July 2014 Pregnancy

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    July 2014 Pregnancy

    Hi ladies!

    Everyone doing OK out there? Any updates or anything exciting going on?

    AFM, 16 weeks here. Our u/s appt is coming up in a couple weeks, so hopefully we'll find out if we're having a boy or girl! I'm struggling here with my skin breaking out...I've fought acne since the day I hit puberty and it's no different during pregnancy. With DD it cleared up at some point, but I forget when! This time around it just seems to be getting worse and worse no matter what. Does anyone have any safe remedies to try?

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    Re: July 2014 Pregnancy

    Anybody around???

    Have our big u/s appt on Thursday and just wanted to share my excitement :)

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    Re: July 2014 Pregnancy

    Hi Summer!  How was your u/s?  Did you find out the gender?

    Still hanging in there, 36 weeks today.  The last few weeks have been awful with the humidity and no a/c on the train!  I am going to work a few days a week at home until the end at this point just to avoid that.  Feeling okay, though just getting over pneumonia (how do you get that in the summer) and now I have pulled a muscle in my back from all the coughing.  Sure hope that feels better before this little guy decides to make his appearance or it is not going to be fun.  Had an u/s yesterday and was disappointed that we really couldn't see much.  I guess the farther along you are the harder it is to see since the baby is so big.  Due to my age I get to weekly u/s at this point and was looking forward to them though didn't really see much except his heart and his diaphragm practicing breathing.