Hospital Bag

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    Hospital Bag

    I know this has been done before but I thought I would do a new one.

    What do we need for our hospital stay bag.
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    Re: Hospital Bag

    Nursing tops/nightgown and/or comfy pants (I wore sweatpants and a tank top both days)
    slippers or flip-flops
    makeup, toothbrush and hairbrush
    baby's coming home outfit
    your pillow

    I think that's literally all I needed. I packed for a month and ended up only using those things. If you forget something, you can always have one of your 8 zillion visitors bring it to you. You don't even need undies...the hospital gives you special ones. South Shore Hospital even had disposable toothbrushes, etc on the sink. All of the "care" items for you and baby are provided, as well. Tucks pads, postpartum pads, peri bottle, diapers, wipes, pacifiers...the hospital pretty much gives you everything and then you can take it all home because they have to throw it out if you don't use it.


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    Re: Hospital Bag

    Trigirl had a lot of good suggestions. My additions:

    --camera AND cord to transfer pictures to the computer
    --laptop. I used mine to kill some time surfing the web and playing free cell when I had some down time during labor. It was also great to contact family right away via e-mail with photos.
    --nursing pillow (boppy or brest friend). I found it very difficult to nurse in bed at a wonky angle with the pathetic hospital pillows. It was SO much more comfortable once my husband brought the pillow and we moved to the chair.
    --baby outfit. I highly recommend something with side or front snaps. It was hard getting used to putting things on over baby's head and it was just another unnecessary stress the morning we checked out.

    My other suggestion that worked well for us. We had two separate bags: one for the labor and delivery room and one for the hospital room. You end up being moved a couple of times (from triage to l/d to the maternity floor), so it's better not to have to move EVERYTHING at each interval. We kept the hospital room bag in the trunk until we needed it.

    I was really bad and didn't pack my bag until my water broke. When I went to unpack it, I had to laugh at all the crazy things I threw in *just in case*. I was totally freaked out...hahaha.
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    Re: Hospital Bag

    I brought my hair dryer, a robe would be nice too so that if you want to walk around you can be covered up (before or after delivery)

    Also - I highly recommend a snuggler for the baby's car seat - it helps support the newborn baby's head so that it doesn't slump to one side or the other, we used it for the first month until munchkin could hold her head up.

    Bring snacks/drinks for your partner - for us the hospital dining room closed and he missed dinner the night I delivered.

    I also did not pack until that night... most of the things you need are stuff you use each day.
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    Re: Hospital Bag

    Trying to remember what I packed vs what I used - below is all I remember using.

    Comfy clothes are a must/nursing tank
    A few toiletries
    I had one pillow from home and a boopy wedge pillow
    Baby outfit

    Not sure if DH is planning on staying with you the whole time, but mine went home at night - If there was anything I wanted I just would ask him to bring it the next day.  He also would take home any gifts that we (the baby) got that day, it did make it easier for going home.

    Also, I had a planned c-section and could not bring anything in until I was settled into my room - I don't think I touched the bag (other than taking my pillow) until late the 2nd day.

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    Re: Hospital Bag

    Thanks girls. I want to have some things packed.  My DH would not be good at having to pack me a bag.  With all my issues you never know and want to at least have some things ready.
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    Re: Hospital Bag

    I would add a couple of things - lip balm and bendy straws for labor. My mouth got really dry, and in the throes of delivery, trying to drink from a cup was not possible, and trying to locate straws at the hospital didn't even cross my mind. But having the straws made it simpler, and the lip balm because I hate having sore/chapped lips and the hospital is really dry.

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    Re: Hospital Bag

    I did not use much but I second the comfy clothes.  I recommend wearing a night gown or some kind of clothing that is open at the bottom because they check you a lot.  Oh and the snacks, make sure you pack snacks, I was in labor in the middle of the night and DH was starving.  SSH does have a kitchen in labor and delivery so they can eat and you can have italians ices (my fav). 

    I was some what packed but I made a list.  Thank goodness for that list because I went into labor so fast my DH had to finsh packing the bag in under 2 min.  In reality, it didnt even matter.  We live about 10 min from the hospital and DH went home every monring to shower and check up on our pups.  If I needed something he just brough it it.
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    Re: Hospital Bag

    Dh's bag was bigger than mine. :)

    I packed a going home outfit-comfy clothes, nursing tank.
    Shampoo, soap, tooth brush, tooth paste
    Hair bands
    several going home outfits for DS-figured I should be prepared for any size he could be (my u/s were off on his size-they thought he was going to be 8/9lbs, but he was 6.13).

    I, of course, forgot the last minute things like a hair brush-my mother brought that on one of her trips to visit.

    We had tons of food packed in our labor bag, but NWH had a decent snack area for DH (crackers, sandwiches). Make sure you have some snacks handy after you deliver-two/three nights after deliverying I woke up famished, I mean eat your arms hungry, but couldn't get out of bed, I was so thankful for the grahm crackers left on my beside table.

    wish I brought a pillow-but the amount of stuff we had was getting silly so we didn't bring any.
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    Re: Hospital Bag

    Definitely agree with the chapstick and snacks for hubby....other than that keep it light!  Getting out of the hospital with my first son was a nightmare with all the stuff we had packed (that I didn't use) along with all the diapers, etc that we took from the hospital.  Second time around was easier...because we pretty much only packed a camera!!  :)