Home Day Care Search - how to go about it?

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    Home Day Care Search - how to go about it?

    I dont know anyone in my area (W. Framingham) that has used a home based daycare center.  We have a number of daycare centers that we are looking at but I would like a comparison.  How do you go about looking at home based centers?  I have the list from the mass state website but have no clue how to approach it from there!  Any suggestions?
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    Re: Home Day Care Search - how to go about it?

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    Re: Home Day Care Search - how to go about it?

    I just started my own spreadsheet and began calling & emailing them.  The promising ones, I set up appointments to visit and we're in the midst of doing that now.  

    Also, whenever there was an address listed, I would Google Map it first and do a street view to get a sense of whether the house/street even looked like the kind of home & neighbourhood I'd want to take my kid to every day, and went from there.

    It's a tedious process, and we haven't yet found a home daycare we particularly like, but we're visiting at least one next week that seems REALLY promising - very close to our house, reasonable fees, fantastic pictures of the house (both inside & outside) online, and I really enjoyed talking with the woman on the phone - so our fingers are crossed!

    Good luck.
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    Re: Home Day Care Search - how to go about it?

    Look at the NACCRRA site (think it's naccrra.org) and somewhere they will have a list of questions to ask family childcare providers (and centers).  You will just have to plunge in and start making the calls, like kaydo said.  But also call and see if there are CCR&Rs in your area - those are childcare resource & referral agencies and they'll have a slightly more filled in list than just name, address & phone #.  In fact, naccrra is the National assoc. of ccr&rs so they might have, from their website, a way to find a local ccr&r.  Warmlines used to exist in either Newton or Brookline I think.  Don't remember any of the names in Framingham if I ever knew them, but there are LOTS of licensed family childcare providers in Framingham, if I remember.

    Basic questions to whittle things down:
    hours of operation
    do they offer part time care if you want that
    do they have any pets
    any guns in the house &if so, where are they kept & are they locked?
    do they enroll infants
    where are they located (close to home or close to the way you go to work, etc.)
    and anything else you think are deal-breakers. 

    for ex: if you are incredibly allergic to pets then you shouldn't have your child in a home where you will start to sneeze during drop off/pick up or if you hug your baby at the end of the day. 

    if you KNOW you need to drop baby off at 7:30am, then you should find out if they open that early, etc. 

    then you should start to call and eventually begin scheduling visits.  You'll have to spend some time with the provider to get a sense of whether you like her - this is even more personal than with a childcare center, because you are choosing her home, the way she parents her own children (if she has any) and how she will care for your baby and other children at the same time.  You'll have to see the house, decide if you think its set up well for childcare (where do the children sleep, is there any outdoor area to play, is that easy to get to with multiple children in her care or not, is there anywhere to go for walks, does she do that or just stay in her yard.  does she take the children in the car, etc.  what are her philosophies on breastfeeding (if you plan to), pacifiers, and raising a baby. 

    OH!  and do research within your HR department and see if they offer a CCR&R as part of their benefits package, or part of the EAP (employee assistance program) - for many larger firms they will.  Any information you can get from a ccr&r is great because it's work and calls you didn't have to make.