December Updates

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    Re: December Updates

    Gosh Pugs, quite a scare. That is the one thing I'm fearful of now when walking the dog in this weather! I've slipped but caught myself and that was scary enough!  Glad you're okay.

    June- hope DD gets better soon, sounds like this is the year of sickness that just won't go away. 
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    Re: December Updates

    I can't believe so many of you had that stomach bug - yuck!  but glad it's over.  my question is what do you do when you have the stomach bug and so does your LO?  I could barely take care of myself!  I guess we'll find out. 

    Pugs - glad that everything was okay.  I am so nervous about falling in this snow/ice. 

    I don't know how anyone does cardio either!  I stopped going to the gym in the 1st trimester and haven't given it a thought since!  I get winded just putting my socks on which has become quite the task!! 
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    Re: December Updates

    I still go to the gym and I can work out without any issues, but I find I get winded when just sitting or lying down!  Anyone else experience this?  Sometimes it's tough to get a full breath when I'm sitting at my desk at work or lying on my couch, but when I'm up running around I'm fine.
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    Re: December Updates

    Hi, ladies.  Congrats to all of you!  I'm not even TTC yet, but check in every now and then to see how you're all doing and educate myself.  :)  This is all so fascinating! 

    The work-out discussion is especially interesting to me.  This morning, my DH said, "Thank God for the gym.  Imagine staying in shape without it.  We'd be screwed.  I'd never work out at home; the basement's too cold."  We go every morning before work, and we're both convinced it's the only way we keep our weight stable.  Being the worrywart I am, I jumped to tell him we can't think that way, because if we have kids, there's no way we can keep up our current routine.  Am I nuts?  I don't want to be a jerk, but I don't think I'll like it if I am home, trying to get an infant ready for daycare and myself ready for work while he goes to the gym to keep up his awesome work-out routine.  So, I suppose we'll either have to trade off with who gets to go every day or find a way to work out at home.  Gah.  Thinking about this just reminds me how much things will change.  I feel good for acknowledging it, but it scares me!  And I think he will be shocked when he realizes it! 

    Am I worrying for nothing?  Were your DHs all in tune with how much babies change your life well before you TTC or got pregnant? 

    And on the weight/health note again, were you all big into working out before you got pregnant?  If not, how did you maintain your weight and general health?  I'm just curious, because I have this fear that altering my routine now will have pretty bad consequences, yet I know I need to think outside the box. 

    Sorry for butting in with so many questions!  Would love to hear your thoughts, though. 

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    Re: December Updates

    Pugs, I'm sort of the same way. I certainly am not doing any full workouts but I get on the elliptical or go for a long walk every so often and for the most part I'm fine (unless I'm talking and walking). But yeah when I'm laying down or sitting I have a harder time breathing - I am thinking its all the insides being squished, leaving less room? So maybe when we're standing and moving around it is allowing for more oxygen?

    Just curious, when did everyone start noticing swelling, stretch  marks and/or varicose veins, if at all? I haven't seen any signs of this yet and I'm wondering if I'm going to be lucky or if it is just too early (25 weeks). I hope I don't jinx myself! I would love to get through this pregnancy without the swelling. I drink a ton of water and do exercise at least 2-3 times a week pretty moderately...I know the stretch marks will probably show up at some point, I think my belly is about as big as I could normally blow it up before (you know when you pretend to be pregnant in the mirror...I'm not the only who did that, right?) so I'm t hinking it hasn't really "stretched" at all yet. Still rubbing that cocoa butter all over just in case. :-)
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    Re: December Updates

    Silver, I think you're right.  When I'm sitting or lying in certain positions it feels like everything is being pushed up to my throat.  It's even worse when I've eaten too uncomfortable!

    It's very possible that you could just get lucky and avoid the swelling, stretch marks, and varicose veins.  I'm 32 weeks and I haven't had any of those things.  Sometimes a little swelling in my feet at the end of a long day, but it goes away.  I'm sure the stretch marks still have time to show up, but I'm hoping they won't be too bad.  I've heard that they're hereditary and there's really no way to prevent them...did your mom get them?  My mom only got one or two with me, so I'll be psyched if I inherited that kind of luck from her!

    And speaking of cocoa butter...I LOVE that stuff.  I just started using it a few weeks ago and it's fantastic.  It works wonders on my face...never would have guessed!

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    Re: December Updates

    Really, your face? It doesn't make you break out? I am always nervous about putting stuff on my face. I use Pond's, which I love. I smell like a Grandma.
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    Re: December Updates

    I was surprised too, but when I read the back of the jar it said it was good for your face and preventing wrinkles.  I tried it out, and not only does it make my skin super-soft, my makeup looks flawless when I put it on over it!
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    Re: December Updates

    Not to burst your bubble, but I didn't notice stretch marks until 4 weeks after I delivered DD!!!!  OMG, I was so disappointed!  I also didn't get any swelling.  I'm not sure if that's more of a hot weather thing.  I will find out with this LO as I'll be heavily preggers in the summer this time.  I think I was on the same schedule as you guys last year - I delivered at the end of April.

    So, this might be TMI, but I've been so gassey and miserable the last few days.  I'm a also a lot more nauteous than I was with DD.  Bleh!  I had no morning sickness at all with her!  Oh well.. can't win 'em all!

    Happy New Year everyone!  DH, DD and I will probably be asleep before the ball drops!  Haha.
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    Re: December Updates

    Yeah, I was kind of wondering if those stretch marks would show up later. My mom says she doesnt think she got any, but my sister definitely did - so who knows. Time will tell.

    I'll have to try the cocoa butter on my face and see what happens. If I break out I can always blame the hormones. :-)
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    Re: December Updates

    At 32 weeks, I also have not seen any stretch marks - yet.  Thanks for the heads up, Trouble!  We wouldn't want to get too cocky about our lack of stretch marks thus far :o)
    I do have some visibile veins in my legs, but some were already there so it's hard to keep track.  Based on my mother and older sister, I think I am prone to them.  There is one in my upper thigh that freaks me out - protrudes from my skin - but I have a feeling it will go back to normal eventually.  Not so much for the tiny spider veins in my calves.
    The only reason I can tell my legs are swelling is that I have intense sock marks at the end of the day, but the swelling isn't noticeable if I've been hanging out at home without socks on or something.

    Rirlo - I've always been off and on about working out.  When I was first pregnant, I'd still get on the elliptical once a week and walk regularly during lunch.  I also have small weights I lift at home.  That didn't last too long because I was exhausted and got too busy for walking at work.  I definitely could have kept going; it just wasn't a big priority for me.  Once the baby is here, I'll get back in the swing of things.  If my weight gain had concerned me, I probably would have been better about working out, but so far so good.
    For now, I still lift my weights occasionally and go for long walks once in a while.  I've been meaning to get a prenatal yoga DVD for ages, but time flies!!  DH is assigned to picking one up at the library this week.  Better late than never!
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    Re: December Updates

    As you already know, things will change but it's really hard to comprehend how until you're there. And I think it's different for everyone. DS is 14 months and the way certain things have changed has evolved over time. For example, getting ready for work in the morning and getting him to daycare has been one area where I've had to readjust my routine depending on what stage we were at (pumping vs not, was he only able to lie wherever I put him, crawling, walking, what time is he waking up). All those things factor into when I get up, when I shower, etc. Man, I used to love not getting up until 7am everyday. Those days are long gone. You'll figure it out as you go and readjust accordingly. I wouldn't stress too much about it. And no, we don't go out as much but thankfully we have plenty of family around if we do want to go out.

    As for DH, mine knew, of course, that things were going to change but I don't think he comprehended it as well as I did. For example, a few months before DS was born he stated that he was only taking one day off when I gave birth. What? One day? Are you insane? I calmly explained why I thought he would need to take more, he kind of looked at me like, whatever, and I dropped it. (His mom and sister were so mad at him). But I knew that there was no point in arguing about it then. He would come to realize on his own when the time came that him taking only one day off wasn't realistic (My attempted induction took 2 days for goodness sake).  He ended up taking a week with no prompting from me. He just "got it" when the time was right - when he saw DS's little face :)

    As far as working out, before DS I used to 3-4 times per week. When I was pg not nearly as much, a lot of that due to MS until week 15. Thankfully I only gained 28 pounds during my pregnancy. And now I work out once a week if I'm lucky. It's totally frustrating - physically I feel gross. But with working full time I want to time spend what little non-work time I have with DS. He's growing so fast. 4 years ago I ran a marathon and now I could probably only run a couple of miles. The whole finding time and energy to work out thing is a constant struggle for me.

    Silver, my mom had tons of stretch marks and I didn't get any. Go figure.
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    Re: December Updates

    Silver/Pugs - I'm the same way.. i actually feel better walking around then i do sitting... in regards to losing my breath.  I think you are right and our insides are just all smushed up.

    So 35 weeks yesterday and no swelling or stretch marks.. but i did get that weird line under my belly button about 3 or 4 weeks ago that is getting more and more noticeable.. not sure what it is exactly but they call it the line of something or other... seems everyone gets it at some point, some sooner some later.  I have a feeling the stretch marks could come later...  i really don't want them!  I've also heard that the swelling for many hits literally the last couple weeks sometimes days.

    I was a very consistent person with working out.. probably 4-5 times a week.. but this pregnancy did me in early..  Sometime in the late 2nd trimester i switched over to just walking, prenatal yoga (classes and DVD), and that was about it..  This last month, i've gone to practically nothing... maybe a once a week walk or the yoga DVD but not as much as I would like..  just feel so uncomfortable all of a sudden and tired..  i've been working much longer hours at work too.

    funny you mention the part about working out after baby..  my husband and I just talked about this as we both work out a lot and we are both after work people typically.  we've realized our routine is going to have to change.. we live on a bike path so we do plan to do more workouts at home, walking/running on bike path, i have a gym at work and plan to try lunch time at least 2 times a week.. he would like to try at least 2 mornings a week and keep his one night basketball per week.. we're just going to see how it works once he arrives and i'm sure we'll adapt over time. 
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    Re: December Updates

    I also get winded more often while doing nothing.  Usually it is in bed at night while reading.  I get winded and feel my blood pumping.  For the most part walking around is fine... other than those darn stairs!
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    Re: December Updates

    The workout thing has been tough for me too. I'm oinly 14 weeks, but I stopped running around 7 weeks (I ran the marathon in April, so this was really weird for me) because of some spotting and cramping. Once I got over being scared, I was nauseous a lot and had a busy work schedule. At this point, I would be ok with running, but it's been so long it would almost be like starting over and I don't want to do that pregnant. I try to walk a lot. We have treadmills at school (I'm a teacher) and my plan was to go at least 4 times a week, but I get so busy with meetings and correcting and kids stopping in that sometimes I look at the clock and it's 5:00 already and I just want to go home.
    My plan after baby is born is to build back up to marathon-level running, but I know that might not be realistic for years. I'm thinking of getting a jogging stroller so that I can make running part of my afternoon routine with the baby.
    As far as DH ccomprehending the changes that are coming...I'm not sure. I think he gets it on an intellectual level, but that it hasn't really sunk in all the way yet. I am counting on him figuring it out as he needs to, like someone else mentioned. I know that he'll always do whatever's necessary for our family, so I'm not too concerned about it.
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    Re: December Updates

    Dear 2nd Trimester,

    I really miss the way that you would let me sleep through the night. You were so good to me and now you're gone.



    I am soooooo tired this week! Last night I woke up around 3 am needing to pee and eat some Tums. Didn't fall back to sleep for at least an hour. I'm sure some of you can relate!!