December Updates

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    Re: December Updates

    occ - glad your shower went well. Heck, I'm glad you were able to go! How are you feeling? How's the bp?

    lesal - how many weeks left do you have?

    mary - have you joined us yet?

    how's eoe?

    AFM, had a good holiday weekend (because I wasn't at work!). Picked out a cute bedding set:
    I really like it because it's pretty gender neutral, it's got blue and pink so we can accent in those colors when we know, and it's colorful which will help since the rest of the room is pretty neutral. Also started looking at strollers and cribs. Has anyone been to the Baby Furniture Warehouse? Just wondering how their pricing was since they don't list prices on their website. I was originally thinking of getting one with the drop-down sides since DH and I are not overly tall (I'm 5'4" and he's about 2-3" taller than me), but there aren't a ton available and now with the recall, I'm not sure if the convertible one would be better, even though it's got stationary sides. I may go to BRU this weekend to check them out in person. Thoughts?
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    Re: December Updates

    RHM - We got our crib and a Dutalier glider at Baby Furniture Warehouse 5 years ago.  I thought they had a good selection of prices.  Our crib is a Sorelle.  The drop down side uses metal not plastic like the recalled one.  We didn't go with a convertible crib.  We decided that by the time our son would be going into a bed the crib would be needed for a second child.  We put our son in a twin bed so we could lay with him if we needed too or sit on the bed to read bedtime stories.  It has actually worked out well because we have needed to bump him to a sleeping bag for guests a couple of times.
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    Re: December Updates

    RHM-Love the Nojo bedding set, very adorable!  We picked out a Winnie the Pooh set from Target this weekend and I am eager for it to arrive.  It's hard picking out bedding without being able to see it in person but my plan is that I will just return it if I don't end up loving it. 

    As for the crib, we bought ours at baby furniture warehouse in Braintree.  They have really good customer service and lots of different types of cribs in stock so I definitely think it's worth a trip over there to check it out, or at least as a starting point to educate yourself on what's out there before going to BRU.   We got a convertible one and I like the idea of not having to run out and get furniture when the baby grows out of the crib.  I'm 5" 3 and my husband is 5"9 so we aren't tall people but I didn't think the sides were too tall for me. The prices at BFW ranged but in general were a bit higher than BRU.  They also sell some cute bedding sets, mattresses, strollers, gliders etc.  Plus, the Braintree store is right near Konditor Meister - a definite selling point for this PG lady :)

    How is EOE doing?  I am in week 27 right now.  Still feeling pretty good, although the belly is starting to get in my way a bit.  I went shoe shopping this weekend and it was much more difficult than normal to bend down, take off my shoes, put on the new shoes etc.  Scary (and exciting) to think what week 37+ will feel like!!   i also bought a maternity puffer jacket from the Gap.  It was on sale from $108 to $70 (at the Bellingham Store) and sits about mid-thigh.  (With this weather we've been having recently, I can't even imagine snow but I'm sure we'll get it soon enough and none of my other jackets were fitting me.  Hoping I will be able to re-sell on Craigslist eventually...)

    Has anyone else received baby clothes from friends?  We have some friends that gave us an entire garbage bag full of little onsies and sleepers.  Very adorable.  I realized I'm not sure exactly how to wash it all...does anyone know if you need special detergent, and what brand? Once we pick a pediatrician, I will call them to verify, but thought maybe some of you ladies might know. 
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    Re: December Updates


    Saw your post and thought I could help about washing the clothes.

    I was told I could use any brand of detergent as long it was free and clear.  I heard the Dreft has perfume in it and babies could get a rash if they are sensative.  I have always used ALL for myself and DH so it worked out that we stuck with that brand.  Dryer sheets could cause a rash to but DD is ok with them in her clothes.

    I had tons of hand me downs.  Everything just went in the washer but here are two tips that seem to work for me.
    1 - Put socks in one of those lingerie bags.  Ya know, the mesh ones.  That way they will not get lost.
    2 - Make sure anything that has velcrow is velcrowed shut.  This will avoid bibs, etc getting stuck on clothes.  Before I did this I ruined a few things by them getting pulled.

    Once everything was washed I just seperated it by size and put it in containers.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: December Updates

    I'll have to read more about this whole crib recall.  My mom was asking me about it over TG, and I was clueless.  I don't have TV and since I spend most of my time reading about pregnancy and working I am not up-to-date on current events.  I did read in one of the bazillion baby/pregnancy magazines that I seem to get now that cribs with no movable parts are recommended.  But my mom kept going on about how I'm so small (5'1") and how am I going to get the baby out of the crib.  I don't know how - LOL!  Maybe get a step stool? 

    At 18 weeks I feel like I have time to look and decide, but I also feel that things are rapidly closing in on me and I'm not prepared at all.  No work on LO's room yet and no research on childcare yet.  Should I get moving, or am I ok to take my time?  DH isn't much help because he works all the time.  :(

    I do have my full scan on Wed., so excited about that.  Is this the last one I get if all is good?

    OCC - so happy that you were still able to go to your baby shower and got a lot of cool stuff!  How is the bed rest going?  Is it literally laying down all the time?  I fell like my back would just kill if I did that.  You can get up for the bathroom and to wash, right?

    Kaydo - you are the 4th baby I know born this month!  2 boys and 2 girls.  How is it going?  Everyone says it is fantastic, so it makes me happy and less nervous for when LO arrives :)

    RHM - I like the bedspread!  But a friend of mine told me no blankets or anything in the bed with an infant.  Just stick it in one of those blanket sleeper sacks.  What do you think?

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    Re: December Updates

    hi everyone - glad to hear things are going well. 

    occ - I'm so happy you were able to attend your shower, it must be a good feeling to have alot of baby stuff in the house now.

    rhm - I also picked furniture from BFW.  I didn't go crazy comparison pricing, but thought that their quality was better overall than BRU and Ikea and that the prices seemed reasonable.  slightly higher but worth it for the quality.  the selection at the store is huge, so it's worth looking there at least.  and everyone I know with kids also bought furniture from them.  I decided against the drop down style based on what I read in the baby bargains book, mainly safety reasons and this was before the recall.  which means we do have a convertible crib but did not order the kit to turn it into a bed for a few reasons.  we went with Munire brand.  I'm not tall (5'5") but I've heard that by the time you are lowering the mattress and the baby is getting too heavy, they are also getting bigger and able to hold their arms up to be picked up.  and the side rails don't really seem too high to me.

    Be2be - I haven't decided what to do about laundering yet either.  I've read that you don't necessarily need to use Dreft, but just any type of unscented detergent, like All Free and Clear or Tide makes one too.  so I thought maybe I would just switch to one of those for all the laundry in our house so I don't have to always wash baby clothes separately, but I don't know, so I'm also curious about this.

    afm, I'm doing well.  I had a good long weekend, but very relieved it's over.  we hosted 12 for thanksgiving dinner and I had a school reunion I was involved in planning so it was stressful and tiring.  I feel like I can relax now and just focus on getting ready for the baby.  less than 6wks left!  I'm starting to have trouble sleeping, so I'm tired from that, but otherwise doing well.  I had elevated sugar levels at my latest appt, so I'm going to be monitored carefully for the baby's size and I'm trying to cut out sugar and carbs.  which is tough, but with only 6wks left I can handle it.  I realized I have been eating/drinking alot of sugary things more than normal to get the baby moving....  with my anterior placenta the movement has always been pretty subtle and I get nervous about it.  but if I drink ice water and lay down with my hands on my belly, I can feel it moving after all.  I've also been having braxton hicks and minor cramping, so I know my body is getting ready.  i was just told to stay hydrated and rest when that happens, but otherwise not to worry about it as long as it doesn't become stronger.  I have a BF class and a couple appts with pediatricians coming up this month.  and one of these days I should think about gathering what I need for my hospital bag I suppose, wow!!
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    Re: December Updates

    Glad to hear that everyone is doing well.  I just wanted to chime in on a couple of things:

    We bought our cribs at BFW in Reading.  The customer service was excellent and they have a very large selection.  We forgot to look at Baby Bargains for mattress recommendations before going, so chose not to buy the mattresses when we placed the crib order.  When we got home, I looked up the recommended mattress online and found it cheaper than BFW.  So...I called BFW and asked if they could match the price and they did.  I didn't need to provide documentation b/c when I mentioned the website where I saw the price, the guy at BFW was familiar with it already.  And then the cribs came in WAY early (this is a function of the company that makes the cribs more than BFW...but it didn't hurt our opinion of BFW).  Our cribs will convert to toddler beds and then to double beds, so in the long run, it will be worth the up front cost.  Of course, we'll need to buy double mattresses and boxsprings when the time comes, but we fully-expect the cribs to last until the kids are teenagers--if not longer.  We bought 2 dressers in the same color/stain from Bob's.  Again, the goal is to have them last until they're teenagers, and then we can hopefully buy something of their choosing when they go to high school.  That being said, though, the double beds should be sophisticated-looking enough to last longer if we want them to.  I am 5'4" and DH is 5'8" and we haven't had any problems with bending down to get them.  My son started rolling over early (~2 1/2 months) and has been creeping for a while now so we lowered his mattress at about 4 months and I have no problem reaching him (the front comes up to just below my ribs).  There is one additional lower setting and I'm anticipating that they'll have to "help" me get them out once we lower it all the way, but so far it's not an issue.

    Laundry detergent:  The only time the type of detergent would be an issue is if the baby has sensitive skin or allergies.  That being said, I've been using All Free and Clear since it was introduced, so we just kept using it when the babies came.  I HAVE NOT done the research on this, but I THINK that all of the other clear detergents on the market actually have perfume added and then they add something else to cover it up.  That doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but I think someone in my mother of twins group who has kids with multiple allergies/asthma mentioned that once.  So...if sensitive skin or perfume allergies are a concern, you might want to look into this.  I wouldn't spend all kinds of money on Dreft or other detergents marketed for babies.  The All F&C works well for us, but I suspect that my kids would do ok w/most other detergents too.  Oh, and fwiw, I wash mine and DH's clothes with the baby clothes.  I have enough laundry to do w/o separating the baby clothes!  Heck, I hardly ever sort darks and lights anymore and I used to be psycho about that!

    I hope all of your pregnancies continue to go well!
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    Re: December Updates

    I just wanted to second what quadgirl said about the lingerie bag and the baby socks.  We actually had to make a $150 repair to our washing machine b/c one of the little socks was so tiny, it got sucked up by the pump!!!  Now, we always wash DS socks in a lingerie bag.  Plus it definitely helps in not losing them with all of the bigger laundry.
    As for detergent, DS has eczema and we were told to use dreft.  No problems with it.  Plus, every female in the family pretty much gave me dreft, so I have yet to buy any and he's almots 1!  To be honest though, the blankets, hats, and t-shirts they put them in at the hospital are all washed in industrial laundry facilities with industrial detergent, so not sure why there's all the fuss for Dreft.  I would DEFINITELY keep some baby oxyclean on hand though for after LO arrives - it is definitely the only thing that would get out "blowouts" for me.
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    Re: December Updates

    I have the Tide free and clear I figured that way we can wash all of our stuff together.  Good call on the lingerie bag though I will have to get one of those. 

    We went to Baby FW as well and I was very impressed with their selection and the price ranges.  I would definitely check them out before BRU.  The crib we got is not a drop down crib and I think you will be fine height wise.  I researched like Lesal and opted against a drop down.  Like everyone else said the LO should be able to help once you lower the mattress. 

    I was going to get a chair from BFW but we just felt the chairs were so expensive and we wanted to be able to use it in his room for awhile.  We ended up just getting a regular chair and ottoman from Jordan's clearance for half of what the rockers and gliders go for plus he will be able to use it as he gets older.  Also, if you do live near Jordan's they had several gliders and rockers (Dutalier) in the clearance section at great prices but of course it's hit or miss.

    My mil has been helping me a lot she already has all the clothes washed.  I got the big staple items we need right away car seats, bassinet, etc.  So I just need to make a list of what I don't have and order them online.  BP has not been cooperating the only time it's stable is when I am lying down so I am really trying to cooperate.  I am really trying to make it to the goal the Dr. set of 32 weeks which is scary cause that's only 3 weeks away. 

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    Re: December Updates

    Thanks everyone! Sounds like I will be making a trip to Braintree this weekend (DH is away, but it will be good for me to get an idea). Anyone want to join me - lol? It's good to hear that the sides are not too low. I was envisioning myself not being able to reach them when they were too small to help.

    Trouble, I know not to put in the blanket for a while - that's to reduce the chance of SIDS. When they are old enough, I'll put it in, but I like the pattern in general (bumpers, etc).

    BE - I will be getting baby clothes from friends/family and am planning on using the Free & Clear we use with our HE washer (the energy-efficient front loader). Good call on eoe about lingerie bag - will have to get one.
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    Re: December Updates

    Thanks all! Great suggestion about the lingerie bag.  I would not have thought of that and definitely don't want the washer to break when the LO comes home!  Also glad to hear that All Free and Clear works.  We already use that brand, which is so convenient. 

    lesal- we went w/ the Muniere brand crib too.  It got great reviews in baby bargains and definitely seems good quality. 

    RHM - enjoy your trip to BFW and definitely make good use of the salespeople there.  They are really helpful and not pushy at all.  We were debating getting a glider (the ones they carry are sooo comfortable) but DH mentioned offhand that we have a glider/recliner already in our house, and a rocking chair that DH's mom is giving us that he used and they basically convinced us we didn't need to spend the money on another glider for the baby's room.  Just check the hours before you go as they are kind of strange if I remember correctly. 
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    Re: December Updates

    I definitely think BFW is worth a look, but it does depend on how you think you'll use the furniture.  We decided to go with a convertible crib that grows into a toddler and then a fullsize bed so we were looking for quality construction that would last.  I think BFW is a bit more expensive than BRU, but the quality is better.  Be sure to check the backs of dressers and armoires to see if they are real wood or fiberboard (you should know what you are paying for and make an informed decision), check drawers for dovetail joints, not just glue and staples. We ended up with the Bonavita Metro collection in espresso color.

    As for gliders and chairs, I would say skip BFW.  I found their prices to be higher than BRU for the same items (albeit less selection).  You might also have luck, as someone suggested, by looking at closeouts at regular furniture stores.

    As far a detergents, I have eczema so was concerned about possible skin reactions for my son.  We use Purex Free and Clear and have never had a problem.  I don't think Dreft is worth the extra cost...maybe back years ago when the only choice was regular Tide, All, etc, but with so many free and clear choices now, I think you are safe with those.
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    Re: December Updates

    Need to vent - cannot tell you how upset I am. Got our new 2010 healthcare plan yesterday and there have been some major changes. They are making a tiered system where getting my care at MGH will end up costing me an exhorbitant amount of money (delivery may be somewhere between $1000-$3000 for me out of pocket). It looks like I may have to switch all of my doctors to Tufts Medical Center where I would pay $150 for the same service - that's NOT a typo. My OB does not deliver anywhere else. HR is checking with our health insurance company to see the exact amount. To have to do this in my last trimester feels devastating (I know part of this is the hormones, but still...). There's a sense of loss of control when everything else is so up in the air. The worst part is that DH feels horrible since he hasn't got a new job yet so he doesn't have an alternative plan. I had a good cry last night at home and got a horrible night's sleep. Cry

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    Re: December Updates

    RHM--that's really awful.  I'm so sorry you have to deal with this right now.  It sounds like you're already talking with HR, but you might want to ask them about "continuity of care."  Sometimes, there is a clause somewhere that says that if you're undergoing chemotherapy, if you're in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy, or if you're seeing a psychologist/counselor/therapist, that you can continue with your current provider at the same rate as in-network providers.  It may be a long-shot since they didn't mention it when you called, but I was able to keep my therapist when my company switched providers a few years ago.  I'm still seeing her and insurance still covers her at the in-network rate. 

    If you do end up at Tufts-NEMC, though, my friend delivered her first two children there, and she was very happy with the care she received.  The rooms are nice and the food is good :)    (Her OB is no longer there, so she had her 3rd child at the hospital her OB is at now (which is, conveniently, closer to where they live).) 

    It really stinks that you may have to re-adjust your plans at this point.  For months now, you had a certain "plan" for how things were going to be, and now, someone who doesn't know you or your situation or your plans is telling you you have to create a different plan or take a major financial hit.  It's not right and it's not fair.  Selecting a doctor and hospital is one of the few things one has control over during pregnancy and this has now been ripped away from you.  You have every right to be mad/sad/upset--hormones or not.

    Look into the "continuity of care" though.  HR may not be broadcasting that, b/c it may cost them more money if people use it, but if it exists, you may be able to continue with "Plan A."

    Good luck and keep us posted.
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    Re: December Updates

    Actually, Daisy, when I heard back from HR, they said their contact at the health insurance company was looking into whether I may be grandfathered in, but he said not to get my hopes up. I should know in the next day or so. It's good to hear it has been done so I really appreciate your response. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!

    It's also reassuring that you know someone who had a good experience at Tufts. My second choice would have been the Brigham (but they are also considered a 3rd tier hospital with the same coverages as MGH) and not many ladies on here are delivering there so that made me feel more uneasy.

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    Re: December Updates

    Well, FWIW, I work at Tufts and saw a high risk specialist there during my pregnancy.  I also had some screening tests, my amnio and twice weekly non-stress tests done there. I was able to deliver at my local community hospital as I had planned, but I saw the specialists at Tufts so that if there were any problems (I had GD and was "advanced maternal age") I would be familiar with the facilities and staff.  I love the facilities at Tufts and the doctors and nurses were always great.  I found the desk staff to be less than helpful at times, but overall had a good experience there.

    I hope that you are able to stay with MGH, but if not, know that Tufts is an excellent teaching hospital with great staff and facilities.
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    Re: December Updates

    Brigham and MGH are both part of the same parent company (Partners Healthcare).  Is BIDMC 3rd-tier also?  If the grandfathering thing doesn't work out, if BIDMC is an option, I had a great experience there and can recommend my OB.  I'm guessing that the Harvard-affiliated teaching hospitals will be costlier with your plan, though, and that BIDMC will be in that 3rd tier as well.  What about Mt. Auburn?  I've heard good things about their OB service, though I don't know anyone who delivered there personally.  I don't remember what area you live in, but if you're at all north/west of Boston, Winchester Hospital and Newton-Wellesley Hospital are both supposed to be amazing.

    I'm keeping all of my appendages crossed for you that the "continuity of care" will kick in and this will be a non-issue.  I'm sure it will depend on the contract your employer has with the insurance co. (and a little surprised HR doesn't know the terms of their contract!).  Make sure to let us know what happens!
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    Re: December Updates

    rhm - That is just terrible.  You form a bond and trust with your providers and to be told that you have to switch at the the most critical time is awful.  I wish I could offer some advice but it seems Daisy knows her stuff.  I would suggest NWH but I know that you are not in the area.  Keep us updated and I really hope they can work something out for at least this baby.
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    Re: December Updates

    rhm, I'm sorry you are going through this.  I also know a couple of women who delivered at Tufts and had good experiences there.  I hope there is a way you can stay at MGH, 3rd trimester is a stressful time to switch doctors/hospitals.  but if it comes to that, you will find plenty of recommendations on this board I'm sure.  good luck dealing with HR.....
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    Re: December Updates

    rhm - Have you heard from HR about the health insurance changes?  I hope you are feeling better.
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    Re: December Updates

    I  heard back from HR yesterday. According the HR, the insurance company says no grandfathering in and no exceptions. They are looking into a formal grievance and the head of HR is going to talk to one of the executive board members to see if they can talk to the ins co directly and get this bumped up a level. Apparently, I am not alone. Some poor woman in my company is having the same problem and she's supposed to deliver in January - can you imagine?! I also emailed my best gf's husband since he's a lawyer (in NJ) and asked if he knew of anything we could do. He asked a friend of his who has more experience in health law. I think the problem is going to be that they are not denying me coverage at MGH, just making me pay 20X the price to deliver there since I'd have to pay this huge deductible plus their huge inpatient rate. Still holding on and will check out MA dept of health and human services. Running against the clock here...
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    Re: December Updates

    RHM - I am sorry to hear that you are going through this.  Health insurance is crazy.  We had a increase in the our amount we pay for insurance in September (with out an open enrollment.  Thanks Governor Patrick) and were just informed that in Feb all of our copays are going up and we can't change anything until July.  Do you have any other options other than Tufts/NEMC for delivery that are more cost effective?  If I recall you live in Metro West area.  I can highly recommend UMass. 
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    Re: December Updates

    Hi all - hope everyone is well out there.

    rysmom - guess what? UMass Medical is also a tier 3 so that's on par with what I'd pay for MGH. The vast majority of the top hospitals all seem to be in that tier.

    I do live in Metro West, but NWH won't work either since that's still over 10 miles from my house and over 10 miles from work (it's halfway between). I spoke with the representative at MA Health and Human Services in the Office of Patient Protection this morning. Sounds like I'd have a better case if they switched health insurance companies and then the new one no longer provided care at my hospital of choice, but of course, it's not the case. HR is still talking to the insurance company to see if they can leverage an exception for me. I'm giving this until my DA on the 16th and at that point, I'll need to have a plan in place.

    occ - how are you doing on the modified bedrest? Starting to lose it or finding things to do?

    lesal - you are getting close now, aren't you?

    mary - you with us yet?

    On a different AFM note, I went to the Baby Furniture Warehouse in Reading on Saturday and found some good options. They were fairly helpful. May go back with DH in the next week or two and order it from there. Really liked that they will assemble the crib for you.
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    Re: December Updates

    rhm - I have a friend who lives in metrowest near 495.  she delivered her first at NWH, and was rather underwhelmed by the experience.  for her 2nd, she decided to go with Milford Hospital, closer to home, and was happy there.

    yes, I am getting close now (only a month left) and am in total denial.  I'm stopping work at christmas, so I'll have a couple weeks before my due date to do some last minute things.  when I think it could come early I panic, I will not be ready!  Right now I do have alot of things ready, but I just can't motivate to finalize - ie wash the baby clothes, pack a bag, buy nursing tops, buy diapers, figure out how to install the carseat, etc....  I'm saving all that for when I'm done working - along with hopefully a getting pedicure & haircut :)  I'm feeling excited to not be pregnant anymore soon, but don't want to wish away these last few weeks of just DH and I!  I can't wait to meet our LO, find if it's a boy or girl - but I cannot get my head around the idea that this is really happening. 
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    Re: December Updates

    rhm - What a total nightmare! When does the new plan start? I would start to look at some of the other hospital options just to be prepared.  What hospital is in your area?  I hear you about it not being close but I will say that it's the care that's important.  I go to NWH and it's not the closest hospital.  I did not want to go to Norwood Hosp or Sturday so I go the extra miles to NWH because I am more comfortable there.  Good luck picking out your furniture with DH.  I liked their selection as well.

    Lesal - How's it going?  You are almost there! Did they do the closet yet?

    How is everyone else? 

    Bedrest s***ks!  I have now graduated to two appt.'s a week.  An u/s on mondays and non stress tests Thursdays.   I am starting to get a bit overwhelmed.  I am not an alarmist type person but with all the concerns around growth, fluid, etc. it's hard not to worry.  It's so frustrating not being able to go out and get everything else we need.  I feel totally useless.  Sorry for the pity party I am just having one of those days.  I have an u/s tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed everything goes well.