January Pregnancy!

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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Tang - I helped to paint DD's bedroom when I was about 5 months pregnant.  We bought the paint with no fumes (forget what it's called, but I think it was Benjamin Moore) and kept the room well ventilated.  My NP had actually told me not to paint, but I felt comfortable with it.

    Liz - We don't have a "play room" either.  Believe me, you find room!  Right now, DD's toy storage is in our living room.  We just moved it after Christmas, so it would be more accesible.  The swing had been straddling the living and dining rooms and was pretty much out of the way until we took it down.  The dining room table is pushed over a bit to fit the jumperoo and bouncy seat.  Sometimes it's annoying walking around them, but those too will be going away soon.
    We have a more of a problem with storage because we don't have a basement or enough closet space, so the carseat bases, strollers, etc. are piled into the corner of the dining room... Someday we'll buy a house!

    Kar - Pack n play = play pen.  I think someone must have decided the word pen didn't sound very nice :o)
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Thanks, fram. Funny how it really hadn't occurred to me...I've been steering clear of the sanding, but figured I was good to go with painting. We'll see what my doc says, but we're planning on using Benjamin Moore paint, too - I'll ask them about low-fume  paint.

    Haha, yeah, I think fram's right about dropping "pen" to sound more PC :) We inherited a 6-sided gate-type thing that forms a hexagonal play area, and DH keeps calling it the "cage." I'll probably have to nip that in the bud before someone calls child protective services...
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Liz - don't stress about the small space. Like others have said, you don't need a big playroom for a baby, just a small spot on a carpeted area or a playmat in the corner will do just fine. Once the baby learns to walk steadily it becomes more important to have areas for them to play but I'm sure you live near playgrounds, indoor play areas etc where you can go with the baby. It's hard to imagine your nicely decorated home with a baby living in it but it will naturally change from you wanting the house to look good to wanting your home to be safe for your baby and be willing to rearrange furniture etc to create a play area. Pack n plays are great way to contain a crawling baby while you go to the bathroom, shower etc but are not a permanent play solution. Babies physically need "floor time" as part of their development. Also, most babies hate being placed in them because they would rather be where they can easily see you!
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Happy new year everyone!

    I'm sure this has been asked before but did/do others have hip pain at night in the later stages of pg?  I can go to sleep ok but wake up after a few hours and my hips just ache- I've tried sleeping with a pillow between my legs but it doesn't seem to do much (of course, I usually try that after the pain starts, maybe I need to do it before). I'm fine during the day. Any suggestions? I've only got about 2 weeks to go but I'd love to get a decent night's sleep while I still have a chance!

    Tang, those hexagonal play area things are great, a friend has one. Not sure we can fit one in our place but I'd get one if we could. I think for most average size houses or condos, the baby stuff just takes over for awhile. I'm planning on setting up the swing between the living and dining rooms. I love it- DH grew up in this house with 6 siblings and I'm thinking about whether we have enough room for one baby's gear :)
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    It's nice you have an open kitchen/living room area.  That way you can keep an eye on the kid while you cook.  We don't have a designated play room.  We have a house full of toys.  The entire house is toddler-proofed and filled with her stuff. 
    I'm a little concerned about re-baby-proofing.  Some of DDs toys aren't quite baby-safe (smaller blocks, little animals, tearable books, etc.) and she'll be furious if she's penned in by gates.

    What have people done to babyproof their homes a second time around?
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    tc ... I have the same issue.  I also have about 1.5 weeks to go and can't sleep for more than a few hours in the same position.  I start on one side, rotate the the other, add a pillow between my knees, spend a little time on my back, and sometimes use DH for a support to lay at 45degrees(lean my back up against his so that I'm not completely on my back).  I also find getting up to walk around for even a few minutes helps.  This usually occurs naturally anyways because I need to get up at least once to go to the bathroom and then the dogs get me up about 4:30 (and then we all go back to bed for another 2 hours).  I don't think there is a good solution to this problem.  I know some posters have said that sleeping in a reclining chair was the most comfortable at the very end ... but that is actually my least favorite position.  I feel like I'm simultaneously crunching the baby and stressing my lower back.  Laying on my side is actually the most comfortable of all positions, and just requires acting like a rotisserie chicken all night.  I find that if I can use a pillow to rotate as much as possible towards my stomache, that it takes a little pressure off my hips. 
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    I had thought that latex paint was 100% okay, but this suggests more of a gray area http://www.americanpregnancy.org/pregnancyhealth/paintexposure.html. Glad you asked, b/c I was going to go ahead and paint our nursery without thinking of it...I think now I'll ask my doc to make sure it's okay.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    for those painting- you want to use a No Volatile Organic Compound (no VOCs) paint. Although benjamin moore sells them, many other companies do as well (we got ours from Lowe's). they are supposed to emit less in fumes and chemicals, not just as the time of painting but after as well. most people recommend them for nurseries for that reason. after that- it is mostly choice. there are a lot of people who recommend no painting (As well as no caffeine and no everything else) and then others who will say different.

    at the end of my first, hips due ache a lot. my doc said it was because they were "loosening" to aid in delivery- so there is a lot of stretching of the tendons, which may be why nothing seems to help. Stretching helped me a bit before bed... but not tremendously.

    we have the same problem with storage. when you start to accumunlate stuff, and are planning to have more kids, you want to hang onto it. two tips about small spaces- (1) use a lot of vertical storage, even if the baby/toddler can't reach it and (2) always plan for like 12 months ahead.  We bought a smaller set of shelves to put fabric bins in, and then had to buy another one because toddler toys are bigger!  Oh- and (3) tell family members not to buy you big things- like kitchens or tables or enormous rocking horses... that being said, you can barely walk through my basement now, and my kid if only 16 months old.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Liz - we lived in a small 1-floor, 2-bed condo for the first 11 months of DD's life.  It was fine.  Honestly, you will want the baby's toys and things in the area where you (the parent) want to spend time, since you'll always need to be close by when the baby is playing.  I liked having the toy bins in the living room, rather than always being sequestered to a bedroom or some other room so DD could play.  We still do this at 14 months, and I don't anticipate it changing any time soon.  Maybe when she's 3 or older... Also, you don't need many toys.  DD still doesn't play with many of them.  She'll be obsessed with one or two and won't touch the others.  Although, we don't have any really large toys like playhouses, etc... Anyway, it will be fine.

    I'm LOLing about putting the baby in the pack-n-play to go to the bathroom.  DD would have NONE of that.  I had to always bring her with me.  Still do.  Unless I want to hear her screaming.  I swore I wouldn't, and here I am doing it.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    TC - I am 6 months post partum and my hip pain is still there!  I attribute it to lack of exercise/strengthening... 

    Summer - Around that same time, I had what I called "vag-pain" - it was definitely below the uterus and felt like sharp downward pains.  It definitely wasn't kicking...baby stomping on the cervix is a different feeling.  It didn't last very long, though, if that's any reassurance!

    I can't believe it's been 6 months since I regularly posted here...my little monster keeps me quite busy!!!
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    By the way, I didn't really the pain that, but Boston.com isn't letting me call it the full (CLINICAL!!!) name. 
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Happy 2012! 

    We have our 18 week ultrasound tomorrow! We aren't finding out if it's a girl or boy but pretty excited for another peak at the LO. Overall feeling pretty great now that I'm over that cold.  Still haven't felt any movement but I'm anxiously awaiting for that to happen.  Every now and then I'm like, ohh maybe that was something and then I realize it was gas :)
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    I hope everyone had a Happy New Year! 

    I am 12 weeks today!  I also had my NT scan this morning and the doctor says everything is looking good!  She did tell me that she is leaving the practice in March which is a bummer since I really like her.  But what can you do?! 

    I am also kinda freaking out about getting the babies room together.  We have a lot to do.  We do not live in the stair at our house basically its used for storage and laundry.  But we will need to re-do the upstairs before the baby comes ie new ceilings, carpet, painting, taking down a wall.  3 months has already went by and nothing has been done.  EEEKkkkkkk!
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Hugh, I am right with you on the kicks all night long. My LO loves wriggling once I lay down for the night. DH thinks it's awesome, but I could do without it for a night or two!

    Tang, we used low VOC paint from Lowes when painting. We painted while it was still warm enough to have all the windows open and fans blowing, so I didn't feel too worried about helping paint. This time of year, when you can't air things out, I'd be more careful.

    tc and boston, I'm feeling that same hip pain. I finally broke down and bought a boppy pregnancy pillow, even though I'm due in about 3 weeks, in hopes that it will help me get a better night's sleep. My cousin got one for Christmas and said it's been wonderful. I'll let you know if it helps once I've given it a try.

    AFM, coming back to work after holiday vacation has been full of "Oh, you're back! When is it you are having this baby anyway?" Ha, I wish I knew! I'm so ready at this point. It's been erally hard to get back into the work groove knowing that I could go out again at any time.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Pitt - do you plan on working right up to your due date?  I guess that question could be to anyone.  I was recently asked and I said "umm I think so, I have no clue".  I'm not due until June so I have plenty of time to figure that out.  My boss said they would be as flexible as possible and I could work from home right up until the end if I wanted.  I would rather save my maternity leave for when I actually have the baby but I could see not wanting to be in the office 2 weeks prior to my due date.

    I've started pushing DH to think about the baby's room.  We are lucky in the fact that our upstairs bedrooms (master and baby's room) are very large so space isn't really an issue but we do have a lot of crap in there that needs to be moved.  I figure I'll slowly start getting him to make some room and then once we pick out furniture we'll get that final push to get everything cleaned out.  For the month of January we are focusing on checking out daycares and thinking about registering.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    clc, I do plan on working up til my due date (or whenever the LO decides to arrive!) since I'm able to work from home and my office is pretty flexible. I'm hoping to save all my maternity leave for once the baby actually arrives.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Liz - It sounds like you have a similar set up to us.  We have a 2 bedroom condo with a living-room and kitchen/dining area.  We have 3 kids 3 and under.  I think the worst stage for storage is infant when you have swings, and bounce chairs, and jump-a-roos and packnplays etc.  I was so excited when the last of those things moved onto their next life.  Our living room is the playroom which works ok for us since like another poster mentioned it's where we want to spend our time.

    For Christmas, we asked my parents to purchase another toy storage system for us.  We had lots of luck with the Cubicles system sold at Target.  I think it's made by Closetmaid.  We have some baskets that fit in the cubes but also have some open cubes for larger items and books.  However we're in limbo building and using the new one since the tree is still up where it is going. 
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    DH and I aren't even going to touch the baby's room until April/May. We don't have anything in there right now except furniture, and my DH has the personality of "we will do it when we need to." A little frustrating, but at the same time it gives us more time to safe money for all the stuff we need!

    He already did major carseat/stroller research. So cute. We are going with the Bumbleride stroller, Chicco Keyfit 30 infant seat and Diono convertible car seat. So we have gotten that far ;)

    Thanks for all of the space advice. It sounds like I am worrying for nothing. We do have a basement for storage which will be a big help.

    I am 10 weeks 5 days today and am waiting until I hit my second trimester to start wearing maternity clothes, but I am starting to cut it a little close...yikes!
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    clc... whenever I was asked about how long I was going to work my answer was always "until the baby comes".  Because I had some 2011 vacation time that had to be used I actually am on week 3 of vacation right now.  I took the week before Christmas as vacation, the whole company shuts down between the holidays, and I used my last week of 2011 vacation time this week.  If our LO arrives before Monday, I'll go right into my maternity leave, if not I'll be back at work (which I've totally mentally prepared for ... I've just assumed that a first baby will be late).  I can say that having had a bit more than 2 weeks off already, I'm bored.  I'm not complaning about being able to get stuff done, meet friends, or being able to just take a nap when I want ... but at the same time I don't think it is "necessary" to take the last 2 weeks off (and potentially more if the LO is late).  I would much rather have the time available for after LO arrives.  But, if you have the option of working from home, definitely take advantage of that.  Between doctor's appts and the things that you feel like you have to get done before the baby comes ... it will be nice to have the flexibility.  

    Though it has also been nice to not be at work and having everyone ask "so when is your due date?" or the one particularly annoying lady who has asked multiple times "are you waddling yet?" really?  why would you ask a pregnant lady if she is waddling? 
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Pitt, is the boppy pillow meant to be used like other pillows you'd try between your legs?  Boston, I'd read your post right before bed last night so each time I rolled over, all I could think was "rotisserie chicken", time to turn.... Reassuring to know I'm not alone but kind of a bummer that others are struggling with this too.  I figured it was likely my hips getting ready for major stretching. Unfortunately, it's for nothing-  I found out I need to have a c-section (have a fibroid in a bad spot) so the hips don't really need to get ready. Oh well, can't complain about the pregnancy overall so I'll deal with the hip pain.

    I'm working close to my scheduled date, though ideally I'd like 2-3 days off before just to make sure things at home are set. Even with a scheduled cesarean though, I could go into labor at any time so not sure I can plan for my few days off.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    I had hip pain at the end of pregnancy #1 and had a boppy pregnancy pillow that helped a lot but I found I was tossing and turning all the time and moving the pillow with me was a bit annoying.

    DS wasn't much of a mover so I loved all the kicks and punches throughout pregnancy.  DH said he moved a lot in the early am like 2/3am but I don't remember and slept through the night well except for getting up to go to the bathroom.  Not sure how this one will be.  I started feeling little kicks last week (week 20) and feeling them more and more this week.  I love feeling the early little movements.

    All our toys are in our living room and dining room (because DS drags them in there and often I'm too tired to pick them up and put them away until the weekend when I vacuum everything).  I'm not sure how we are going to fit the swing back in here but the exersaucer has never left because DS often plays with the toys from the outside.  We don't really have any big toys but we have a ton of small ones that DS drags out plays with and leaves behind.  He is more of a book reader then a toy player currently.

    I'm also planning on working up to my due date but am a little nervous about it. I work 45 minutes from my home and probably an hour from the hospital we are delivering at and DH really doesn't work anywhere near me so I'm a little worried about what happens if I go into labor at work.  I will probably set something up with a co-worker friend.  Last time I was on vacation so I was already home and so it really wasn't a big deal.  When I started having contractions DH worked from home until we went to the hospital.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    In Response to Re: January Pregnancy!:
      I can say that having had a bit more than 2 weeks off already, I'm bored. 
    Posted by bostongrl

    You definitely won't be bored when baby comes!  You will wonder where the day went and how you got so little sleep!  Not trying to scare you...

    That's great you got to take time off. Since DD came a week early, I ended up losing a couple of my 2011 vacation days that I couldn't carry over.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Liz- glad you got everything picked out. word to the wise- car seats are supposed to be "changed out" every 5 years or so- so I would wait to get the convertable seat until you need it.... particularly if you plan to have more children.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Winter, we will wait until we actually need the convertible to buy it. Although, another amazing thing about Dionos is that they have an 8-10 year life span!
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    clc – how did the ultrasound go today?  I worked up until a few days after my due date.  I kept it very vague, basically saying I had no idea and would leave when I had to.  FMLA will not cover you until you actually have the baby, so I didn’t want to use up my sick/vacation time if I felt well enough to go to work.  Plus, it gave me something to focus on other than “when will this baby be here!!”  No one really pushed me to give an exact date.  I think they were happy I kept coming in.  And I think you'll know when you need to stop.  I got to a point where I felt really uncomfortable and was really grouchy and abruptly announced that would be my last day.

    Pugs – congrats on the good NT scan!

    AFM, had my first OB appt/ultrasound today.  Am officially 8 weeks 4 days, due 8/13 (my good friend's baby's bday).  Everything looked fine, so I am relieved.  It definitely feels more real now.