February Updates

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    Re: February Updates

    Oh and Cookie - my mom said she also lost her nose hair and her nose would run and she didn't even notice it, so watch out for that :)  Good luck and please keep checking back in!  Chemo or not, you're still dealing with pregnancy symptoms, too! 
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    Re: February Updates

    Pugs, I did end up with a c-section, but my OB felt it was really b/c of the shape of my pelvis (and recommended no future vbac), and felt it was not from induction, but FWIW, when they used the cervical ripening agent to induce me, that's all I needed.  I started contracting more and my water broke on its own and no pitocin was necessary.

    Cookie - I truly admire your positive attitude.
    Congrats on all the recent discoveries of little boys growing! 

    Random SSH question to anyone who has delivered there - I seem to remember hairdryers in the bathrooms... am I right?  Much to my surprise last time, I showered and dried my hair every day post c-section last time b/c it was the only way I felt like myself but now I can't remember if I used one there or packed one.  Just trying to avoid bringing unnecessary bulk if there's one there.

    AFM, I did get the promotion at work and am now directing my dept, so although I've been keeping up reading posts here, I apologize for not responding.  Found out at 36 weeks, now at 38 weeks.  We have two vacancies, soon to be a temporary third when I go on leave.  It's been a super stressful time hiring per diems to cover some of the load.  I know ultimately it will all be good, but I am trying to not let it taint my last few weeks of pregnancy and my maternity leave with DD when she comes.  

    I hope everyone is well.  I'm still scheduled for 3/9, but when I tell people that, they look at my very, very dropped belly and laugh at me.   
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    Re: February Updates

    MM - I think I remember they had hair dryers in the bathroom!
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    Re: February Updates

    Let’s see how much I can type before the next feeding!  14 minutes and counting.

    Our daughter April was born on 2/23.  She weighed 7 lbs 7 oz and was 19 inches long.  She is so tiny and beautiful!!!  My baby girl must have known how much mama was worried about wasting maternity leave – only 1 day late!!

    Before I went to bed on 2/22, I started to feel crampy, like period cramps.  I woke up 2 hours later with legitimate contractions.  I went to the bathroom and what was clearly part of my mucus plug came out.  If you ask me, it is very obvious.  Looked like a huge yellowy snot.  TMI?  We couldn’t sleep anyway, so started timing them right away.  They weren’t quite consistent (5-12 minutes apart), but they weren’t as inconsistent as I would have expected right at the beginning.

    At 5 am I called the doctor’s office, but they told me to wait until contractions were truly 5 minutes apart or my water broke.  Contractions got worse and worse – think the worst period cramps you could EVER imagine – and next thing we knew they were 4 minutes apart for almost an hour.  I called the doctor again at 10 am and since I had about 4 contractions while on the phone, they sent me straight to the hospital.  Also my doctor was on call so it made sense to go see her. 

    The contractions only lasted for a full minute here and there so I think that’s why I hesitated to call the doctor again.  There was no traffic until the very last road where BI is located.  It was pretty miserable making our way down that road!!!  By the time we got to triage, contractions were 2-3 minutes apart.  I went to give a urine sample and ended up puking a bunch of times from the pain.

    Got on the table for my exam and I was already 5 cm dilated!!!!  The day before I was only a fingertip!!!!  I was absolutely thrilled because I was dying for the epidural.  They took me to my room and I would say I had the epi within about 20 minutes of arrival.  From there out it was a piece of cake.  I don’t mean to make light of it, but it was a truly great experience… once I stopped feeling the contractions!

    Sorry this is so detailed, but I can’t think straight enough to edit!  I must go feed my precious girl, but I’ll post the rest later.

    Is Pugs still around??

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    Re: February Updates

    Fram, congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!  And I love the name you chose.  I'm so glad to hear you had a relatively easy and uneventful delivery!

    Yep, I'm still here...and still pregnant!  LOL!  I go in tomorrow night for cervical ripening and then I'll be induced on Tuesday.  So hopefully I'll be a mom sometime on Tuesday!  I was hoping that I'd go on my own before then, but it's not looking likely.  I swear tried EVERYTHING that was even thought to induce labor...raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose oil, pineapple, eggplant parm, stripping membranes, induction massage...and I still don't feel any changes whatsoever.  Ah well, either way I only have 2 more days of pregnancy left!  :)
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    Re: February Updates

    Congrats Fram!  sounds like you had a great experience!!  :-)  I hope you are loving being a mom.  I am very much!  just not much time to myself anymore or with just DH, but it's ok.. we are both in love with our little man so much and the lack of sleep is all worth it! 

    I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up with this much since 2/3 when this guy arrived.. maybe one day.  I haven't even read through everyone's posts yet! 
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    Re: February Updates

    Fram - love your story and love the name!  Welcome baby April!  I'm so glad the labor and delivery went smoothly (although I am sure that first 5cm were not fun - I remember labor pains!!) 
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    Re: February Updates

    Congratulations Fram!! So thrilled for you!
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    Re: February Updates

    In Response to Re: February Updates:
    I'm really hoping I go into labor on my own before then.  I'm willing to try anything at this point!  Except for the castor oil.  And the sex.  The Castor oil and diarrhea actually sound MORE appealing than sex at this point. 
    Posted by PugsandKisses

    You crack me up!!  We had sex about 4 times in the last 2 weeks, including the night I went into labor, I think?  Believe me, it wasn't because I was in the mood!!!  At first it was just to do it before things change forever and then it was to get this baby out!!

    Regarding the CTS - Isn't it amazing how quickly the splints work??  Mine were for tendon issues, but it was only a matter of days before my wrists felt SO much better and stronger.

    Trying to sit back and relax for a few while my mom holds the baby.
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    Re: February Updates

    Pugs – I wish you all the best.  I completely understand why you’re torn over induction.  I felt the same way – wanted to deliver so badly, but ultimately wanted to do what was best for baby. 

    I’m on day 4 post partum and I just have to tell you it gets better so quickly.  I’m not sure if you’re planning to BF, but yesterday I was at my wits end with sore nipples and now that my milk has come in things are SO much better.  I also have less bleeding going on down there (was never a ton but less already).

    Be sure to take it easy when you get home!  I was up and about too much yesterday and really paid for it at the end of the day.  Do not be afraid to ask DH or anyone else to get something for you 30 times a day if you have to.  (DH has been so great, but it’s hard not to run around the house.)

     Quad – Congrats on your baby boy!  You seem so excited :o)

    And congrats to you too Cookie!!  Just got to your post.  Kudos for keeping your sense of humor!!

    Trouble – I’d get tested for yeast again before buying anything OTC.  For a few years before hand I had serious issues, so I was very concerned about dealing with it while pregnant.  The doc had said OTC creams would be OK.  Luckily mine suddenly stopped about 3-4 months before conceiving.  Couple of suggestions:  free & clear detergent, cotton underwear, no panty liners, never put soap inside your labia – just kind of lightly suds down there – like barely at all, no underwear at night (maybe not as feasible while pregnant w/ all the discharge), no substantial proof that diet changes will help but some people think a low sugar diet will.

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    Re: February Updates

    Fram, congratulations on your baby girl!!

    Pugs, here's to a smooth, quick delivery and a healthy, beautiful baby!

    Okay, I'm going back to lurking now. :)
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    Re: February Updates

    Thanks for all the well-wishes, everyone!  I had an NST on Friday (which looked great) and I asked the NP why induction was a better choice than waiting it out, and she explained to me that after 41 weeks the risks to the baby can skyrocket.  The oxygen levels may not be as good, etc.  So that was all I needed to hear to know that we're doing the right thing.  I do wish that she would have come on her own, but as long as we have a healthy baby afterwards, that's all that matters.  :)

    But you know what I'm finding really stinks about a scheduled induction?  Way too much time to think!!!  I think it would have been easier for me to rush to the hospital in labor rather than having all this time to think about labor and delivery, how our lives are going to change, etc.  I know everything will be fine, but I always think too much about everything.  If only I could just down a couple martinis and relax!  LOL!
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    Re: February Updates

    Yay, Fram! Great story! I can't believe how fast it all happened for you!
    Pugs, good luck tomorrow - can't wait to hear details about your baby girl's arrival this week!

    Our photographer came over yesterday and did some photos - he posted a few tonight and they seem like they'll be nice albeit some are a little awkward. since my mom was here we did some mother/daughter shots and I just about peed my pants laughing at it (alongside DH and my mom). I think I should post it on the awkward family photos site...lol. Also, wow, I look huge...
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    Re: February Updates

    Congrats on baby April fram! I think it's the most helpful when we hear all the details, so not TMI at all. I have no idea what I'm in for so it's nice to hear the play-by-play.   

    Sending good thoughts your way Pugs, just a few more days!! 
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    Re: February Updates

    Congrats, Fram!  And welcome, Baby April.  :) 
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    Re: February Updates

    Fram!  What a story!  I'm so happy it all went so well for you and that you are enjoying your new baby girl so much!  :) 

    Pugs - good luck with the induction!

    AFM, got the call from the geneticist on Friday that I tested negative for all 3 screenings and risk of downs is now 1/6600.  Whew!  So now I get to tell my manager this week!  OMG, I am so nervous!!!! 

    Hope EOE is well!
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    Re: February Updates

    Congratulations to Fram, and welcome baby April!! Enjoy every minute of getting to know your precious little girl.
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    Re: February Updates

    Finally catching up on all the posts. Congratulations on your baby girl Fram! So exciting! 
    Good luck Pugs with your induction, your little one will be here before you know it.
    I received a call from my Dr on Friday, my c-sec has been scheduled for 7/7/2011! AHHH! I can't wait, at least I know I wont be going late like I did with my first.  
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    Re: February Updates

    Congrats Fram!  Sounds like your labor was pretty much like mine. I was in a lot of pain pretty quickly and once I had the epi it was pretty much a piece of cake!  At least I thought.  I did not even think pushing was that bad.   
    Love her name!  Have so much fun!  Little girls at the best!  Even though a boy is up next for us, I will miss having my little peanut girl to dress up.  Enjoy every minute
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    Re: February Updates

    Funny awkward waiter moment on Friday  night:

    we went to Legal's in Peabody for dinner since my mom had never been there. I sat down at the table and the waiter came over and promptly said, "Oh, you're due really soon, huh?" Strike one.

    Then he took our drink orders, and I ordered a coke. He offered me a root beer. I said a coke would be great, thanks. Strike two.

    Then I ordered salmon, and he asked me if I wanted it cooked well done. OK, so I normally order my salmon well done anyway -but Strike three just for being an a*$.
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    Re: February Updates

    Congrats Fram and welcome April! Great name...love it!

    Pugs - thinking of you and sending positive thoughts. I hear you about the time to think...that is one of my concerns about our current plan to induce!

    I've still got a couple more days before we go that route, but I'm starting to believe it might come down to that...
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    Re: February Updates

    Fram, congrats on baby April!  What a lovely name!!!  So glad to hear your labor/delivery were relatively uneventful and that she's finally here! 

    Come on Baby Pugs, let's get going!!  Have you tried thai food yet?  I know two mamas who had spicy thai food the night before they went into labor :) 

    Silver - salmon isn't one of the fish that's traditionally undercooked (like tuna), is it?  I've never been asked how I want my salmon cooked, I don't think?  Either way, that's an annoying restaurant experience!

    Trouble, congrats on the good test results - phew! 

    As for me, not much to report.  I'm creeping toward the third trimester, but am blissfully happy and comfy right now at 25 weeks.  Baby's on a regular kicking schedule which is wonderfully reassuring.  I LOVE that part.  I could stare at my belly all day long watching it jump and move.  It makes me sad that DH can't experience this feeling.  While I'm not sleeping perfectly, I'm still able to get comfy enough to sleep all night.  Knock on wood, no other complaints at this point.  (Well, aside from annoying heart palpitations, but I had those pre-pregnancy, too.  But now, paired with the baby kicking, I feel like my insides are constantly pulsating!) 

    I went on an online Mini-Boden shopping spree yesterday and bought both girls and boys things that I just couldn't resist.  I figured that I could always keep the things that baby won't wear for the next kid, or hand them off to a friend in the future.  I just couldn't stop myself! I also bought some flowy summer tops for me because I know I'll feel like a cow by the end of June with nothing to wear in the summer months :) 

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    Re: February Updates

    Sprout, a lot of restaurants will cook it medium - but I just personally like my salmon to be well done and kind of dry...not sure why this is. I don't know what the implications are for pregnancy of a medium-cooked salmon, probably none - so I was kind of surprised he brought it up. And of course he was sort of obnoxious anyway.
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    Re: February Updates

    Good luck Pugs and Baby Pugs!!  You have your "stripping of the membranes" today, right??  Maybe everything will happen on its own tonight, but if not at least you know you don't have to wait past tomorrow!

    ETA: Just read your post.  It is a hard decision - I was the EXACT same way, wanted baby to decide when to come out, not doctors. But I made peace with it and am glad you also seem to have.  My induction went fine.  Even though I had a last-minute c-section (which I don't think was because of the induction) baby was never in any danger at all.  Will be thinking of you!
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    Re: February Updates

    Congrats Fram and here's hoping Pugs gets going with out an induction! 

    And Silver, what a dip-shlit.  I would have given him quite a earful (after the meal, wouldn't want any retaliation) so you get extra points for being so patient.

    As for my updates, nothing too interesting.  I'm 17 weeks today and I can feel the baby moving around like crazy.  I have been feeling lots of fluttering since about 14 weeks but now it is a for sure thing and not just my imagination.  Unfortuately, I just look fat right now - my uterus is just pushing my fat up over my pants rather than looking like a nice prego belly.  I can't wait until I actually look pregnant!