January Pregnancy!

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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    I just saw on JCP.com you can get a whole set for $900-$1,025. It includes a crib, changing table and dresser. I might look into that. All of the reviews on JCP are pretty good.

    Clc, it is so overwhelming! Wait till you start looking at strollers!!! I am pretty decided on the BOB and Maclaren, but I was so overwhelmed when I started looking!

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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Liz, don't forget about a Snap n Go or similar type stroller.  The kind where you can literally plop the carseat down on the frame and wheel away without having to remove the baby from the carseat.  I used that stroller almost exclusively with DD for her first 6  months.  They aren't very expensive ($60-$70ish I think?).  The other strollers you mentioned are great too, but more for an older baby. 

    I agonized over strollers for the longest time before having DD. We used the snap n go/carrier predominently for her first 6-8 months and then once she learned to walk at about 13 months, she never cared for the stroller.  So keep in mind when agonizing over which stroller is the best, that sadly, you may not use a stroller for very long!!  Unless you are an avid jogger and/or plan to take the baby out on a lot of trail walks etc., you are probably fine to register for the snap and go and some sort of light umbrella stroller like a MacLaren and nothing else.  (keep in mind that my big stroller is collecting dust in our garage as we speak...)
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Yes, Rama...I am going to register for the Chicco Keyfit Caddy. Good advice about the strollers. I want an all-terrain only because we spend A LOT of time up in York at my parents summer house and the roads where they live are mainly dirt until you get to the main drag. And, I would love one for th actual beach. But we may wait until the next summer. Our baby won't be old enough for the beach this year.

    Clc, Thanks for telling us about the Target Baby sale! I just got the Chicco Keyfit base for $53!! It is usually around $85!
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Liz - York Beach is such a great spot!!  I wish my parents had a house there too! Your LO will love going there in the summers. Yes, a BOB will be great for those type of roads.  But definitely think about waiting until next spring to buy it.  That way, you'll get the most updated version of the stroller, have a longer warranty period from when you actually start using it etc.  

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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    also re: strollers... check out craigs list or a consignment shop (kid to kid in natick) for used ones. the snap and go type- your baby never touches the stroller (just the car seat) and the used ones run about 20-30, huge savings.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    I'm full of questions today... sorry.

    My mom is doing childcare for us one day a week.  She has been asking me to look out for items that she might need that I see on sale so she can go buy them.  I love that she's offering to do that but I feel like we should be buying the necessary items because it's our baby.  What have others done that have family doing childcare?
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Thanks, everybody, for your thoughts about the 4-day week. To answer a few questions, yes, our LO will be at daycare while I'm working...the schedule would start 12 weeks after he's born, when I go back to work...and I'm not sure how easy it would be to switch from the 40-hour compressed week to a 32-hour week, but I'm guessing my job would be okay with it. I'm happy to hear that everyone thinks it sounds reasonable/doable. What I'm thinking is that I'd log in around 7:00AM and DH would drop LO at daycare. I'd work 'til 5:30PM and then pick him up. A lot depends on finding a nearby daycare that will accomodate a 7:30-6:00PM schedule (seemingly unusual), but hopefully that'll work out.

    About perineal massage - this is probably a really dumb question, but not having looked into it yet - is it something you can do yourself? Or does someone else have to do it for you? I just don't think I could ask my DH to do that (I know, I know, he'll be seeing everything in its full glory during delivery). I'm just honestly wondering if, given the bump, it's physically possible to reach down there when you're 34+ weeks along!

    And, you guys have given me some really good food for thought concerning hospital visitors. Just last night, my mom said "you guys will call us when you go into labor, so we can wait in the waiting room, right?" We kind of hedged, not having decided whether we want that or not. But based on all your experiences, it sounds like it would be better for me, DH, and LO if we waited 'til after he's born, I'm cleaned up and comfortable, etc before making any calls. I guess we'll play it by ear and see how things go, but I definitely don't want to be topless and attempting to BF in front of my dad and FIL. And considering you're only in the hospital for 36 hours post-delivery, maybe they can just wait 'til we get home before they visit...

    clc, I just ordered a Graco crib this weekend! It hasn't been delivered yet, but I ordered it through BrUs (for those who haven't heard, they're doing the event where they take back old baby stuff and give you a 25% discount on a new item, which I did). After obsessing over Baby Bargains and agonizing over whether to spend more, we chose one of Graco's less expensive cribs that gets good online/Baby Bargain ratings. It's pine, so I know it's softer than a hardwood crib, but I just can't justify spending $300-600 or more on a furniture item that'll probably see no more than 4 years of use. Hopefully I won't kick myself, but hey - at the price we paid (with discount, $160 including delivery + tax), if this LO destroys the crib, we'll just buy another one if we have a second baby!

    Our cradle was just delivered today...can't wait to assemble it! I'm also totally on the fence about gliders. I'd like to spring for the nice upholstered type that could transition into another room one day. But they are so pricey. I hate the look of the "traditional" gliders, though, so it seems worthwhile to splash out the extra $$.

    And strollers...like winter said, I grabbed a Snap N Go in like-new condition off craigslist for $25, vs. $80 new at Buy Buy Baby. We did register for the bada$$ Bob jogger, though - friends have told us that it's the only one they use and just awesome. And we like to jog/run, so hopefully we'll get good use out of it. I'm hoping that between the Snap N Go, the jogger, and a cheap umbrella stroller, we'll have our bases covered for quite some time.

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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    clc - Is your mom taking the baby to her house, as opposed to staying at yours?  If she's taking the baby to her house, the things she'll need for sure are a place to change the baby and a place for the baby to sleep. Those things you could probably determine ahead of time (unless she's not sure if she wants an actual changing table or just to do it on the bed.  It personally kills my back to change DD on a bed or couch, I much prefer a table.) Otherwise, you might want to wait until the baby comes and determine what you use on a daily basis, then tell your mom.  At this point it's hard to know what the baby might need.  You might end up with a baby who loves a swing but hates a bouncy seat, or vice versa.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    WOW!  You guys are right there is just so many choices out there for stollers, cribs and Gliders etc.  How do you know where to start?!!  besides reading in this blog!  I was thinking about subscribing to Consumer Reports.  Anyone gone this route?  It is overwhelming for me, I need like 3 different styles/brands to choose from!
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Tang, I think the perineal massage question really depends on you--your flexibility, arm length, size of your butt, etc.  A squatting position is probably your best bet if you're trying to do it yourself.  Enlisting a partner's help is probably the best bet for actually being effective but it's definitely bringing the relationship to another level. (Which, as you point out, it's going to get to anyway.  Witnessing birth is certainly quite the Rubicon for a man to cross haha.)
    If you work it into your kegel routine (you really should have a kegel routine, even if you aren't going to do the perineal massage) you are more likely to do it enough to actually do it. 
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    CLC, my parents watch DD 2x a week...at first they had a changing pad (put on dresser, not the full table...like Poppy suggested, the leaning on the bed can kill your back), a pack n play (with the bassinet feature), and a bouncy seat.  Later, a friend of theirs whose grandkids had aged out of babyhood gave them an exersaucer, which has been great, and they bought a high chair at Ikea ($25 or something, and it's perfect).  She has some toys there now too...different stuff than we have at home, which is nice...got a music table for Christmas to stay there...

    I also leave my Bob stroller at their house on those days, which they use more than anything else...my dad takes her for a walk every day, either to the park or just for a stroll. 

    We stock them with diapers, wipe and desitin, as well as b-milk/formula/milk (she's 15 mos. now, so it's milk now, but we've been through all stages), baby food, cereal, etc. 

    I wouldn't rush to stock her with stuff...see what the baby likes, then check out Kid to Kid or Children's Orchard. 
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    CLC - we got DS' crib at Baby Furtniture Warehouse in reading.  It was just a traditional crib not a convertible one for about $340 plus additional for delivery and setup. We are very happy with it and it got a good rating in baby bargains book.  If you want to know brand I can definitely take a look for you.

    My SIL had the best rocker ever.  She got it at babies r us and I just texted my brother about it this weekend.  He said it is a shermag.  He wasn't sure the exact model but would find out for me.  I like the recommendation of an extra wide one...ours used to be my grandfathers rocker and is not very comfy or wide enough for the boppy.  Considering getting a new rocker for baby 2.

    I concur with Lissa about nursing in the hospital.  I pretty much spent the entire time naked from top up because it was just easier.  I bought the nursing tanks from target but they came in more handy at home then in the hospital.

    Pugslove we did the consumer reports thing but didn't find it very helpful.  Baby bargains was the most helpful for us.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    We ordered a crib tonight from Target.  I finally narrowed our choices down to 3 and DH picked.  It's by Carters which got good reviews on the Target website and in Baby Bargains.  The best part is it was on sale for $170.  Thanks for all of the advice, I think all of the research was getting to me!

    Poppy, my mom will be watching our LO at her house one day a week.  She already has a pack 'n play and I will buy her a base for the infant seat.  I'm going to see if I can find a used snap 'n go for her to use as a stroller for now. Good point about the changing station, I will see what she prefers.  Thanks for all of the great advice today!

    Liz, funny you mention strollers, that's the one thing I haven't been stressed out about.  I did some research, decided I like the Graco travel system with the Snugride 30 and didn't think about it again.  Hopefully we are happy with our choice!  I also am going to want something that can go on the beach, we are huge beach people, but I won't need that until next summer so I'm going to wait awhile.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    clc- they make pack and plays with a little area for changing- I can't remember what they are called. I know you said she has one- but what if you bought her one with the changing area and kept the other one? we have a two story house and just had that downstairs for naps and changes until DS hit 20 pounds and it looked like it would snap.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    About strollers:
    I LOVED the Graco travel system that I got my first time around.

    HOWEVER, now that I'm pregnant with my second I'm realizing that the Graco does NOT convert to 2 kids.  At all.  I would have been better off buying something that at least can have a platform hookiup in the back, nevermind the kind that can be a tandem.  There are plenty of <$200 options for sturdy umbrella-type strollers with ride-alongs out there. I just don't want to spend $150 on one now that I have tons of junk already.  However, if I were to do it all over I would have just gotten the snapngo for the car seat to fit into and then swtiched to one of the aforementioned superumbrellas when she got older.  If I had done that I'd just have to stick the next one in the car seat on the superumbrella and have her hop on the tandem attached.

    Oh well, live and learn and spend more money.  This is why there are so many strollers on Craigslist.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    About strollers on the beach: we love going to the beach in the summer and I always planned on bringing a stroller on the sand. In practicality, we learned that isn't the best approach because the stroller gets very hot sitting there all day and hard to cool it off enough to put our daughter back in it at the end of the day. We also didn't like how sandy and dirty the entire stroller got from the beach. What worked awesome for us was using a radio flyer wagon and wheeling DD (who was 15-18 months last summer) onto the beach. The wagon also left room for our cooler, towels, beach toys etc and the plastic wheels and seat were simple to wet down at the end of the day to keep cool. Just a tip for those beach-going mamas out there!! We got our glider from a friend for free. It's a Dutalier for Target brand. It's very comfortable! We still use it every day!
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Rama, I will have to think about that. I am a HUGE beach person and starting next summer (2013), I will probably be there every weekend.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    clc - congrats on the crib decision!

    Rama - I was thinking of getting one of those little wagons.  Did you find DD had the balance to sit in it without falling over?
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    I too was one of those who discouraged the waiting in the waiting room.  I did not want to feel like there was added pressure to deliver faster.  We told everyone we would call once ds was born which ended up being at 4:30am anyways so we called around 5:30 once all was cleaned up and told people to please not come until 11 or 12 so we could sleep.  First time around I felt bad kicking people out for bf'ing so I didn't but this time around I am going to say to anyone in the room that if they do not want to see it they should leave and try not to care if they just showed up.  It is and should be about me and the baby and I was too sensitive to other's.  I was all about the skin to skin as ds was not suckling and when my grandmother in law ( a couple times in that short 36 hr period) would come I had to dress the baby up in a onsie and a sleeper to make her happy and then undress him when she left - this time I stick to my guns.  I actually wish I could request no visitors but my inlaws and my mom and sisters (I can say ok give me back my baby to them) but it would hurt a lot of feelings so I will just keep to my schedule and if they have to wander a bit they wander.

    To whomever it was that asked about second time around with the nursery...we are moving ds into his new bedroom.  I cant imagine spending the money on a second crib or crib mattress (he will be 2).  So we are going the twin bed route and making a really big deal about decorating the room for him.  I have heard you should make the move (any change really - taking away the pacifier, bottle etc) about 3 months before you need it so the first does not associate the new one arriving with the change so we are going to move him I am hoping come April 1. (due date June 10)  He seems content in the crib still but I would rather put the money towards something he will use longer term than a crib mattress for a toddler bed or even another crib.  But we are tight on money and I am cheap ;)
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Love the 3 months rule - that's an eternity to a 2 year old, and anything that prevents possible resentment of the new sibling is worth doing.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Thanks, all, for the advice on weight gain, perineal massage, and especially visitors at the hospital. I've been trying to post for days but I have problems from my iPad -- I log in with the correct info and it tells me it doesn't have my username or pw. I hate how buggy this site is -- good thing the good people on here redeem it!

    Wrkingmom, I think I'd totally feel the same way as you, feeling like I had to cater to visitors, but thanks to these warnings I'm going to stand strong (btw - I can't believe the thing about your DH's grandmother -- the newborn had to be dressed for her? Oh my!)

    In my case, I think I'm going to ask my mom and DH to be the bad guys (with me if necessary). No one in the waiting room during labor unless they insist on showing up and if they do, they can wait til we're ready. Everyone out of the room except DH when I'm trying to bf (just my preference, maybe I'll make some exceptions if I feel differently day of). I'm delivering at NWH, and they actually have a strict no visitors policy from 2-4 every day (which they say moms and dads love and grandparents hate, big surprise :-)), so I feel like that will at least give me some of the time I'll need to take advantage of hospital resources, rest, etc.

    Clc: Congrats on the crib! That's a great deal!

    Good advice from all on stocking the parents with stuff. My MIL will be watching our LO one day at our house, and she already has the basics at her house from my SIL's kids. My dad will be doing at least a partial day each week, so we will need to stock them with some stuff, probably from secondhand shops and relatives.

    I'm 35 weeks tomorrow and feeling -- gasp -- pretty ready. We have our nursery all set up and I'm stocking a downstairs station with everything we'll need for feeding and changes when we don't feel like running up there. DH is going to install the car seat this weekend, and after that point I'll really feel like the LO could show up tomorrow and we wouldn't have to immediately send someone out for all the stuff we're still missing.

    One other question -- The only stuff I don't have is nursing clothes/bras (I think I have one shirt amongst my maternity stuff). Those who are bf-ing/have before: how many nursing shirts do you really need? I have a cover for when I'm bf-ing in public, so I'm not inclined to get that many.

    What about nursing bras? Motherhood's prices look reasonable, but I'm wondering which size to get. I went up a cup size early in my pg but haven't changed since. Should I go up another for the nursing bras? Also wondering the difference between a normal front-closure bra and one made specifically for nursing...

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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Congrats on being in the homestretch, Arcain!

    I can't help on the nursing info but I just bought new bras from Target because I also went up a cup size and they are really comfortable and were cheap - $16.  I know they have nursing bras but not sure if they are any good. 
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    I'm also interested in people's thoughts on nursing bras/tops - haven't bought any yet. The one thing I've heard is that underwire bras can interfere with your milk supply, so apparently it's best to avoid those.
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    I think nursing bras/shirts, people prefer different things.  So I would not get a ton of one thing, or at least make sure they are returnable and don't take the tags off!
    I loved the Bravado bodysilk seamless nursing bra.  It is NOT cheap or attractive, but it is beyond comfortable even as stuff was getting bigger and smaller all the time.  Some people say not to spend a lot of $$ on nursing bras, but I got two and just wore the heck out of them for a year plus -- one on, one in the wash.  It was totally worth it for me personally.
    I was obsessed with finding nursing shirts, got 3, and wore them a handful of times.  The system that ended up working for me was tank tops under everything.  Plain ones with no linings or shelf bras, and stretchy necks that pulled down.  So it was shirt up, tank and nursing bra down, and everything but the essentials neatly covered.  Of course, if you're more confident you can just lift your whole shirt up on one side, or you can wear shirts with low necklines that can pull down.

    Hmm... wondering if my lurking on this board means I'm ready for baby #2...
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    Re: January Pregnancy!

    Ditto Medford - you will need to try a few different things to determine what fits your body type and your lifestyle after baby.  The Bravado bra is the only one I found that I liked.  I bought a few Target ones that I hated, and I never did find a nursing tank that fit me (at the risk of TMI, I am 38DDD).  I still wear that nursing bra when I'm feeling tired of underwire but still want support (and I haven't nursed in 6 months).

    Also ditto Medford on the shirts.  A couple of nursing shirts are nice to have, but you can also wear tanks under shirts, or you can get regular wrap tops that you can pull down.  That's the trick: something you can pull down as opposed to pull up.  If you have to pull up your shirt and pull your arm out of the sleeve you expose part of your back, side, and belly.  The nursing shawl does not cover all of that.  So, in public, wear something you can pull down.