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February Updates

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    February Updates

    I really don't have much of an update, but I just realized it's February and the January thread was becoming a bit unwieldy, so I thought I'd start February.

    I'm 30.5 weeks and feeling a bit uncomfortable, certainly moreso than I was at this point when pregnant with DD.  I had an ultrasound last week to check on baby's kidneys (they couldn't find one of them at the 20 week ultrasound).  Baby looked great, both kidneys are there and he is currently weighing about 3 lbs.  Oh, and this doctor joined the long list of ultrasound technicians and doctors before her to comment: "this is a very busy baby."  Awesome.  I hope he's getting it all out of his system now and when he comes out he'll be calm, but somehow I doubt it.  More likely he'll take after his crazy active sister.
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    Re: February Updates

    I had an ultrasound today to check our son's weight and that everything was ok.  Due date is tomorrow but yesterday I was just over 3 cm dilated and 95% effaced so he said it could really be anytime...  hopefully not smack in the middle of this storm though..  but the ultrasound looked great.  fluid levels good, heart rate good, he's registering about 8lbs 6 oz right now but they said that could be off about 1 lb in either direction.  so it's just a waiting game now.  he seemed to be sleeping for the most part during the ultrasound but we saw his pursed lips, nose, and even some hair!  and we confirmed again it's definitely a boy!
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    Re: February Updates

    Moving my posts from January to February...

    Wed - Wow I can't believe you're at 20 weeks already!  Congrats!!

    Pugs - DH was constantly falling asleep on the couch, so I told him it would be nice if he came to me sleep with his poor pregnant wife before we are both up all night with a newborn... Well I only 75% wanted him to because I knew I'd have to deal with his snoring!!  He has a prescription for this nose spray that helps with inflammation and he has FINALLY started using it regularly.  It works wonders, but I wonder about long term use.  It probably has some sort of steroid in it.

    Silver - Not sure if we're talking about the same thing, but I've noticed swelling too.  Not sure when I first noticed - definitely before 30 weeks - but it was never painful.
    I also noticed pain around 29 weeks, which was the ligaments attached to my pubic bone stretching.  That went away after like 2 weeks, but has been back this week.

    AFM - Had an appt with the NP this morning.  Still no internal exam.  She said if she had been the one to do my strep swab last week, she would have done them both, but now the OB will do the internal next week (38 weeks).  Seems late compared to others, but my practice seems laid back and that's OK with me.  Doesn't do much good to know if I'm 10% effaced right now.  It'll just make me count the days even more!
    I also met with the pediatrician this morning.  DH really wanted to come, but he can't miss work now they he is finally back!  She was nice and I liked the answers to my questions.
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    Re: February Updates

    I think I've gotten off fairly easy with this pregnancy.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat - but probably only once!
    I think I've reached the emotional portion of my pregnancy though.  I haven't cried much throughout, but the past couple weeks have been bad.  This morning, I got to work late because of my appts, so I took 1 of 5 empty handicap spots.  Otherwise, I couldn't get a spot in the garage and would have to park really far away and would have to clean my car off tonight... Well, security said I had to move it... So clearly I cried. 
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    Re: February Updates

    Not too much to report here-6 weeks now. I'm ready to be able to share the news with more people, but still holding off.

    As for the emotional apsect, i'm all over the place. I got so upset with DH the other day when he bumped into me and didn't have the decency to say excuse me! ha ha ha. He was wondering why I was all pissed off at him, I was good though and bite my tongue-figured I didn't need to start a fight over that silly thing!

    Waiting to get to the point where I can justify maternity pants. my skinny pants just don't fit any more.
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    Re: February Updates

    I'm into my 22nd week now, we had our last ultrasound last week and I'm definitely more excited about having another newborn and not as freaked out about having 2 under 2. Seeing the baby move around and now feeling the kicks & sharing them with DH, like we did the first time around, has me all excited.

    Everytime I do get a little nervous about having 2 babies at once my husband says "you said two kids is easier than one" and then I correct him and say "no, I said having the SECOND baby is easier than the first".  Now that I know what a wet diaper feels like, I'm excited to not be such a nazi about changing the diaper every time that blue stripe shows up.

    newtothis - congrats! 

    Has anyone watched

    I used to watch it over and over again during the first weeks of pregnancy. It always made me so thrilled to think about the amazing things that were going on inside.
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    Re: February Updates

    I'm a total wuss and stayed home today; probably will tomorrow too. Fram, be safe driving home.

    I have been very very emotional the last week or so...crying at everything. I think a lot of anxiety is hitting, not about the baby but about finances and MIL, etc.

    I generally love being pregnant. Other than my cottage cheese thighs and swollen lady parts, I love the look of pregnancy and just hte overall feeling of purpose. But, we have always wanted 3 kids so I better like it. ;-)

    Jan, good luck this week! My brother's girlfriend was due Sunday and she is being induced Thursday if the baby isn't here before then. She's been at 2cm for a little over 2 weeks I think...
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    Re: February Updates

    Fram, I with ya.  I loved being preggo the first time, and I'm loving it again.  It helps that I have hardly any bad symptoms (no morning sickness really and no swelling down there(!!))

    NewtoThis, I hear ya.,  I want to share too!  I'm 13 weeks, but will wait until we get the results of the second tri blood screen for downs, which I guess gives me about 4 more weeks to keep my secret.

    Jan2010, Good luck to you!  Maybe you will have a Ground Hog Day baby!  I also hope the storm doesn't affect you!

    I've also been so emotional!  I cried last week when I found out daycare dumped 2oz of my DD's pumped breastmilk because she "didn't want it."  My supply has been rapidly diminishing and it's really making me sad.  I really wanted to BF DD until she was 12 months, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it another 3 months.  I also cried yesterday while I was on the train because DH called me with an update on DD and how she's adjusting to her new daycare room (older infants).  She doesn't like the teachers as much, and it made me so sad.  Silly pregnancy hormones!
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    Re: February Updates

    Silver, I'm starting to get really horrible anxiety too.  None of it has to do with labor and delivery or becoming a mom, but it has everything to do with certain family members.  As most of you know by now, I'm insanely modest and private, and the thought of a bunch of people in my hospital room after just giving birth freaks me out.  Since I'll hopefully only be in the hospital for one or two nights max, I'm hoping most people will be okay with just visiting us at home, because at least I'll be within my comfort zone.

    My SIL specifically has been driving me nuts. She's been calling me nonstop because she wants to know the hospital's policy on children so she can plan her visit with my nieces.  I personally don't care what the policy is, because I was under the assumption that it would all depend on how I was feeling and if I was up for visitors or not.  And seriously, at 37 weeks pregnant and with a thousand things left to do, does she really think that helping her plan out her visit is my priority?  I've avoided calling her back because at this point I have no filter and would probably say just that.  LOL!
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    Re: February Updates

    Pugs, I'd just tell her (or send an email) that only siblings are allowed but not to plans anything and you (or DH) will let people know after the delivery if and when you'll be up for visitors.  If people get offended that is their problem not yours. 

    Thankfully I have not been emotional - I have been stressed off an on about getting the babies stuff ready but right now I am not stressed about that.  My sister is having a little baby party for me next weekend with a couple cousins and aunts.  So after that I will buckle down and buy what we need and then start to stress (haha!).
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    Re: February Updates

    Pugs I just wrote out all of my "wishes" for delivery day that i'm first going to discuss w/ DH to get him on the same page as me, and then with the dreaded MIL (who, by the way, is now refusing to attend the baby shower).

    I would hold nothing back and tell your SIL that you have other things to worry about!
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    Re: February Updates

    KT, that's pretty much what I've been telling people.  Although I've been tempted to just email everyone the link to South Shore Hospital's "Mother's Choice" policy, which I think is the most fantastic thing ever!  It's like they designed it with me in mind.  Wink

    I haven't really been more emotional during pregnancy, and I haven't cried often, but I have noticed that I'm horribly impatient and I get irritated with people much more easily.  Honestly, it would probably be better for me and everyone around me if I just cried more.  Haha!
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    Re: February Updates

    I hope my previous post wasn't too obnoxious.  Just being honest!  I certainly am grateful that things have gone smoothly and that I'm fairly laid back about the many side effects.

    Pugs - I definitely have not had as much patience for people since MANY weeks ago!  I will have to google this Mother's Choice you speak of.  I don't think I'll mind hospital visitors, but I'm on the fence about my two young nephews (1 1/2 and 5).  I don't want them spreading germs.

    Newtothis - If it makes you feel better, I could never wear skinny jeans pregnant or not :o)

    Benice - Glad you enjoyed your u/s so much!

    AFM - One more thing about my appt this morning.  NP was not at all concerned about the H word.  She said they are almost impossible to get rid of during pregnancy (though clearly some people on here had luck).  In my case, I trust her because they weren't brought on by constipation or anything; they're just a good ol' pregnancy symptom.  She said they will most likely get worse during/after delivery, but "hopefully" I will be able to get rid of them afterwards.  Ummm hopefully??  Are you saying there's a chance I'll have them forever??
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    Re: February Updates

    Fran, not to scare you but I got an H from delivery and now at 16 months I still do see some blood once in while... it bothered me for a good 6 months. Colace colace colace - I never used it and if it happens again I definitely will. Mine is internal so the only thing that could be done about it was to have a procedure, but I decided to give it time and it is much better.

    My biggest issue these days - sneezing when I need to go the bathroom.
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    Re: February Updates

    good luck, Jan2010!!
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    Re: February Updates

    I just signed DH up for a "New Dad" class in Melrose. It is not until April 6 so we're cutting it pretty close, but I figure it will be fresh in his mind! It is only $25 and they will teach him the basics like diaper changing, bathing, feeding, and swaddling. He's actually excited about it. :-)

    I know there are a lot of us in the area, so if anyone is interested I can post the contact info. I was referred to the class by a friend of mine who's husband took it and really enjoyed it - it is just for men, and a small 2-hour class.
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    Re: February Updates

    Fram, your nephews may not be allowed into the maternity unit anyway.  I looked into South Shore Hospital's policy, and children under 16 are not allowed in the maternity unit at all unless they are siblings of the baby.

    Their "Mother's Choice" policy just says that they'll refuse to let anyone into the unit unless the mom has approved it.  If you tell them that you don't want certain people to visit, or if you want a certain time frame where no one is allowed in, they'll turn them away.  I'm sure most hospitals are like this anyway, I just love how South Shore phrases it.  :)
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    Re: February Updates

    Good luck to everyone with the DD approaching.  How exciting.

    Not much to report here for me.  15 1/2 weeks.  Feeling great, b00bs all of a sudden grew 10 sizes and kill.  This happened in the past week or so.  Belly is def getting bigger faster this time around then it did with DD. I also maybe have felt like I can feel some movement but not 100% sure about that.  I know it is early so probably not.   I feel great and time is going by pretty fast.  I never though that when I found out I was pregnant in Nov that Feb would have come so fast.  
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    Re: February Updates

    Pugs, I'd talk to the nurses about the visiting policy and your wishes after you are settled.  For some reason I don't remember them asking me what my wishes were or having anyone call to my room to check if it was okay.  Obviously some of the stay was a blur though! 

    So I lied about not being stressed.  I forgot that last week I found out my c-section is scheduled for 1pm, I almost cried.  So basically I can't eat or drink (drinking in my main issue) anything after midnight.  Also I'm sure that I will not go into the OR on schedule.  When I had DD she was schedule for 9 and was not born until almost noon.  So I am freaking about what time the baby will actually be born and how I will handle visitors.
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    Re: February Updates

    KT- I'd be worried too, I was worried when i couldn't eat/drink before the glucose screening and that was a short amt. of time.  I'm sure you have no control over it but is there anyway you can get your time changed? 

    I may be in the minority here but the only person I will have in the room is DH and then after the delivery we'll invite family the following day. We're not even having friends come visit till we're home. My friend said this is the best thing to do, you are so busy at the hospital. When she had visitors the lactation consultant came and saw the crowd, left and never made it back!  I don't think I want all the stress from a crowd when I'm still learning the ropes.  
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    Re: February Updates

    Ajuly i'm with you.  only my DH will be in the room with me for L&D.  After our immediate family and I have a feeling a couple really close friends may pop in only cuz they work right in the area but we told them only between 2pm and 8pm since all the classes and stuff are in the morning hours.  we told others once we're home. 

    I'm still here...  trudging along.  I'm ready for him to come..  today is my official due date.  considering the doctor told me a week and a half ago I wouldn't make it to here, I have my doubts now how long past it I will go.. haha! 

    did anyone watch the show on lifetime at 10pm last night...??  one born every minute?  OMG!  parts of it were hilarious and parts were scary!  I wish i could watch another one before I deliver this guy but hopefully i'm not around next Tuesday night with no baby!
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    Re: February Updates

    Jan - good luck!!!  I meant to tune into that show but forgot.  The commercial alone (when the dad dropped the iPhone on the baby while taking a picture) freaked me out.  Poor thing! 

    Newtothis - It's never too early for maternity pants/jeans - JUST DO IT - you'll be so happy.  (Plus Gap has super cute maternity skinny jeans - I know Silver and I have posted/raved about them before.)

    Ajuly - I think I'm the same. I don't want anyone in the room until I'm fully recovered from delivery.  Mayyybe my mom, but not my MIL or anyone else.  I feel kind of bad about that decision, but I just don't think that anyone needs to meet baby that soon, you know?  Wait till it's/I'm clean and I can walk again, please!  I know my MIL is going to want to be there for all of it (she's a nurse) but I'm going to have to find a gentle way to request that she not be there.  I'm going to have to look and see if the Brigham has a similar policy for guests! 

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    Re: February Updates

    I only had and will have DH in the room but I will make a suggestion to you.  From previous expperience, we absolutly HATED when people came to our house after the baby was born.  There is a lot of adjusting and learning that needs to be done and it was very hard figuring out a lot of things while people where here visiting.  You get too many opinions and suggestions and honestly only you guys will figure out what the best is.  DH and I really wished that no one had came by for at least a couple of weeks.  We also have two dogs that needed adjustment.  It only took a day or two for the dogs to adjust but it was hectic with all the people in our house.  So with that said, we had a TON of visitors in the hospital and although I was tired at times and wanted to nap, I would take that over visitors at the house. I got to sleep at night in the hospital so that helped, I actually felt pretty rested after the first night.  Just a thought for you to consider. 
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    Re: February Updates

    Im with much as you dont want the company at the hospital, let them visit there so they can leave you alone at home to adjust.  At the hospital you get to sleep at night, you can tell the nurse to keep an eye on your room and they will instruct your visitors to leave because you need your rest (let them be the bad guys) and ppl never over stay their welcome at a hospital.  If you do not want kids there, tell the parents to keep them home, truthfully a hospital is no place for children.
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    Re: February Updates

    Oh agreed.. i didn't mean visit at the house right away..  our immediate family is going to the hospital and the others can wait 2-4 weeks..  they all seem great about it and have said just let us know when you are ready for visitors. 

    There was this one girl on the show last night that wanted a natural birth and they had like a 15 page birthing plan and her husband kept saying, does everyone have a copy of the birthing plan.. they had a doula too which was the only one they would listen too.. they wouldn't listen to the nurse or anything... 24 hours of labor and they kept saying, i think we'll try the shower again... and she sounded like a dying whale (well i don't really know what that sounds like) but i guess ya just gotta watch the show..