February Updates

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    Re: February Updates

    Quad - Congrats!  That is so exciting!  One of each is awesome.

    KT - Glad to hear your hanging in there.  You have such a good attitude.  And only 11 more days at work!  Yay!

    Pug and Fram - Hope today's the day!

    Silver - Glad to hear the brace is helping.

    AFM, I have a semi-gross question.  Has anyone dealt with a yeast infection while pregnant?  I've had them in the past (non-preggo), but not too many times, so I'm not sure.  I've been feeling kinda irritated and itchy down there on and off for a few weeks now.  About 5 weeks ago they did a culture for yeast because I was complaining, but it was negative.  I've also noticed increased discharge recently, but of course that could just be regular preggo discharge.  I seem to get these flair-ups after intercourse too.  Any thoughts?  Sorry if TMI!  I've also had so many DAs what with the ERA, I really don't want to go back again.
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    Re: February Updates

    Quad, Congrats, glad to hear that everything looked great!  I think we may have had the same tech, she was great and crazy, I loved her.  You should just shop all day today!

    Trouble, I had almost the same thing - I called and they said to just use over the counter medicine.  I found that vagisil wipes worked really well w/o any other treatment.  I also changed to only wearing cotton underwear and that helped - or it could be coincidence.
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    Re: February Updates

    Trouble, I had something going on a few weeks ago but I dont know exactly what - might have been yeast. My lady parts were sore and swollen and dry...awful. I used a little vagisil cream and actually stopped using the pantiliners I had been and after a few days it went away. Hope you get relief soon.

    I don't want to steal Fram's thunder but wanted to let you know that she did have a healthy baby girl yesterday afternoon! From what know everyone is doing great.
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    Re: February Updates

    KT - She was older, short hair.  I never had her with DD.   Our appt was late, 7pm last night and I think she works later and does a lot of High Risk ultrasounds.  She really did make the appointment so much fun. I laughed through the whole thing!

    ETA:  I also asked the tech about a low lying placenta becuase I had one with DD and had many restrictions till it moved up in place.  When I asked her if mine was ok, she kind of brushed it off and was like, its fine...it always moves up.   I guess that means  I am good to go!

    Congrats Fram!!!
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    Re: February Updates

    Trouble, you can take high quality probiotics (not Activia yogurt - not enough bacteria) to safely deal with yeast or whatever it is.
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    Re: February Updates

    Congratulations Fram!!!  Can't wait to hear all about your new baby girl!!!
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    Re: February Updates

    Congrats Fram!

    Quad, yep same woman.  She really kept DH and me very relaxed through the whole things which was really nice. 

    My boss is in the office today and I am trying to sound busy (typing) which is fun for lots of posting today!
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    Re: February Updates

    Congrats FRAM! 
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    Re: February Updates

    Wow, congrats Fram!  So glad you didn't have to deal with being stuck home without baby for another week!  Can't wait to hear your story!

    Congrats, Quad, on your pending baby boy!

    Pugs - good luck with everything!  I've never heard of an "induction massage", very interesting!

    Trouble - This was happening to me a lot and my dr. asked me if I was using lots of soap "down there" and if so, to stop.  I ended up switching to a more all-natural body soap and my issues went away.  Just wanted to mention as something worth trying if you think it might have anything to do with it.  I kept thinking I had yeast infections but the test was always negative.  And I had been using the same soap (Dove sensitive skin) forever, not sure why my body suddenly decided it didn't like it!  Good luck.
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    Re: February Updates

    I was hoping that the sudden disappearance of Fram's posts meant good news.  Congratulations!

    Okay, Pugs and Maple.  FX for you both, may it be soon and uneventful!

    AFM, Chemotherapy # 2 yesterday.  Went fine.  Little heartburn today, Yay steroids!  US and OB today.  We also found out (17 1/2 weeks) that we're expecting a boy.  So, quad, we've got similar plans!  (minus the chemo, yikes--sorry about that)

    Lost all my hair on Monday.  Well, no so much lost as washed out with all of the spray from my SIL's wedding, followed by traumatizing the poor girl at Supercuts to buzz the remainder off.  Not a good day, but water under the bridge now. 

    So funny that my high risk office's waiting room was closed.  Looked like water damage, so we shared space with the regular OB practice.  Felt a little badly about not wearing my wig, only a hat, in a waiting room of healthy couples getting ready for the birthing class.  Oh well, not about them.

    Can't really comment on the others, I have had hand numbness once or twice, but hoping it's not a pattern.  And, my southern region itchies are more related to the fact that I didn't lose the hair on my head alone.  So fun!
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    Re: February Updates

    Fram!!  Congrats!!  I hope you and DD and DH are doing well and enjoying those first few moments.  Can't wait to hear your birth story too!

    Cookie, you have such a good attitude.  I'm just so sorry that you are going though all this.

    EOE, thanks for all the vajayjay advice!  I will try it all and hope that all irritation goes on its merry way.
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    Re: February Updates

    Cookie, No harm taken.. Congrats on the Baby Boy!  Nice to have someone so close in DD.

    You seem to be really holding your head up high trying to get through what must be a very diffucult time.   I commend people like you because I am not sure I could be strong enough.   Here is to a speed recovery!! :-)
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    Re: February Updates

    OH, Poppy good suggestion about the soap - that's another thing I did. I normally always use Summer's Eve feminine wash but had run out and hadn't used it in a month or more. That was another thing I started up again and I think helped contribute to whatever was happening going away. I recommend that stuff for daily use - I use the sensitive skin kind.
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    Re: February Updates

    Such exciting news re Fram!

    And like others, I really salute Cookies attitude throughout this entire time... on days when I feel less than happy (and fat... and frumpy... and tired... and can't fit in to any more 'normal clothes') it is really heartening to read your posts and remember that  really have nothing to be complaining about.

    Re washing your lady bits.  You really shouldn't be putting anything there (including specially designed washes), or needing to directly wash the area.  If you are using a mild soap on the rest of your body (under arms etc), then gravity should work effectively enough to ensure it is clean.  The area is self lubricating and sheds its own dead skin, two processes that are best left uninterrupted by adding soaps/washes etc directly to it. 

    *Obviously if you have had issues in the past and a medical professional has advised you to use something, then heed their advice.

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    Re: February Updates

    Wow... so many updates!

    Silver - thanks for sharing the good news about Fram.

    Fram - congrats and can't wait to hear about it... hope all is well.

    Quad - congrats on a boy and such good news. With all the girls around here... we need some boys!

    Pugs - I'm glad you have a plan and if things don't happen between now and early next week. Things can change quickly...I'm hoping you go soon. Add me to the list that is curious about an induction massage - can you say more?

    Cookie - Thanks for the well wishes. You are simply amazing and inspiring! I'm in awe of your strength and attitude.

    And here's my update - I had an us yesterday and a doctor's appointment. She is measuring 8lbs 8 ounces and I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow. If she doesn't arrive soon, we have a plan at 39 weeks, but I'm very nervous about being induced. Things are progressing and I'm a bit more the 3cm with constant BH contractions every 3 minutes. Since yesterday, some have started to feel uncomfortable, so here's hoping...

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    Re: February Updates

    Congrats to Fram!
    Congrats also to quadgirl for her boy!!

    Cookies - you are an awesome example.  Certainly as I am finding clumps of my own hair in the shower due to being post partum/hugely stress with a sick infant in the beginning - you remind me it is nothing compared to what you are going through!
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    Re: February Updates

    Along with all the other ladies, Cookie I have to say that you are an amazingly strong woman with a fantastic attitude.  Congratulations on your little boy!

    Poppy and Maple...an induction massage is just a prenatal massage where they do a lot of work on the pressure points believed to induce labor (the one above the ankle and I think one in your hand as well).  I'm not sure if there's any truth to it, but either way I get a massage so that's a plus!

    I'm starting to have second thoughts about the induction on Tuesday.  It's only a week after my due date, and the doctor hasn't given me any medical reason why she thinks I should be induced rather than wait it out.  As much as I'm dying to get this kid out of me, I feel like I'd want to give her a chance to come out on her own.  I have a NST tomorrow, so I'm going to ask her to go over the risks and benefits of induction vs. waiting it out.  I just want to make sure I'm doing the best, safest thing for both me and the baby.
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    Re: February Updates

    Congratulations Fram, looking forward to you story!  

    Cookie and Quad, congratulations on your boys!  I was so excited the day we found out the gender.  I still don't know how they could really tell!
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    Re: February Updates

    Congratulations Fram!! It seems like just yesterday when you and pug announced being pregnant!
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    Re: February Updates

    For some reason I don't have the "reply" option, but Prill - I know you aren't supposed to wash INSIDE but I have never heard of not washing the outside...

    Pugs, I think it is really good of you to second-guess your doctor's induction decision. If you're willing to wait it out and there is no risk to the baby, why not give it a chance to go naturally? Just seeing how quickly things progressed for Fram makes me think you may not have long to go anyway...I guess you never know until you know, but good luck with whatever you decide and can't wait to hear news of your little girl's debut!

    Cookie, ditto everyone else. You're amazing and I am so happy things are going well so far for you and congrats on your boy!

    Maple - good luck next week as well!
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    Re: February Updates

    Pugs, I was 8 days late with my son and had to be induced.  What they did to induce though was to break my water (I was 3cm already).  That got things moving and then I needed just a small amount of pictocin to keep things going (4cm or whatever the unit of measure was). I didn't want an induction either, but then they did an NST and there was one deceleration and they basically said that there was no harm in going now, but there could be harm in waiting given the deceleration. So we did it and it wasn't bad at all and I didn't get an epi this time around.  
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    Re: February Updates

    Wow lots of updates on here. DH and I are on our babymoon in Cali, headed home in a few hours and I'm not looking forward to the red-eye home, getting up all the time to pee.  I can't sleep on planes so not sure what we were thinking with an overnight flight!    Note to anyone going on vaca when pg, the worst part is going/trying to find a restroom, ALL the time. I feel like I spent half of the vacation looking/using a bathroom! 
       Congrats to Fram, can't wait to hear all about it!  
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    Re: February Updates

    Thank you for sharing, Lost.  I'm glad to hear that you had such a successful, easy induction!  I'm fine with having an induction if that's what's best for me and baby, I just want a legitimate, medical reason for it.  In your case, where they saw the deceleration and there was a potential risk of waiting, obviously an induction is best.  I just want to know that they're doing it for a reason like that, not just because it's standard for this practice to induce at 41 weeks.

    As of Wednesday I was 2cm and not really effaced, so I'd have to do the cervical ripening first.  I guess I see that as a sign that maybe my body just isn't ready yet.  Hopefully all the pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, and my massage today well help speed things up naturally!
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    Re: February Updates

    Wow, so much great news! 

    Cookie, I am with everyone else - you have such a wonderfully positive attitude.  Losing your hair can't be easy.  When my mom had breast cancer, she started to lose her hair and my sister and I shaved the rest for her.  That was the most emotional part of the entire cancer experience for our whole family.  I guess mostly because it's the most visible part of going through chemo, and such a shock at first.  I'm sure you're still a beautiful glowing pregnant lady :) 

    Congrats to everyone else, too!  Ajuly - hope the flight went well!  Red-eyes are tough, but at least you can sleep sitting up and not on your side on a plane!  (I'm so tired of my side already!)
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    Re: February Updates

    You guys are so sweet!  I check in with you all to feel a little more normal about being pregnant, and kind of tune out all of the treatment-related stuff.  Please know that your words are very flattering, but I'm really just trying to make my through this crazy time.  Lemonade out of lemons, and all that.  We're all entitled to whine every once in awhile, so don't let my drama stop you!

    Sprout, you're right. The day of the buzz cut was the hardest so far.  But, as my sister put it, "the band-aid approach, rip it all at once" was the best way to go.  The wig has gone over relatively well with others, but it's itchy, so I can only do a few hours at a time. 

    Glad to hear so many updates!