January Updates

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    Re: January Updates

    Question: I'm in my 10th week and just in the last 2-3 days I've been having some nausea and light-headedness.  Prior to that I'd been feeling great...a little tired in the early afternoon, but otherwise nothing.

    Did anyone else have onset of some queasiness this late?  I was hoping I'd get away without this symptom, but it seems to have caught up with me!

    Thank you thank you to Lesal for sharing your story!  I really want to try to have a natural birth and it's nice to here the perspective of someone who did it!  None of my friends have had their babies without epidurals, so it's so nice to get some validation that it is possible. 

    Lots of good thoughts everyone's way, and especially to OCC and your little guy. 
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    Re: January Updates

    RHM - We are delivering at NWH and took a childbirth class that is offered through our OB's office and taught by one of the nurses.  It was fantastic and both DH and I thought the best part was that they took us on a tour of maternity and we even got to go into a birthing room and see what that was like. I definitely feel more ready for childbirth since taking the class and I think it was a good experience for DH as well.  Where's your class and where are you delivering?  If you are at NWH, maybe we'll be there at the same time!!  I signed up for Newborn Eessentials class at Isis and am thinking of taking the infant cpr class through them as well.  Glad to hear you thought it was a useful class! 

    Question for RHM and EOE:   Does the pack n play bassinette portion require separate sheets, and are those sold at BRU?  We have sheets for the actual mattress but not the bassinette part.   I have been struggling with where to have the LO sleep for the first few weeks b/c I was hoping to keep the pack n play downstairs as a place to do changings and naps during the daytime.  We are getting a stroller with a bassinette attachment (Uppababy Vista) so I was thinking of keeping the stroller/bassinette upstairs for the first few weeks (when we'd mainly be using the snap n go strolller anyway) and having her sleep there, thus freeing the pack n play for downstairs.  But I can't seem to find sheets that are compatible with the uppa baby bassinette.  (One of my friends suggested I just use a king sized pillowcase as a sheet (put the bassinette mattress inside of it) but I'm not sure that's the best solution either).  Sigh...who knew little decisions like this would be so complicated!
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    Re: January Updates

    BE - I was going to deliver at MGH, but had to switch due to insurance so I'm going to Tufts Medical Center (aka New England Medical Center). They have their classes on site. As for the bassinette mattress, I'm clueless. I'm not sure if they sold a separate sheet for that. Anyone else know?
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    Re: January Updates

    The sheet for the pack 'n' play goes on the "mattress" (I use the term loosely--it's more like a pad).  That mattress goes inside the bassinet when you're using the bassinet.  And then, when you are done with the bassinet, you just put it in the bottom of the pack 'n' play.  It's a little hard to explain, but I think when you see it you'll understand.
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    Re: January Updates

    RHM - Duh, of course I know where you are delivering - I think I even commented on your sucky insurance situation at some point in the past month!  Blame my question on a momentary PG related brain cramp :)  That's great that Tufts has classes on site, especially if they give tours of the birthing facility.

    Daisy - I looked at the pack n play last night and I think I get what you are saying re: the mattress.  Did you find that your kids slept well in the pack n play?  I've heard mixed reviews.

    Hope EOE is doing well!
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    Re: January Updates

    My kids do great in the p 'n' p.  We have the "twin" one, so it's a bit larger (in retrospect, not worth the extra $--but that's another story), but our kids were in it for naps and night sleeping in the bassinet until about 4 months.  One or the other will still occasionally nap in it if one is being noisy/preventing the other from napping.  My mother also has 2 basic pack 'n' plays that we got second hand and they sleep in those for naps on the days they're at her house.  They've never had problems in any of them.  I think they're a very cost-effective option b/c you can use them as a bassinett when the baby is small and then as a travel crib/at grandma's for a couple years.  And, of course, if you have more children later on, you'll get even more use out of them.

    ALSO--there is a mother of twins tag sale at Winchester High on March 27th.  $1 admission, open to the public at 9:30 am.  There are often lots of 2nd-hand pack 'n' plays in excellent condition with various options for much less than if you buy new.  It's also a good place to pick up strollers, swings, high chairs, bouncy seats, exersaucers, pack 'n' plays, and, of course, CLOTHES.  We've been very lucky and have gotten some very good quality stuff in excellent condition at low prices this way.  I can't emphasize enough how quickly babies grow out of these things and they don't care if it's used or new.  Anyway--just an fyi!
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    Re: January Updates

    thanks everyone, I'm really glad anyone wanted to hear about my birth story.  I can't believe how longwinded I got, but I think it was therapy for me too :)  Trouble and everyone else, feel free to ask me any questions about stuff I didn't mention if you have any.

    btw, we are using the p-n-p in our room next to the bed and the stroller bassinet downstairs.  it's working out so far, though we are running upstairs to change diapers on a dresser with changing pad every time for now.....

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    Re: January Updates

    I'm in a bit of limbo right now...I am somewhere b/w 7 and 9 weeks pregnant (hard to tell b/c of irregular cycle) and in the last couple of days I've had a little spotting.  Went to the doctor and basically it's a waiting game to see if it resolves itself or if it turns into a miscarriage.  So I'm thinking positive thoughts and resting.  Fingers crossed that everything ends up okay...

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    Re: January Updates

    LuvRI - if you went to the doc, they'd know best the specifics on your situation.  I am thinking sticky thoughts for you!!!!

    I did experience brown spotting as well in my 1st and full on red blood after intercourse (2 horrifying times).  When I told my OB he said that 50% of women experience spotting!  In my case the source was determined be be a polyp on my cervix.  Did your doc do an internal?  Whatever the cause, I don't think there is much you can do.  Just (try) to stay low stress.  I don't know how because it's very stressful and I was pretty much worried all the time myself.  XOXO
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    Re: January Updates

    I get the non-stress test done weekly because I have gestational diabetes.  This simple, painless procedure is done to evaluate your baby's condition. During the test, your healthcare practitioner or a technician monitors your baby's heartbeat, first while the baby is resting and then while he's moving. Just as your heart beats faster when you're active, your baby's heart rate should go up while he's moving or kicking.  The test also monitors your contractions, if you are less than 37 weeks pregnant and you're having continuous, repetitive, regualr contractions, it could be a sign of preterm labor.  Another reason to monitor contractions is to see whether your baby's heart rate changes when you're having them.  If the heart rate drops during a contraction, it may be a sign that there's a problem with your placenta and that your baby's oxygen supply is compromised.

    With 35 being the new 25 and 45 being the new 35, it often feels like doctors are being overly watchful by ordering up what seems to be unnecessary testing.  Truth be told, 35 is not the new 25 so in order to have a healthy baby additional testing is necessary.  Don't be shy in asking questions, talking to other AMA moms or posting on message boards because education on the various subject matters will only make you more comfortable.
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    Re: January Updates

    Luv - As I have mentioned, my MS is bad, bad, bad. When I spoke to my doctor this week, he said MS peaks at 10 weeks and then gets better, so if you are just getting a little bit at 10 weeks, I think you are in the home stretch and just maybe might have a few (improved) symptoms over the next 2-4 weeks.

    (Also, he said don't worry about brown blood, just worry about lots of red blood).

    I'm still crazy sick. My doctor suggested a 1/2 tablet of unisom if it's just really unbearable. It isn't supposed to make your drowsy just help the motion sickness type symptoms - but I instantly fell asleep when I took it the other night.

    We went for our 8 week ultra sound with the fertility clinic. The baby has grown so much, it is starting to look like an actual baby. It was our last visit to the fertility clinic and we will now be going to a regular OBGYN.

    I also sprained my ankle this week, never done that before. I'm feeling a little like the old gray mare, limping and barfing but trying to keep perspective and little bit of a sense of humor (honestly, not much).

    Thanks for your birth story Lesal - and OCC you are often on my mind (one of the things that gives me perspective). Positive thoughts to you all.
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    Re: January Updates

    Lesel - YOur story made me tear up as well.  It was wonderful and thanks for sharing.  You used WHA for the Midwife, correct?  I have been seeing dr Richter but would like to go as far as possible with an unmedicated birth as I agree with you I feel like it allows for more non - surgical interventions if you are unmedicated.  So I am taking the Natural Childbirth class at NWH but would like some books/literature to read.  What would you recommend that you read that might help me with relaxation and concentration during the process?  Any resources would be appreciated.  I can't afford to hire a doula but I am going to attend the midwife meet and greet in Feb to see if perhaps I should use one of them.  I kinda want someone else on my side if you will as I feel like my husband will be amazing but he might need the support too :)
    Occ - your family is in my prayers I do hope that all is going well. 
    Congrats to those newbies joining us
    RHM - Are you adjusting to the new hospital/practice? 
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    Re: January Updates

    thanks austengirl :)  yes, I go to WHA and am very happy with the practice.  in a thread a few months ago when I was switching from  my ob/gyn someone here also highly recommended a midwife at Harvard Vanguard (I think it was).  

    you could look into finding a doula in training...  I didn't do this, but have heard that doulas need to be at a certain amount of births before becoming certified and that when in training they may offer their services for free or reduced prices.  I guess you could google this, or check the DONA website, I don't know how to find one.  I found my doula through a website called birthing gently, and they seem to offer doula training, so that may be another avenue.  

    we watched the Business of Being Born documentary...  I had already thought I wanted to do unmedicated, but this movie is what made DH buy into it - and probably made the biggest impression on me of anything.  I also had DH read The Birth Partner (Simkin).  he didn't get too far into the book before deciding he wanted to hire a doula for both of us.  I would recommend the Hypnobirth book (Mongan).  that's the class I took, but the first half of the book had alot of good general info...  and the CD that comes with the book, I listened to the rainbow relaxation track most nights before bed and I did it for naps too, I know it helped my sleeping alot.  the books I mentioned before by Ina May were really great.  I've also heard good things about the hypnobabies home study course.  it's expensive but you can find it on craigslist (I did not do this, so not sure how it's different from hypnobirthing but I read somewhere that you can't really do both?)  there are alot of natural birth stories on thebump.com and babycenter.com.  or just google natural or unmedicated birth and you will find other stories to read.  I would say to have DH read some of the stuff - he needs to be committed too and it's not easy for them either.  prenatal yoga classes also helped me (they are free at destination maternity on rt 9).  and don't read or listen to any horror stories about labor.  there is no reason to go into it afraid, that will only make things worse.

    hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions :)
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    Re: January Updates

    Lesal - congrats on your baby girl and thanks for the great birth story! We were at NWH at the same time...

    OCC - continued health and strength to your son, as well as you and your husband.

    Hoping for great progress for EOE, too!

    I'm way late in posting my story. I really appreciate the kind thoughts from my previous posting and apologize for taking weeks to post the outcome. On 1/7, I went in for a round of non-stress tests with the high bp still in effect. They couldn't get a baseline on the baby and my bp hit a new high, so they admitted me to antenatal overnight for monitoring. Dr. Richer (WHA) made the call that the bp was getting out of hand and we were likely to induce. I asked to just have pain meds for the night because my neck was a mess from whatever strain I had caused the previous weekend. I was hoping for an unmedicated birth with midwives and was really nervous about induction. I figured if we could get the neck pain under control, maybe I could get through more of the labor unmedicated. The doc agreed, so I spent the night with pain meds that just let me sleep but never really helped the neck pain.

    Friday morning, we started the induction but I was not dialated or effaced at the start, so the chance of it taking were slim. By lunchtime, my platelet count dropped, sending me into borderline HELLP. At that point, the doc said we had to go c-section for my health and the baby's. I was super disappointed and cried a bit with DH because we had done natural childbirth and hypnobirth classes and were very excited about that process. We trusted the doc, though, and were comfortable that he had our best interest at heart.

    At 4:19pm on 1/8, our son was born!! 7lb 5oz at 37.5 weeks by C-section (today's actually my due date!!). It was a bizarre experience going through the surgery. My recovery was awful - usually takes 1-2 hours but I was there for over 5 hours with bp shooting up and other complications. I was on magnesium sulfate to prevent a seizure, which I've seen other posters mention and it's awful. The baby had fluid in his lungs and spent the first night in special care unit, but all they did was observe him and give him IV fluids. He was fine but I couldn't see him until he was 24 hours old, which was really tough for a hormonal postpartum new mom! DH got to see him, feed him, etc. After that, all was well. He's doing great and breastfeeding is going well, although middle of the night feedings are rough and I'm very tempted to supplement.

    I'm still recovering with the bp but we're making progress. the Bells Palsey is better, too. Quick note about NWH - the nursing staff is phenomenal!! They were great. Our docs and the midwives were all incredibly supportive and helpful, too. It was not the birth we'd 'planned' but the outcome is incredible!
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    Re: January Updates

    Kerry - So glad to hear you are through it and have a beautiful healthy baby in your arms. Congratulations and best wishes for a full recovery, and some sleep!

    Sounds like a scary experience, but it also sounds like you handled it very well emotionally and had great support.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your little man. :)

    Luv - You've been in my thoughts alot this weekend, how is everything going? Sticky, healthy bean thoughts to you.
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    Re: January Updates

    Lesal--a belated congratulations to you and your birth story was amazing.  It was everything I had wanted mine to be.  You're very lucky!

    Kerry--Your story is similar to mine in that I had also wanted the unmedicated natural birth, but other things happened that were beyond anyone's control and necessitated a c-section.  For me, I knew well-ahead of time, that there was a good likelihood of having to have a c-section (one of my twins was breach and there were other issues that made breach delivery not ideal) and then, like you, I ended up with high bps that made my doctor want to get the babies out--at 37.5 weeks, coincidentally.  When it started becoming more and more likely that I would have a c-section, I went through a mourning period--complete with tears and frustration and denial--because I really really wanted to go the unmedicated, natural, minimal intervention route.  I think it would be really hard to have to go through that "in the moment" but you did what you needed to do to keep you and your baby safe and healthy.  It must've been hard not to be able to see him right away and to be feeling so awful on top of it.  It sounds like things are going well now, though, and I'm glad to hear the breastfeeding is going well.  Do what  you need to do as far as supplementing goes, but remember that the number of night feedings will start to decrease soon and you'll be able to get longer chunks of sleep around 6 weeks or so. 

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    Re: January Updates

    Thanks Ml and Daisy! Our confidence in the Dr. really helped us get over the disappointment of having the surgery. We had no doubt this was the best choice for the situation. It was such a whirlwind, but things are finally settling down. I can't imagine all that with twins!!

    Glad to hear 6 weeks is a potential turning point for nighttime feedings. I'm going to start pumping 1x/day to build a supply this week, which could give me a midnight break, too.
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    Re: January Updates

    ml - hang in there with the m/s! Mine was bad from 7 weeks to 11 weeks and then I've felt great. Congrats on graduating to the OB! That's a big moment.

    kerry- sorry to hear about your unexpected delivery story, but glad you and your son are both doing well now. Thanks for the update!

    austen - I've only had one DA with the new OB so it's hard to gauge, but I have my next one tomorrow. Hoping it goes well.

    AFM, had our childbirth class at Tufts on Saturday. Both DH and I felt like we got a lot out of it. Before, I was sure I'd do the epidural (very nervous about the pain), but after everything we've learned, I think we're going to take it as it comes. I'll start with all the relaxation techniques we've learned, but if it gets too much for me, I'm fine with asking for meds. We didn't feel old taking the class, but I'm pretty sure we were the only 35+ couple there. The only bummer was that we didn't get to see the L&D area since the place was packed with delivering ladies. We did get to see the Mother Infant unit, though and they said we could ask to be shown L&D at a later DA. Btw, for those who have already gone through this, how long did you wait before heading to the hospital? The instructor had said several times to not head over there or call the OB the second you had your first contraction or they'd have you come in and not leave and then you'd be stuck there in the early stages for hours.
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    Re: January Updates

    kerry--I've been pumping for my kids for 8 months now (bf'ing didn't work out).  I'm not sure how it works when you're nursing and only pumping to supplement, so I could be wrong, but you may want to talk to a lactation consultant if you haven't already.  I THINK, even if you're bottle-feeding at night, that you're still supposed to pump.  I know I "had" to in order to maintain my supply.  Again, it could be different if you're actually nursing since the baby is more-efficient than the pump, so one bottle-feed might not make as much of a difference.

    rhm--We were told to call the OB when contractions started becoming regular and that they would tell us to wait to come in until contractions were 5 minutes apart.  They also told us if we showed up before that, that we would be sent home.  We took the Isis class and delivered at BI.  Since I never went into labor, I can't speak from experience.  This is something you should ask your doctor at your next appointment b/c Tufts may have a different "standard of care" than the hospitals that use Isis.  Realistically, I can't imagine it's in the hospital's best interest to have people come in in the early stages of labor and just hang out and take up bed space, but all hospitals have their own way of doing things, so that may very well be what they do.
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    Re: January Updates

    Lovely reading your birth story Kerry!  I think it's so nice to have all the stories of different experiences so that us newbies know what types of different situations we may encounter.  I'm so glad that Dr. Richer was great and able to coach you thru everything and things turned out fine for you and your baby!  Funnily enough Dr. Richer is my OB too! Just out of curiousity, did you ever feel pressured by him?  I also watched the "Business of Being Born" and although DH and I love Dr. Richer and would have no hesitation putting our full trust in him, the documentary has made me so wary of doctors during delivery.

    Isn't it crazy how many of us are working with Dr. Richer?  We hope to have a midwife assisted delivery though.  Great to hear the good things about the nursing staff.  That's one thing DH and I have noticed from day 1 both at WHA and NWH - the nurses are soooooooo nice.  We haven't met a mean or grumpy nurse yet!

    AFM, just counting the days until the 3rd trimester now!  Time has just flown.  I finished painting the nursery over the weekend, but I think I may have over-done it.  My back started hurting right at the end and hurt all night - on my right side and a bit down my leg.  Siatica?  (sp?). DH has now completely put his foot down and I'm pretty much banned from doing anything else.  I'm much better today though, but I think I'll skip the gym :) 

    Glad to hear everyone else is doing well or coping at least! 
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    Re: January Updates

    Two years ago, when I was haunting the wedding boards planning my wedding, a few of you - cosmogirl in particular, gave me the best wedding advice ever. She said you had to get into you own head, embrace your wedding day and stay focused on the happiness because the only one who could really ruin your wedding day, is you, and your attitude.

    It was the best advice anyone gave me with regards to weddings. It made my day perfect for me. And strangely enough, as I read Lesal and Kerry and everyone's birth stories, I am thinking of that advice. You have to give yourself over to whatever experience your birth experience is going to be, whatever happens - be secure in your support system and let it be beautiful. At the end of the day, you have yourself a beautiful baby.

    Gosh, the things I learn on the BDC forums....
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    Re: January Updates

    ml--that is very true!  The reality is that you can plan, and plan, and plan, but in the end, what's going to happen is going to happen.  I think everyone has an image of what they want their birth experience to be like, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but you have to be prepared to make decisions in the moment and do what is best for you and your baby IN THAT MOMENT.  Thanks for posting that!
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    Re: January Updates

    Just to follow-up to lesal's post.....the midwife at Harvard Vanguard in Wellesley that was recommended is Michelle Helgeson.  I am currently seeing her, and she has been wonderful!  Just wanted to add that in case anyone was wondering or looking for a midwife.
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    Re: January Updates

    Hello Everyone,

    Mary's post inspired me to join in.  I have lurked on the board for awhile and felt it was a little too early to add anything of my own.  I'm about 16 weeks and am amazed at how quickly time is passing.  I had fatigue and queasiness my first trimester and a little sciataca (?sp) a few weeks ago but otherwise feel fine.  My big u/s is scheduled in a couple of weeks and we're still trying to decide if we are going to find out the gender. 

    I've enjoyed reading everyone's experience particularly the birth stories and it has confirmed that I will try to have an unmedicated birth but with a history of hbp, I realize that may be out of my control.

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    Re: January Updates

    Welcome Mary and nene!

    I completely agree with ml about letting go of your plan and going with what happens. I think it's great to be informed and prepared, but when the day comes, a lot of it is out of your hands! Even with all the interventions, the techniques learned in Hypnobirthing helped me relax during a painful recovery. As I said in my story, I was disappointed when the Dr. said I was going to have a c-section, but after a letting out a few tears with DH, I was a just relieved to know that the situation was under control. My bp was high for two weeks, half my face was paralyzed from Bell's Palsy and my neck was in excruciating pain from a strain. The dropping platelets was the final straw and there was actually some peace in having the decision made for us. DH and I really like our doc and were especially happy that he was going to take care of us and do the surgery.

    To Trouble's question, we didn't feel pressured at all. We really trust Dr. Richer and felt that he understood our desire for limited interventions. So, when he made the call for a C-section, we trusted that was best for me and the baby. When HELLP syndrome is on the line, I was not going to argue :) I think being informed helped us to know this wasn't a matter of convenience for him or other staff, but truly a matter of health. Hope that helps!