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January Updates

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    Re: January Updates

    occ--just wanted to add all my positive thoughts and well wishes for you and LO. I'll be pulling for more good news coming from you in the days to come!
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    Re: January Updates

    Hi - This is my first pregnancy post, I'm 7 weeks along and as sick as a dog, all day, every day! :) But I'm starting to get the hang of it, if that's possible and feeling a little better. I'm working with the Fertility Center of New England, and will be referred out to a regular OBGYN. I'm looking at the Women's Care center in Newburyport. Anyone know anything about that?

    Kerry - You're first post gave me perspective, I've been thinking my pregnancy is "just a little harder" than everyone else _ LOL. I'm early in the process, but know the far more serious challenges others have faced (OCC in particular), it's been helpful to see.

    OCC - Children's Hospital is the BEST, the best. You could not do better for your son and I know they will be able to help you all. You are in very, very good hands, and I hope that brings you comfort and strength.

    RHM - I can imagine the feeling of just wanting to #$^&*! get there. It's like the train won't go fast enough and you just want to get home. I don't think there is anything anyone can say to make you feel better, but maybe you should kick or hit something? :)

    Lesal - We need a code word or phrase, something really good. so know one else asks you, you know, that question everyone is asking. Love letters has "grilled cheese" - we need an equivalent for asking someone if they have, you know, done that thing we are all here to do. :) Suggestions anyone?

    Trouble - I'll be interested in hearing how the au pair option works out. I was just suggesting this to a friend the other night and after talking to her, remembered she lived in an very isolated house in the sticks - I can't imagine a young au pair wanting to see the world would like it. Oops.

    Luvlboy - We are due around the same time - late August? While we didn't actually get pregnant through the fertility clinic, we were working with them (turns out I had a thyroid issue my GP denied). So we got to have an ultrasound at 6 week, last Thursday, and saw the sac and the yolk and the little flutter heartbeat. It was awesome. I'll be following your posts closely!

    Daisy75 - Awesome piece about Holland, beautiful country.

    My SIL has been really helpful with the advice and I've really benefitted so far from her wisdom and overall am in a good place in my head, despite the morning sickness. Here's her advice:

    1) Do NOT go on to the internet (Honestly, I'm strictly limiting myself to this forum for baby information). If I search and read to much, I know I will freak out.

    2) Do not watch the Discovery Channels or those TLC one time shows about the mermaid baby, baby delivery shows, hospital shows of any kind (see above freak out).

    3) Lemon Zest Luna bars, the only thing I'm keeping down lately. Anyone know where I can get a good price on Luna bars?
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    Re: January Updates

    OCC:  Congrats on the birth of your little boy!!  He is definitely in my thoughts and I know he will continue to be the little trooper he has already been.

    ML: Welcome and congrats on your pregnancy!  You must be so excited!  Sorry, about the MS though, fortunately I never had any so I'm no help there.  But I agree with your SIL about the no googling policy.  My OB told me the same thing.  Sometimes it's irrestible, but take whatever you read with a grain of salt.  There are many horror stories out there.  One other forum I check on occassionally is  It was recommended by Lesal and it's helpful to confirm week/month specific symptoms with others at that same stage. 

    EOE: hope all is going well!

    AFM, I visited some daycares and I'm less stressed about the whole thing.  We saw one that seems fantastic, and DH and I have pretty flexible schedules and we think we might only need 3 days/week.  Whew!  That should help both our wallets and conscience!  I was in tears before going to the first one thinking they would be awful.  I was reading thru the questions CT.DC posted and when I got to the one about the evacuation crib the waterworks came.  I think we might see a few more, but I'm pretty sure we found our center  :-)

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    Re: January Updates

    hi everyone!  I'm home with a new baby GIRL!!  she was born Monday morning after about 29 hrs of labor, give or take :) 

    I just read through these updates and OCC - congratulations, I have been thinking of you these past couple of weeks and praying things were going good.  I know your little guy has been a fighter from the start and I am so glad to hear he is gaining weight.  Please keep us posted, I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  I don't know what that is that you got requiring the c-section and magnesium sulfate, but I am just so sorry that you had to wait to see him after he was born.  I can't imagine going through all that, my heart goes out to you.  you are a very strong person and have had such a great attitude through all of this.

    Daisy - beautiful story, thanks for posting it.

    afm, I did end up going unmedicated and survived!  baby was 7lbs 1 oz...  and I would gladly share the name if anyone wants to email me directly but I just don't feel comfortable posting it.  just let me know if anyone does email me b/c I never check the account I used to sign up here.  it was a long difficult labor, and things got a little scary at the end - but all's well that ends well.  we are both fine and I did not even tear at all, so I don't have any stitches and am feeling good.  we are breastfeeding, and that is challenging but it's going as good as can be expected I think.  Baby is definitely the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  if anyone wants to hear about my birth story, let me know.  it was the hardest thing I have ever done, but what they say about being in 'labor land' and that when it's over the amnesia kicks in - is all true.  my doula and midwife were AMAZING (and so was DH) and I can't say enough about setting up a support system like that if you want to 'go natural'  they got me through it.  I have to go now, but I'll share more soon.  and rhm - it does end eventually - just hang in there.
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    Re: January Updates

    Lesal!  Congrats!!!  How wonderful to hear from you about how well it all went and continues to go.  I, for one, would love to hear your birth story, esp. since you used a WHA CNM and NWH!  I am also strongly considering natural and use the same hospital and midwife/doc practice.  Please post if you get a chance!  XOXO
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    Re: January Updates

    Lesal, congratulations to you and your DH on the birth of your baby girl!  I am so happy for you that you were able to go natural just as you had hoped!  Try to get some rest and enjoy these first days with your daughter!  Keep us updated as to how everything is going for all THREE of you! 
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    Re: January Updates

    Lesal- Warm congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girll!  Sorry to hear about the long labor, but it sounds like things are great now!  :-)  Wishing you and your family all the best!
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    Re: January Updates

    Congrats Lesal!

    I don't know what any of you are talking about with these acronyms, but I'd love to hear the birth story too when you've got some time.
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    Re: January Updates

    Lesal--Congrats on a healthy, beautiful baby girl!! Best wishes to you and DH. Enjoy this time and SLEEP whenever there's a chance. :)
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    Re: January Updates

    ml - congrats! A happy and healthy 9 months for you. I also had fairly bad m/s from about week 7-12ish (first 3 were really bad and the next 3 were just somewhat bad). What seemed to help me to some degree was: having a baggie of cereal at my nightstand so I could have a little in my stomach before I got out of bed, ginger ale, small bland snacks throughout the day, resting, vitamin water with the B vitamins in it. I didn't try the prego pops, but did try the Sea Bands which didn't do a thing for me, but is supposed to help some women with m/s. HTH!

    trouble - glad you're feeling better about the daycare dilemma. I'd say to even go back to the center you're pretty sure about and spend more time observing there so you feel completely confident in your decision.

    lesal - congrats on your little girl's arrival! I'd love to hear the name so let's figure out how we can communicate about that.

    big hellos to eoe out there!

    AFM, thanks for the input on the NST (non-stress test). I'm 39 with no other factors (didn't include that before). I spoke w/MGH and they said they usually do it for women over 40, but since I won't be 40 at that time and I have no other risk factors, they wouldn't have ordered the NST for me. I'll discuss it more with the new Tufts OB when I see her in two weeks. I know it's not a bad test to have, but if I don't really need it and it's time out of work, I don't see what the point is.
    Also, I think I didn't communicate well about my wanting all this to be over. I didn't mean this pregnancy - I'm so not ready for all that yet! I just meant that I'm ready for the whole ttc/infertility phase of my life to be done. DH and I still really want 2 kids so we know with my diminished ovarian reserve and the fact that I'll be 40 the end of March that we'll need to get back to the RE in the fall to start the testing so we can get going. I just wish all of this ttc stuff was easier for us and I'm ready to just be a mom and not have to worry about b/w, u/s, ER, ET, etc. KWIM?

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    Re: January Updates

    Congrats to Lesal and OCC! 

    Lesal, I'm also planning to deliver at NWH with a CNM...glad to hear you had a good experience there. 

    Nothing new on my end...tired and pale and almost 9 weeks.  Still 2 weeks til my first app't, and I don't think it will really sink in until after that. 
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    Re: January Updates

    Oh and ML, I'll be watching your updates too...nice to have a parallel pregnancy with someone and to know that there are other 1st trimester people on the board! 
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    Re: January Updates

    Congratulations Lesal on your little girl.  Wow 29 hours!  I hope your settling in at home.

    Daisy - I just wanted to thank you so much for that.  They are pretty sure he has a syndrome that involves a disability just not sure the severity.  It really hit home and is amazingly true.  Thanks again! 

    He is doing well lung wise we just need him to start gaining weight but he is such a strong boy!

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes!
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    Re: January Updates

    Lesal--Congrats to you!  Try to get some sleep these next few weeks whenever you can!

    OCC--I had an aunt with Down Syndrome--functioned on the level of a 3 or 4 year old--and she was absolutely wonderful.  She loved to sing and dance and was the life of every party.  She loved Pepsi and it was the highlight of her day if someone brought her some Pepsi.  My aunt that took care of her (and my mother and their other siblings) always made sure that Santa brought her coloring books and Barbie Dolls for Christmas and every year she was so excited about writing her letter to Santa.  No doubt there were difficult times for my aunt that took care of her, but since she died, no family gathering is the same.  My aunt always lightened the mood and brought joy to the most-mundane get-together.  "Holland" can truly be a wonderful place once you adjust to it.  For now, just take it one day at a time and do what you need to do.  And MAKE SURE YOU AND DH TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES!  Get some rest, go to dinner outside of the Longwood Area (the Children's Cafe is decent, but you need to get out of the hospital).  You have lots of people on this board thinking about you, and we're here for you if you need to "talk" about what you're going through.

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    Re: January Updates

    Thinking of you OCC...  I hope things are going well with your lo.  I've been reading everyone's positive posts to you and the support on this board is amazing as always!  Thanks to everyone for supporting OCC!  I know it must be difficult, but as Daisy said, try to get some dinner or have some alone time with your DH.  You and your DH are doing a great job!

    Lesal-  Hope things are going well for you and your lo!  I'm sure it will be a transition now that she's home, but things will fall into place!
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    Re: January Updates

    I was looking for something to do with my kids this weekend, so I thought I would check out the mom's page.  I didn't know what was pulling me toward your messages until I read into them.
    OCC- I have a 2 year old boy that was treated at Children's Hospital for CDH.  He is followed in the CDH clinic (Dr. Jennings was his surgeon) and we have communicated with families going through this.  We recently donated toys to 10E and money to CDH research for his 2nd birthday.  While there, we met with a family to give them hope.
    My son is doing great!  He was there for 5 weeks and left without oxygen or tube feeds.  You wouldn't know that he had any issues if you were to look at him, except he's a little small for his age.  We have struggled with weight gain, and he continues on a high calorie diet with nutrition and GI input.  Developmentally, he has been on track and graduated from early intervention this summer.  CDH does have a genetic risk, but I have a 8 month old without any issues, so that is very hopeful.
    Please feel free to contact me.  I couldn't figure out how to directly contact you, so I'm sorry to bother everyone else.  Good luck to all of you!
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    Re: January Updates

    hi all - thanks to everyone for the well wishes.  things are going good here, it has definitely been challenging these first few days, but I am feeling slightly more human today so I'm going to give a little info about my birth experience for those of you who are interested.  I know it's sort of buried in this post, but I'm a private person by nature and just feel funny about starting a new thread.  at least those of you who are pregnant now will know where to find it.

    so, I can't give much info about timing of everything because as I said, time distortion during labor was (thankfully) in effect...  but I'll try to give the basics and what I think got me through it.  my due date was Saturday, and I didn't feel like anything was different.  although I had been noticing the braxton-hicks getting stronger and also a slight increase in discharge over the previous few days so I was hopeful that things would start on their own in time.  went out to dinner Sat night, and I woke up several times during the night.  I was just really uncomfortable and kept waking up, I'm not sure why.  at about 4am, I saw I was spotting and thought I was having mild contractions, probably 15-20 min apart.  I called the midwives b/c I was worried about the blood and they said it was normal in early labor, probably the mucus plug and to try to rest and who knows if it would be that day or if things would stop/stall for a few days.  so I went back to bed, was able to sleep for a couple more hours, then we got up.  so, when I say 29hrs, I am starting from that first sign and the first half of labor was not bad at all.  the contractions never did stop, but all day Sunday I could still walk, talk, eat through them.  we timed them sometimes and I was in touch with my doula by phone.  at some point in the afternoon, they were coming 5-6 min apart, lasting from 45s-1m:20s, getting more challening but manageable.  so I had a glass of wine and took a bath, I think from 5pm - 6pm to see if they would stop or continue.  they continued, and I was starting to feel just crummy - like sick almost.  I would get very cold and shivery right before a contraction, then sweaty and hot during it, then shivery again.  I had sent DH to bed with strict orders to take a nap b/c it was looking like we had a long night in store.  during this time I was handling them with long deep breathing - and I knew they were 7 breaths long, the first 4 were very hard and the last 3 were easing up.  so I would just think, 4 breaths is all you have to get through, it's only 4 breaths and then it will feel better.  I was lying on the couch and kept pulling a blanket on and tossing it off with the temp changes.  by 10:30pm, I needed help getting through the contractions (ie having a hand to squeeze) and woke DH up.  he called our doula again, who got to the house at about midnight and soon after decided this was definitely active labor, and since I was GBS pos and needed the antibiotics, we headed to the hospital.  at this point the contractions were quite difficult.  if I could stay on top of it with deep breathing and staying calm, it was doable.  if I got scared and did high pitched type ow, ow, ow stuff, it was much harder and more painful.  we got admitted right away, the contractions were clearly taking all my concentration, coming close together and they got the IV going.  contrary to what I had heard, the antibiotics don't sting and was no big deal, I don't know when I was even hooked up or not.  so don't worry about that.  I was handling contractions in the triage room by kneeling on the hospital bed, the back was raised and I holding it.  I was about 6+cm at that point.  and this is where I stop remembering alot of detail...  but we got into the L&D room, they had the tub filled and ready, and I got in.  DH put on my ipod with my relaxing labor playlist going, my doula and midwife were with me.  I was instinctively doing deep breathing, blowing, doing the horselips exhale, low moaning, etc.  my water broke soon after I got into the tub.

    here's where it got hard and the reason why, when my water broke, my dialation went down to about 4cm (which is normal to happen and usually goes quickly back up with the pressure of the head)  but my baby was slightly transverse so the head wasn't putting enough pressure.  to make a long story short, I started having early pushing contractions even though I was nowhere near dialated enough.  the next few hours involved alot of position changes, walking, lunges, pelvic tilts, and whatever else to try and adjust the baby's position.  it was very hard to ride out the pushing contractions without pushing and I was scared that I was going to tear at my cervix.  I was in transition for a loooong time before reaching full dialation and the baby was starting to be distressed.  the heartbeat was slowing down too much during contractions, I needed an oxygen mask and they put an internal monitor on her scalp to more closely watch the heartrate.  at that point they were able to push back the lip of cervix remaning and I was able to start pushing at about 7:30am.  it took about 2hrs - of almost constant position changes in between contractions.  it was physically very demanding and I was sore in every muscle in my body as if I had a tremendous workout for the first couple of days. but it was easier to handle the pushing than trying to ride out contractions during transition.  she finally came out, needed a little help to start breathing, which was also scary, but everything is fine.   

    so everyone's labor is different and I'm told mine was kind of unusually difficult so nobody should be scared that will happen to them.  but to sum up, here's what I think got me through it.  my midwife (a former doula) was amazing.  my doula was amazing.  DH was amazing.  I had worried that having such an entourage was silly, and being an introverted person thought it might be awkward for me.  but I was in another world, eyes closed I think the whole night, and it felt so good to know I was surrounded by support.  sometimes it takes a village I think, and having women present who have been there, and can reassure you that it's normal, you are safe, and you are doing a good job is necessary.  and DH was a strong shoulder to hang on, a hand to squeeze, a cheerleader.  I remember having my back rubbed, hair stroked, legs massaged, all these comforting things and I felt so well taken care of.  I think it came down to endurance.  it hurts and feels bad for sure, but you just endure.  in between contractions, it feels pretty good if you focus on it.  and most other body parts also feel good even in the midst of a contraction.  the doula/CNM were great about reminding me to relax my face, shoulders, etc.  I took hypnobirthing and while it wasn't quite like the videos we saw, I was dozing off between contractions during transition and know that having practiced disciplined relaxation was important.  About hiring a doula, one thing is that it establishes a commitment level, I knew we had spent $1K to get through this drug-free and didn't want to give up.  also once I reached a certain point I knew it wasn't going to get worse and I was on one hand too scared to have to hold still for the epidural, on the other hand I had endured so much that I didn't want to throw in the towel then.  I had read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and Spiritual Midwifery, made DH read it too, and any other natural birth stories I could find.  I kept saying "I can't do this" over and over, because I needed to keep hearing everyone say "yes you can, you are doing this"...  and I knew deep down that I could.  but knowing that so many other people have done it, and I knew I have other friends who've done it, I knew it wasn't going to kill me I just needed to let it happen and not be afraid. 

    when it's over, it's just over.  in the first minutes I know I thought I should not have done it natural, that was too hard and painful.  but literally within minutes, amnesia kicked in.  I can't explain it, but I barely remember what it was like.  I can't remember the pain now, I just remember the support of everyone.  I am so proud, DH is so proud and I wouldn't change it for anything.  I don't think less of anyone for getting an epidural and there may be something to be said for being happy and comfortable in labor.  but I do believe I would have been a high risk of c-section or vacuum extraction if I hadn't been able to change positions and be so active due to an epi.  I also believe that being able to feel the contractions and work with them during pushing is how I managed not to tear.  my recovery has been easy, I was walking around right afterwards.  once the baby took her first breath, she was so alert for a couple of hours.  eyes wide open, able to start breastfeeding, it was a very special time.  I can already say I would do it again and not change a thing.  to anyone considering it, I would just say to do your homework.  read as much as you can, practice relaxation, take a class, find a CNM, hire a doula.  believe you can do it, it's only your own body, nobody is harming you.  I would also add, that I am not a person with a high pain tolerance, I consider myself pretty wimpy about pain...  I have never broken a bone, or so much as sprained an ankle.  I hate getting papercuts.  But I have a healthy fear of surgery, and a needle in my spine...  and I rarely take any medication, even when sick and usually half doses if anything.  I know I can go into a concentration zone and I had practiced my hypnobirth over and over and was familiar with the feeilng of my body/mind being in deep relaxation.  so maybe my personality did help.  but anyway, that's my story - sorry it's so long.  feel free to ask away if you have any specific questions and good luck to everyone.  your birth story will be your own and it will be the right one for you.

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    Re: January Updates

    So proud of you, Lesal!! We had nearly identical birth stories except my DD was posterior instead of slightly transverse. Congratulations on your LO and your successful unmedicated labor and delivery!!! Enjoy it, it goes by sooooo fast.
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    Re: January Updates

    Thanks bean for the encouraging words.  I am so glad that your son is doing well.  I am glad that the clinic and early intervention was helpful. If you don't mind me asking when did they find it at your 18 week u/s?  There was actually another baby born on the same day as him that had it was well and she isn't doing as well as him.  My LO is doing well he has been off oxygen all together for almost a week so I am pretty confident he will not need it when he goes home.  My concern is the feeding he was so small when he was born so he has that to overcome on top of it.  I am really struggling with the syndrome issue he has physical markers and the geneticists are involved.  I won't know anything until mid March and even then if it comes back no it's only 50% which is the hardest part.  Anyway I don't want to go on and on but I did send you a friend request so if you accept we can exchange information.  Again I am so glad that your son is doing so well!
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    Re: January Updates

    occ - I have been thinking of you alot.  even my mom asks if you've posted any updates....  I didn't mean to hijack the thread by journaling my super long birth story, but I just had to get it out of my head.  I'm so happy to hear things are going well with your son's breathing.  just take things one step at a time.  he's very lucky to have you as his mother.  I am praying that you will hear good news in March and that he continues to thrive in the meantime.  I am so glad you found a friend on this board to connect with.  when do you think you'll be able to take him home? 
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    Re: January Updates

    thanks Trigirl - your story was really inspiring to me, timing-wise it was the most recent 'real' one I had heard.  so I felt like I had to post mine to inspire the others who are considering going unmedicated.  it did strike me when you said you would have been a c-section otherwise, and as it turns out I probably would have been as well.  but I did not have to deal with back labor, my congrats to you for making it through that :) 
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    Re: January Updates

    Lesal, Thanks so much for posting your story.  It got me so emotional and even made me cry.  It also made me even more excited about the whole natural childbirth process.  Again thanks for it.

    OCC, Good to hear your updates.  I continute to keep you and your son in my thoughts.  I'm also glad you've found so much support here.
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    Re: January Updates

    Lesal - Thanks for posting your story.  It's really inspirational.  We just took our childbirth class and I have been feeling a little anxious about the entire process so it's nice to read about your experience and see that it's tough, painful work but well-worth it in the end.  Congrats on the little one!

    OCC - My thoughts are with you and I'm hoping that you continue to update us with good news on your little man! 

    Congrats to all the new BFPs!

    AFM - I'm in my 34th week and starting to sink in that there are less than 6 weeks until my due date.   This past weekend we made lots of progress on the nursery.  (Possibly in a hormonal induced fit, I decided that I hated the theme I picked and made DH pack up all of the bedding we had bought and return to Target, thank god for 90 day return policy).  I ordered new nursery bedding from the site Buy Buy Baby and hope it will be delivered this week (and hope that I like it!!).   Other than that, I've been trying to relax and enjoy the time alone with DH and the puppy.  Been feeling generally good, although my feet are swollen by the end of the day and heartburn. Nothing terrible though!

    Hope EOE is doing well!
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    Re: January Updates

    Lesal- Thanks for posting your story. It's always nice to hear a positive birth story, especially for hypnobirthing! Enjoy your little one.
    OCC- I'm hoping that your LO stays strong and continues to improve every day, and that you will all be home soon.
    Here's wishing EOE a happy pregnancy and a good birth, as well.
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    Re: January Updates

    lesal - great to hear from you and enjoyed reading your birth story. I think I'll end up going the epidural route, but it's always good to hear all the different ways to go.

    occ - hope that your son continues to do well and you get encouraging news in March.

    luv, soxy and ML - hope you're getting through the first trimester okay

    BE - we have our childbirth class this weekend. Looking forward to seeing the hospital on the tour and getting that info. What did you think of your class? Where are you delivering?

    AFM, had the Isis infant CPR class and we both got a lot out of it (and DH wasn't even into going at first). We also got the pack & play (with the bassinette feature our lo will stay in when they get home) and ran some errands this weekend. Progress...