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February Updates

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    Re: February Updates

    So many good topics right now!

    Silver, thanks for the contact DH doesn't know it yet, but he'll be going to the New Dad class.

    KT, I hear you on the afternoon appt.  I was at 8 1/2 weeks when my lumpectomy was scheduled for noon (really closer to 2pm) with the MS, I almost sent DH to the cafe to get me a gingerale and a whole lemon.  I wanted to peel at eat it like an orange!

    Keep in mind, I had general anesthesia.  I know it's never off the table if there's any sort of delivery emergency, but anesthesia guidelines are very different for epidural vs. general.  You didn't hear this from me, but how would they know if you had a couple of ounces of clear liquids in the AM?  <Nothing red, just in case /> It would be out of your stomach well before your arrival. 

    For me the MS didn't start to pass until about week 13.  Which ironically, was just in time for my first chemotherapy treatment yesterday.  It went as well as can be expected.  I had steroids (okayed by my HR OB) so I had some heartburn and trouble sleeping after.  Other than that, doing well.  Hope the rest go the same way.

    I'm also wrestling with the maternity pants debate (no pun intended--you should see me try to keep them up).  I did get some, but I'm holding off on wearing them to work as long as I can.  Co-workers know, but none of my patients know, and I don't want to start *that* conversation yet.

    Count me in for the "DH and no one else at delivery camp."  Since I work right next to the hospital where I'll deliver, I'm sure my friends will stop by.  That'll be fine.  I'm more worried about the post-discharge visit from all of the out-of-town out-laws.  Yikes.  DH has already told them where the nearest Courtyard is!

    Also, shout out to ajuly.  I crashed your yoga class last week, (I live right down the road in Stoneham), and think I'll try to keep at it.  Both the oncologist and the OB have told me to get exercise, so it seemed like a logical starting place.   

    Jan, I sure hope you head in soon!  Best wishes for smooth sailing!
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    Re: February Updates

    twin:  My morning sickness lasted from about week 7 or 8 until about week 14, if I remember correctly.  Water is definitely the best thing for your system, but the important thing is to stay hydrated and it doesn't really matter where the hydration comes from (with the disclaimer that caffeine can offset the hydrating effects of coke, etc so maybe stick with caffeine free).  Have you tried ice tea with lemon? Flavored seltzer water? Eat more soups for lunch, etc? Cup of soup or broth for an afternoon snack with crackers?
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    Re: February Updates

    KT - I was wondering about sneaking in some food/water too... Maybe you could ask if it's more like a certain number of hours during which you shouldn't eat and drink?  Even if you had to get up at 4:00am to have a snack, that would be better than going 13+ hours without anything!

    Twin - I had nausea from about week 5-10 or 11, but never threw up.  Hope you feel better soon!  I wasn't really hungry, so at first I would try to hold off on eating, but I was only hurting myself.  Just choke the food down whether you want to or not!
    Also second what Newbie said - Caffeine won't help with hydration, so be careful of tea, coffee, or soda if you don't think you're getting enough water.

    AFM - Worked from home yesterday, which is always nice... Although it's pretty tough to get comfortable on my couch at this point.  I am most comfortable in my chair at work or in bed at night.  Getting into my bed at night is heavenly!
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    Re: February Updates

    Twin- I had MS from the day after I POAS (literally felt like I was hit by a bus and thought you've got to be kidding me) until 16-17 weeks.  I talked to  my neighbor who is a nurse and she was the only one that told me give it to 16 weeks, everyone else just said, you'll feel great at 12, it will be like a light switch! I wanted to punch those people.  It got better as the weeks went on, but never fully went away until 17 weeks.  I wasn't throwing up just constant nausea and intense hunger. That finally went away too.  I loved drinking Vitamin water, the lemon flavor or gatorade. I also gained 15lbs in the 1st tri from eating constantly. haha oops!  Hang in there, I felt like a million bucks when it was over and am still feeling great at 29 weeks. 
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    Re: February Updates

    Fram/Silver, thanks for the info on pediatrician interviews.   I am with you Fram, no family or friends in the Boston area to get references, so I am hoping that when I am ready to look some people on these boards can give me a few names, or maybe some people at work.  

    Twin, sorry I am not much help.  I am not sure how I lucked out, though I did not have MS at all, only a few smells here and there that would make me nauseous  the first few weeks. 
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    Re: February Updates

    Re: pugs, most hospital do not allow chidren unless they are siblings of the newborn. Why doesn't your sIL get it- your neices can see the baby when he/she comes home.

    p.s visitors = Not your problem, the hospital has visiting hours for a reason and when I was in the hospital now ~9 weeks ago; I was so happy they were enforced 1-9pm at BWH.

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    Re: February Updates

    KT - I think you should be able to eat at least a little something before going in.  I am planning/hoping to go natural and plan to eat/drink in that process.  Of course, if I have to have an emergency c-section after trying, they won't wait for me to digest.  The instructor of my baby class made a good point - people who are in car accidents/gun shot victims, etc don't plan on having that happen and had probably eaten before surgery...they are all okay.  I never had thought of that before! 

    twin - my morning sickness was AWFUL.  It did go away right as I started the 2nd trimester however.  I drank a lot of ginger ale, ginger and peppermint tea and lemonade.  That seemed to go down easier.  I also put lemons in my water because that smell seemed to make me feel better.  Also, even though everything you know about being sick tells you otherwise, eat crackers all day.  The times I didn't eat was when I would get really sick.  If I ate a graham cracker here and there, I'd feel better.  I kept them next to the bed and ate half of one whenever I got up.  Although I woke up DH, this made the MS less frequent. 

    I tried wearing maternity pants early on when my other pants stopped fitting but they were too big.  Even now they fall down but I wear the bella band to keep them up.  I did not like wearing the bella band with my regular pants unbuttoned because I work with little kids and am up and down all day - so my pants were always falling down as the bella band went up!  I did find some great pants that have an elastic waist and are not maternity pants.  They feel like yoga pants, but look like work pants.  I still fit into them now at 32 weeks.....well, with both of the seams ripped, haha!  but they were great early on.

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    Re: February Updates

    <quote> The instructor of my baby class made a good point - people who are in car accidents/gun shot victims, etc don't plan on having that happen and had probably eaten before surgery...they are all okay.  I never had thought of that before!  </quote>

    I don't want to be a naysayer, especially since if I had to do it again, I would probably have had a glass of water in the morning.  But, the big difference with planned surgery is that you can greatly reduce the risk of aspirating stomach contents into your lungs by having an empty stomach.  For emergency situations, the risk to the patient of not having surgery at all, or waiting for digestion, outweighs the risk of aspiration.

    I jut wanted to explain the logic behind the rules.
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    Re: February Updates

    Yea, I will suck it up and not drink anything, I'd be more nervous that it would have an adverse affect and/or I'd end up sick to my stomach after the c-section which is one of my big fears.  I may have a huge pancake dinner at midnight but we'll see if I actually do that.

    Twin, I had morning sickness with this pregnancy and with DD and eating lots of small snacks made me feel better.  I at lots of carb type foods - I also could not get enough pizza, mac&cheese, and nachos - something about cheese was soothing to me.  I think mine lasted until about 13 weeks with both pregnancies.  Also, I hear you on the water, that was a total turn off to me as well.

    Cookie - Not sure if your hospital offers prenatal exercise classes (south shore does) I took them when pregnant with DD and they were great!

    Silver - Congrats on becoming an Aunt!!
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    Re: February Updates

    Twin, I had m/s from the day I found out I was pregnant (that's why I ended up taking the test) until about 15 weeks.  It was awful...I felt it all day every day; some days was just nausea, other days it came with the vomiting, too.  Everyone else has already given some great advice -- make sure you're eating throughout the day (an empty stomach is the worst), stay hydrated, and eat whatever you can, when you can.  I ate a lot of mac and cheese, grilled cheese, toast, dry cereal, and popsicles/fruit bars.

    I also couldn't stomach plain water when I felt sick.  Gatorade is awesome, and soda helps (but like everyone else said, watch out for the caffeine).  Frozen lemonade from Panera was great, too; I used to get one of those a few times a week.

    Are you a coffee drinker by any chance?  I always have a cup of coffee in the morning, but the thought of it didn't appeal to me when I had m/s.  When I finally started forcing a cup down in the morning, I felt SO much better.  And I switched to iced coffee for awhile which was a little easier to choke down.

    I know it's the last thing you want to hear, but it DOES get better!  But when you're living it, it feels like it's never going to end.  I've finally reached the achy, uncomfortable phase at 37 weeks, and I can honestly say I'd take this any day over the m/s.  I hope you feel better soon!!!
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    Re: February Updates

    Thanks, KT! I'm quite the expert Aunt now - 4 nieces, 2 nephews! Thankfully they all have birthdays in Feb, March or April so its easy to keep track. :-)

    I'm wondering if I should take off my wedding bands just in case...I am not noticing any swelling, but is it better just to do it as a precaution rather than all of sudden swell up and have to cut them off?

    Some mornings I get extremely  hot - like today - and my rings definitely feel tight but as soon as I cool off they're fine. But everytime it happens I just wonder if it is going to be the time they don't get looser...I know we've talked about it before but what has everyone else done as far as rings go?
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    Re: February Updates

    Silver, I still wear my rings and they don't fit any different.  I've never had any swelling in my hands.  I have the occasional swelling in one or both ankles/feet, but that's been about it.

    I'm so bummed...I made it almost all the way through my pregnancy without getting sick, and today I woke up with a cold!  Booo.  :(
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    Re: February Updates

    Silver, I wouldn't worry about your rings until you have to.  It should be a gradual thing.  If you suddenly swell up so much in one day that you can't get them off, that would be cause for concern.
    My wedding band is a tiny bit smaller than my e-ring, so it got harder and harder to take off.  I stopped wearing it a week or two ago.  Just yesterday I noticed my hands seem a little swollen, so I may take off the e-ring too :o(
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    Re: February Updates

    errrr, swelling, this was the only issue I had with DD besides heart burn.  I could not wear my rings from maybe like 25 weeks on with DD.  Most of the weight I gained was water weight so I was really swollen.  I think I took them off one day and never put them back on.  At almost 16 weeks now my fingers do feel swollen but not as bad yet.  I am still wearing my rings.   I remember when I was like 37 weeks along, I looked at my feet and one was about 10 times bigger than the other.  We were at a friends house when I noticed it, mind you I was in flip flops in the middle of January because nothing fit my feet.   The doctor wanted to see me and they made me go for an ultrasound on my leg just to be sure everything was ok an it was.   To add to my swelling, after having DD I lost a lot of blood and they needed to pump me up with fluids.  Those first couple of days I looked like I sucked in helium.   Those pictures are great to look at :-).  Good thing was that about 2 weeks later, it was all gone and I just had to loose the belly flab.
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    Re: February Updates

    Twin, if fruit bars sound good to you try the Edy's brand ones!  I went through a ton of those (and I still do because they're so good), specifically the lemonade and the pineapple. 

    I'm a bit concerned as to how DH is going to do in the delivery room as well.  He's skittish like your DH, and he has a knack for always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time!  My parents will be waiting at the hospital, so I already told my mom that if I throw DH out of the delivery room, she's in.  She said she's about 90% sure it will happen at least once.  :)

    Anyone else late in their pregnancy having HORRIBLE back pain?  Mine just aches constantly from my shoulders down to my waist, regardless of how I'm sitting or lying down.  It's the worst right in the middle, just below my shoulder blades.  I think it may be time for another prenatal massage.
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    Re: February Updates

    Twin - In my experience, I had to eat regardless of whether I was hungry.  I'd be sitting here with a disgusted look on my face eating pretzels or cheese and crackers or pb crackers in between meals.  Otherwise I'd be nauseous.  I gained less than 10 lbs during the first trimester, so it worked out OK!

    Pugs - I've had back pain off and on the past couple weeks, just to the right of the middle.  Fun!  DH can usually manage to make it all better.

    AFM - I'm convinced (perhaps deluded) that the baby is small.  I haven't had any pain up by my ribs and I don't feel pressure on my bladder.  At 37 1/2 weeks, I would expect one of those things if she were taking up all the space in there!  Crossing my fingers :o)
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    Re: February Updates

    good news - MIL came over today and she, DH and I had a "chat" and were able to squash all the BS from the last few months and also relieve all my fears about the delivery room, boundaries, etc...I think she must have had an epiphany recently b/c she was very receptive to everything we had to say. So it was a nice productive conversation - I don't think things are going to be perfect, but I feel better knowing that she is going to let me have my time w/ my mom and not create unecessary drama. PHEW.
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    Re: February Updates

    Fram - I can tell you that having a 9 lb 8 oz baby that there was a whole lot pressure so hopefully you are right! I'm also 5'9 with a long torso so would have thought that I would have plenty of room.
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    Re: February Updates

    Nice job silver.  I told my mom she couldn't be in the delivery room (DH and I just wanted it to be the two of us) and she was a bit miffed but care around with bit of teasing in the end.  She also lives 5 minutes from the hospital so we let her know the instant DS was born.
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    Re: February Updates

    Silver-good job for talking with your MIL.

    Twin-I'm 7 weeks now and up a pound already-I've always dreamt about losing weight in the first trimester.

    AFM: nasua has started. Not all the time, hits in waves typically in the afternoon. I've noticed it's when I'm thirsty. But I'm craving salty snacks.

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    Re: February Updates

    Only 15 days to go!!!  Although, I have a strong feeling that baby girl will make a late appearance.  We'll see!  How are you feeling, Pugs?
    My to do list is almost accomplished, so that feels really good.  Only things left on there are packing hospital bag(s) and buying a better extension cord and power strip for our bedroom.  We only have one outlet and I am so paranoid about the house burning down when the baby is asleep in there... despite the fact that we've been using the same cheap cord/strip for 3.5 years.
    Crib mattress was ordered yesterday.  Nursing bras were purchased yesterday.  So exciting!!
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    Re: February Updates

    So, er, I need to add more fiber to my diet. Let's just say things have slowed down drastically.  I bought some fiber one bars which I used to be able to tolerate, but now I know that I do not need the added gas that they caused me (it's not the right kind of fiber, chicory root). I will not be eating the rest of the box. I've always had a high fiber diet (fruits, veggies, ground flax seed, high fiber cereal) and it's not cutting it anymore.  Any one on fiber supplements like citrucel or metamucil?  Do you take the pills or the powder?  DH takes citrucel every day, i may just steal from his stash...
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    Re: February Updates

    Silver, glad your MIL was so understanding and you were able to have a productive talk.  When DD was born, I would have allowed my parents in the delivery room, but I didn't really want my inlaws in there.  I knew there would be no way to pull this off without hurt feelings (even though MIL wouldn't have said anything), I would have felt badly, so we just said the only people would would be able to come in during labor would be my sisters (we didn't want anyone there for the actual delivery).  I knew neither of them would be offended if we decided to kick them out.  It worked out well.  My older sister unfortunately wasn't able to come up for her birth, but my little sister came in for a bit during labor and entertained me and DH.  We are going to do the same this time. 

    I cannot believe you only have 15 days to go.  Where has the time gone?  Though right now, I am totally wishing I could hit the fast forward button to April it seems to be going so slow.
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    Re: February Updates

    Fram, I am SO ready for this kid to make her appearance!  LOL!  Ever since she dropped I've been so hips are sore all the time.  I think she's resting directly on my bladder, so I have to pee about 10 times as much as I did before.  But on the positive side, I can breathe much easier and the heartburn is pretty much gone.  I have the same feeling that this baby is coming late though!

    I got almost everything done this weekend, so that made me feel good!  The nursery is all set, the car seat is installed, most of my hospital bag is packed...such a relief!

    I had a doctor's appointment today; she said the baby has definitely dropped into position and I'm 1 and 1/2 cm dilated.  Of course that doesn't mean much, since you can go from 0 to labor in a day!
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    Re: February Updates

    Prune juice should get things moving as will caffeine (motility stimulator) if you want to have a cup or two of coffee.  As for daily fiber supplement, psyllium-based ones don't cause any gas for me.  The Fiber Ones make me fear bursting at the seams.