early ultrasounds

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    early ultrasounds

    Hey ladies! Some of you may know me from the wedding boards...I've officially been "transferred." :-)

    I wasn't sure if I wanted to post yet or not, but I trust you ladies here a lot more than all the bimbos on babycenter. My pregnancy isn't exactly public knowledge yet b/c I'm still early but I'm seeking a little bit of reassurance!

    So, by my LMP I should be 6 weeks 2 days. However, I had an ultrasound yesterday and was measured at 5 weeks 4 days ( so, 5 weeks 5 days today).

    First of all, I don't know why the heck my doctor ordered an early ultrasound. I'm not high risk, it is my first pregnancy...and now all it has done is set me back a week and give me a load of panic. I am thinking maybe because she is my GYN, and my OB is separate (I meet him on March 17). Different doctors practice differently.

    So, at the u/s yesterday where I expected to see a fetal pole or a heartbeat - we saw just the gestational sac and the yolk sac. I know those are both good things! But I was devastated, and now I am just sick with worry. I keep telling myself this is normal, b/c I'm not as far along as I thought. I guess i was totally shocked b/c I don't understand how I am not that far along and also, my HCG levels were relatively high last week - 3650 on Monday and around 7200 on Wednesday. So I was guessing I would be close to 30000 by the time we had the u/s done and I would think that is high enough to see a baby.

    I will hear from my doctor tomorrow to get her thoughts on the ultrasound, but until then i'm totally on edge. I'm hoping some of you may have a similar story that you can share with a happy ending.

    Also, congrats to all of you - I'm excited to see a lot of girls from the wedding boards over here. :-)

    thanks in advance...

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    Re: early ultrasounds

    Hi AM - welcome! (not sure if you remember me - I used to be heatherv1211 but changed my screen name for various reasons).  I am new to this pg game too (8 weeks tomorrow), and don't have a huge wealth of knowledge, but I am pretty sure that it is TOTALLY NORMAL to only see the gest. sac/yolk sac at your stage (i think that's all there is to see) - in fact, I think LIL posted  in the Feb. Updates that that's exactly what she saw during her 5.5 week ultrasound (but I didn't go back to reference the post, so LIL if I have that wrong I apologize!).  The women here are amazing and I'm sure you'll get lots of reassuring answers to your question.

    It could be that they gave you an early US to date the pregnancy and nothing more... try not to worry!  It's funny, actually, because many of us on the pregnancy boards would like an US and our practices won't do them until like week 12!  So, the opposite problem, LOL!

    Anyway, welcome!  How are you feeling otherwise? 
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    Re: early ultrasounds

    Thanks, Poppy!

    I just sat  and read through the entire Feb. Update thread...and I found LIL's post and it made me feel a lot better. I keep trying to say to myself, "everything is OK, everything is OK." I'm  not bleeding, very mild cramps every  now and then so really I have nothing to worry about. I think what threw me off was how far along I was - I am still baffled by it, but it is a complicated formula that I am sure I'll never know. I have to trust my body, right? :-)

    Other than that, I'm feeling pretty good. No sickness, just sore b00bs and like I said, the occasional cramping. I am pounding water like it is my second job, so I'm peeing every 30 minutes on the dot. I am slightly obsessive about checking the TP. I am not even that tired. I would be totally OK with feeling just *slightly* more pregnant right now for a little peace of mind!!
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    Re: early ultrasounds

    Oh...what a coincidence, I literally just changed my screenname (like 2 seconds ago) for privacy reasons. So, it is still me just a new name!!
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    Re: early ultrasounds

    I can't really speak to what's normal to see at such an early stage because I had my first u/s at approximately 8 weeks. But, I did want to comment on the change in due date. A similar thing happened to me. My due date was pushed back a week from an orginal date based on my LMP when looking at the measurements on the ultrasound. It's totally normal and the whole due date thing is an inexact science. My baby always measured small throughout the pregnancy, but ended up delivering five days before my "due date".

    Lots of practices seem to do the early u/s for dating purposes only--mine did.

    Hope all goes smoothly for you.
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    Re: early ultrasounds

    I agree with Poppy.  5 wk 4 d is really early and the embryo grows exponetially so I'm sure you will be really excited by what you see at your first OB visit, a lot can happen in 7 days!  Going by your LNM can also be really vauge.  I was lucky enough to know the acutal day I conveived (due to ahem, certain activities).  If I had gone by my LNM, I also would have been one week further along than I really was.

    I was totally OBSESSED with my hormone numbers too but I kept freaking myself out for no reason.

    I got an US at 6 wks and 2 d (had a tiny bit of spotting) and I saw what looked like a blured and squished up seahorse.  And that is a stretch.  And that seahorse is now 10-11 months old. 

    Don't worry and its totally normal to OBSESS over everything.  I did.

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    Re: early ultrasounds


    I also thought I knew the exact date we concieved - to be brutally honest, we are currently living with Grandma until we close on our house, and there is not a whole lot of action going on. So, this is why I was a little nervous that I was only measuring 5 1/2 weeks. But, I suppose I didnt necessarily ovulate on the day that we did the deed...sperm can live a few days, but even knowing that, I feel like it is too long.

    I will feel much better once I hear from my doctor tomorrow that everything is normal in her book as well.

    Obsession is being modest! I am a zombie - cannot think about anything else. :-(
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    Re: early ultrasounds

    Hi there Dream.  Ok, I should be no measure because I am psycho but let me try and reassure you.
    At 5 weeks you should see a yolk and gestational sac and that is it.
    Because I am officially crazy and have had some bleeding, I just went in for another u/s today.
    They did tell me they should see a FHR vaginally in the 6th week.
    At 6 weeks 1 day - FHR 113

    At 6 weeks 2 days (due to bleeding) - FHR 115

    today 7 weeks 1 day - FHR - 136.

    I totally agree with you that even though I knew for a fact I was only going to see a yolk sac and gest sac I was no less nervous afterwards and probably just as stressed.  I agree about the early u/s - it has made me crazy.  My husband asked if I though I would see a fetus holding a tonka truck or barbie and waving at me.  Sometimes he knows just the right thing to say to make me feel better about things!  He made me laugh at myself.  I went from a cool as a cucumber TTC girl for 2 1/2 years to psychotically pregnant.  Imazing!  Who'da thought??

    We are with you!! 

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    Re: early ultrasounds

    AM - I hope you're feeling less stressed!  The great thing about this forum is when no one knows you are pregnant yet, you have a place to come to voice all of your concerns, questions, and thoughts!  I've only told 3 girlfriends so far, and this forum has been a lifesaver since, like you, this pg thing is pretty much all I think about! :)
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    Re: early ultrasounds

    Congrats on your pregnancy!  I just want to reiterate what most have said regarding the whole due date thing being an inexact science when calculating from LMP.  I also had an early U/S due to spotting at what I thought was 7.5 weeks, and I turned out to be 8.5 weeks.  This coincided with when I *knew* I conceived.  In my case we hadn't officially started trying and this one time was the only one where we didn't use protection!  But I guess it's still inexact even when you know that because the sp*rm could take a few days to swim up there, or the egg is still dropping.  Something like that.  I'm not a doc or anything, but this is the gist I've gotten.  Also, I don't think there is a HB until 6 weeks and most of the time they can't hear it with doppler until 12 weeks. 

    I'm in my third trimester now, and when I remember back, I wonder why I worried so much, but I guess everyone does it and no matter how many people tell you not to stress, you just do.  Good luck!

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    Re: early ultrasounds

    With anything that grows there is a bell curve of development.  The "expected" size at a certain time is merely the center of the bell curve.  If everyone with a healthy baby measured exactly in the middle of the curve every time, it wouldn't be a curve.  Your little bundle being a little to the left of the midline doesn't mean a thing as long as it's within the fat part of the bell.  And, if your doctor isn't alarmed, that's what it means.
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    Re: early ultrasounds

    Hi Dream -- Congratulations! I don't have much to add to this but to encourage you never to leave the doctor's office with unanswered questions that make you so worried. Make the doctor answer all the questions you have (like -- why am I having an ultrasound now?, etc). I'm sure my OB thought I was totally neurotic because I would arrive with a list of questions -- and it's perfectly okay to call the dr back if you need reassurance (I'm not sure why you should have to wait two days to hear from the doctor about the ultrasound -- usually they tell you right there). Good luck!
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    Re: early ultrasounds

    Well the ultrasound was at a separate facility, and my doc isn't in on Tuesdays - so I am anxiously waiting her thoughts today. Should hear around lunch time.

    Kar, thanks for the perspective - that makes me feel a little calmer. Maybe my baby is just developing a little slower and he/she will have a growth spurt in the next few days to "catch up."

    the biggest concern is that my HCG levels from last week just don't match this u/s measurement. I am trying so hard to stay calm and relaxed. It is impossible. My husband is getting frustrated with me b/c he likes to think positive and just go with the flow, while I have to have answers to EVERYTHING and know exactly what is going on.

    Also, not helping things, my b00bs don't hurt today. That is like my only symptom, so I sort of count on it for reassurance throughout the day.
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    Re: early ultrasounds

    Hi, congrats on your pregnancy!  I'm too just pregnant due in mid to late Oct.  I'm also stressing over the early stages of Pregnancy.  I went for my first ultrasound yesterday and went into the u/s thinking I was 7wks, she measured the sack and yolk and fetal heart beat at 107 bpm.  She said I was measuring at 6 wks. 

    My first pregnancy was full of ups and downs, as with you I check the TP everytime I go too.  I go back to my dr on the 15th. 

    I'm not sure if my post is helpful, but know your not alone.  I know in the back of my head everything will be ok, it worked out for my son

    There is a few posters who know me, so please keep my secret :) Thank you :)

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    Re: early ultrasounds

    Sarah--your comment about the "squished up seahorse" made me laugh.  At our first ultrasound around 7 weeks at the RE's office, after we found out we were having twins, DH was looking at the photos and started referring to the babies as "Squid" and "Seahorse" for the next couple of weeks.  He finally stopped at the next ultrasound, but then we both started referring to them as "aliens."  The one after that, they started looking more like people.

    Dream--I was under the care of an RE when I got pregnant, so they get you in as soon as it makes sense once the positive test comes back.  I had been charting and knew when my temp shift was relative to "activities" and was certain my due date was June 3rd.  I even argued with the RE about it (hormones much?), but he said that the ultrasound is more accurate and my due date was definitely June 6th.  The dating is actually more accurate early in the pregnancy than later on (I don't know the definition of  "early.")  So, don't stress.  I have friends who were told their due date is April 1st, but they don't want an April Fool's Day baby (as if they have a choice when baby decides to arrive ;) ), and April 4th is significant to them for some reason, so they're telling everyone their due date is April 4th.  In the end, the baby will come either when it wants to, or when the doctor determines it's time to get the baby out, and, at that point, the date of conception really doesn't matter.  In my case, my babies were delivered by c-section on May 19th...so much for a June 6th due date!
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    Re: early ultrasounds

    No problem, it's one of the few good uses I can put my math degree to.  I've essentially forgotten everything else.  :)

    Congrats to you and le!!!
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    Re: early ultrasounds

    You just might be adapting to your sore boobs so you perceive less pain as you get used to them hurting.  Your body tends to create a new baseline of what it perceives as pain whenever it can.
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    Re: early ultrasounds

    I had a previous m/c and asked for an early u/s when preg with DD.  At the u/s the date calculation was 5 weeks 1 day and the dr had put me at 6w 2days - I was in a panic.  I asked for another u/s the next week and saw the HB!  Sometimes dates are just behind - try not to stress but also if you feel like you really need another u/s then you should tell the dr that. 

    My mantra was I am my own and this babies advocate - I need to push for what I feel I really need...Thankfully my dr's office agreed with that feeling!
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    Re: early ultrasounds

    Thanks, everyone. I talked to the doctor and she's going to schedule another u/s for next week (hopefully Monday). She didn't seem terribly optimistic or concerned...which I guess is her job. She said if our dates are off then it will probably be OK. If they aren't, then we might have a problem. Unfortunately, I feel very strongly that my dates are not off.

    I am just praying like crazy.
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    Re: early ultrasounds

    I have a friend who was under the care of an RE when she got pregnant and she said it was actually a curse to have someone watching so carefully over her... She was obsessing about her hormone levels and her ultrasounds. Whereas in my case, I POAS, found out I was pg, and will have my first dr. appt at 8.5 weeks.  I have no idea what my hormone levels are/have been.  I have no idea if the baby is growing naturally in my uterus, etc, etc.  So I have the "curse" of NO information, whereas people who have lots of early appointments may feel they have too much!

    My absolute biggest fear is ectopic pregnancy (i know my grandmother had one).  I have read up about it, but nothing I have read says WHEN a rupture is likely to happen and how far along you can be when you find out.  Since I have had no doctor tell me yet that everything is fine, I am going to be freaked out until one does.  I would have been thrilled to see anything developing in my uterus where it is supposed to be. :)

    AM - like you, I haven't had many symptoms.  I agree that when my b00bs hurt it's like, "Yes!  A sign!"  I even welcome the occasional queasiness (I have been very lucky to not have full-blown morning sickness).

    It is definitely a journey!
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    Re: early ultrasounds

    u/s this early can be a blessing or a curse, kind of like POAS tests getting super sensitive over the years.  Things used to go wrong and women never even knew they were pg let alone the size of the teensy weensy baby that was lost.  Not that I think that's happening here, just sayin' it's so darned early to have such detailed info!

    I hope all is well.  But, there is controversy about the safety of repeated u/s.  Some docs believe "no problem" others do not perform an u/s unless they believe a medical decision would be made because of the results, "medically necessary," so to speak.  The "no problem" docs don't usually mention that there are doctors who wouldn't do another one.  I am absolutely NO EXPERT on the ramifications of u/s, but I'd do my own research if I were in your situation before I got another one.
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    Re: early ultrasounds

    Try and relax (I know its much much easier said than done) maybe just try and stay busy which will keep your mind busy maybe go get yourself a almost spring pedicure or something fun. 

    As for numerous u/s's I am not a dr and I never did any research on multiple u/s's but I had a LOT of them - The only time anyone ever asked why was right before my c-section - the nurse said the nursey may ask why thinking there was one main medical concern that they were tracking - which was not the case for me.
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    Re: early ultrasounds

    Some docs are u/s crazy and others are crazy anti-u/s.  I don't know anything about it other than that nor am I suggesting doing anything other than asking the doc about potential risks and what information the debate stems from.
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    Re: early ultrasounds

    Fwiw, my OB's standard of care for twin pregnancies was an ultrasound every month.  When one of those ultrasounds showed that my cervix was shortening, I had one/week.  When one of those ultrasounds--a couple weeks later--showed that the shortening was continuing, I had a cerclage.  And then, because of the cerclage, I had an ultrasound almost once a week until they took it out at 35 weeks.  Around the same time, I started being monitored for high blood pressure--they had to take it whenever I went in for a u/s.  And so I was getting NSTs weekly by then as well.  I had another ultrasound a week or so after the cerclage was removed to make sure everything looked good.  And I am sure I had one more sometime after that as well.  And then I had an emergency c-section at 37.5 weeks.  Babies were/are fine and there were no adverse effects from all the ultrasounds.  Plus, I felt like I really got to know the little cherubs before they were born.
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    Re: early ultrasounds

    Yeah, I was concerned about that but from what I read they are safe. I mean, there are always 2 sides to every story.

    I think if I had not had an u/s on Monday, I would assume everything was fine and dandy right now - no cramping, no bleeding, etc. Now that there is just the slightest inclination that something could be wrong, I'm 100% onboard for another u/s. If all goes well, I may request to send that u/s to my OB and not bother with the "first" ultrasound there. 

    I keep plugging in different numbers on the ovulation calculators to figure out how it might be possible that I am not only barely 6 weeks. The way I figure it, I have a 32 day cycle, and my husband has SUPER sperm that can live for 6 days. lol.