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hospital bag - what to pack?

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    Re: hospital bag - what to pack?

    Just a couple of more fresh suggestions.

    Rather than bring a huge bag, I packed 4 of the reusable whole foods grocery bags in our smallish hosptial bag. Every time DH left for the day, I just grabbed a bag and threw in the things I no longer needed - and a few freebies. And I never used anything we brought for the labor process.

    And either cut your nails short as you approach delivery or bring nail clippers. I had semi long nails and had to have someone bring me nail clippers as they gave me some problems with nursing (and they are probably somewhat germy).

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    Re: hospital bag - what to pack?

    Yikes, MissJ, your post was a reality slap for me, as I am exactly 6 weeks from my due date today!
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    Re: hospital bag - what to pack?

    Poppy, I'm two weeks and I'm only about 75% packed.  If it makes you feel better.  :)  I have to work on that tonight/this weekend. 
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    Re: hospital bag - what to pack?

    For those for delivered at MGH--what supplies does the hospital provide for baby before you check out?  Thanks!
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    Re: hospital bag - what to pack?

    Just thought I'd share a helpful link that I found if you go to there is a whole mess of checklists, including hospital bag checklist, and I found it very helpful!
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    Re: hospital bag - what to pack?

    This is my favorite gift to give when I go to a baby shower!!  I pack a large makeup bag with all the essentials and then a hospital bag for mom and that is the gift.
    I fill the makeup bag with B&B lotion, shower gel, and most importantly, antibacterial soap.  I put the soap at the sink so that when the nurses and anyone else come to visit they can wash their hands, get clean before touching baby, and enjiy the fresh smell.  Other things I include are a travel toothbrush for mom and dad, toothpaste, small brush, mints, gum, snacks for dad in case he doesn't want to leave, and I also include baby lotion.
    In the hospital bag I include a robe, cheap slippers that can be thrown out after the hospital visit, and a change of clothes for both mom and dad.  FYI - I tell the parents to be to do this in their card.
    Everyone to date has loved this gift as it saves them a ton of stress and time.  Hope you all get some ideas from this!
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    Re: hospital bag - what to pack?

    Don't forget, unless your husband plans to stay 24/7 he can always pick stuff up for you at home.  That's what I did.  I had a c-section so I was in for 5 days... he brought my hairdryer whichever day I first took a shower.  I'd say your only necessities are:  camera, video camera, cell phone (and laptop/iTouch if you don't have a smartphone), chapstick, slippers, toothbrush/toothpaste.  That's it.  I don't know what it's like if you push the baby out ... I had two c-sections.  But I wore the hospital johnny for the first couple of days.  After that I wore pjs from home.  Also, something for the baby to wear home.  Oh, and lastly (very important!), your own pillow!  Good luck!!

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    Re: hospital bag - what to pack?

    Pack that bag and keep it in the car! I thought I would have plenty of time to throw my stuff in a bag while in early labor. Then my OB wanted to meet me at the hospital straight from my 40 week appointment and she was NOT too pleased when I told her I didn't have a bag packed or in the car and had to run home first...

    You ladies have covered everything! Shower and comfy clothes and nursing tanks made me feel like myself again the morning after. Especially with all the visitors. My crocs were great because I could wear them in the shower, in the halls, etc.
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    Re: hospital bag - what to pack?

    love the comment about the crocs...i just pulled mine out of the closet! 
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    Re: hospital bag - what to pack?

    Women & Infants in RI put a cute bottomless shirt on DD & then they swaddle them in a hospital blanket.  Get a good swaddling lesson while you're their because you can't beat a good swaddle.  As an aside, pack a toothbrush and gum for your husband/significant other/coach who will be in your face telling you to BREATHE.
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    Re: hospital bag - what to pack?

    Laptop, laptop charging cable
    Camera, spare batteries/rechargeable battery cables (and a card reader if your laptop doesn't have an SD card slot)
    Cell Phone, charging cable

    Underwear that you'll be happy throwing away, as it will be bloodstained as anything, even with the maternity pads.

    I hated the hospital gowns with a passion, so I brought comfy black yoga/pj bottoms and tank tops that were easy to adjust for nursing. 

    Outfit home in your pregnancy size, not pre-preg size.  Your uterus will not have retracted down and you're likely to still need maternity clothes.

    Outfit for the baby to go home in.  We also liked keeping E in her clothes rather than the institutional look, so we brought a few additional onesies/blankets for the hospital  Outfit for pictures if you're doing that.

    Carseat, properly installed in the car.  You'll have to show the on-duty nurse that the baby is in the bucket seat to leave the hospital.

    A few dvds for labor...we watched Baby Mama because I'm immature like that.

    Your favorite snacks.  Hospital food sucks.  Enough said.  I also made it a requirement to bring me food if you wanted to see the baby.

    I also found the moby wrap and the my brest friend pillow helpful.

    But everyone's different.  That's what I took and used last time.  I took stuff I never used (books...ha!) and wished I had remembered other things (camera rechargeable battery thingy and cord). 
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    Re: hospital bag - what to pack?

    I had to have a C section and the best advice one of my friends gave me was buy the biggest pair of underwear the store has.  It's more comfortable than the mesh ones, held the nasty huge pad better, and was big enough to cover everything that needed to be covered.

    Also, bring snacks if nobody mentioned that yet.  And definitely chapstick.  That was the best advice I got from the lamaze class I attended.
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    Re: hospital bag - what to pack?

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    Re: hospital bag - what to pack?

    honestly, i packed a ton of stuff but hardly used any of it... i just had my baby at nw 2 1/2 months ago... i delivered without any meds and found myself pretty unable to focus on anything else but my breathing once i was further along in my labor... what i did use... music, lotion, snacks and our camera... of course, post delivery i was happy to have my own toiletries and loungewear... best of luck! it's the most insane and amazing thing you will ever do!
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    Re: hospital bag - what to pack?

    to everyone who said multiple tubes of chapstick/lip balm, I add my vote! the hospital was really dry.

    I also didn't use most of the stuff I packed, but my best advice is SNACKS!!! These saved us twice. The first time my labor had progressed to a point my husband couldn't leave my side and he had missed a few meals--I remember him really starting to "crash" and the nurses rummaging through our bag to find a Cliff Bar during kind of an intense moment. It saved him from needing to leave my side. Then after almost 24 hours of labor, we got to our room and it was the middle of the night and the cafeteria was closed. I was so hungry/tired since I hadn't eaten all day. I was soo happy to have some of our own snacks. This continued throughout my stay--you're up all hours of the night and there isn't always food available. And if you're breastfeeding you'll be constantly hungry! I dug into my cookie stash at 3am each night!