Emerson V. Boston Hospitals

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    Re: Emerson V. Boston Hospitals

    KAM - I'm sorry, I don't have any first hand info about Emerson or any Boston hospitals, but I was wondering if you would mind sharing why you refuse to go back to NWH? 
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    Re: Emerson V. Boston Hospitals

    I am currently seeing OB at MGH but I am considering switching to Emerson also so any help out there would be greatly appreciated!
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    Re: Emerson V. Boston Hospitals

    A friend delivered at Emerson last summer and loved her experience.  I have to say, I was VERY impressed with the place when I went to see her.  It is newly redone, a beautiful facility, the staff seemed great, and she had access to great support (lactation support, newborn classes, etc). 
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    Re: Emerson V. Boston Hospitals

    A good friend of mine had her 3rd child at Emerson and was very happy with it.  The baby ended up needing a hirer level of care so was transferred to MGH.  Personally, I would prefer to deliver at a hospital with a NICU and stuff.
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    Re: Emerson V. Boston Hospitals

    Hey Poppy-I don't mind sharing my experience with NWH!

    I had a pretty severe back injury that required exensive surgery to my spine (metal plates/donor bone/a handful of metal screws etc) a few years ago.  And worried about delivery when I got pregnant. All my fears where brushed aside and claimed that they wouldn't pose any problem. I went into labor the day before my due date, and had a fairly quick labor (5 hours from first-oh, that might be a contraction, to fully dialated and pushing). Pushed for an hour when DS started to have troubles and was rushed into a c-section. I informed everyone of the situation with my spine and worries about the spinal and was told no biggie-if there were any problems they'd put me under general. Well, with the fist cut I could feel everything! The spinal failed and the OB (one on call-not my guy) didn't stop, and the anesthesiologist just tried to give me pain meds...well, I felt the whole darn c-section. I was screaming out in pain, and the anethesiologist just kept doing things that didn't work. They didn't have the proper meds in the O.R., they had to call and get meds transferred. So I had an all natural childbirth even though I had a c-section! Not fun. The OB that did the surgery never bothered to show is face to me or DH again. The anesthesiologist said to me after "you shouldn't do that again, next time you should just go under general anestheisa" never offering up that he should have done what he said in the beginning! Then there were was information and reports that went missing regarding my delivery so I couldn't sue/address the hospital for gross neglect.

    DS went to the special care (their version of NICU), and had mediocre care. I raised concerns with the nurses and doctors with them right away about DS, but they ignored them. DS ended up needing to have a brian scan at Children's hospital a few weeks later due to the issue I raised. Thankfully everything is fine with DS now. but from a CYA they should have done the scan when DS was in the NICU.

    Then there were other little things afterwards, we had to take DS back around 6 mo for a ultrasound on his belly and they scanned for the wrong thing, even as I stood there telling them they needed to be looking for something else. So we had to back the very next day once DS's pedi got the report, for the appropriate u/s.

    So, considering everything I went through with delivery, I want to ensure that doesn't happen again! And I don't trust the hospital.

    But I recognize I'm a special situation with my back. 

    I will say the doctors at the Maternal Fetal Medicine group were great! and my personal OB was fabulous, if he had been in the OR with me it would have been a different situation.

    I've been trying to find a doctor that delivers both at Emmerson and a boston hospital to have my option.

    I'm up for my yearly "inspection" so I'm trying to find a doc I like now and shop around if needed before getting preggers.
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    Re: Emerson V. Boston Hospitals

    oh my sorry for the trauma around DS's arrival!

    I chose LGH (Lowell, prob not an option for OP) over Emerson mainly because of the Level 2 Nursery, which Emerson did not have at the time, not sure about now.  Also, the lady who got flesh eating disease at Emerson happened while I was pregnant... a fluke, to be sure, but didn't make me want to go there!
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    Re: Emerson V. Boston Hospitals

    canukgrl- my sister said out of the three kids she had her best experience at LGH.  She had one in Maryland, then LGH, and then in Hartford.  
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    Re: Emerson V. Boston Hospitals

    KAM - how awful.  I have a friend on the Board of Trustees at NWH and would like to share your story with her - would that be ok with you?
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    Re: Emerson V. Boston Hospitals

    Poppy-clearly I'm not shy about telling my story! I did post it on a public message board afterall. :) send me an e-mail if they have any additional questions. And I'm really not trying to NWH bash.
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    Re: Emerson V. Boston Hospitals

    KAM - I know, and I'm still planning to deliver there. :)  But I have always thought very highly of NWH, as does my girlfriend and her DH who donate quite a bit of money to them so I wanted to share your story with her.  I feel it's the kind of situation that people who donate money and time to an organization should know about.

    FWIW, I have a close friend who delivered at Emerson before their big renovations, and loved her experience!
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    Re: Emerson V. Boston Hospitals

    Thanks Scorpio, DD was born at LGH 2 years ago, and DS is planned to arrive there as well in August :)
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    Re: Emerson V. Boston Hospital

    Hello All,

    I gave birth at Emerson Hospital in April of last year and I can't say enough how great it was.  To start, they do have a Level 2 birthing center and all the amenities you could ask for along with a brand new mom's wing with large comfy rooms, birthing balls, wireless monitoring, big water birthing tub, flat screen tvs, ipod docks, rocking chairs, the works.

    I go to Concord OB/GYN which is right across the street from Emerson, there are four OB/GYNs and when you start seeing them for pregnancy, they like you to rotate between all four OBs so you can get to know everyone as you never know who will be on call at Emerson when you go into labor.  I loved ALL the Docs and everyone took lots of time to answer EVERY little question and the nurses are all AMAZING.

    My experience at Emerson was good, I was induced 10 days after my due date and ended up with Dr. Jordano-Alder as my on-call OB and she was so awesome!!!!!!!!!  My husband and I had our birth plan worked out ahead of time and everyone was great about following it.  And when I opted for an epidural last minute, the nurses were great about getting it going ASAP (you need to have 2 bags of IV fluid in before-hand and I had opted for no IV to start with).  I don't remember my anesthesiologist specifically, but I think the epidural went fine. The first dose was only working on the left side (very common) so after an hour or so, he came back with a big boost and it took on the right side.  The nurses were really great about keeping me informed of all my options and telling me what to expect without being pushy or condacending.

    Then, low and behold, time to push.  DS was out in 19 minutes of pushing, I wanted to be very upright and the nurses were great about helping me in this position because with a big dose of epi right before pushing can make things hard to manuver.

    Emerson is also very pro-breastfeeding but I personally think that some of the nurses are better than others so having you own lactation consultant ahead of time is helpful.  I took prenatal classes right at Emerson and the lady who ran the breastfeeding class became my LC and I love her (Michelle Stolow in Maynard).

    The also encourage rooming in and have a state-of-the-art baby tracking system and top notch security (if you are worried about that sort of thing).  My pediatrician does rounds at  Emerson so he saw DS about 12 hours after he was born and has been his pedi ever since.

    I can't wait to have #2 and I am soooo lucky to have Emerson 5 minutes away from my house.  Even if I was closer to Boston or a bigger center, I wouldn't trade the intimacy and wonderful staff for anything.

    If people have more questions, I would be glad to answer ANY of them.  Overall, the feeling was of calm excitement.  The staff is very professional and warm at the same time.  I felt at ease and relaxed no matter what was going on.

    Check our their website for all the nity-grity.  They also have very good birthing statistics.


    And here is Concord OB/GYN - I can't say enough about how wonderful the ENTIRE staff is.  Love everyone!

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    Re: Emerson V. Boston Hospitals

    I gave birth at Emerson in August of 2008, right after the new birthing center opened.  I had such a wonderful experience that I have absolutely no reservations about delivering there again in about 6 weeks!  I use Kramer OB/GYN associates which is made up of 3 doctors.  I have seen them all and like them all but Dr. Hale is by far my favorite. 

    I have to second SarahINActon about Michelle Stolow.  My DD was tongue tied and I struggled with nursing for 3 weeks but Michelle was so great to work with that everything worked out for DD and me that I successfully breastfed for 10 months.  I took several classes through Emerson and they were all very informative and enjoyable.  The birthing center is amazing, like a hotel, and all the staff is super supportive and they are not pushy in the sense where they try to advice you against your birthing plan.  Unless you have a high risk pregnancy I wouldn't worry about Emerson being a level 2 and not 3 hospital.  Good luck with your decision!