February Updates

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    Re: February Updates

    June08, good point about people never staying over their welcome at the hospital, they tend to say hello, hold the baby and leave.  When they are at your house, they tend to stay longer.

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    Re: February Updates

    Yes, great point about not overstaying your welcome at the hospital! 

    Luckily we're not local so we wouldn't have anyone visiting but our very close friends in Boston - we don't have relatives nearby or anything. 
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    Re: February Updates

    I agree with both sides regarding the hospital vs. home visitors.  With DH and I, I think it's going to be more on a case-by-case basis.  Some people are great about knowing how to act and knowing when it's time to leave; others will stress you out from the second they show up and stay way longer than they should.  You have people who will show up at your house, sit on their @$$ and expect to be waited on, and you have others that will come over genuinely wanting to help you with chores, errands, etc.  So for some, hospital visits are perfect, and for others, having them at your house will actually be a lifesaver. 

    I know I sound like a totally evil, horrible person, but I have a great plan for my in-laws.  No hospital visits, and we'll have them at the house.  But when they come over I'll set it up so they can visit with DH and DD while I either take a nap in the bedroom or get out for awhile.  Everybody wins!  Awful, I know, but I think pregnancy has finally taught me how to be a little bit selfish for once in my life! 
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    Re: February Updates

    June08 and Quad, you are singing my song!  As long as I know someone is ok with hospital visitors, I almost always do that instead of a house visit - in/out in 15 minutes, get to give hugs, congratulate, and not overstay your welcome or put new mom and dad in position of hosting.  If I do go to someone's home to meet a newborn, I always bring 1-2 freezable meals, some staple groceries, and never stay more than 30 minutes.  For me with DS, I MUCH preferred having people at the hospital (especially with the longer c-section stay).  No pressure to entertain, didn't feel uncomfortable asking people to step out to nurse while I was still trying to get the hang and was really unable to be discreet (whereas at home, that would typically require me leaving the room when guests were around).  I'm a really all-out type of hostess, so I know that if I had all those visitors at my house, even if recovering from surgery and trying to figure out a newborn, I'd totally overdo it.  I plan to put the word out for this DD on her way, that guests are more than welcome at the hospital with a call ahead to me or DH. 
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    Re: February Updates

    I also liked hospital visits.  Since I had a c-sec, I was in for 4 nights, so it was nice to have visitors.  It's also nice that there was a very limited time during which they could visit.  But I think if I had a vaginal birth and was only in for 48 hrs I would not have wanted any visitors in the hospital.  There is way too much to learn - especially if you plan on breastfeeding.

    I didn't like home visits because I didn't want to feel like I had to entertain and look presentable.  In fact, 9 months post-partum I still don't like to pick up for visitors! 

    I think I need a maid ;)
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    Re: February Updates

    Very good points ladies about the hospital visits.  Something to think about...I guess I won't really know how it will all play out until the time comes, when people will want to come, if they want to come to the hospital etc.  I'm sure my closest girl friends will want to come to the hospital and it makes more sense to have them come, then have a few days at home before the masses of visitors stream in! 
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    Re: February Updates

    just another thing to add...ppl will do what they want regardless of what you actually want.  When I had DD #2 a month ago...I made it very clear I didnt want visitors until DD #1 came and met her sister, well someone unexpectedly showed up and spoiled my immediate family meeting for the 1st time.  Thinking back, it sooooo wasnt a big deal even at that moment, DD didnt care in the least she had a sister and it made my family member really happy to witness the meeting for the first time.  Emotions are running really high for all of you who are close to giving birth and while it may be super important to you right now, it might end up being no so important in the end.  Forgive me for saying this but if you dont want any visitors period, its selfish because you have ppl in your life who love you, your husband and your child and are just as excited to meet him/her.
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    Re: February Updates

    I agree - the hospital visit is better - in, out, and gone. When people came to the house they wanted us to open presents, and stayed for a while, and it felt kind of rude to excuse myself so that I could go spend 30 minutes trying to nurse my newborn.

    However, my SIL that lives a couple towns over came to the hospital and to the house, and then tried 2 Mondays in a row to just randomly stop by (DH went back to work after we brought the baby home so I was fending for myself)  - she called saying if I was available to call her back, I was still in bed (11am) and I didn't call her back.  She called my DH irritated that I didn't return her call. Too bad, lady! Next time around maybe I'll just disconnect the house phone. Or maybe I'll want her to come by so she can distract DD!
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    Re: February Updates

    I hate that people give you an out and if you take it they get mad.  They essentially lied about their being firstly concerned with your needs.
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    Re: February Updates

    I might be in the minority, but I had a relatively fast and easy labor, so I welcomed visitors in the hospital. We went in on Sunday morning, early, DD was born ~9am, we were up in our room before 1. By Monday afternoon I was bored. So when some friends stopped by (and brought pizza, YUM!) I was thrilled. I wound up watching all the videos the hospital had on baby stuff (including car seat installation) really late Monday night, because it was that or infomercials, and I couldn't fall back to sleep right away after they brought DD in to nurse. So don't count on wanting or not wanting visitors until you know how you feel.
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    Re: February Updates

    KT:  I hear you on the worry about not eating and having the c-section late in the day.  I went in for an induction, almost a week past my due date with gestational diabetes.  I knew that if the induction failed we'd be having a c-section by that evening.  What I didn't prepare for was not eating for that whole time.  I basically had dinner the night before and then NOTHING to eat OR drink until sometime after 7:00 pm or so on the day of the birth (so 24+ hours).  I was told not to eat or drink before going to the hospital, but I assumed I'd get to have some water or ice chips...NOPE.  I was allowed absolutely nothing.  They kept trying to console me by saying I was being hydrated with my IV fluids.  Um...yeah...not at all the same...I was dying of thirst and had a super dry throat.  I begged for ice chips and water while I was in the recovery room after my 6:00 pm c-section.  They only allowed it because I swore that I wasn't feeling nauseous and that I'd warn them if I felt the slightest twinge of nausea.

    I also agree with everyone who says that it's not that bad having hospital visitors...as long as there is time for you to get to know the baby first.  With my c-section I was able to released early due to a pending snowstorm...and thank god because I hated it in the hospital.  The place was perfectly nice, but I hated the nurses checking in on me all the time and I seriously felt like I was in prison. I was nice to have visitors to break up the daytime hours. I totally felt imposed upon when people came to visit at home the very same day we got released from the hospital (unfortunately, it was unavoidable because we needed some help picking up prescriptions and groceries since my husband can't drive due to an eye disease.)
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    Re: February Updates

    KT - that stinks!  I'm surprised it can't be until 1.  It seems like our practice schedules them at the absolute farthest in advance SSH will allow, and i was under the impression they always shoot for first thing in the AM.  Do you think it may be to get a specific OB?  Maybe the doc's shift starts at a certain time?  I remember when you posted yours had been scheduled - exactly a week after I found out mine (makes sense with our week apart due dates) and I did get 8am. 
    Sorry to hear it is later in the day.  What time do you have to report in to the hospital?  I could totally understand being stressed about the not eating/drinking.  Especially if you are sitting around waiting for surgery, not like distracted by active labor or anything.  Are you considering bringing it up with Atrius?  Who is doing yours?  I decided to schedule with Dr. Chen again since she did my last one.
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    Re: February Updates

    Wow, lots think about when it gets closer regarding hospital visits. 

    Fram, you mentioned having an appt with a pediatrician the other day.  Do you just call and say you want to an appt to discuss future care of your unborn child?  I figure I will start researching different dr's starting next month sometime, though didn't know how to go about making an appt before the birth.  

    The last couple nights I have woken up from sleep and felt very dizzy while lying down, has this ever happened to anyone else?  I have an appt on Friday, so I will mention it, just was a strange feeling. 
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    Re: February Updates

    Jan - Good luck!!  Are you still working?  I'm hoping to keep working as long as possible, but it's so unpredictable with 3 weeks to go.  Who knows how I'll feel in 2 weeks.  Hope you're feeling good!

    Wed - I go to a Harvard Vanguard, so I looked at their pediatricians online and called to ask if one was taking new patients.  We don't have any close friends or family in the area, so couldn't really ask for recommendations.  Anyway, when I called the receptionist asked if I wanted to set up a meet and greet.  There are a bunch within the practice, so we can always switch if she isn't a good fit, but the meeting went well.

    Pugs - During the tour at Beth Israel, the tour guide said they will basically let you have visitors at any time, so not to worry.  I said, Ummm what if I want to tell someone they can only visit between certain hours?  What hours would those be??  So I'm doubtful that they pay attention to kids coming in either.  We'll see!

    Silver - That class sounds great!
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    Re: February Updates

    Apparently I got the last scheduled appointment for the earliest day they will do the c-section.  I was offered either the 16th or 21st (the 21st is the day after my DD so that was a big no) and I took the 16th.  I had no idea that a scheduled c-section could happen in the afternoon.  I talked to the nurse about it and told her my concerns and asked if it could be moved up but she said there was nothing else available.  I was told if someone who is scheduled for that day goes early that I can take their slot.  I'm not sure how to follow up with that w/o looking like a total pyscho and calling everyday. 

    MM - The waiting around is going to be the worst!  I tried explaining this to my mother and a couple friends but no one seems to understand.  Dr Gioni is going to do mine but she did not know if it was going to be her when she gave me the date.  You got lucky with an 8am appt!

    As far as hospital visits went I actually liked having just family and then having friends to our house.  My transition home was pretty good (of course a couple bad days) but I enjoyed the company at home and really loved just having family visit in the hospital.

    Side note - Is this the longest week - it was all I could do to will myself out of bed this morning.
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    Re: February Updates

    Ha! I should clarify, I can't fit into my smaller sized pants, you know those pants you wear when you skipped dinner the night before and feeling svelt? yeah, those can no longer button. I'm a "healthy" gal and the world has asked me not to even attempt skinny pants. Though I'm vowing after this pregnancy to lose a bunch of weight and maybe entertain some skinny pants. (I have big dreams of keeping the weight gain this time under control and not gaining 40 lbs like I did with my last one!)

    counting down the days to my first u/s next week to date the pregnancy. I can't wait! I get so excited to see the baby every time, even if they're just a little blob on the screen.

    As for visiting policies-do what you're comfortable with. Only immediate family visit in the hospital-and considering how unenthused they are for this pregnancy, we'll probably have that time for ourselves to bond with the new baby. And don't be bashfull at home-it's okay to tell people you're tired and need a nap-and dad does too!

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    Re: February Updates

    re: visiting hours.  Newton Wellesley had a great policy of "quiet hours" every day, I think it was from 2-4.  They make an announcment 15 minutes before, asking people to leave.  In reality, you can have visitors whenever you want, but it gives a nice way to get people to leave and keep them away for a bit if you want it. 

    We didn't have too many visitors at the hospital.  DH mom and stepdad were there the day she was born, DH dad and brother came up the next day, but other than that, only visitors were my mom and dad every day, and my sister came a few times.  I liked the hospital visitors.

    I don't think we had visitors at the house (again, other than my parents, who were  a HUGE help with feeding us, and sitting with the baby and sending us to bed), until she was at least 2 weeks old.  And by then, I was craving contact from the outside world!
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    Re: February Updates

    Re: Pediatricians, some don't do interviews - I'm personally fine with this b/c I chose my Pedi on very good credentials: she graduated from University of Cincinnati (my hometown). Clearly, anyone who might possibly be a Bengals, Reds or Skyline Chili fan is a-OK in my book.

    And if we don't like her, we can always switch. I did get a family reference for the actual group practice - they have long hours in some of their locations so in an emergency we'll be able to get some care late at night so I like that.

    But when I called, they said she doesn't do prenatal interviews (they had a much more technical name for it) and I said that was fine, I wouldn't know what to ask anyway and I don't have the patience to shop around.

    On a side note, my SIS (sister-in-sin) checked into the hospital at 11:45 last night and is currently braving through labor au naturel...she was scheduled to be induced at 3AM but that little girl must have known her mom really did not want to go that route and started working her way out just in the knick of time! I have to admit, the Facebook updates from her and my brother are great - no details, just amusing and entertaining updates. If you're going to do a play-by-play that's the way to do it. Can't wait to FINALLY know my  niece's name and see her!! I probably won't actually get to meet her until Christmas.
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    Re: February Updates

    Silver, I'm nosy/curious - what kind of posts is she writing?  Sounds funny.  Updating through labor - who would have ever guessed we'd find ourselves with this level of technology!! 

    You all are making me re-think hospital visits, for certain people at least. 
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    Re: February Updates

    Well, she "checked-in" to the hospital, and then later "checked-in" to the hospital heliport. I thought that was funny - they aren't taking any helicopter rides today, thankfully.

    My brother just posted a few times about heading to the hospital, and then later how he's surrounded by amazing women and when one person somehow didn't know they were having a baby, asked my bro if he was OK after checking into the hospital - he replied that he was diagnosed with "extreme testicular potency. Much like the Greek god Testicules."

    and another one of my faves:

    "You will all be very impressed at what we're able to produce. We won't let you down. The nation will rejoice. "

    ETA: my family is totally normal.

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    Re: February Updates

    Hi Silver, if you could post the contact info for this place, that would be great! Thanks!

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    Re: February Updates

    She was born at 2:03 this afternoon - Dorothy Mae! 9lbs 1.8oz.

    I definitely am going to have a 10lb baby. It is in my genes. :-)
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    Re: February Updates

    In Response to Re: February Updates:
    Hi Silver, if you could post the contact info for this place, that would be great! Thanks!
    Posted by GlitzyCity

    the # is 781-338-7561 and the coordinator's name is Diana, I believe. The class is called the New Dad Difference - and they do have other classes for moms as well.
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    Re: February Updates

    Love Dorothy!  (Mostly because I love the nicknames Dot and Dottie.)  And the status updates are so cute! 

    Twin - how would lemonade go down?  I know a lot of us were hooked on lemonade in our first trimesters.  Since you're probably peeing at least once per night anyway, would it help to try to get a pint of water in right before going to bed?  I also drank a lot of hot peppermint tea in lieu of cold water in order to keep my liquids up when I just wasn't in the mood for water. 

    My MS only lasted from weeks 5-8, but I was a lucky one so I don't want to give you too much hope...I know some like Pugs had it last into the second trimester.  But I promise it does go away eventually!  I'm sure you've been doing all of the tricks like eating first thing in the morning and sucking on hard candies.  The hard candies actually worked wonders for me - something about the constant swallowing soothed my stomach.  I kept a bag of lifesavers in each bag and in my desk at work.  Oh, and I also ate a ridiculous amount of carbs & fruit.  I couldn't get enough bagels and toast and bread.  And lots of pears (might have been the season - October/November).  That somehow helped me through the day, too.  I wonder since grapefruits are in season, if they would help you?  Although they're acidic, they might have the lemonade effect and be hunger/thirst quenching? 

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    Re: February Updates

    Oh and Twin - re: water levels being a concern, I'd just make sure your urine is relatively light and clear...if it's darker yellow or cloudy I'd be worried you're not getting enough, and you might have to force some more juice or tea down to get your cells all hydrated!