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January 2013 Pregnancy

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    So I just got back from my 18 week anatomy scan and we have two perfect babies. A BOY and a GIRL!!! We couldn't be happier!

    They did find that I had an anterior placenta (non-issue just less likely to feel them move as much) and I have complete placenta previa on the presenting baby (the girl). So now I'm on pelvic rest (which DH was bummed about) and was warned it probably won't move in my case and will likely be a c-section.

    Despite the previa news nothing can dampen my spirits today! I was kind of already setting my expectations that it would be a c-section anyway because of the likelihood with twins. As long as I end up with those two healthy babies in the end doesn't matter how I guess.

    Frank, SO happy for you that the next ultrasound went well!

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    ss - you hit the twin jackpot (boy and girl)!  congrats!!!  :)  c-sections are no biggie - you have the right attitude IMHO.  congrats again!!!  i'm almost jealous of you (weird since i have b/g twins - but it's just so fun you have it all to look fwd to)! 

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    Congrats SS. I have an identical twin sister whom I love very much, but when I was growing I wondered what it would be like to have my twin brother. Very excited that you get to experience both.

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    SS, great news!!!

    Frank, also good news!  Definitely check in if you have any questions later!

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    SS--congratulations!  A boy & a girl sounds just about perfect!  I will hope the placenta previa moves up and you can go off pelvic rest.  I know it does most of the time, at least in singleton pregnancies.  Not sure about twins.  

    I have an anterior placenta, and I've still been feeling our LO starting to dance around in there over the past week or two.  (Not every day at first, but more or more frequently.)  My OB said it can take up until week 24-26 to feel movement, so it's nothing to stress about, but anterior placenta also doesn't mean you'll necessarily be waiting forever.

    AFM, I'm at the half-way mark (20w) now, and wondering when I will outgrow this sort of thick-in-the-middle stage and get a legitimate bump.  When it began at around 13 weeks, I thought 20 weeks seemed so far off that surely I'd look pregnant by now.  It's a very small bump, at best. I'm sure it will come, and I'll be whining about its annoying aching impact soon enough, but now that I've told more people around me, I kind of want to look pregnant, too. haha

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    Siena, careful what you wish for haha.  Mine grew super fast because of the twins but in the beginning I was still dying to grow out of that akward stage.... now I'm wishing it would slow down.

    So after I somewhat got over my excitement over healthy boy and girl twins yesterday I started researching "complete placenta previa". I'm totally freaked out about it now. My doctor made it sound like no big deal... pelvic rest to avoid bleeding and most likely a c-section. Dr. Google on the other hand warns of hospitalized bed rest, preterm labor risks, severe bleeding requiring blood transfusions before and/or after birth and even hysterectomy. I guess only about 1 in 200 people have this complication so its pretty rare and since mine is "complete" I only have about a 5% chance of it going away. I left a message for my doctor to try to get more of my questions answered but I'm really worried now.

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    SSBride - congratulations on the boy AND girl!  That is so exciting.  An instant family for you and DH.  Wonderful news.  As for the previa, I know it is hard - but try to resist Google.  There is so much crazy information out there and it can steer you wrong.  Try to listen to your doctor and go by what they say - they know you and your situation best.  When my OB talked to us a couple weeks ago about my baby's 2-vessel umbilical cord, that was the first thing he said to us - don't Google it.  I know it is easier said than done, but try if you can. 

    Frank - glad you got good news on the follow up scan!

    Siena - right there with ya at 20 weeks (today actually).  Hard to believe.  And don't worry - that baby bump will come.  This is my second baby, so my bump is definitely out there and is already starting to get in the way.  Not complaining, but it just is.  With my first, it definitely took a little longer.

    Medford - hope all is well with you and that you are able to juggle all your dr appointments.

    AFM - Just going along at 20 weeks.  We have the baby's fetal echocardiogram on Friday at Children's.  Right in the middle of this blizzard that is coming our way.  I'm hoping and praying that the heart all looks good and healthy.

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy


    I just happened to browse through this thread and your situation was so familiar to me.  My friend had exactly the same thing.  A missing vessel and low lying placenta and it was diagnosed at about the same time as yours.  She worried throughout the pregnancy but the placenta  eventually moved and she delivered a VERY  healthy baby with no complications   As a matter of fact, he was bigger and stronger than her first child, who was born after an uneventful pregnancy.  (And he is  2 now and so smart!!)

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    Congrats SS - exciting news!!!  I don't mean to minimize the c-section news, but I'm glad for you that it's (most likely?) settled one way or the other.  I hope that makes sense.  I know if it were me I'd be stressing over how it would turn out. 

    Frank - So glad you got good news!!

    Random, but my bro is having another baby in August.  Their first DD is a few weeks younger than mine.  They'll find out the sex soon.  Exciting!

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    randy - thanks for much for sharing your experience.  It is nice to hear of real-life stories like that! 

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    SS - so exciting about the boy/girl news! I am sorry you have to deal with the placenta previa. I am a worrier, so I know I would be googling too. But, if your doctor isn't overly concerned, that has to be a good thing.

    frank - glad all is well!

    ALS - hope your testing today went well.

    Med - sorry about all the appointments. I know it will be a pain, but maybe it is a good thing they are monitoring you so closely.

    AFM, I am at 30 weeks and starting to get pretty uncomfortable. I don't remember feeling this way so early last time. I am having a lot of indigestion, and the baby is all pushed to one side of my belly. It isn't the worst thing in the world, I just don't feel very good by the end of the day. Also, I swear that even water gives me heartburn now! I need to ask my midwife how many Tums I can take per day. I have been limiting myself to 2 per day, but it would help if I took more. We'll see if this baby ends up with a lot of hair!

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    Memes - I've had some pretty bad heartburn myself (with water too). The midwife told me that if I was taking Tums 6-8 times a day, I could switch to Zantac. I've also had a lot of luck with Papaya Enzyme pills that I bought at Whole Foods. Apparently they help your stomach digest food so it produces less acid. I find that if I take them at breakfast and lunch, the heartburn usually stays away. I couldn't believe that it works so well.

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    I've also heard recently that eating some raw almonds can help heartburn.  I have yet to try it.  My heartburn comes & goes unpredictably and hasn't been too bad for the past couple weeks (knock on wood).  I will try it next time though; almonds are a healthy snack anyway.  The papaya tablets are intriguing!

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    Yes, things that aid digestion are healthier and more effective than drugs that reduce acid.  That covers up symptoms, but doesn't solve the problem.  papaya has powerful digestive enzymes as does pineapple.  I know this from my aunt, the chiropractor and nutritionist - she is very against acid reducers.

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    Re: January 2013 Pregnancy

    I've had wicked bad heartburn throughout this entire pregnancy, and at 26 weeks today, I am going to talk to the NP at my appointment on Friday. I also take thyroid medication, and I'm not supposed to take anything with calcium or iron within 4 hours of the thyroid meds, but no Tums after 3 am just isn't letting me sleep through the night. And I have been propping myself up to the point I'm almost sitting up, which doesn't let me sleep all that great either. UGHH!

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