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January 2013 Pregnancy

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    January 2013 Pregnancy

    Guess it's time to start a new month!

    Med - I'm glad you got more good news at your last appointment! What a relief!

    Thanks again for everyone's advice about the low-lying placenta. The midwife did not say "placenta previa" so I'm imagining that it's not as bad as it could be. If it was that low, they would have put it in the report, right? When we go for the next ultrasound in 2 months, I'm going to ask the tech to point it out to me. 

    DH's grandmother said so many mean(ish) things to me at Christmas. She asked again if I was sure I wasn't having twins, told me that the baby is going to be huge, commenting on my face filling out. I've only gained 13 lbs and it's mostly belly and a little in my legs, so I really don't know where she's getting that from. She just says hurtful things sometimes. She was also saying a lot about DH's sister and that she's checking for a bump. This woman is getting her 15th and 16th great-grandbabies in 2013 so I don't know what she's complaining about. It's not like there's a baby shortage in this family! 

    DH and I registered at Buy Buy Baby on Tuesday. It took us 4 hours! The manager said she snooped on our registry and couldn't guess the baby's gender, so that's a plus! I know DH's sister is going to comb over everything for the slightest hint of pink or blue.

    CLC (if you see this) - how does your DS like his Mamaroo? I am thinking about picking one up from Craigslist, but I wanted to see if you (or anyone else??) like it?

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    Chicklet, your DH's mother clearly has issues that have literally nothing to do with you (she has emotional issues that manifest in hurtful comments to others) and that's why you can't correlate her comments to reality.  She's a bitter, sad person, and if you can try to not internalize that as your problem you'd be far better off and totally in the right to dismiss her comments as totally irrelevant to your life.

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    Chiclet, I'm so sorry about DH's grandmother.  Some people just don't know what to say.  If it makes you feel better I've had two people who aren't even relatives tell me my face looks "fuller" and tons of people tell me how huge I'm going to be and already am for 13 weeks.  I think because people know I'm having twins they think its a license to make those types of comments.  I have gained 6 lbs (plus 5 lbs I put on due to the ivf beforehand) but I was thin to start with so its not like I'm monstrous weighing in at 128 now.  I guess just need to take it in stride.  My friend whose 8 months pregnant now said she had the opposite happen and people really freaked her out the whole pregnancy telling her how small her bump looked and asking if her baby was going to be small (baby is on track to be an 8-9 pounder so it turns out it didn't matter).


    I think when the time comes we'll be registering at buy buy baby too.  The people that work there have been so nice and knowledgeable which is actually surprising for a chain.  Not sure I have it in me to do anything for 4 hours right now though so may have to do that in phases.




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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    Chiclet - I'm always lurking! Our DS actually hated his Mamaroo! The only time he was okay in it is if he was already asleep.  If we put him in it while he was awake he would freak out.  Hopefully our future children like it because it was expensive.  My biggest complaint is that it didn't actually do the normal back and forth swing motion, instead it moves side to side.  We ended up with the Graco swing frame that our carseat snapped into.  It's $70 on Amazon and one of the best purchases yet.  Our DS was great at falling asleep in the car so we would snap his seat into the frame after taking him for a ride and he would nap in the car seat.  It was also the perfect place for him to sleep when he had a cold at 3 months old because keeping him propped up helped with his breathing.  I hope this helps!

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    One more thing, I'm sorry about your DH's grandmother.  I think older people feel that their age gives them the right to say whatever they are thinking.  Also, pregnancy tends to bring out this urge in people to say the most ridiculous comments.  I have no clue why that is but it seems that once your pregnant people feel like they can ask you anything they want.  I had a coworker ask if my pregnancy was planned, which it was after 9 months of TTC, but what she was looking for in a response is beyond me.  My mother suggested I say "No but we're pretty sure it's [DH's], fingers crossed!"

    Unfortunately these comments don't stop after the baby is born, the context just changes to the correct way to raise your child.  I will say that now that I'm not pregnant I handle them a lot better and I stick up for myself more.  I think being a mom has given me some strength and confidence in the decisions I make for my DS.

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    Happy New Year everyone.  Here's to an exciting 2013 ahead.

    medford, I was just getting caught up on posts and saw that you had an encouraging appointment in December.  That is great news. 

    Chiclet - sorry that DH's grandmother was hurtful over the holidays with her comments.  Others have already said it, but it sounds like that is part of her personality towards everyone - not just you.  And having children does seem to bring on comments from all corners of the family in my experience.  Hang in there!

    As for us, we are doing great.  I'm 15 weeks and we told our families over Christmas.  We wanted to be really sure that things were looking good before we shared the news.  Everyone was overjoyed.  We also told DD.  We held off on telling her since we were afraid she would tell people before we had the chance.  She is 2.5 and I don't think she's too keen on sharing her starring role in the family.  When I ask her if there is a baby in my tummy, she just says "no, mommy, that's pizza".  So I guess she just thinks I ate too much!

    We also found out through the genetic blood test (the MaterniT21) that there don't appear to be any genetic abnormalities to worry about.  What a huge relief!  We also found out that it is another girl!  At first, I didn't think I cared, but then all of a sudden when we got the news I was surprisingly a little bummed that we won't get to experience having a boy (this is likely our last baby).  But then I got to thinking about how sweet it will be for the girls to grow up as sisters and we are just so happy.  Two healthy children, no matter the gender are such a blessing.  And along with a loving, supportive DH, there is really nothing more that I could hope for in this life.

    Hope everyone is doing well.  Stay warm in this frigid weather and be careful walking on all that ice out there.  My center of gravity is already changing and I'm wearing my snow boots whenever I walk outside.

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    med - glad to hear things went well at your last appt.

    Chiclet - sorry about DH's grandmother. In my opinion, the only appropriate comment about a pregnant person's appearance is "you look great." Over the holidays, I had a few people say things like "are you sure there's a baby in there?" because my belly is still on the small side. Given my history of m/c, that freaked me out.

    ALS - congrats on your baby girl! I hope you enjoy having two girls. I'm from a family of two girls and I loved growing up with a sister.

    Not much is going on here. I have my next appt next week. I'm hoping she'll go over the anatomy scan report, as I never heard anything after the ultraound. DH and I looked around Babies R Us over the weekend and ended up registering on Amazon because everything seems cheaper. Picking out the car seat and stroller makes everything seem much more real!

    Does anyone have any thoughts on a bassinet vs. pack and play vs. putting baby in the crib from day one? Our house is tiny so I don't really want to buy a pack and play if we can avoid it.  

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    jleighla - I'm with you on Amazon.  We scoped out the big items in person at the stores (carseat, stroller, etc.) and then went and did our registry on Amazon for DD#1.  Everything was so much cheaper and I got a lot of comments from family and friends on how easy it made it on them.  These days, even the elderly relatives shopped online or got someone to help them.  And for those that want to pick something out in person at a store, there is nothing stopping them.  People can always buy things off the registry anyplace.  I can't say how many times I've gone into BRU to shop off a baby registry and half the things I wanted to buy are not in stock or whatever.  Plus, just about everything on Amazon is free shipping.  Just wanted to share that we had a very positive experience registering on Amazon.  Plus, I think they gave me a year of Amazon Prime for free at the time (but not sure if they still do that since that was almost 3 years ago now).  It made it really convenient when I realized I needed a baby item, I would just jump on Amazon and I would have it in 2 days with free shipping.

    My advice on a pack and play would be to get one, even if you only use it for travel.  We used ours as a place for DD to nap in our living room and then also when we visited family or stayed in hotels.  In my opinion, it is just one of those things that is good to have, even if baby goes in the crib at your house from day one.  They fold up pretty compact.  If you want baby in your room with you at the beginning, if your room is big enough to fit a pack n play, you could just use that instead of also getting a bassinet.

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    ALS - I'm glad you got good news from your genetic test! And a sister for your DD!

    CLC - Thanks for the advice. I'm not sure if I'll go for it. I love the idea of it, but if our baby hates it, I'm going to be really mad that we wasted the money!

    I've learned not to take DH's grandmother too seriously. We've had many talks with his siblings and cousins about the different hurtful things she's said to all of us. She just doesn't think before she talks (or worse, she thinks you can't hear her). JL - you're absolutely right! Why can't people just be nice to pregnant women? I got a sub from the cafeteria at lunch and some woman on the elevator I'd never met says, "That looks good. Lot of bread though." Um, thanks?

    I'll have to say, registering went by pretty fast. We had ideas about what we wanted and they assigned someone to walk around with us and help us figure out the differences in all the options. I'm a little nervous because Buy Buy Baby isn't the most convenient location for our family, but it's such a nice store. I hate shopping at Babies R Us so why would I want to spend 4 hours registering there!? They're so flexible with coupons and price matching. I've thought about an Amazon registry too since things are a lot cheaper but I honestly don't know how our families will feel about being forced to shop online. I imagine some people would love it, but others not so much. Especially where baby things are so cute, I think a lot of our family will want to shop in a store.

    I registered for a crib, bassinet and a pack n play. I don't think the crib will fit in our room, so I'll want the bassinet there. I registered for a pack n play with a napper and changing table for downstairs. Plus it's portable and I'll probably need to take it to at least my mom's. Of course, that's all assuming I get them at the shower. If we don't, I may pass on the pack n play for now.

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    I would definitely go for crib plus pack and play, over a bassinet.  (Unless you want the baby in your room and the pack and play or crib really won't fit.)  The bassinet has such a short life, but the pack and play you can use to go places until they're 2 or older.

    If you're really short on space, and don't plan on having the baby in your room, then I would just go with the crib.  Also note that assembled cribs might not fit through doors (at least in our house!) - we had ours delivered and assembled in DD's room, and only realized later that it was a good thing we had decided where we wanted it, because we'll have to take it apart again to get it out of the room!


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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    medfordcc--thanks for the tank suggestion!  that looks like a cute one!  I got armloads of hand-me-down maternity clothes from SIL last week, which was great.  My maternity wardrobe now exceeds my regular wardrobe I think, with the caveat being that almost none of it fits yet.  oh well--maybe I'll grow into some of it.

    ALS--congrats on the good screening results & baby girl! That's neat that you got to find out baby's gender so early! :p 

    Chiclet--sorry you had to deal with those ridiculous comments!  People just can't keep their mouths shut about pg women's bodies.  SSBride is right that it goes both ways.  I am showing now to close friends and family who see me very often, but I got told by an old lady in DH's family recently (upon her hearing our pg announcement): "are you sure you're pregnant??" (Like maybe AF was just a day late, and I was jumping to conclusions or something.) Then she announced that it "must be the first month".  15 weeks, but close enough...  She seemed to think the announcement was premature because I don't have a super cute bump yet.  THere's no winning.

    I'm eavesdropping on the crib vs bassinet vs P&P discussion.  We want to room-share (but not bed-share) with our infant per the AAP recommendation, and the crib will not fit in our room (esp not with our newly aquired super cozy rocking chair in there).  Our current plan is to use a mini crib in our room that MIL will lend us (it is never used and purchased new 2 years ago, before the crib safety police get concerned) until we can transition baby to full-sized crib in the nursery.  It will be a little crowded, but I think it will work.  If not, then I think we'll definitely need a bassinet.

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    Just to weigh on the crib/pack n play/bassinet comments.... I think we're going to skip bassinets.  Especially since we would need 2 of them it seems like a waste for 2 months of use.  So our plan as of now is to move one of the babies' cribs into our room for the few few months and just put both babies in it.  I've read its safe to do that until they are able to start rolling over.  Then we are planning on a pack n play to keep downstairs in our living room as another option for putting them to sleep during the day.

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    Hi Everyone and Happy New Year. I haven't posted it quite some time. Glad to hear everyone is doing well.

    I am about 22 weeks along and we recently found out we're having a girl. My son just turned 2 and we're very excited to have one of each since we'll probably stop at 2.

    I just wanted to add to the crib/PnP/bassinet discussion. When my son was born we were living in a small, two bedroom apartment so we planned for him to sleep in the crib in his room from day one. Unfortunately, he would not sleep lying flat on his back. At all. Ever! (I am really hoping this baby is a better sleeper...she can't be much worse!) Anyway, a friend recommended this and it was a life saver. It's small, inexpensive, and can easily fold up to move room to room or be taken when traveling. He slept in it at night and for naps right up to when he started sitting up and we worried he could tip it.

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    I love reading your updates.  I know some of you TTC'ed for a while and I am so happy for you!  I'm happy for all of you, of course!

    We used the newborn rocker for DD as well.  She slept in it for 8 weeks.  A little before that we started naps in the crib in her room and then transitioned her to sleeping in the crib at 8 weeks.  We didn't have the space/need for a P&P since we're on one floor, but I do wish we had registered for one anyway.  We ended up borrowing one from MIL for when we travel or put DD down for a nap at someone's house.  If I remember correctly, I think I even set it up in the bathroom a couple times when DD was too big for her bouncy seat and I needed a shower.  That one is older, so if we have another baby, I'll get a new P&P.

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    We are actually thinking about a mini crib, too, because DD is still in her crib!  We'll probably be done with it by the time the new baby outgrows the PnP or whatever, but we are probably going to put them in the same room.  In that case, we'll have to use the crib as a toddler bed for DD because we wouldn't be able to fit a twin bed.  Decisions, decisions.  DH thinks we should just move before then!

    I went for the one hour glucose this AM and I have everything crossed that I will pass it and not have to do the three hour.  I had to do the 3 hour with DD (and passed it fine), but it's just such a process.

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    haha - so many opinions on the pnp issue, i have to chime in.  i got the deluxe pnp with changing table and bassinet attachment and i regretted it and ended up giving it away to buy the basic version - the basic one is the one you're going to want from age 2 months to 2 years plus - the deluxe one is so bulky and complicated, and then you have all this extra junk to store (the bassinet part, the changing attachment) once the baby is a couple months old.  i promise.  ;)  also, i live in a 5 story townhouse and i found it easier to just go upstairs/downstairs to change the babies, versus set up mulitple changing stations.  it's doable.  and i never had a bassinet b/c with twins i just wanted to limit how much i had.  we used a single pnp in our room for both twins for the first week, and then moved them to a single crib for a month or two - forget when we moved them into their own cribs.  i don't really see the point of a bassinet or moses basket.  but pnps are so practical and easy, i love them.

    sorry - i just LOVE giving unsolicited advice.  ;) 

    i scheduled my c-section today - march 8.  i can't bleieve how soon it is - i'm excited, i think, but also really dreading the interrupted sleep.  and i've gained 30 lbs, which is what i wanted to gain in total, and have 2 more months to go and according to babycenter these are the months when the baby grows the most, so i'm scared of what that means for my weight!  :( :( :(

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    Stef, yes, it's when the babies grow the most, but your gain slows (unless your eating is out of control).  When you figure babies are only about 7-8 pounds total, even if they do grow the most the last 2 months, that's not going to add much.

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    I should add that we do have a PnP and that I think it is a "must have" baby item (and I think a lot of baby/kid stuff is totally unnecessary). We now keep ours in the trunk of our car so we have it for overnight trips. We just have a basic one. Other than using it while traveling, I did use it from time to time in the living room once my son could crawl and I needed to run to the bathroom or to quickly do some other chore. I would just throw some toys in there and he was happy. He'll be too big to sleep in it soon but it's been great. Also, I recommend getting one or two of the simple cotton sheets that fit on it. The bottom of ours is kind of a plastic-y material and when I would forget the sheet he wouldn't sleep as well (it must have felt odd).

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    stefani, which basic pack n play did you end up getting?  I'm thinking with twins thats what we'll want but I'm having having a hard time finding options without all the bells and whistles that don't work for me anyway since they only come with one.

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    ss - i got the equivalent of this one:

    the only dumb part (IMHO) that comes with that version is that canopy thing with the dangling animals.  it's cute but impractical.  i think i ended up cutting the animals off and making them into toys.  the other parts are good.  get some sheets too like crackers suggested - i prefer the graco quilted sheets that babies r us sells to the basic ones.  they are a little thicker and seem more comfortable.  the basic sheets are EXTREMELY thin and don't do much to add a buffer between the plastic-y base.

    (eta: i got two of these, not one, for the twins, but we started off with both of them in the same one.)

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    Thanks for all the input on pnp vs. bassinets! I still don't know what we're going to do, but we have some time to think about it. Has anyone used one of those co-sleepers that attaches to the side of the bed?

    I had my doctor's appt today. She said the anatomy scan looked great, so that's a relief. But, my blood pressure was initally high again (though it was normal when they checked it 5 minutes later). I've been checking my bp daily at home, and it has always been low. Despite this, she wants to take a conservative approach regarding my blood pressure, which will involve a few ultrasounds to check the baby's growth in the third trimester. She also mentioned a possible induction around 39-40 weeks. I am really stressed about this because I am SO hoping for a natural childbirth, and I feel like an induction is just a pit stop on the way to a c-section. Obviously the most important thing is a healthy baby but I am still stressing (which is not going to help the blood pressure issue, haha).

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    Jl, if your bp is always on the low side at home, that's your normal, average bp.  When you arrive at the doc's your bp is elevated due to's called "white coat syndrome."  So, your doc is being ULTRA conservative ordering extra ultrasounds imo which is fine, but I mention it because I highly doubt you'll have bp complications - you don't have high bp or that's what it would be at home, too.

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    And, I don't think induction usually leads to a c section, per se.  It can, but it doesn't precipitate one necessarily.

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    Yeah, I agree with Kar that they're being *super* careful, especially since your BP was normal after just a few minutes in their office.  It's easier said than done, but try and look at the ultrasounds as an extra bonus rather than a worry!

    Oh, I also felt the same way about induction!  But my best friend just had an induction and the baby was born super fast.  So it doesn't always mean stalling and c-sections.  (Actually, all of my friends who were induced ended up delivering via V, although some took longer than others.)  Obviously this is an anecdote and I don't know the actual data.  But it did make me feel better, especially as I may also be facing an induction for this pregnancy.

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    JL - I've been thinking about your situation and I have two thoughts. First, I would tell your doctor that induction isn't something that you take lightly and you want to make sure you have good medical reason for it, rather than just being ultra cautious. Tell her flat out that you want a natural childbirth and you see induction as the first of probably many medical interventions that you are hoping to avoid. Of course you don't want to be stupid about it, but if your protein levels are normal, the baby is growth is fine and you're getting normal bp readings every day except appointment days, maybe you can strike a deal with her where you'll get induced if your blood pressure is higher than x for 3 days in a row or something. Of course, if you get some other serious symptoms, you may not have (or want) many other options. Just don't be afraid to stand up for the birth you're hoping for.

    The other thing I was thinking is, have you started learning any birthing relaxation techniques? I just started childbirth class this week and I'm learning lots about getting myself in a relaxed state. I'm wondering if some of these techniques would help you get relaxed enough to make it through your appointments without your blood pressure shooting up? Even if you just found a scent that calms you and make sure to wear it to your appointments, that might help.