February Updates

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    Re: February Updates

    i think pugs and fram are getting very close!!
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    Re: February Updates

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    Kar, I would definitely go that route if DH had reasonable gift requests!  :) He told me he wants a certain sports jersey, which wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that he's already looked for it and said it's not available anywhere.  I asked him how on earth he expected me to get it and he just said, "I don't know...work your magic!" Like I said...delusional when it comes to his birthday. 
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    Fram and Pug good luck!

    Pug- if I were you, I would give my MIL a copy of your DH's birthday list a day or two before you go to the hospital.  This way she will be so busy shopping for him that she just may forget what's going with you.
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    Re: February Updates

    i think pugs and fram are getting very close!!
    Posted by poppy609

    I hope you're right!  :)  Worst case scenario is that I get induced at 41 weeks, but that still means I won't be pregnant any longer than 2 more weeks.  I can deal with that!

    Tomarra, that is a fantastic idea!  And you just made me realize that if she throws a party for him (you know, because even though he's OLD he still needs a party with cake and ice cream), I have the perfect excuse to stay home.  I don't think anyone can argue with you when you say "I can't come because my lady parts hurt."  Wink
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    Re: February Updates

    You guys, I had the craziest dream last night!  Check this out for a laugh!

    I dreamt I had the baby now (at 15 weeks)!!  I had a c-sec again and I didn't know where you or the baby was.  I saw the midwife as they wheeled me out and asked her to find BH and the LO.  Suddenly I was in a room and the baby was regular newborn size.  They gave it to me and it had regular breastmilk type p00p (not meconium) all over it including on the face and mouth, like a really bad blowout.  So I was trying to clean it up (I never did find out the sex).  Then I was trying to nurse, but the baby wanted a bottle and either told me or the nurse told me my breasts had no milk.  So I was like, "that's not true!  I've been pumping." And then I thought they gave it a bottle when I didn't know where it was and now it only wanted bottles.  Then I told DH it would be awkward to tell work about this because they didn't even know I was pregnant yet.  And then I was sad I never got to wear one of my maternity shirts with a funny slogan. Then I woke up! What do you make of that?
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    Re: February Updates

    Trouble, those pregnancy dreams are NUTS.  I had some crazy ones, especially early on.  I'd wake up and just be totally confused!

    So I had another growth ultrasound today, and got great news!  The ventricle in the brain that was dilated to 13mm a few weeks ago is now down to 10mm, which is just about normal!  All the doctors told us it was most likely nothing to worry about anyway, but it is still nice to see that it's taking care of itself.  Yay!
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    Re: February Updates

    congrats on great news, pugs!
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    Re: February Updates

    Pugs & Tomarra - I literally just laughed out loud at the suggestion that Pugs hand over the bday list to her MIL.  I was already going to post that it's clearly MIL's fault he's crazy about his bday :o)

    Trouble - That is one detailed dream!

    Sooooo (somewhat) bad news for me.  I had an appointment this morning and due to high blood pressure I am now on bed rest. 

    The morning started with a call that my NP was out sick, so I had to go in later and see a different NP.  She did an exam and I was relieved because it didn't phase me at all - the last one kind of hurt/kind of ticked and made me wonder how I'd ever handle labor!  She said I'm still less than one cm dilated, but 75% effaced... At least I think I am?  The cervix is usually about 4 cm long and mine is 1 cm.  I'm not sure how to express that, but I'm guessing I'm 75% effaced since 75% of the cervix is gone?  She said it was short and soft, which is great, despite not being dilated.

    Unfortunately my blood pressure was high, so I had to give blood and urine samples and do a non-stress test.  The NST went well.  Then I went back later for an ultrasound.  They were checking for movement and fluid levels.  Everything looked good. 

    I haven't received the lab results yet, except for one that indicated my platelets were slightly low... or something.  Could be a coincidence or could be a sign of preeclampsia.  The NP and OB said even if the test results look ok, I still have to be on bed rest.  I have a follow up appointment on Friday.  I do wonder if they're over reacting given that all of the follow up tests have been fine so far (knock on wood), but I'm sure you can all relate to doing whatever the doctors say when it comes to baby!

    Sorry for the long post!!  I'm partially relieved to get some rest before baby and partially upset to be done working already.  My doctor wouldn't approve, but I'm going in for an hour or two tomorrow to hand things over and send out some emails.  I don't know if I'll have to use vacation days or what.  It's such a bummer, but partially nice to be forced into resting.
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    Re: February Updates

    Pugs (or anyone who has had an internal exam towards the end) - Did you feel more sore afterward?  I've had slightly more pelvic/pubic pain all day, but nothing crazy.  Just slightly sharper pains, I guess.
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    Re: February Updates

    Fram, I think I jinxed you last week when I told you to work on getting your BP higher. Bummer about bed rest...hopefully it will be shortlived and  you'll end up having the baby sooner than later!

    Just curious, do you have a history of high BP or did it just come about with the pregnancy? Asking since you're the second person I know who has had this in the last week. I am wondering if its something that increases late in pregnancy and that's common? Maybe that's what preeclempsia is...I don't really know...and I should. :-)

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    Re: February Updates

    Thank you both!

    Silver - I think preeclampsia is mostly high blood pressure that sets in towards the end of pregnancy.  Not sure what else it entails.  My blood pressure - up until last week - is generally on the low end so this came completely out of nowhere!  It doesn't look like it's reeeally preeclampsia, but the NP said that it's not likely to go down once it has gone up, so I should rest.

    I've been thinking that baby will arrive late - like at 41 weeks, so I really hope I've been wrong!!  As long as everything is fine, they won't induce until roughly 3/3, so that would be like 10 vacation days before my leave starts :o(
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    Re: February Updates

    Fram- sorry that you have to go on bed rest now. It's good that all your tests came back with good news though.  My friend with high bp went on bed rest a month before her dd and then went 2 weeks after that. She was supposed to be induced and never made it that far.  Hopefully you'll go earlier and don't have to use all your vacation days. Stay well and take it easy! 
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    Re: February Updates

    Fram, I'm so sorry to hear about your BP and bed rest, but it definitely sounds like your spirits are still good.  Thankfully all your tests are coming back normal, so hopefully this is just a little blip in your otherwise uneventful pregnancy!  From what I've read, preeclampsia consists of high BP and protein in the urine after 20 weeks, so if your urine sample comes back okay then I'm guessing you don't have it.  Fingers crossed!!! 

    I wouldn't say I had sharp pains so much after the internals, but definitely more cramping and BH.  I'm always uncomfortable afterwards, that's for sure.  I had some bleeding after this last one, too.
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    Re: February Updates

    Fram--I had "pregnancy-induced hypertension" towards the end of my pregnancy and while I wasn't on bedrest, my OB did insist that I take it easy and, if I was compelled to work, to work from home as much as possible.  At first, he didn't want me going in to work at all (he was ok with me working from home), but I borrowed a BP cuff from my mother, brought it into my next appt. to make sure it got a similar reading to the nurse's reading with a regular cuff and stethoscope, and he conceded that as long as I took my BP a couple times of day at home (or at work if I insisted on going), and as long as I promised to call if it went over a certain level, he was ok with that arrangement.  I don't know what your work entails, but if it's mostly phone/computer-based and you can get an electronic BP machine, you may be able to do at least some work from home to preserve your vacation time and maternity leave.

    I continued to be monitored weekly with an ultrasound and NST, and I did go into the office on those days b/c I work down the street from where the monitoring was done.  OB wasn't thrilled, but he conceded that since I was so close to the hospital and with other people (including doctors and nurses who would be able to help in a pinch if anything went awry), that it was a slightly better situation than being alone at home at least 1/2 hour from the hospital where I planned to deliver.

    I did end up in L&D triage a few times for further BP monitoring, but my urine kept coming back negative for protein, and my BP always went back down to an acceptable level, so they had to let me go.

    Ultimately, my BP skyrocketed one day while being monitored and I took yet another trip up to L&D triage.  This time, they found a "trace" amount of protein in my urine, but my BP dropped back down.  The OB who was on (ironically, the OB/gyn I had switched from after her office/nurses p1ssed me off while TTC) wanted to do a c-section right then and there, but I put her off.  My OB had agreed--but didn't recommend--that he would be willing to try a breach delivery of my daughter (DS was "baby A," head-down and ready to pop out, DD was "baby B" and breach), so I wanted to deliver while he was on.  She ended up calling my OB and discussed my case with him.  I was sent home with a couple of bright orange jugs and told to collect my urine for the next 24 hours and bring it back the next day when I came in for further monitoring...and I was also told to bring my hospital bags with me.

    The next afternoon I went in, handed over my jugs of urine, and had my BP monitored, and it was elevated again/still.  Apparently there was still some protein in my urine too.  My OB was on that day (which I didn't know ahead of time) and after a little discussion, he convinced me to get the babies out that night.  By then, I was 37.5 weeks, which was great for a twin pregnancy.  I liked that my OB would be the one to deliver them, too (even though he finally convinced me to have a c-section).

    So...that's my pre-eclampsia story.  Pre-eclampsia isn't something you want to mess with, so listen to your doctor and at least follow the spirit of his advice re:  bed rest.  I can't remember how far along you are, but chances are if your BP continues to be elevated, they're not going to let you go past your due date.  And if there's protein in your urine, depending on the amount, they're going to want to get the baby out sooner rather than later.  I don't know what the threshhold is for singleton pregnancies, but the goal for twin pregnancies is to get to 36 weeks.  After that, most OBs won't hesitate to get the babies out if there's a problem or impending problem.  There may be more leeway with singleton pregnancies, but if you haven't already, make sure your bags are packed and ready to go!
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    Re: February Updates

    You just reminded me - I asked the NP if every pregnant woman has BH contractions and she said no.  There are women who have them and don't feel them, but some women don't get them at all.

    Any tips for dealing with a stuffy nose??  I used the neti pot a few times between Saturday and Monday, but now it burns too much - even if I only put water in.  I just filled the sink with steaming hot water and leaned over it with a towel over my head.  No clue if that's a thing, but it was worth a try!  I think it helped a little?  I am telling you, you have never seen this much snot.  It's out of control!!  I can't sleep with this stuffy nose, but at least now that I'm on bed rest I can take a nap.
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    Re: February Updates

    Thanks for the info Daisy!  I think we were typing at the same time.  My due date is 5 days away - 2/22.  I think that's why the doctor wasn't very flexible.  She did say I could work from home, but it's not feasible.  There are things I can do from home, but most of them can't be completed without access to various web sites and applications.  It's too bad because I think my boss would let me work home at least for this week. 
    All of my test results came back fine - no protein in the urine as far as I know - but I think they're not messing around because I'm in the last week of pregnancy.

    Does anyone know what a normal/ideal BP is??

    I am going to be posting like crazy Tongue out
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    Re: February Updates

    Fram - sorry about the high BP!  And yes, putting your head over a steaming bowl of water or pot will definitely help.  It's weird and time consuming but it should help clear you up!  The neti burns me sometimes, too, and I've realized in pregnancy bloody water actually ends up coming out (ewww!  sorry).  So I've stopped with the neti... 
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    Re: February Updates

    I didn't think everyone woman did, but then I read otherwise so I figured I was wrong and posted a retraction of the "not all women do" assertion.  Thanks for posting what the NP said about it.  I wonder, though, how they determine the difference between women who don't report them because they don't feel them vs they don't have them.  I suppose if they put women on contraction monitors the whole third trimester and nothing registers they'd know for sure, but aside from that?

    I've known a couple of pg women with terrible colds whose docs recommended Sudafed later in their pregnancies.  But, given the high blood pressure, I'd be sure to ask, obviously.  My grandmother always did your towel over steaming water trick with me when I was little.  I don't know if it helped, but I remember hating it!  GL, and feel better soon.

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    Re: February Updates

    Normal blood pressure is what you averaged before you got pregnant (if you didn't have high blood pressure).  Average is 120/80.
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    Re: February Updates

    120/80 is the typical normal BP reading but mine is always in the 100/60 reading which is my normal.  So call the OB office and get your last couple BP readings to determine what your normal is.
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    Re: February Updates

    Re:  BH  contractions...I never had them that I was aware of.  Apparently at one of my NSTs I was having a few, but I never felt them and was surprised when the nurse/technician mentioned it.  If I had gone the full 40 weeks, maybe I would have started having/feeling them later, but who knows?
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    Re: February Updates

    I never felt BH with my pregnancy, either. I had weekly NSTs for the last month of my pg, and I would see contractions registering on the monitor but I didn't feel them. I could feel DS moving, but not the contractions. I didn't even feel real contractions when my water broke. The doctor started me on pitocin and soon after I got an epidural. So, I guess I never really felt ANY contractions!
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    Re: February Updates

    Interesting!  I guess it would be hard to determine whether a woman has them without any monitoring.  I've had two NSTs that didn't register any contractions, so I assume I haven't had them, but who really knows.

    120/80 is exactly what I recall my BP being last week! 

    Called the office to ask for advice for my stuffy nose and they think I might have a sinus infection.  So now I have an appt with my PCP this afternoon.  I swear I am not a hypochondriac!!  What is going on this week?!

    I'm worried to take any medecine for anything because I don't want it to affect my milk supply if I go into labor within the next few days.  I suppose for now I don't actually have milk so maybe I shouldn't worry about it?  I'll be sure to ask.
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    Re: February Updates

    Fram - the cold you have might be part of what is elevating your BP. But that is even more reason to take it easy. I hope you feel better soon. (and I hope you don't have a sinus infection, those take forever to go away completely.)
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    Re: February Updates

    Oh Fram, feel better!  5 more days hopefully!  So exciting!!! 

    I hope EOE is well.  Yay for warmer weather.  Finally!

    AFM, I had a DA today.  I scheduled it with my OB rather than the midwives (they have a combined practice) so I could discuss what he thinks about me trying a VBAC.  He was pretty emphatic that he did not think I was a good candidate because the deliveries would too close together.  Which is what I thought all along!  Urgh!  So frustrating.  I feel like everyone has their own agenda that they push.  Midwives want you to do a vaginal birth because, well,  that's what they do.  OBs like c-secs because they are trained surgeons.  I wish I could get an unbiased answer.  Regardless, now I'm leaning towards the c-sec because if anything did go wrong, it'd be really bad (uterine rupture). 

    Also exciting, my next appointment will be my full scan!  Yay!!!  Then my OB said I can come in only every 6 weeks!  Isn't that great?  Less time off of work :)  I really don't see the need to go just to hear the HB anyway especially since I'll prob be feeling kicks soon enough.  I also have very few questions now.  I know the drill :)
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    Re: February Updates

    Supply issues aside, Sudafed makes my heart race, like it feels like it's going to jump out of my chest, so I only take the minimal amount and only if I'm desperate. Definitely ask around before taking anything.