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July 2013 Pregnancy

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    Re: July 2013 Pregnancy

    Thanks ladies for the well wishes!  GL Northern!  Hope you have a clear genetic screen adn that time flies for you!

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    Re: July 2013 Pregnancy

    Hope everyone is feeling well, and ready for our third heat wave.  I know everyone keeps saying that things happen faster with #2, but I am just feeling so huge.  My stomach looks 8 months pregnant rather than 5 1/2.  I had a mostly comfortable pregnancy with #1, up until weeks 38-42 (he was 9 days late), so I'm just hoping that kind of discomfort doesn't also come ridiculously early.  I'm still making it to the gym for fairly low impact workouts and weights 3 times a week, and on those days I feel pretty good.  We have central A/C so thank goodness for these 100% humidity days coming up.  Monthly appt last Friday and all was well.  When I asked why sometimes this one feels so much heavier than #1, she said uterus and ab muscles stretched already so not as much support.  Makes sense, but sometimes feels like he's going to fall out.  She assured me that won't be happening.  And we found his HB right away, whereas the past appts he had mostly hidden.  So that's good... he's getting bigger I'd imagine.
    That's all for now... don't think we have a ton of PG ladies on here at the moment.

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    Re: July 2013 Pregnancy

    Hope everyone is surviving the heat. I passed my glucose test today (woohoo! That drink was so gross!) but I have significant anemia. My midwife has been attempting to send an iron prescription to CVS, but CVS keeps telling me that it doesn't exist. They do this occasionally, but every other time they ended up finding it eventually. This prescription has them particularly flummoxed. 

    We chose a name but we're keeping it a secret and it's driving my ILs crazy. It's maybe been a little too fun for us...FIL keeps trying to catch DH. They're be talking about something else and FIL will say, "And what's the baby's name again?" I think keeping it a suprise will be fun. 

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    Re: July 2013 Pregnancy

    WPP - We also kepts our names a secret and I LOVED being able to announce for the first time our son's name when I first held him. It was a really special moment for me.


    Hope everyone is feeling okay and staying cool!

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    Re: July 2013 Pregnancy

    Hi everyone.  Happy July!  I don't get to post as often as I'd like.  DD turns 7 weeks old tomorrow and she is a very needy baby - likes to be held ALL the time!  But things are good - just crazy to think that 7 weeks have gone by already.  DD looks almost exactly like her big sister, who turned 3 last weekend.  Very different little personalities though so far!

    I have about 3 minutes until DD squawks to be held - but just wanted to offer a big CONGRATS to Siena on the arrival of your DD.  Hope all is well.  Also - CONGRATS to SSBride - so wonderful to have both of your babies home.  Coming home from the NICU is such a triumph! :)

    IPW, Norther, WPP - good luck to all the pregnant ladies during this heat wave.  I went through a summer pregnancy with my oldest daughter and man, is it tough (as if it isn't tough enough!).  Hang in there and try to stay cool as best you can!

    Have a good weekend everyone!

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    Re: July 2013 Pregnancy

    Heard the heartbeat today, so that's a step in the right direction. I told them I want a CVS so they are getting me an appointment with a genetic councilor as soon as possible. I'm almost 8 weeks today so I won't have to wait too much longer to have it done since they can start doing them around 10 weeks. They're also a studying going on at my hospital to do a nutrition study with pregnant women. My hospital is a teaching hospital. If I qualify, they'll help me with my diet to gain an appropriate amount of weight during pregnancy and help with after diet for the first year. I thought that was kind of cool.

    "I'm always thinking one step ahead. Like a carpenter that makes stairs"

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    Re: July 2013 Pregnancy

    Great news, northern.  Hang in there - waiting stinks.

    The study sounds fun!  I could have definitely used some nutrition help the first year - I am always always hungry!

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    Re: July 2013 Pregnancy

    Wow, Northern, that's a big moment! I hope you can get the CVS done asap and you get news that'll put you more at ease. That nutrition study sounds awesome. I feel like everyone could benefit from it. My problem has always been putting meals together--I mean, sure, you know what the good foods are, but going grocery shopping and planning the week's meals is more difficult than just eating fruit and nuts for snacks.

    DH and I got some news on Friday and are feeling kind of blindsided. It's all still very raw, but....DH's parents are about 45 min away and we see them a lot. They're really awesome and we've been excited about our incoming DD having a close relationship with grandparents, aunt & uncle & cousin, who are farther but we all meet at DH's parents for a home base. They told us Friday that MIL/FIL are selling their house, giving the everything they get (there's no mortgage) to SIL/BIL, and then they're moving 2 hours away with SIL/BIL into the ginormous house that SIL/BIL buy. 

    Pregnancy hormones are probably taking over, but I'm just so upset. They've been planning for awhile but just told us Friday and then gave us garbage bags and we spent a few hours throwing things out and cleaning for the listing agent to take photos the next day. 

    So we're on our own now. We really don't know many people here--especially under an hour away--and I'm really nervous about having a newborn and then raising a child without a support system. Has anyone done that? I'm going to look into mom's groups....but I'm just sad that DD won't have that relationship with family. We'll see them for holidays and events, but they don't like traveling to Boston to begin with and even with good intentions of getting together, driving 2 hours  one way with 2 dogs and a newborn just won't be a day trip anymore and realistically, it just won't happen a lot. 

    We'll have about 4 years before DD will start school and we'll need to decide where to be. Maybe we'll move back to upstate NY where I'm from--DH isn't thrilled about that idea because of job prospects--or follow his family and really start over with everything. We just don't know what to do. His family doesn't know we're upset and we don't want them to...maybe we're just being selfish, but we just need a plan now.