Ectopic pregnancy

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    Ectopic pregnancy

    I've been experiencing a lot of pelvic cramps and some bleeding since last Friday, I went to the doctors on Monday and found out I am pregnant. I still had the IUD in, so the doctor removed it right away. DH and I are both 40 years old and very happy with the news even though it is an accident - we were planning to have a baby soon anyway. I had the first ultrasound this morning and the result does not look good. It looks like I am having an ectopic pregnancy. I have another blood test and ultrasound scheduled tomorrow to confirm the diagnosis. If there is still no amnio sac detected in utero then we are pretty sure it IS a tubal pregnancy which will need to be terminated right away before it ruptures.

    We went from bliss to sadness in 48 hrs. Not something I would wish on anyone. :(

    Has anyone experienced the same thing? Will this affect my future pregnancies?
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    Re: Ectopic pregnancy

    Oh, breeze, that is so heartbreaking, I'm so sorry.  The silver lining is that it looks like you won't have trouble TTC now that the IUD is out...not to be insensitive to what you are going through now, of course.  Best wishes to you and DH...what a scary and disappointing start to your TTC journey.
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    Re: Ectopic pregnancy

    Breeze, I don't really have anything to add except that I'm really sorry. My mom had an ectopic before she became pregnant with me, so I know it's possible to conceive afterward. 
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    Re: Ectopic pregnancy

    So sorry that must be hard.  I know of a couple people who have become pregnant post ectopic.  Good Luck and Best wishes.
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    Re: Ectopic pregnancy

    I'm so sorry about your troubles. I hope you are able to heal quickly both emotionally and physically if the worst case does happen.

    I thought that if you get pregnant with an IUD, your chances of ectopic increase. Doesn't the IUD work to prevent implantation in the uterus? I don't really know that much about it, so if that's the case it seems to make sense. I guess at least now you know you can get pregnant and with it out, hopefully your chances of future ectopics will significantly decrease. Best of luck.
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    Re: Ectopic pregnancy

    Breeze--I'm so sorry for your loss.  I hope that by catching the problem early they can reduce the risks associated with this. 

    I don't know how it will affect your future chances, but I believe cici is right that IUDs typically prevent implantation and so in the unlikely event that one becomes pregnant with an IUD, ectopic risk is higher.  

    I hope they are able to get a clearer picture with the repeated ultrasound. 

    I have experienced a miscarriage, althoug not an ectopic pregnancy. The doctors were worried it was a possible ectopic, but after repeated ultrasounds, they never saw any evidence of an ectopic, so they decided it was more likely interuterine pregnancy. As a result, I do not know exactly what the follow up care and recommendations are for ectopic.  I know there are options for expectant management, medical management with methotrexate, or surgical management depending on your situation.  And (as is also the case with other types of miscarriage), doctors are likely to want to draw repeated HCG levels until the get a near-zero result, so they can make sure that all of the pregnancy tissue is cleared.  How long this takes can vary across individuals, but it can be several weeks.

    The experience of pregnancy loss is horrible; I'm so sorry that you are going through this.  

    I had a lot of questions after my miscarriage, but going to the doctor was incredibly emotionally stressful, and I felt so anxious and in a hurry to leave the hospital that I had trouble getting all of my questions and concerns communicated. One thing that helped me was to write down a list of questions in advance that my husband and I both had.  We brought the list with us to the follow up appointment.  I still almost didn't pull the list out of my purse, but my husband gently coaxed me, and I went over the list with the doctor.  It was helpful for me and ultimately reassuring to get the answers so that I needed. 

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    Re: Ectopic pregnancy

    Breeze - I'm very sorry for your loss.  I can't imagine how hard this is for you and your DH but I'll keep you in my thoughts. 

    I've never experienced an ectopic pregnancy but my cousin's first pregnancy was ectopic, although not related to using an IUD, and she's gone on to have three happy, healthy babies.  I wish you the same outcome down the road.
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    Re: Ectopic pregnancy

    IUDs definitely increase the chances of it being ectopic so now that it's out I'd assume it won't happen, again.
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    Re: Ectopic pregnancy

    Breeze- I don't have any personal experience with ectopic pregnancies, but wanted to say that I was thinking of you- this must be so challenging.  I know many women who have had babies after complications like this.  I hope that your friends and family (should you choose to share this with them) are supportive to you as well.
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    Re: Ectopic pregnancy

    In Response to Re: Ectopic pregnancy:
    Hello Breeze-
    I have had an ectopic and went on to have two healthy babies.

    I had a shot of methotrexate (Sp?). That worked and I didnt need to have surgery afterwards.

    I was told to wait 2-3  cycles to start trying because of the methotrexate. My OB chose to do an HSG test which basically is a dye test that looks to see if your tubes are open or closed. It was very uncomforable and mine did show that I had a blockage in my right tube. That being said the Dr. also said that sometimes it appears as if there is a blockage because the dye is going against mother natures way and this can cause spasms. Also- the dye can clean things out in your tubes which is a good thing.

    So I waited the three months and got pregnant the first month we started trying. Because of my history the OB follows me closely at the beginning to make sure that my numbers are rising (doubling every day) and I had lots of ultrasounds at the beginning to make sure everything was where it should be.

    It stinks when you are going through it because there are lots of blood draws and appointments but it doesnt mean that it has to happen again. One thing that was mentioned is that if you have a history of ectopics then you shouldnt have an IUD. Now that I have 2 kids I am contemplating what choice to make for birth control and he said that the IUD would be fine since it only happended once.

    HTH and if you have any other questions feel free to ask :-)
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    Re: Ectopic pregnancy

    Breeze, I'm so sorry about the ectopic.  Like the PP, I also had an ectopic and went on to have two healthy babies.  DH and were surprised to learn I was pregnant with a honeymoon baby.  We hadn't been preventing, but we weren't "trying" either and we just thought it would take longer.  Our surprise turned to fear when I started bleeding.  We went to the ER (since I was between doctors at the time) and learned that it was a tubal pregnancy.  I was very worried that this happening would have an effect on my ability to achieve a normal pregnancy, but we were able to get pregnant on the 3rd cycle once we began trying again.  Also like the PP, I was given a methotrexate shot and told not to try for a couple cycles.

    There are a lot of blood draws, etc., but I was told that there was only a 10% reoccurance risk, and I think that number might be even lower for you since, as others have pointed out, getting pregnant with an IUD increases the risk of ectopic (mine was due to some scarring from a previous surgery).  Again, I'm sorry you're going through this, but take heart, as it's not a given that you'll have problems conceiving afterwards.
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    Re: Ectopic pregnancy

    Breeze, sorry about your news. 

    I also went through an Ectopic inbetween both my children.  It happened in March of 2010 and got pregnent in October of that year and went on to have a healthy baby boy in July 2011. 

    I did not know I was even pregnant when I was bleeding.  I had went to the doctor because what I thought was my period was lasting extra long.  A few hours later, a pregnacy test confirmed I was pregnant and that night went to the ER, had the shot of methotrexate.  It took about a month for my  numbers to get back down to zero.   

    It was pretty scary but we got through it.  I never in a million years thought it could happen to me since I had a previous non eventful pregnancy.  Good news is, you can get pregnant again and have a healthy child.  I always thought about it has it happened for a reason one way or another.    Good news is, that you can get pregnant and I have also heard that if you do get pregnant on the IUD your risk of ectopic is higher.
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    Re: Ectopic pregnancy

    Thanks for chiming in, everyone.

    So the ordeal was not over. On Monday I was ordered back to the doctor's office due to sharp pain and bleeding, it turned out my ectopic tube ruptured and I needed emergency surgery. The doctor removed my left tube as a result.

    It is good to know that this ordeal will be over and DH and I will go on to have healthy babies. Thanks again.
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    Re: Ectopic pregnancy

    Sorry to hear that, Breeze. I had a coworker who had an ectopic and a tube removed. She went on to have 2 healthy babies. Take care and good luck with your healing process.
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    Re: Ectopic pregnancy

    I'm sorry to hear about your surgery Breeze! I hope you recover quickly!