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December Updates

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    Re: December Updates

    Didn't read all the posts but figured I'd throw in my 2 cents about nursing bras and tanks - in case it helps.

    I got three tanks at Target - the Gilligan O'Mally brand and LOVE them.  Been wearing them day in and day out for months now.  

    I also got some nursing bras from Medela.  I bought mine at BrU.  They have this one with a racer-like back and they come in sizes s, m, l, xl, which I found to be easier than trying to figure out a cup size.  They are also super super super comfy.   When I am not wearing one of those things, I am wearing the other.   
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    Re: December Updates

    I saw this post about nursing bras on May board(thanks Lesal for the recomendation!)

    This link has a funny commercial, or just google it if you can't get you tube.  I'm def. going to check out some sexy nursing bras when I get to that point! 

    Otherwise, everyone have a happy christmas, and OCC I'm especially thinking of you and hope you have a good one and get to spend it with your loved ones whether it's at the hospital or at home.

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    Re: December Updates

    I'm also thinking of occ - are you still in the hospital? Did your lo come? Are you home? Hope whatever the answer is that all is well.

    Happy holidays everyone!Laughing
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    Re: December Updates

    Hey guys just checking in and will make a long story short.  I am in BW now they found a diaphragmatic hernia in the baby so they sent me here.  We have met with a great surgeon from Childrens Hospital.  The good news is that for having this condition it's the best case scenario, the bad news is his enviroment is getting worse and chances are he will be delivered sooner than later.  All the doctors from both hospitals have been unbelievable I can't say enough about Childrens Hospital.  If everyone could keep us in their prayers we could use all the help we can get.

    I hope everyone had a nice holiday!  How is everyone feeling? 

    Lesal - What's the latest?
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    Re: December Updates

    thanks for the update, occ.  I've been wondering how you are doing.  I'm so sorry to hear the latest news, but very glad that it sounds like everything will be okay in the end.  I will keep you and the LO in my thoughts and prayers.  Keep us posted.  You are under the best care available anywhere, I'm sure you will both be fine.

    AFM, still pregnant :)  no Christmas baby here, which is a good thing.  but I wouldn't mind a NYE baby!  it is waaaay down low now, bringing a whole new range of discomforts.  so I'm ready whenever he/she is!
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    Re: December Updates

    Thinking of you OCC...  Wanted you to know that you and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers and wishing you all the best.  Sounds like you're in good hands with Children's though and are being well taken care of!  I hope that's comforting to you!

    Take care,
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    Re: December Updates

    occ - glad you could post an update, but wish it wasn't that kind of news. I'm happy you're in good hands with BW and Children's. Will keep you in my thoughts and hope everything turns out great. Also glad you're 33 weeks!

    AFM, doing okay, but the fibroid pain has gotten worse (at least enough that I called the OB). I'm on extra strength Tylenol for now. If it gets worse, they'd need to see me before prescribing me anything (they mentioned Percoset). Have my DA with the u/s on Wed.
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    Re: December Updates

    Lesal - A News Years baby would be pretty cool.  There were some babies born on Christmas here and they had them in cute santa hats.  Try to take this week and do some things for yourself it will be here before you know it.

    rhm - Sorry the fibroids are starting to cause trouble.  Good luck with the u/s this week I hope all is well.  Have you made all the arrangements to swith doctors yet?

    Thanks blush and everyone for the prayers.  It has been completely overwhelming.  I just couldn't believe it when they told me.  I am hopeful everything will be okay it will just be a matter of how long the road to recovery will be for my little guy.  From what I have read Chidrens Boston is the place to be for this defect so that's reassuring.   

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    Re: December Updates

    occ - I have a new OB at Tufts waiting for me. I meet with them on 1/12. They are the head of the OB/GYN dept which I'm hoping is a good sign. I'm a little nervous about starting totally fresh (new office, new hospital, new docs, etc), but hoping everything will turn out okay. I'm sure it is very overwhelming to have to process all this information. Ask them as many questions as you have and know that you are in good hands - Children's is one of the best pediatric hospitals in the country!

    lesal - can't wait to hear all your updates in the next few days!

    how is eoe doing?
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    Re: December Updates

    OCC sorry to hear about your news but glad you are here with the best care available.  My prayers are with you and your family. 
    Hope everyone else is doing well...Lesel do you have your baby yet?!
    AFM - I am starting to make the transition into maternity clothes.  They are still a little big - especially with tops but my regular tops are starting to be a little short.  Most of my pants only fit with the Bella Band so I need to pick up a few pairs soon.  I have been feeling flutterings now for 2 weeks but last night actually felt it kick I happened to have my hand on my belly.  I kept trying to get it to do it again for my dh to feel but no luck.  I know at 20 weeks still a bit early for consistent movements.  We decided to wait on gender so It will be a suprise at birth - i think to the chagrin of our families. 
    Hope everyone is planning a great new years eve!
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    Re: December Updates

    OCC: so sorry to hear about the diagnosis.  I am with everyone else and hoping everything turns out fine.  Thank goodness we are in Boston and have access to such top-notch doctors and hospitals.

    RHM: Hope you are feeling better and that the U/S was fun!

    Austen: We are just about the same stage.  I'm 22 weeks and I have definitely felt exponential increases in movements the past 2 weeks.  Last week, for the first time, DH felt the baby :)  He was like "are you doing that?"  I had to laugh because i don't think anyone can voluntarily move their abdomen to mimic a kick!  It is just so cool.  My baby is moving so much now.  Every so often she/he presses up against one area of my belly and you can actually see a distortion!  It's freaky and always in a different spot.  I thinks it's the butt :) 

    AFM: doing a lot better now and less worried about everything.  I've just decided to trust my body that it knows what it's doing.  I have been getting a lot bigger though.  I find that it's not as pleasant to stand for very long, but I've been wearing a maternity support belt which helps when I stand/walk/exercise.  I also went to get new bras at the Victoria's Secret Sale and almost passed out when the girl measured me.  I've gone from a 34C to a 34DD!!!!!  I knew I had grown a lot in the boobs, but really!  I feel like I'm wearing my moms bra.  Though DH remains pleased about the change he didn't like the image of my mom that put in his head.  LOL.  Hope everyone has a great New Years!
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    Re: December Updates

    Trouble, do you know what you're having?  You don't have to share if you don't want to, just curious if you know.
    Man, I hope mine grow when/if I get pregnant!  I lost weight for the wedding and they shrunk a cup... I have gained most of it back and yet they haven't grown a cup!!
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    Re: December Updates

    Hi Fra!  We're keeping the gender a surprise for us as well as everyone else :)  We figure we don't really *need* to know and that it will be nice to have a surprise.  Big boobs seem nice, but I've always been well-endowed and now I just feel ready for the Guinness Book of world records since I hear they will grow even bigger when milk production gets underway.  Oy! Though, I do have a GF who was a 34A and grew to a 34C with pregnancy and so that was nice for her and her DH.  An increase but not to freakish proportions!
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    Re: December Updates

    occ - hope you and lo are doing well over there

    lesal - how are things going over by you? wondering if you're having a NYE baby...

    austen - that's funny that your family is giving you a hard time at not knowing the gender - all of our siblings didn't know with their first and we're not finding out either

    trouble - that's great that DH was able to feel the baby! Feeling the movement has been one of my favorite things and I'll miss it. As for the bras, mine have gotten uncomfortable so I've been using lots of those tanks with the shelf bras inside. Figured I could get away with it for another 9.5 weeks!

    AFM, u/s went well. Baby is head down and measuring to be about 3 lbs, 12 oz so far (56th percentile I think they said). The u/s tech showed us that the baby has hair on their head which was neat. It was harder to see details this time - probably because it's a tighter fit in there now. The fibroids haven't grown since my last u/s which is a good sign. The nurse said that it was good that it was on the top of my uterus so it won't interfere with the birth which I hadn't thought of. MGH was very nice about hearing me leave. The nurse gave me my medical records (she doesn't like faxing that info - feels it's unsafe, just like my DH) and didn't charge me since she knows it's going to Tufts and not for my personal use. Onwards and upwards for a great 2010 everyone!
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    Re: December Updates

    hi all!  doesn't look like I'm having a NYE baby, I wonder about occ though!  just checking in quickly between vet and dentist appts today - the dog and I have been getting all our grooming done this week :)  don't have much time, but wanted to say thanks for thinking of me and I'll post again soon.  Happy New Year everyone!!
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    Re: December Updates

    occ--I am just getting caught up on things and want you to know that you and your little one are in my thoughts. Good luck with everything.

    Glad to hear everyone else is well. Happy new year! 2010 will certainly be an exciting one for all of us. :)
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    Re: December Updates

    Thankfully no New Years Eve baby for me.  Actually we are doing surprisingly well at least the docs are surprised anyway.  The focus is keeping him in as long as possible so  I have daily testing and he passes by the skin of his teeth he is a tough little guy.  We had a visit to Children's Med/Surg NICU it was very impressive and not quite as scary as I thought it would be.  They are ready for our little guy and were very reassuring.  The bedrest/hospital stay is really starting to get to me, but I just keep focusing on buying him as much time as I can.

    Thanks everyone for all the well wishes!

    rhm - Glad you had a reassuring u/s it's funny your lo is bigger than my little guy.  At least the fibroids aren't getting any bigger.  Did they give you something for pain?  Head down is good he still may shift but the further along you get the less likely of course my guy is footling breech and with little to no fluid he won't be moving so I am having a csection.  I hope you like your new doctor and facility I am sure you will.  When is your first appt. with them?

    Lesal - Sounds like your getting yourself ready.  It sounds like a lot of nesting going on in your house.  How did the baby's room come oout?

    Touble - Hate to break it to you but the b**b issue doesn't get any better.  I wasn't huge before but was above average and the same thing happened to me.  Glad things are going well for you.

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    Re: December Updates

    occ - so glad things are continuing to go okay for you and your lo. What have you been doing on your bedrest? I've been doing okay with Extra Strength Tylenol for the pain so far. If I need something stronger, I need to let them know and they will check me out before giving me anything. My next DA/first at new practice is 1/12- a week from tomorrow.

    lesal - still pregnant?

    trouble, austengirl, anyone who I'm missing -how are you doing?

    Hope everyone had a good NY weekend - we stayed in most of the weekend with the snow, but made it to my IL's NY open house party on the 1st. We haven't seen many of the people there for a while so we got a lot of questions about the baby (and luckily, none asked about DH's unemployment status). Hoping the new year brings him a fabulous job asap!
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    Re: December Updates

    wondering how occ and lesal are doing - are your lo's here???