December Updates

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    Re: December Updates

    I am home for now which is so great.  Thanks for all the support and kind words in what has been a stressful time for me.  I am going to be 31 weeks this weekend so that brings some peace of mind.  I will still be having weekly non-stress tests and ultrasounds to keep a close eye on him.  I am prepared now that at any time they will keep me.

    rhm - So have you made any decisions?  It sounds like you had a good idea of where you were going to go.  Sorry you have to go through this. 

    Lesal - I can't remember what is your actual due date?  I know it's January.  Imagine if we were in there at the same time. 

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    Re: December Updates

    Glad you are home OCC!  Sending good thoughts your way and happy that you are so close to 31 weeks. 
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    Re: December Updates

    occ - you still at home I hope?  I'm 36wks now (due the 9th), that would be something if we were both at NWH at the same time :) 

    trouble - I also took a hypnobirthing class, and while I don't know if it will work in labor, it has been a great technique to help me get through the pregnancy.  as the weeks go by, sleeping gets much more difficult and my relaxation CD's always manage to put me to sleep, whether at night or for a nap.  I think it's also helped with my blood pressure, braxton-hicks and stuff like that.  and I've heard it helps to get through the early weeks of breastfeeding challenges, we'll see....  oh, and the meet the midwives thing was very helpful, you may want to watch the business of being born before you go so you know what kinds of questions you have.

    I hope everyone is doing well!  word to the wise, when you visit pediatrician's offices don't touch anything and use the hand sanitizer.  I caught a stomach bug the end of last week, and that is not a fun thing to have at 36wks :)
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    Re: December Updates

    occ - glad you are home. Hope you're continuing to feel okay. You're now at 31 weeks so keep it up!
    I went down to HR just now to check up on my status. HR said that the person at the insurance company is waiting to hear back since this has gone higher than her. I told HR that I need to know by Thursday since I'll need to make phone calls on Friday to start switching over/signing up for childbirth class, etc. With me there, he left a message with the insurance person to let them know we need to know by the end of the week.

    good point about the pediatrician's office, lesal! Sorry to hear about the stomach bug. That's never fun, but for someone who's so close to their due date, it's even worse!
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    Re: December Updates

    HI OCC-  Haven't been on this board for a while and I read your updates today.  Happy to hear that you're out of the hospital...  Keeping my fingers crossed for you that you make it to 32 weeks. 

    Take care!  :-)

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    Re: December Updates

    I am still home thank god.  My U/S was about the same today which is ok because it hasn't gotten any worse.  We are trucking along I am still going twice a week.  The full bedrest seems to be helping. 

    Lesal - I can't believe your 36 weeks. Do you feel like your ready?  What else do you have left to do?

    rhm - I don't blame you for giving a deadline you need to get the show on the road and make your move if that's the decision.  How are you feeling?  Did you have your GTT yet? 

    Blush - Thanks for checking in and the kind words I hope all is well with you are settled in to your new home.

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    Re: December Updates

    occ- I'm feeling pretty good, but I think I'm starting to feel the fibroid that's on the top of my uterus (it's on the outside) sometimes - more when I lie on my right side and sometimes when I'm sitting. It's not painful - more like a tingly, pressure feeling. I'll bring it up tomorrow when I go in for my DA. That's also the day I'm doing my GTT. Glad the lo is hanging in there! The longer it wants to hang out in you the better, but it's good to know that their chances of doing well on the outside are pretty good, too.
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    Re: December Updates

    rhm - Good luck at your appt. today especially with the GTT.  Are you going to bring up with your doctor about having to switch because of insurance?  I didn't realize you had a fibroid and how strange you are starting to feel it.  Let us know how your appt. goes. 
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    Re: December Updates

    Yes, I am going to bring up the insurance topic with them so they are aware. If I end up switching, I should still have 1 more appointment with MGH (since I'm now going to start going every 2 weeks). I knew about the fibroid (there's actually 2 - one on top and one on the right side) from ttc, but was told it shouldn't affect our fertility since it's on the outside. When I was at my DA in October, they mentioned that I may start to feel them - probably from being pushed against my body with my uterus getting bigger. They told me to let them know if it gets painful since I may need meds. It also may mean I'll get another u/s to make sure everything else is going okay and to verify the feeling is from the fibroid and not something else. We'll see how it goes...
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    Re: December Updates

    rhm - I hope your appt went well today, and that the fibroid doesn't give you trouble.

    occ - how is the bedrest going?  are you still able to work from home a bit or are you rotating between reading, surfing the web and watching TV like I would be doing?  I'm feeling mostly not ready and in disbelief that it could be so soon, but also anxious to not be pregnant anymore.  I would imagine you are really anxious for that too.  I find I'm starting to really look forward to eating all the things I can't have now, sleeping on my back/stomach, like I know the end is in sight.  I'm both very nervous and very excited to meet the LO......  this weekend I'm going to concentrate on the hospital bag (need to buy a nursing tank or something) and make sure I have enough newborn clothes (I know I need to buy socks anyway, not sure what else).  I'm done with work next Wed, so the waiting game will begin then I guess - we'll just see who goes first :)

    how's everyone else doing?
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    Re: December Updates

    Lesal - I am still doing what I can for work at home which helps a lot.  I have to say I am really starting to lose it a bit you can only read or watch so much tv.  Also my hip is really starting to bother me they are always telling me to lie on my left side and it's taking a toll.  I actually look forward to my dr. appt.'s on monday and thursday. 

    I hear you about just being done being pregnant.  Take a look at I just ordered two sets of nursing pajamas. Plus they have 25 percent off going on right now. One set doesn't even really look like pj's which I figured would be comfortable and look decent with people coming in and out visiting you.  I have been doing a lot of online shopping lately.  I can't wait until I can go out again shopping I am going to hit the outlets hard!
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    Re: December Updates

    Just a quick update since work is busy right now - DA went okay. I mentioned the fibroid so they are scheduling me for an u/s at my next DA in two weeks to make sure the baby is measuring correctly and all is good. That will also be my last DA at MGH. Found out this morning that the final word is that no exceptions will be made. It went all the way up the chain and they are stating there are legal ramifications if the insurance carrier makes this exception. I'll start moving my stuff over to Tufts today or tomorrow. I'm really disappointed, but ready to move forward since I know I tried my best.
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    Re: December Updates

    rhm - I am sorry things didn't go your way but you should take comfort in the fact that you tried your best.  It is what it is and your are moving forward and have bigger things coming your way and need to focus on that. Were you able to get any referrals for Ob's at Tufts?  Sorry that the fibroid is causing problems but on the bright side you get to have an ultrasound and see the baby again.  The GTT wasn't bad right?
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    Re: December Updates

    thanks, occ! Yes, I feel better knowing I at least tried my best and am ready to move ahead. My DH is the best - he's already signed me up with a new PCP and OB. He's waiting to hear back from the Tufts childbirth class to register and found out we can get a refund from Isis for the one we signed up for next month (with a $10 cx charge). And yes, I am excited to get another u/s since I haven't had one since the one we got at 18 weeks. You are right about the GTT - not bad at all! Tasted like flat cola. Drank it quickly and was done in no time. How are you doing? You're almost 32 weeks so keep it up!

    And thanks to all of you ladies for supporting me during this crazy timeLaughing
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    Re: December Updates

    I like the onward and upward attitude.  I am glad DH has been able to help I remember you were saying he was frustrated with the situation and not having a job with insurance.  It's important that they feel part of the process as well. 

    We passed the nonstress test this morning.  My Dr. appt. went well too he thinks we are doing well and just need to keep doing what I'm doing or should I say not doing what I'm doing.  This weekend hitting the week mark will feel really good!
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    Re: December Updates

    Hi, My DH and I just did our IVF #3 and I am hoping hoping hoping it will be happy news!

    I wanted to let you know about a very empowering Social Group we have created for ladies who are dealing with fertility challenges or choosing adoption. We have about 40 members in the New England and Boston Metro area and meet for support, girl-power and social events. Please check us out and pass the link along to any ladies you know who might want a little support.
    Best, Shell
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    Re: December Updates

    occ - that's great news. Hope it keeps up for a few more weeks!

    How's eoe?

    AFM, found out I passed the GTT so add that to the checklist. :-)
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    Re: December Updates

    Hi ladies, happy Friday!

    RHM - glad you have a decision and taken steps to get a new OB and move forward.  Jealous you get to have another u/s! I'm sure the little one looks much different than from when you saw it at 18 wks!

    OCC - great news! hang in there!

    AFM, I had my GTT last week and failed the 1 hour by one point (scored at 130 and 129 is the cut off).   Had to take the three hour yesterday morning...not very fun to fast for so long but otherwise it was relatively easy.  Luckily, I passed all four blood tests taken during the three hour GTT so I am good to go!  Only semi setback is I found out that I am anemic and need to start taking iron pills.  No big deal except they apparently make you constipated and you can't take them at the same time of day as the prenatals, and shouldn't take them at same time as eating/drinking I just need to figure out a way to manage all of my pills!  

    I will be 30 weeks on Sunday...crazy!  I can't believe how fast the time as gone.  Tonight DH and I are going to babies r us in braintree to fix up our registry.  Their website has been SOO slow and frustrating recently - anyone else notice that?

    Happy Friday to EOE!
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    Re: December Updates

    Yay!  Christmas week!  Hope all that celebrate it have a great holiday!

    Glad to see that everyone seems to be doing well, or at least hanging in there right now.  I'm kind of hanging in there too..

    I just got off the phone with one of the midwives at my doctor's office, of course I was freaking myself out over the weekend with what looks to be very common pregnancy symptoms, based on speaking with her.  I love how the symptoms all just start suddenly!  Does anyone else feel that these things can be so sudden?  I've been having a second bout of round ligament stretching pains (had some at 17 weeks too, right before TG - coincidence??  holiday stress?).  It has been really painful too!  Just suddenly started Saturday night and on and off since then.  The CNM recommended doing some pelvic tilts to move my uterus and possibly getting a maternity support belt to help.  It's funny because I'm not super big yet either, but she said it's only the ligaments that do the supporting so it can be painful.  I also have been getting pain under my ribs after eating.  And apparently this is because that's where our stomachs go!  She said try to cut down on fatty foods.  Oh no!  What will I eat then??  LOL..  So that's my update.  I guess things only get better from here in terms of discomfort Tongue out
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    Re: December Updates

    hi all!

    occ - I can't imagine bedrest.  my hips are starting to really bother me at night and sometimes it is such a relief to get up in the morning and start moving around.  it must be so tough to have to stay lying down.  but I do hope it continues for several more weeks for you!

    rhm - good luck with the new doctor/hospital.  with all the appts towards the end you'll have time to get to know them.  it really stinks they couldn't make an exception for you, but you did everything you could.

    glad to hear the GTT's went well!

    Trouble - all I can say is that the various discomforts do come and go or even disappear and a new thing starts up.  it's not like it all just gets progressively worse.  there are definitely plenty of strange things that go on, but it's all surprisingly normal.  I signed up for the weekly emails on and it has been nice to get those b/c they often address exactly what is going on with you at the time.  and i'll check in to read what people are discussing in the birth club board for my month which also helps.

    afm, still doing well.  I'm 37wks, and my midwives don't generally do internal exams until your due date, unless I'm dying to know.  which I'm actually relieved about.  I think I would be obsessing if I knew I was starting to show signs of effacing/dilating, or not starting!  I bought some nursing tanks/bras/pjs this weekend and the newborn clothes I need (ie socks, hats, mittens)  so I have everything on hand now to pack my hospital bag, which is a relief.  and I'm washing all the baby stuff.  still hoping the baby doesn't come early b/c I'd like to have time for a haircut, dentist appt, etc after the holidays.  but I also hope I don't go too late!  it's really weird that you just have no idea, anytime from now til 4-5wks from now is fair game, but that is pretty vague for such a huge event! 
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    Re: December Updates

    Lesal - If you don't mind me asking where did you get your nursing bras? I haven't had much luck finding comfortable bras.  You must be soo excited to be done with work.  Try to get whatever you can done as soon as you can.  Like you said you never know when it could happen.

    Afm - I am back in the hospital for now.  It's a waiting game on if they will let me go home.  The fluid level is much lower now.  They talked about coming in for u/s and nonstress tests 3 times a week.  We will see I hope at least to be able to be at home for christmas, but of course safety first. 
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    Re: December Updates

    oh boy, occ.  I can't believe you are going through all this.  I hope you can be home for Christmas. 

    I looked at Isis first for bras/tanks but didn't have much luck there, personally.  although they carry the Bravado brand which I think alot of people do really like.  I ended up finding bras/tanks I liked that are Motherhood brand in the Destination Maternity store (I just bought one of each to start with).  they had more selection of different styles to choose from.  I got the pj sets there too.  and they carry the same Glamourmama tanks that Isis has, but I found a Motherhood store brand spandex-y tank to be more comfortable.  you can order online from there too, but you've probably already tried Motherhood brand?
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    Re: December Updates

    BE - I'm secretly excited for another u/s. Can't say that DH because his view is they are only doing this because they are concerned about something - which they are, but I'm sure everything will be fine. Bummer on taking the 3 hour GTT! Great that you passed that one, though. I think my level was in the 110's. As for the iron side effect, my suggestion is dried fruit. My best gf suggested that to me (just in terms of general pregnancy) and I've been good.

    Trouble - I used to have that round ligament issue, but haven't lately. Have you tried pre-natal yoga? Thinking that may help with all the stretching.

    lesal - wow - 37 weeks! So exciting! In some ways it feels just like a few weeks ago we were both ttc. Sounds like you're doing well and on track.

    occ - back in the hospital again? Bummer! I'm so sorry your pregnancy has been so filled with DA's, etc. I hope you're home for Christmas.

    AFM, finally ordered our baby furniture this weekend at BFW. We were going to go with a Baby's Dream set, but the salesman said that they had been really backed up lately and were not very responsive so they couldn't quote us the usual 10-12 weeks - it may be more like 16-20. We ended up getting a really nice Bonavita set that was more than we were planning to spend, but the furniture is good enough to last them to adulthood and the crib converts to a toddler bed and regular bed so we went with the thinking of it being a long-term investment and went for it. They have it in stock so we'll call them and tell them when to deliver it. Also cancelled my Isis childbirth class since we scheduled our Tufts class and then registered for the Isis infant CPR class. Will be a busy January for us!
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    Re: December Updates

    occ--so sorry to hear you're in the hospital and hope you'll be home for Christmas (maybe they can let you out just for the day as long as you promise to come back?)

    FYI:  I can't remember where you're planning to deliver, but many hospitals have a little cart that comes around the maternity floor and you can buy baby nursing bras.  The saleslady will measure you and everything.  I bought two before I left the hospital and haven't worried about it since (ok...7 months later and they're getting a bit "worn" and the shoulder straps aren't as supportive as they used to be, but I'm not going to buy any more at this point!).  Anyway, that may be a more practical option for you at this point. 

    Keep us posted and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND LO!!!

    Glad to hear things are going well (mostly) for eoe!
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    Re: December Updates

    BE2Be - Just a quick note on the iron supplements. I've been taking Slow-Fe for most of my pregnancy and have had no side effects. I take the prenatal in the morning (actually just calcium and folic acid) and take the iron pill when I get home from work. It took a bit to remember to take both, but my energy levels have been good and it's sat well with me. Hope that helps!

    Otherwise, feeling great. 35+ weeks now and just went through moving, so looking forward to more downtime and fun with DH unpacking & decorating our new house. Hoping, like lesal that this LO stays put after the holidays to give us a bit of downtime after moving and Christmas. Of course, it's the baby's schedule not ours :-)

    Happy Holidays and good health to eoe!