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January Pregnancy!

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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Here's a vegetarian recipe for something even our next door neighbor's teenage son inhales. It has tons of fiber and is really good, quick, and easy.  I make it in about 40 minutes.

    2 cups uncooked quinoa
    64 oz of vegetable (or chicken if you don't mind meat) stock
    2 cans black beans, drained
    1 jar (20 oz?) favorite salsa (I like Muir Glen chipotle)
    1 package shredded mexican flavored cheese
    1 Tbl molasses
    3 Tbl chili powder
    1 canned chili in adobo (optional - hot)
    sour cream

    Rinse quinoa VERY WELL in a fine mesh strainer to get the yucky, bitter coating off the grain.  Meanwhile, bring stock to a boil.  Add quinoa and cook covered on low for 15 minutes.

    Add rest of ingredients except cheese.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Cook down to desired consistency uncovered.  When done, add 3/4 of the cheese and stir in.  Add rest of cheese as garnish with sour cream on top.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    I can't speak to the weight gain- during my first I gained like 10 in my first trimester (apparently very excited about eating for 2 and assumed it was 2 adults), but then was a slow but consistent gainer throughout (another 20 pounds the whole rest of the pregnancy). DS was 9 lbs...

    about who is where. some hospitals (most) allow 2 "people" to be with you during labor. I only wanted DH, because my mom isn't local and i had no interest in his mom viewing my you know what. However, I bet you could give that person access and have them come up later. I was in labor for almost 48 hours- delivered at 7am, and family came a few hours later during visiting hours (which you should also check based on your institution).  since I was in labor for so long, I was very grateful to get settled in to my room, eat (it had been 2 days since real food), and shower before I had to see anyone. family was there for a while- we took the afternoon off- and then we let our friends/coworkers know that they could come for the last two hours of visiting hours and kept it limited.

    a few things to think about- if you want to breastfeed, it is a bit on demand (and you will want help in the beginning from nursing, not your MIL), so try to allow yourself some time where it is just you and the baby (and DH) at first- whether it is a hour break between visitors or whatever. There were also classes that I wanted to take at the hospital- like the breastfeeding class, some hospitals have videos on baby care you are supposed to watch before you check out, people were circululating to take baby photos, etc. and we were having him circ'd which also limited visiting hours on one of the days.  I was also totally wiped and could not have "Entertained" for hours at a time- if your birthing center allows for the baby to go to the nursery for you to sleep, that can be really helpful to get some rest before you go home and do it all alone. 
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Kar - that recipe looks similar to something in our weekly rotation. Only thing is be careful about the sodium. Broth, cheese & canned foods can really add a lot. Make sure you always rinse your beans too. We normally just cook with water rather than broth and make our own "salsa". We just cook up onions, garlic, tomatoes, bell & hot peppers, spices, and we add the beans to heat them up. For grains you can really use anything - quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat couscous or pasta. Really easy and yummy!

    Liz - I'm so glad things are getting better for you and congrats on making it to the second trimester!!!

    winter - Those tips seem very helpful. I will have to try to remember them for much later on...

    I feel like I may gain 10 lbs this first trimester too if I continue to be as hungry as I am today. So far I don't think I've gained anything but I had lost probably about 10 lbs since the summer because of the stress from my dad's illness. At least I have plenty of room in my clothes to grow.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    ps. just had a thought about constipation- i know... but it is friday and my mind is wandering. for the first timers, when you actually start pushing to deliver your baby, they tell you to push like you are having a bowel movement, not push against your legs, etc. I wonder if constipation helps build muscles in the right places... I know that there is another biological reason that it happens, but our bodies do such amazing things sometimes, it just makes me wonder.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    I also did not gain weight the last 4 weeks or so of pregnancy.  The baby got bigger, but my weight remained steady.  (Ok actually - the last 6 weeks of pregnancy...somehow I keep forgetting that DS was 2 weeks overdue.)

    I did perineal massage for about 6 weeks prior to delivery...I don't know if it helped, but I only tore slightly.  I believe that the duration of the pushing stage partially determines how you stretch out.  I pushed for 2 hours, so my body had 2 hours to stretch out on its own.  I certainly had the "ring of fire" but was so excited to get the baby out that it really didn't bother me...(that said, I was so relieved for contractions to be over that the ring of fire was just a slight burning, in comparison).  But don't let that discourage you from going sans epidural!!! 

    As for visitors, I requested that people not show up until the day after the baby was born.  We were in our recovery room by then, I was clean(er) and had rested a bit.  I couldn't imagine the stress/pressure of knowing people were waiting outside for the baby to arrive! 
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    ps. question of my own- we don't know what gender our next will be yet, but for parents having a second child... did you tend to move the "infant/toddler" out of the crib room and into another room for the "toddler/small child" and put the baby in the old nursery with the same furniture and such or did you start from scratch with the new baby?  I love the way our current nursery is set up- it is finally fully functional. and since DS will be 2 by the time the next one arrives, it makes sense to move him into a bed in a "big boy" room.  However, I don't know how he will deal with someone "taking" his room. I guess we could paint it and change the fabrics (which in some sense also seems wasteful, particularly if it is another boy), but it will still kinda "look like" his old room with the furniture in the same layout.

    As an aside- I am really struggling with the website lately... it will allow me to post in response, but in order to set up a separate discussion I have to log in (which isn't working, despite creating a new log in yesterday). argh.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Lizinboston - glad you are getting relief from the constipation, but I hate to tell you constipation was the one symptom I had through my whole pregnancy. I hope that is not the same for you.

    Arcain - Definitely check the rules for where you deliver, I deliverd at the Brigham, and the "waiting area" for labor and delivery is downstairs, on a busy corridor, with not much in the way of seating/privacy, so it might not be where your family wants to spend a lot of time. Also, as far as perineal massage, I did it, but still had a small tear that required a couple of stitches, but I think that is because DD did a summersault on her way out. I can't say that it will prevent tearing, but I don't think it hurt. 
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    I just need to vent for a moment. This has been a terribly obnoxious and stressful week. Between work, looking at daycares, other daycares rescheduling our appts (which isn't that big a deal, but still stresses me out....), doing things around the house, etc...I feel like I'm gonna lose it!

    Can't drink...really shouldn't stuff my face...hmm...that brings me to retail therapy. Between going out with DH tonight and one of my best friends tomorrow, hallejulah!

    On the upside, we heard the baby's heartbeat again Wednesday and everything sounded good. 20 weeks!
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Tang - I love having a 4 day work week.  I look forward to my day off so much.  If you could wing it, I would actually recommend taking a day off in the middle.  That way, work piles up less, there is less to dread with four days in a row and then when you have your day off you only have 1-2 more days left in the week.  I have Thursdays off and my husband has Wed.  Truthfully, I think if I always had 3 days off in a row I would probably appreciate it less.  I have a long day on Wed so I see DD in the morning but not at nighttime but that seems ok since I will be with her all day the next day.

    Winter - we are going to move DD but keep all her furniture with her b/c she will still be in a crib.  As far as I am concerned, I would like her in the crib until about 4 years.  haha.  So we need to buy another crib set.  We are switching her room b/c the current nursery is the room closest to us and she will be on the other side of the upstairs.  I am hoping this lets her sleep through the young baby times and the DREADED sleep training. :)
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Hm, we are going to have to think about the same thing for DS (we do not know the gender yet), although I am thinking we plan to have the two kids share rooms for a while (more likely we will trend this way if #2 is a boy - if it is a girl, then we will probably need to make some decisions sooner than we want) - since for the first 1/2 year, we probably will keep the newborn in our bedroom (where all the newborn stuff still is anyway - the changing table and mini-crib) and then move the newborn into DS's room when the newborn is older and not nursing through the night. Then as the kids get older, see about individual rooms. But our bedrooms are pretty big so two sharing a room is not going to be too cramped. 

    Of course once the baby actually arrives, we may find our plans have completely changed - babies and kids have a way of derailing your best intentions at the most unexpected times.

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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    cici, great point about the sodium.  I use low sodium ingredients all the time so it didn't occur to me to say anything about that!  Sodium would not be good for constipation for how it changes what your body does to water.  But, given low sodium ingredients the chili is a huge source of fiber that we really like a lot.  I am partial to the quinoa and order it from Amazon.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    So many updates. 

    Congrats to all the new babies born this month!! 

    My doctor for my first pregnancy and this pregnancy said your body will know when you should change position. At 25 weeks I am always finding myself on my back and everything is going fine with this pregnancy and my last one too!

    Because of space DS and DD to come are going to be sharing a room.  DD
    will be with us in our room for probably the first 5 months as that is how it was with DS.  We were debating having DS switch to a bed from a crib and a friend of ours is actually giving us her toddler bed from her son tomorrow but since DS likes his crib and doesn't seem to be showing any signs of trying to get out of it on his own we plan to leave him in it until we really need to move him.  So we are planning on getting another crib.  When DD comes DS will be 20 months.

    I have boughts of constipation here and there but thankfully for the most part have been fine.  My ob recommended colace.  She recommended it with my first pregnancy when I had to take iron supplements which tend to cause constipation. They also recommended it in the hospital after giving birth.

    We told people we didn't want anyone coming to the hospital waiting during delivery but that we would call when we were settled.  We also called when we were in labor on our way to the hospital but just our parents. 

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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    On the perineal massage topic... I was doing research on this leading up to our LO's birth and there are studies that show a 10% reduction in the number of women who tear and in the severity of the tears.  There is no other preparation or technique that actually reduces the likelihood and severity of tearing.  Warm compresses and gentle stretching of the perineum during the birth don't worsen the statistics, but didn't better them either.  I figured a 10% improvement in odds was worth the discomfort and awkwardness of doing it.  I had minimal damage (just 2 stitches) and didn't perceive much stinging.  I don't know if the shear speed of our LO's birth changed my perception or if the stretching ahead of time lessened the burning in addition to preparing the skin for the required streching.

    As for planning on visitors... I let our families know that we would play everything by ear based on the length of delivery, how I was feeling, time of day, etc, etc.  Our LO was born just before midnight and we chose not to call anyone until 8am the next day.  Between bonding as a family, learning to BF, and the fact that it was midnight all factored into that.  Our first visitors arrived around 2pm and we saw my mom, DH's parents, my dad and my dad's parents (wheel chair issues made visiting at the hospital easier than our house).  It also played in what day of the week... LO was born Saturday night, so it was easiest for most people to visit Sunday.  We left Tuesday morning and ony had one friend come by on Monday.  So the bulk of visitors were Sunday afternoon.  That said.. like someone else said, try to spread out the visitors if you are BFing.  (or alternate visitors you'd be comfortable BFing in front of) because LO will be hungry and you will need to make time for that. 

    good luck in the final weeks!
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    As a nurse that cares for new moms and babies I have to say that our concensus is definitely that visitors just seem to get in the way. I have seem new moms completely overshadowed by all the parades of visitors.  It makes it very hard for nurses to get all the stuff done with you and baby that needs to get done in the 36 hours you are there after birth.  Plus, why can't those people just come to your house, and bring you food!  Instead, they all sit around gabbing loudly and totally overwhelming your newborn.  The baby and mother are meant to sleep and nurse around the clock every 1.5-3 hours, and you should really use the resources available (lactation specialists and nurses) while you are there such a short time.  The first day the baby is usually pretty sleepy and quiet, so it is really a great time to catch a 2 hour nap if you can.  Just my advice!
    PS- you should also know if you want your baby to receive the Hep B vaccination because they will ask you for consent for this right away (check if your pedi will give pediarix or you will be giving an unneeded 4th dose of it to your baby).
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    I told all my friends that they would not be visiting in the hospital.  We're almost all teachers so way too many germs.  My MIL was convinced she was going to wait downstairs at BWH while I labored, since for my SIL who lives in Virginia and had scheduled C-sections she waited during the procedure with SIL's parents and siblings.  DH told her that she would not be waiting while I labored.  She was pushy about it in a whiny, passive-aggressive way.  DH told her he wouldn't call her until the baby was home from the hospital if she didn't stop being annoying.  She sort of stopped.  She mentioned how smoothly it went for her to wait during SIL's c-section a few times to me and I told her that since I was hopefully having a vaginal delivery it would probably take hours and hours and I certainly would not want to see anyone afterwards but I promised I would make DH call when the baby was out to let them know--so I ended up being the good guy!

    My mum and I were planning on going out to breakfast the morning I gave birth, so the evening before I called her to tell her I wouldn't be able to meet her in the morning since I'd been in labor for the past 9 hours.  She told me to have a good night and that it was going to take forever but to call anytime if I needed her and call her when the baby was out.  So, the following night at 11:52 we called to let them know the DD was born. 

    They descended on the hospital for whatever hour the visiting hours start.  Something ungodly, considering I'd been in labor for 35 hours, then of course it took 4 hours to get me settled into the room (and eat!) and then 4 hours of breastfeeding later it was the time people started showing up.  It was nice to see people.  My Mum brought me a bagel and combed my hair and put it in french braids for me (seriously, I kept those braids in for like a week haha) and my Dad took lots of video and was wonderful.  My sisters stopped by on their lunch shifts.  My in-laws showed up and stayed for 6 hours doing nothing but attempting to make small talk--with me, because my husband doesn't really do small talk, especially with his parents. 

    Fortunately, after that first horrifically long day no one else visited me in the hospital. 
    If I had had ANYONE else besides the barrage of family members arrive I don't know what I would have done.
    PS - I am not squeamish AT ALL about nudity.  You can breastfeed very discreetly when you've had practice, but at first you pretty much have to be naked and it's a struggle for you and the baby.  The entire time I had visitors I would just take my shirt off and nurse/attempt to nurse, despite the visitors, if I needed to.  If you are AT ALL going to feel uncomfortable about this sort of thing, you cannot plan to have visitors there. You will have to ask them to leave while you nurse and it takes FOREVER when you're first starting.  I think the fact I had taken my johnny off to the waist AGAIN and the fact I started discussing lochia and perineal tearing with my sister was the only reason my in-laws left.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Lissa you made me laugh at the end there... if it wer me and my ILs had been there fore 6 hours and watched me BF a few times already, I would have started talking about lochia and tearing way earlier.  No one needs to visit a new mom for 6 hours.  That is the other thing to prepare family/friends for - if they are coming to the hospital, keep it to a half hour or so, an hour max.  If you want to stay any longer, wait until I'm home and come make me food or clean my house while I take a nap.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Good morning, DH and I did some shopping this weekend and I have a whole bunch of questions for everyone.  Sorry to bombard you all on a Monday morning!

    (1) We went to Buy Buy Baby and loved it.  We would love to register there but are a little concerned that there is only one location in MA.  Have others had success ordering online from them?

    (2) We looked at cribs at several stores and have been reading Baby Bargains and now I'm getting myself confused and stressed out.  We are looking for something that is safe, well made and relatively inexpensive ($200-400). We were planning on going with Target's Graco crib but they don't have a full size version in the store and it's hard to tell if it's a quality crib by looking at the mini version they have set up.  Anyone have any reviews good or bad for Target cribs? Or any recommendations of a crib that would meet our needs?

    (3) Last one, I promise, I tried a million rockers/gliders yesterday. I wasn't comfortable in any of them but my lower back is pretty sore at the moment so that could be why.   I finally found one that was comfortable but it was more of a rocking arm chair. Has anyone gone that route over a more traditional glider? And the prices are in the $500-700 range which seems awful high but maybe that's what's expected.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    CLC - I've ordered online from Buy Buy Baby before and it's been a very smooth, easy process. The only drawback is you can't use the 20% off coupons online - you have to bring them to the store - and they can't be expired.  I've said it before but if I was registering again for baby no. 2, I'd definitely register at Buy Buy Baby over BRU.  But obviously you have to pick based on where your family/friends live, and if they are people comfortable with ordering online.  You could always register for most things at Buy Buy Baby and a few things at another store, like Target or BRU, just to give folks some options.  As for the cribs, I don't have much advice. We got ours at baby furniture warehouse. I'd just look at the reviews for the Target crib and see if you can glean any info that way.  I have to agree with you that baby bargains is totally stressful. Just keep in mind that one edition of that book rates something as an A and then another edition the rating drops to a B, and vice versa.  Just avoid the products that get very poor reviews and you will be ok.  With the crib, I'd just make sure you have the space for it and keep in mind that the smaller of a crib you buy, the sooner you will have to upgrade to a toddler bed (most likely).  That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's the most likely outcome.  The larger a crib is, the harder it is for the toddler to climb out of it. But all kids are different of course! 

    AFM - we had our 12 week scan this a.m. and everything looks good! Phew!
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    clc, I don't know anything about cribs, but DH and I are planning on looking at Jordan's. From what I can see online, their prices aren't too bad. I have also heard good things about Baby Furniture Warehouse.

    I know BRU has a million gliders, did you look there at all?

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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    clc--for gliders, check out JCPenney. I was able to order a Dutalier off the website for something like 20% off and free shipping. It was less than $300. They also carry a few of the armchair styles ones as well.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    CLC - We spent a lot on our glider (it was more expensive than our crib) because I just didn't trust the cheaper ones and also they were not comfortable.  15 months after giving birth I still sit in that glider every day and am really glad we sprung for the one I liked most.  I wanted one where I could rest my head back, and I'm tall (and am all torso) so there were limited models that worked for me. We didn't spring for the footrest, however, and I wish we had.

    We got a Munire crib from BFW that was about $300.  I definitely think you can get a good crib that meets your specs for the price range you mentioned.  I don't have any experience with Target cribs, however Graco is a reputable brand, so I'd guess if the crib itself gets good reviews it won't matter where it comes from.  I personally wanted a crib that was made out of read hardwood, as opposed to other materials.  If that matters to you, it might be helpful to shop somewhere where the staff knows a lot about the cribs and can provide you with specific information other than what is on the label.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    for glider, we got one that looks like a cushy armchair - since both DH and I used it (me for nursing, and DH to rock the baby to sleep), it was important for us to find one we both would be comfortable in and that would be super soft on the bottom (those first 4-6 weeks after labor, I found it made a huge difference in terms of the cushion on the sore stitches I had from tearing). We also wanted something that would still look nice in our bedroom or living room when DS (and for the coming #2) no longer need to be rocked or nursed. We got ours from BRU - a friend had loaned me a more traditional one, which was nice but not as comforty and not one we would reuse in our bedroom or living room later on. Something to think about too... 
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Cwag, I was just going to ask what people prefer. The more rocking chair type or glider or the one that looks like an armchair.

    Poppy, where did you get yours?
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    We got ours at Baby Furniture Warehouse.  Also, meant to add - I got an extra wide chair (it is the armchair-like one).  This made a BIG difference if you end up using a Boppy or similar... I sat in a regular, narrower glider and tried to nurse and couldn't fit the boppy around me in the chair.  I was really glad I got the wider one.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Thanks all.  We haven't tried BRU yet.  We are on the Cape and the BRU here is pretty small and they only have a few gliders on site.  We will be making a trip to Braintree so I will check them out then.

    Liz, I thought I wanted the more traditional glider but then once I was sitting in them I wasn't very comfortable.  I really like the one we saw at BBB so I might just spring for it ($600) but I will check out BRU and a few other places first.

    Man this baby stuff can be overwhelming.  There is too much information out there! I've narrowed down our crib choices to 3 from Target (two Graco and one Carters).  I've given DH the final choice so we will order tonight.  Also, Target is doing an online baby sale right now through the end of the week I believe.  If you're looking for baby stuff I would check it out.