due at the same time).

    AFM, doing pretty well.  Yesterday had some horrendous acid reflux.  19 weeks and definitely starting to show!  We have our next ultrasound at the hospital on Friday to check everything more thoroughly.  If that goes well, it will be basically waiting and hoping for the best.

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Chiclet - I had a pap at my first OB appointment, even though I had one less than a year ago. My doctor hasn't measured me yet.

    Med - Good luck on Friday!

    AFM, my doctor left me a message about the results of my genetic testing saying that they are "normal" (yay!). But she didn't give me the exact numbers. Does that seem weird? It seems like other people find out their exact risk for various genetic issues (1/1000 or whatever). I guess it doesn't really matter, so long as they are normal.

    My anatomy scan is next week. I'm hoping everything looks good. We're planning to find out the gender - I think it's a girl and DH thinks it's a boy, so I can't wait to find out which it is.  

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    I hope you all don't mind that I keep jumping in.

    I had a pap at my first OB appointment and they did measure my belly at every appointment.  I think it's just standard practice for some doctors.

    JL - I didn't get specifics either which I thought was strange but they said everything was normal and I didn't bother questioning them.

    Good luck ladies.  I love reading all of your updates (hence my comments every week!).

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    JL - I think oftentimes when it's a message or in the mail, test results tend to be pretty generic, like "normal".  I guess maybe they find exact data makes people either more confused or have more follow up questions?  Not sure.  I've noticed this with my regular PCP and our pediatrician as well.  Either way, it sounds like great news!  But you could definitely ask to get the exact data when you have your next appointment, if you want to keep it for your information.

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Med - good luck on Friday!

    JL - With both pregnancies, I have gotten an initial informal communication saying the results were "normal", and then more specific data a little later on.  Wouldn't hurt to ask if you are curious. That's exciting you're finding out the gender soon!

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    CLC - Don't worry, I can't quit either :o)

    There seem to be many differences between practices.  I don't recall mine measuring my belly until pretty far along.  Maybe soon, Chiclet!  In general, they were pretty hands off about measurements, cervix checks, and all kinds of things, which I appreciated because it gave me less to obsess over.

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    My ob visits at bwh are about 5 minutes. I don't think there's really much to do!

    I got measured for the first time this week (~26 weeks?) but I didn't ask for / wasn't told the length or what it meant - duh!  Oh well, next time.  :)

    Med, keep us posted on your us and jleighla on your anatomy scan!  Are you hoping for one or the other s&x? 

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Just got back from my ultrasound. Everything is perfect and measuring right around what we expected. Everything except the legs, which are a week ahead of schedule! I guess I can't complain when DH is 6'4". The only thing I was kind of bummed about was that I couldn't see the screen very well. It was the first time I've had an ultrasound where I didn't have an extra screen facing me. I got to see a few things but I guess the baby was chewing on their hand and I missed it. It's funny because I can feel the baby but couldn't see it and DH could see the baby but can't feel it. I guess it's a trade off.

    I also told everyone at work today. I brought in munchkins and sent out an email about celebrating the arrival of my munchkin with munchkins for the office. My belly is getting harder to hide and people are asking my closest coworkers about it, so it's about time I let everyone in on the secret.

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Chiclet, that's so cute about the munchkins! I'm glad everything at the u/s went well. Did you find out the sex, or are you waiting? When did you start feeling the baby move? I'm 19 weeks and I don't think I'm feeling it yet, which is making me nervous.

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Great news, Chiclet!  :)

    JL, I think it really varies by person.  It depends on your own physical configuration, the position of the baby and placenta, et cetera.  It's also easier to feel sooner with the second because you know how to distinguish it from other tummy rumbles.

    One thing that happened to me with DD when I was pretty far along and feeling her quite frequently: suddenly one morning I didn't feel her move for a long time.  I ended up calling my doctor and they sent me up to the hospital to do an extended monitoring and she was 100% fine and moving around.  The nurse kept saying, "did you feel that one?  how about that one??" but I couldn't feel them!  Apparently she had just shifted to a different orientation and it felt completely different.  I just mention it as a case of how the position can really make it feel different, so it varies for everyone.

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    We did find out the sex (this baby wasn't shy) but we're keeping it a secret until the shower. I think I started feeling the baby right around Thanksgiving but just like Med said, it could have been gas. It first felt like bubbles popping and then a few flutters. I think it was maybe a day or two after Thanksgiving that I was just settled into bed and I felt two distinct pulses in my lower abdomen that I'm sure was the baby, but then I didn't feel anything else for a few days. I am feeling little bumps much more regularly now, almost always when I'm laying down at the end of the day, sometimes if I'm sitting at my desk. Our baby was very fidgety in the ultrasound and I didn't feel a thing. But with the size of those legs, I imagine I'm going to feel a lot of movement soon enough.

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Well, ultrasound today (19w6d) and it was more good news.  Everything still looks normal, both skeletal, cardiac, and growth.  And the neck thickening is still present, but not doing anything, just there.  We'll have a fetal echo in 2 weeks, but the doctor today was very optimistic based on a good view via u/s.  We left feeling really good, particularly because we were more prepared with questions and the doctor was really straightforward and easy to understand.  If all goes well with the echo, we'll just continue to go in regularly (next is at 26 weeks) for checking growth and fluid and whatnot.  He did say that he usually recommends inducing at 39 to 40 weeks since there's still the increased risk of loss with this condition, but that is what it is!

    JL - to the points above, they also mentioned my placenta is currently on the back wall of the uterus, and I said something about feeling a lot of motion, and the tech nodded and said, "yup, without that extra layer in front".  :)

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Awesome update, med, that's wonderful.  I've been thinking of you.

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    That's so great med!

    So I broke down and went shopping for maternity clothes this weekend (10 weeks tomorrow and I feel huge already).  So glad I did!  I got mostly pants since my tops are still fitting. I love the full panel pants... amazingly comfortable and don't think I ever want to go back to wearing regular ones.

    I have an OB appointment on Wednesday and if all goes well I'm thinking of telling my boss and a couple senior managers at my company later in the week.  I know its early but its getting hard to hide this bump already and I want to tell them before they start guessing.  Our goals for next year are also due Friday and I don't want to wait my time putting together fake ones there is no way I will hit being gone for 3 months.  I'll planning to ask them to keep it under wraps for a couple more weeks though and then tell the rest of my co-workers after xmas.

    Thoughts?  Would you tell your boss at 10 weeks instead of waiting the typical 12?

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Ss, if you are truly showing and not just feeling like you are you might as well tell - they'll guess.  My friend with triplets showed that early, too.  The only reason it's typcially 12 weeks is that's when the risk of early mc goes down, and if I recall you've already been told that risk has dropped for you already. 

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    SS - I would tell at 10 weeks if it related to something like annual goals. You're exactly right, you need to set realistic goals at work and give them a chance to plan for your absence. Are you taking just 3 months or are you going to do the full 6 allowed by FMLA? 

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    I thought fmla guaranteed 12 weeks...?

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    12 weeks per birth. SS is having twins, right? Thus, 24 weeks? (Unless they changed it since I studied labor laws in grad school. If that's the case, I apologize!)

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    Re: December 2012 Pregnancy

    Okay, I looked it up again and I was confused. The MA law is 8 weeks per birth, the FMLA law is up to 12 weeks. So the way I see it, SS is entitled to 16 weeks if she works in MA. I apologize, I got my state and federal laws confused!