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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Congratulations Liz, that's great news for you and your DH.
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    In Response to Re: February-Pregnancy:
    Thanks for all of that info, Lissa. Well I thought it was a girl and I was right! :) But most importantly, she is very healthy and her heart has all four chambers and no sign of defect!
    Posted by lizinboston

    Yay for baby girls with healthy hearts!
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Congrats Liz!!
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Congrats, Liz!  Especially on the healthy heart!  (and as the mother of a little girl...I'm so excited for you...it's so fun!)
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Arcain-- need an update desperately!  You are probably already home with your sweet newborn and I am still huge and pregnant!!

    Due next week!! 2 cm dialated, plenty of BH ctxs but I'm still feeling like I'll go past my due date... ::sigh:: we'll see!

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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Yay, Liz! So happy for you that your bean is healthy! Very exciting you are having a girl! Get ready for a lot of pink clothes in your future :). We had our 16 wk appointment today and heard the baby's heartbeat. Other than that, it was a pretty uneventful appointment. We did get the date for our big u/s - March 13 - I can't wait!!
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Hi all! I'm slowly catching up on posts... Liz, congrats on your girl and great to hear everything looks healthy! Typing w my left hand only while DS nurses, so the big birth story will have to wait...DS was born last Sunday night and we've been home since Tues. We are completely in love and he is doing great despite being, as we were expecting, tiny! I'll tell the whole story as soon as I have both hands free (ha)! Hugh, you are SO close! At least there's some progress. GL these last couple weeks, and here's hoping your LO doesn't decide to hang out too long!
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    YAY, Arcain, CONGRATULATIONS!  Sounds like you're off to a running start with a good nurser already.  Looking forward to the story.

    Hugh, best wishes in your last few days before your LO arrives.
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Arcain, congrats! I was hoping you'd had your little man and that things went smoothly!  I was thinking you may have to be a lurker for awhile since I know those first few weeks especially it seems like its impossible to get the baby out of your arms long enough to type!  Looking forward to hearing your birth story!  What hospital did you deliver at?  Congrats again!! Cool
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Thanks for the congrats, all! Ahhh, I've tried to post my birth story three times and have been thwarted by the iPad each time, so here's hoping my laptop won't fail me!

    After finding out last Thurs. that DS had fallen off the growth curve, I got the call on Friday afternoon at work that my doc wanted me in for an induction over the weekend. DH and I were shocked but kicked into gear. I got a dose of Misoprostol Friday night, and it worked well enough that I was having contractions all day Saturday. Unfortunately the contractions didn't progress, despite my following all the self-induction advice, so we went in for the induction on Sunday.

    I started Pitocin at about 10 a.m. on Sunday and didn't see much progress until late afternoon. My doc came to break my water and shortly after that point I went from 0-60. In the time it took DH to run down to the cafeteria, I went from having an extended conversation with the nurse to contractions one on top of the other so strong I couldn't talk.

    I'd been hoping to avoid an epidural but I was reaching the end of my rope with no break in contractions. The nurse suggested I stand up to try a change of pace, and as soon as I did I felt an urgent need to push and forgot all about the epidural. I'm pretty sure the nurse didn't believe I was actually ready to push, as I had last measured at 3 cm, but she called the doc anyway. It became pretty clear I couldn't wait much longer, so the nurse eventually had to run out of the room to find my doc, leaving me and a terrified DH wondering what would happen if I couldn't wait! Once the doc arrived, we found out she hadn't actually managed to break my water the previous time. She did this time, and I was 10 cm and ready to go!

    I guess there's something to be said for the urgency you feel without pain meds, because I pushed for 12 minutes and DS was out! He cried right away and was super alert when they brought him to me. He weighed in at 5 lbs 11 oz and 19 inches long, was in great health, and, in my objective opinion, was the most perfect baby ever :-).

    I delivered at Newton Wellesley and we had a completely wonderful stay there. The nurses were amazing and the facilities fantastic. One particularly great nurse eased me into the idea of sending DS to the nursery for part of the second night, which let us rest up and made coming home the following day so much better!

    The last week has been surreal but totally wonderful. DS is adorable and amazing and DH is proving to be an even more wonderful dad than I'd imagined (and I had high expectations!). We've had tons of help from our families but a good bit of time to bond as our own little trio, too (I can't count the cat in that, as she is inexplicably terrified of DS :-)).

    Besides soreness, lack of sleep, and the normal hormonal emotions, I've been really happy all week despite very little sleep. Breastfeeding has been my only issue. All the nurses said DS had a good latch at the hospital but he was pretty slow to feed and was hungry all the time. We had to supplement him with formula when we first came home b/c of mild jaundice, and once we were cleared for that at the doc on Friday, we tried to stick to straight bfing. By then, I was fairly engorged, and I saw a lactation consultant Friday morning who helped us make some adjustments and DS bfed exclusively on Friday and did great. But since then I haven't produced enough to satisfy him during a feeding, even when I spend an hour plus, and we're struggling to get a truly good latch. We've resumed the supplementing and I've been pumping after every feeding and getting almost nothing. I really want to be able to stop the formula altogether and I'm getting really frustrated, but I'm sticking with it and seeking lots of outside advice, and DH has been super-supportive. Any advice from the second time moms out there? I'm going to ask about this over on Infants and Toddlers, too.

    Time to catch some z's before DS's next feeding! Hope you're all doing well!
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Congrats, Liz! Lots of baby girls this summer.

    Arcain, what a great birth story. I'm delivering at NWH, too, and am so glad to hear that you had a wonderful experience. Good luck with the feeding.
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Congratulations, Arcain! 

    I had trouble with breastfeeding too...and supplemented all the time.  I can well remember the early days when every feeding took forever, between nursing, pumping and supplementing.  We also did our supplementing with finger feeding, not a bottle, so she could practice her s_uck. 

    THe biggest thing that the LC told me was not to do the hour+ of nursing.  No more than 15 minutes a side, then pump...if he's nursing too long and not getting a good draw, then your body starts to think he doesn't need it.  Once I started doing that, my output from the pumping started going up, and then she also seemed to be getting more. 

    It's really tough...the first 2-3 weeks especially.  Hang in there! 
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Congratulations, Arcain!! So happy for you. Thanks for sharing your amazing story (I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions for you over the weeks to come!). Good luck with the b-feeding and my fingers are crossed that it'll quickly get easier.

    Hughkona, how are you feeling? You're at 39 weeks? I'm 34 tomorrow and curious about what the next several weeks have in store. Does your doctor want to induce if you go past 40 weeks? I haven't had that conversation with my doc yet, and I'm not sure what's "standard" but it would be good to know how long others hold off before okay-ing an induction.
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Congratulations, Acrain! So exciting :) I'm glad he is healthy and thriving!
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Liz- Great news about having a girl and being healthy!

    Arcain - great story and so glad to hear everything went well!  I wish you luck with b-feeding! 

    My sister's results came back negative for gall bladder disease so that is a huge relief!  And just found out that my SIL is pregnant too!  So there will be 3 babies about 4 months apart in our family!  Cant wait for all the cousins!!!
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Congratulations, Arcain!  What a great birth story!  Hope things get easier over the next few days with your LO.

    Tang - 34 weeks, you're getting so close!

    AFM - 25 weeks and I just got off a week long "staycation" which was amazing.  DH and I set up the crib, did tons of projects around the house and registered at BBB.  Overall it was a great vacation!

    ETA: sorry for the TMI but I've seen an increase in discharge over the past few weeks.  Is that expected in the second tri and is it only going to get worse? At this point it's just mildly annoying but if it's going to increase it might be time that I start wearing panty liners.
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Congrats, Arcain!  Such wonderful news!  I delivered my DD at NWH and had a wonderful experience there as well.   Regarding B-Feeding:  I BFed my DD until she was a year old and it was easily the biggest challenge of her first year (including lack of sleep!).  She was also small at birth (6 lbs, so even bigger than your little guy) and mildly jaundiced.  We supplemented using the liquid formula for the first two weeks (I bfed and then gave her an oz of formula after each feeding) and tried to pump to increase my supply.  She would go on these crazy eating binges where she wanted to nurse for literally hours and my b00bs would be incredibly sore.  After her 2 week visit, she had gained enough that the doc let us drop the supplements and we went from there. We had various latching issues and she constantly would fall asleep while nursing (in fact, we had to nurse her wearing only a diaper most of the time so she would stay awake).  I would say that the process didn't become easy and routine until at least 6-8 weeks after birth.  There are plenty of free b-feeding support groups you can go to that will help - they will even weigh the baby before and after a nursing session to see how much he is getting and offer advice about positions etc. There is one at Isis and another at NWH that i went to all the time during the first few weeks - check online for the times/dates.  I know it's so tough, but just stick with it if you want to b-feed. It WILL get better.  And, if it is making you miserable and preventing you from enjoying your time with DS, there is nothing wrong with feeding the baby formula.   GL, and keep us posted!

    CLC - during my first pg I had constant discharge and had to wear a liner during most of my third trimester.  This pg, I am 16 weeks and noticing it is starting to happen again. As long as you aren't uncomfortable (ie itching etc.) to signal the  sign of an infection, it is normal and will go away after birth.  All the fun things nobody talks about with PG, huh?? :)
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Congrats Arcain!  What a great story!  I also delivered DD at NWH and had a good experience.  I'm curious how Winchester Hospital will compare this time around.  I wish you luck with the b-feeding - as others have said, it might just take a week or so for you and DS to adjust to it.

    Rama - I'm right behind you with our big ultrasound - March 19!  :)

    Tang - my doctor was very firm in that he wouldn't want me to go past 1.5 weeks overdue.  He kind of scared me in saying some of the statistically significant things that can endanger the baby and the mom if you go longer than that.  Of course, now I don't remember the specifics...
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Liz, that's great news about a healthy baby girl! Congrats (and nice to know your mommy intuition has already kicked in, right? ;)

    Pugs, that's wonderful news about your sister's results...and your SIL's pregnancy, too! It'll be so much fun for the three kids to grow up together.

    clc, your staycation sounds great and really productive. You guys must be feeling good about your "baby preparedness level" now! About the discharge...yes, unfortunately I've been wearing pantyliners daily throughout my entire pregnancy (first trimester was because of the lovely progesterone suppositories I was taking, and once that ended, more fun was in store :) I wish I could tell you it gets better, but everything I've read and heard points to it getting worse :(

    ETA - poppy, I saw your post after submitting this one - that's good to know about your doctor's 1.5 week cutoff. I was talking to someone over the weekend who went 2+ weeks after her due date and wound up hugely swollen, with an enormous baby and an emergency C section. Definitely not something I want! Although I'd love to avoid pitocin, etc, if possible.
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    I also wear panty liner because of the discharge.  Its uncomformtable but I guess part of pregnancy.  I read somewhere that its supposed to help keep infections away.
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Arcain (and any future mamas of small babies) ... we had similar BF issues with DD.  The advice of the LC was to feed 15 mins each side and cut her off, then pump like Luv said.  It's a LOT of work... but worth it IMO.  Don't get discouraged... it does get better.

    What I found super helpful is that we rented a scale from Isis ($30/month).  We were going for twice a week weigh ins until DD reached birth weight.  Each visit was super stressful because I felt like everyone was questioning what I was doing, etc and not being very helpful with thier suggestions (LC was helpful for the first 2 visits and then became annoying).  With the rented scale, I can weigh her every day and promised to call the pedi if her weight stalled out or she started to loose weight.  Everyone feels more comfortable and I don't need to keep shelling out $20 copays for a nurse to put her on a scale.
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Boston, the scale is a great idea!  Now 16 months (today!) later, I still have some anxiety at every pedi visit until she's gone on the scale and I see that the number's gone up.  I think that would have made me feel so much better! 

    Nursing is scary, mostly because you can't really track how much the baby's actually getting in the way you can monitor how many oz of pumped milk or formula you give.  It does get better, and as the weight goes on, confidence definitely increases. 

    As on LC reminded me, this is a two-person operation...you can be doing everything "right", but if the baby's not doing his/her part, it won't matter.  I remember that after she told me that, I was able to really give up a lot of my guilt and ownership for how things were going, and I think it got better shortly after that! 
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Congrats on your baby boy Arcain! Thanks so much for posting your story. It is great to hear about your good experience with NWH. It seems like you've received some good advice here and I really hope things improve with the feedings.

    Liz - yay for a healthy baby girl! How exciting!!!

    Pugs - good news about your sister. How amazing about the timing of the three pregnancies. Such an exciting time for all of you. :)

    Hugh & Tangerine - almost there! Hope everything goes smoothly in these last few days/weeks.
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Arcain, send me an email with any specific BFing questions if you want- I help moms bf preemies all the time and have taken tons of lactation courses for my job. hughkona @ gmail . com if you want! 

    I would def stick with nursing ON DEMAND for no more than 10 minutes per side, doing both sides if possible, and then pumping afterwards.  If you supplement, which I don't necessarily know if you need to be doing, do not give more than about 1oz bc you want him to wake up within an hour or two to nurse again.

    AFM, I am 39w1d and pretty uncomfortable.   Just got back from my 2nd to last 12 hour nursing shift and have pretty bad pitting edema everywhere. Its hard to sleep at night, its hard to sit, and its hard to stand.  Laying on my side is pretty much the only way I am comfortable now.  I'll see my midwife tomorrow and she'll strip my membranes.  Last week I was a soft 1-2cm, and I'm hoping there has been change this week.  Most inductions arent done until 41 weeks, at least.  Its common to go past 40 wks in a first pregnancy.
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    Re: February-Pregnancy

    Pugs, that's awesome about your sis and SIL. So many babies! Clc, I had to wear liners from the second tri on, and often went through several in a day. Definitely normal. Your staycation sounds great! Hugh, so sorry you're so uncomfortable! Here's hoping labor comes soon! Thanks all for the bfing advice. It means a lot just to hear about other people's stories. All the books talk it up like its a science, but it seems like so many people have to work through issues with it. Rama, I'm definitely going to try a group. Melrose Wakefield has a "Baby Cafe" group that I may try. Hugh, thanks so much, and you may well be hearing from me! Was going to write more but DS is waking up. Thanks again for the congrats and advice - everyone on these boards is so great!