July - Pregnancy

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    July - Pregnancy

    Happy July!  Hope Everyone Had a good 4th!

    Cant believe it is July.

    Almost had some good news this weekend!  We spent Saturday night at the hospital.  I started getting contractions around 5ish, they were pretty constant, a lot of back pain but not terrible.  I called the doctor and they just told me to come in.  When we got there they checked me and I was 4cm dialated and fully effaced so they addmitted me.  The contractions stayed the same for a few hours and they stopped being painful.  Anyway, they ended up sending us home.  So Im still pregnant, walking around 4 cm dialated and fully effaced.  Not sure what to think of this but I just keep going on with my business.   My contractions are still about every 2-3 minutes but all I feel is my belly tightening no pain.   Doctor said I could stay this way for a while....WHAT???  She said my contractions are just not strong enough to break my water and when that happens I will probably have the baby really quick. I wish they just would have kept me because I dont want to get myself into an emergency situation.   going back to the doctor tomorrow morning for my checkup and I guess I will get more information then.

    Hope Everyone is well.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Wow, you're almost there quad! How far are you from the hospital? I hope things happen quick and you don't have a long(er) labor! 
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Im only 7 min from the hospital but my concern is that my DH is working in Boston, and has to take the train so he would not be home fast enough to get me.  I know it will all work out, there are people around that can me and pick up DD if needed. 
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Quad... sounds like you had an exciting weekend!  hopefully your LO doesn't take too long to finally make a grand entrance. 

    We had the ERA ultrasound on Friday!  The little bugger was so stinking cute :o) As soon as she touched the ultrasound head to my belly the image popped right up with our little one and we could see it squirming around.  All my fears were immediately washed away.  It was stubborn about getting into the right position for the tech to make the measurements she needed so we got a good 25 minutes of watching it jump and squirm around. 

    I am actually starting to feel pregnant.  The first tri has been super easy ... I've just been tired.  Now.. I'm starting to notice when I do too much.  I spent most of yesterday working in the yard, doing housework, and getting laundry done.  By 7... I was sitting on the couch and my abs were sooo sore.  It felt like I had done a thousand crunches.  My jeans still fit... but I'm petrified to wash them.  Even before I got pg it was a fight to stretch them out a bit after they were newly washed.  Dress pants definitely require the belly band.  But with strategic selection of tops I don't think anyone at work has noticed.  We told my dad this past weekend and I plan on telling my mom Saturday with DH's parents shortly after that.  So... I'll probaby tell work sometime in the next week or two.  After that I think I'll treat myself to a nice pair of stretchy maternity jeans since I won't be afraid of people seeing the band.

    I hope everyone had an awesome long weekend!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Oh Quad, only good thoughts for you.  So close now, how exciting!

    Thanks to all of you who posted nice things at the end of the June thread.  Honestly, I'm sure any one of you would hold up just fine if, heaven forbid, you ever got dealt cards like these.  No worries.  Home stretch time now!

    Stay cool, everyone!  (Is that even possible???)
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Quad - Hoping you don't make your appt tomorrow morning!!!

    Bostongrl - So happy you got to you your little bean and you are starting to tell family. I felt so good to tell people.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    I just wanted to say congrats to Sprout!!  :)  Enjoy each one of these first few days.  It goes by so fast..

    Quad - wow!  Very exciting!  I can't believe you've been having contractions all weekend though.  Did your water break with DD?  And good you have people close by to take DD and take you to the hospital if need be!

    Boston - very exciting to see the LO!  Was it your first u/s? 

    AFM, I'm 35 weeks today!  Gulp!  My DH has been begging me to pack a hospital bag, so I think I'll finish that today.  Since I have a c-sec planned, it won't be too much stuff.  It's hard though because most of the personal stuff, like clothes, undies, my brush, I still need to use.  I went early last time and didn't have a bag packed, so I can understand his concern. 

    I've also been soooooo emotional.  We got DD her big girl car seat on Saturday, and DH installed it at the store parking lot so she could ride home in it.  When I got in the car and realized I couldn't see her from the front (I could see her in the bucket seat) I just lost it.  I was sobbing by the time he got in the car. 

    My restless legs have also been driving me nuts at night.  I have such a hard time falling asleep.  Anyone have any tips on what to do about that?  I really want to enjoy my remaining time to sleep!!

    Hope everyone else is well!

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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Trouble, I wish I had some restless leg advice for you, but unfortunately, I am in the exact same boat! That, coupled with need ing to pee literally every 45 minutes last night did not thrill me! The lack of sleep, coupled with feeling like I am the size of a house is making me less than happy today and I honestly feel like any little thing is going to set me off in a crying stupor!

    My EDD is tomorrow, but DR has advised that baby still seems very happy where it is and to not get my hopes up about it arriving "on time". If nothing happens between now and next Wednesday, then they will start inducing.  I am just hoping it is one these labors that goes from zero to 10cm in a matter of hours... and hopefully those hours are sooner rather than later!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Trouble... yes it was the first u/s ... and the first time we'd heard the heartbeat.  My first appt was at 8 weeks and so too early to hear the hb with the doppler.  So... to see our little baby moving around and looking perfect was such a relief after wondering if everything was alright in there for what seemed like an eternity. (ok.. really just 2 months but it was a long time!)
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    quad, that's crazy!!! Hang in there, it will happen soon!

    Last Tuesday I was feeling a little off, and I started getting these sharp (but not too painful) period like cramps around 4:30 pm. I didnt think anything of it until I noticed them coming every 8 to 10 mins.  I thought they might have been contractions, but they were totally different from the contractions that I felt with my first. I called L&D and they told me to come in just to check it out. 
    Now the day before I had an u/s and a NST and everything looked fine, no contractions, so I really didnt think anything of it.  I thought I was going to go in and be sent home. Was I wrong!
    I waited for the hubby to get home and we packed a few things, my EDD was July 12 and C-sec was scheduled for the 7th, so I was not prepared. I was planning on doing everything 4th of July weekend. Anyways, we get to L&D at 7:00, theck check and I am 9 cm dialated!!! WHAT!?!??! LOL We were shocked. My water never broke and I was never in agonizing pain, just some discomfort. At this point I opted for a C-sec just because I knew from previous experience that I have a narrow pelvic opening and didn't want to push again for 3 hours to just be rushed into emergency surgery. Dr said I made the right decision as she was 'floating' and no way near the birth canal. So our beautiful daughter was born on 6/28 weighing in at 7lbs 9oz, she came a full 2 weeks early. 
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Congrats Desi!

    Trouble, No Water did not break with DD.  On my EDD with her the doc stripped my membranes and I went into full blown labor about 3 hrs later.  My water broke after I already had the epi so I dont know when that happened.   I did talk to my aunt today who is a maternity nurse and told me to be prepared that I might not have time for an epi because I could go so fast.  I am going to beg the doctor tomorrow to admit me so that does not happen. 
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Wow Quad! what a weekend! I hope you get a quick labor, but when DH is around!

    Desi-amazing! Congrats on your daughter!

    AFM: no big updates, go for my GD test this week and another u/s-looking forward to seeing the LO then-and confirming it's a girl (even though I've had about 6 u/s already and they all have said girl). I finally managed to buy some clothes for her. And I'm having fun with pink stuff now! :)

    We are slowly getting DS's big boy room ready and switching over to more girl nursery stuff. DS finally broke his high fevers over the weekend and is more like himself. Just breaks my heart when is gets so sick and I spoil him (i.e. Milk at bedtime, more snuggles etc.) so now he's spoiled and we have to wean him from that. He has learned that if Dad puts him to bed he gets to play a lot more, and DS banishes me from his room at night (it's so funny). So now I'm trying to break dad of that habit. :)
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Congrats Desi on your baby girl!!!

    Prill - I hope you don't have to get to the point of an induction!!! FX your LO makes an appearance sooner than later!!

    Kam - I am so glad DS is finally feeling better.

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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Good luck, Quad!! 

    Prill - good luck to you, too!  I was 12 days late and that was torture!  But I was in Babies R Us today and saw all of those pregnant women wandering the aisles and even though I have my sweet little 11 day old, I still envied them and almost teared up because I missed being pregnant.  I hated to wish it away over those long overdue days!  It feels weird to have crossed over to the other side.  And, I am not boasting, but a week and a half after having my baby, my stomach is almost completely back to normal.  So this soon after delivery, I feel like being pregnant was forever ago... I almost wish I still had a waddle and a round belly so I had that feeling again. Isn't that weird?  Isn't the point of pregnancy to have a baby?  I just loved being pregnant so much! 

    Desi - congrats!  9cm!  How did that baby not fall out!  Floating sounds nice though - sounds like she was comfy :) 
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Hi everyone, I decided it was time to make the jump from the ttc boards.  I'm 11 weeks and starting to believe this is really happening :)

    Congrats to Sprout and Desi- it's so nice to read everyone's happy news.  Good luck Quad, sounds like it'll be any time now!

    Boston- congrats on seeing the little one on u/s!  it makes it feel so much more real, doesn't it?

    Anyone have any recommendations for prenatal vitamins?  I'm so queasy that it's hard to swallow the big pills so I bought chewables but now those are making me sick just to look at them. I need small-ish vitamins I can swallow... which may not exist. Hopefully the morning sickness will end soon and this won't be as much of an issue. Any ideas?
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Wow, so much news to catch up on!!

    First of all, HUGE congrats to Sprout and Desi on the arrival of your little ones. It's such an exciting time. I hope you are enjoying getting to know your new little people (and finding some time for sleep, too)!

    quad--wow. You're in an interesting limbo for sure. I hope your LO decides to make a real move soon.

    Prill--good luck in the coming days. I hope yours is one of the stories of a quick onset (and overall quick labor).

    tc--for prenatals, I take Flinstone vitamins along with a folic and calcium supplement. They are the only things I can stomach and my OB has been perfectly happy with that.

    Thinking about everyone else at the various stages--beginning, middle, and end. Each period has its ups and downs, but in the end (as Sprout said), it really does go by very quickly (for better or worse).

    AFM, I just returned from 8 glorious days with DH and DS in Bermuda. (I guess it was our babymoon, if you can have a babymoon with a 21 month old!!) I cannot rave enough about Bermuda, such a beautiful and friendly place. It was PERFECT for a family vacation. If anyone wants any details about where we stayed or what we did, let me know. My biggest complaint is that I am totally suffering from pregnancy sciatica. Ugh. I've spent most of the last few days hobbling around. I know I pushed pretty hard on vacation, so hopefully some rest at home will help a bit. I'll hit 29 weeks on Wednesday (wow) and can't believe that we'll have two little guys to keep us busy in such a short time.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Congrats, Desi! I'm glad to hear things went so well for you.

    tc95, I've been taking VitaSource gummy chewables. They still upset my stomach a bit, but it's not as bad as trying to choke down a big pill. You can get them at Walgreens, and they don't taste too bad.

    AFM, I'm still m/s most of the day. I've lost about 8 pounds since I got pg, but the Dr says not to worry as long as I'm keeping some food and fluid down every day. I'm only at 11 wks, so I've got plenty of time to make up for it, I guess.

    We've got our NT scan next Friday. I can't wait to get another look at our LO now that it's starting to look like a little person :)
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Sprout - I've had a pretty great pregnancy myself and I don't really have anything to complain about, but I find myself thinking about after the baby is born and how I'll feel about not being pregnant anymore. So many people have told me that I wear pregnancy well and some days I really don't feel any different than I did when I wasn't pregnant - other than all the movement I've had lately from this LO. I'm sad that I'll be 30 weeks tomorrow and can't believe how fast the time has gone by. I'm very excited to meet baby, but am happy to stay pregnant for a while longer.

    tc95 - Welcome!!! I just take the Target brand prenatals and haven't really had a problem with them, but you might find them too big. They slide down pretty easy for me and I don't like swallowing pills whole. I really miss the kids chewables!!! Otherwise, you've got some good alternatives from the others.

    Kiwi - I'm so happy you had a great vacation in Bermuda. I'd want to stay on the island if we go again. The cruise didn't give us enough time to explore. Hope the sciatic pain goes away with some rest!!!

    pitt - I lost 5 pounds from m/s or all day nausea and my doctor wasn't worried. Like your's, she said as long as I'm getting some food and fluid in then I was fine.

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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Congrats Desi and good luck to Prill and Quad.  You are so close! 

    tc, I just take CVS brand prenatals, and I don't think they are super big, but I have never had a problem swallowing pills.  I've always taken my vitamins at night, right before bed.  Years ago, my doctor recommended it since vitamins can sometimes upset people's stomachs.  If it makes me nauseous, I don't know, because I am sleeping.  Also, a friend of mine said she always threw up her prenatals because of her m/s.  Perhaps if you feel less queasy in the evenings, it would be a better time to take them? 

    Boston - congrats on seeing the u/s.  We had the same experience with the wiggling and not being in the right position, but I could have watched the baby in there for hours!  We have our 18-week u/s tomorrow, and will hopefully find out the gender.  We are so excited to see the baby again and find out what we are having.  But, even if baby is not cooperating, I am just happy to be able to see it again! 

    Also, I wanted to give an update on the pregnancy pillow I bought.  I got the Snoogle mini, and I love it!  It's not that big, but it fits between my legs and I can hug the long part in front or cushion my back with it so I don't roll over.  I use my regular pillow for my head.  I've only used it for 2 nights, because we went away for the long weekend and I didn't bring it with me, but I do seem to sleep better with it. 
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Jennifyr- I'm glad to hear you say that you like the snoogle mini!  I ended up ordering one this week and am waiting patiently for it.  My extra pillow system does not seem to be helping, so I'm really hopeful that this pillow will give me whatever support I need while sleeping.  thanks for the update!

    Congrats Sprout and best of luck to quad!!

    From a quick scan of the recent posts it sounds like everyone is holding up well!  Yay :o)
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Happy Friday Everyone!!  

    Good luck to Prill & Quad!!!  

    Desi - Congratulations!!

    AFM - 32 weeks tomorrow! Over all things are good with me, physically I am feeling good, just tired and sometimes achy.  I am feeling a over emotional
    yesterday and today - very teary last night and this morning.  My mom called
    me last night to complain to me about the way my sister is planning the
    shower and said that a lot of people aren't coming and that sent me in
    to an irrational crying jag - normally that would probably bum me
    out a little, but I don't think it would send me into a fit of tears... I keep trying to tell
    myself that it will be fine and it is irrational to be so teary but it
    doesn’t seem to help a whole lot. Is this from hormones? M
    y sister had to go and tell me when my shower is and that she is having it at my house but she doesn't want me to be involved at all or ask any questions - which is fine - but it would have been better if I just didn't know about it at all... Also from what my mom said it seems like she is leaving everything to last minute - which I usually plan everything WAY in advance and that is making me more nervious! I explained to my mom (through tears) that it was not appropriate for her to complain to me about the shower - it is supposed to be a nice thing for me and not stress me out.

    We are just 8-10 weeks away now... I am planning on 42 weeks so if/when I go past my "due date" I am not bugged out by it.  It is coming soon. In some ways it can't get here fast enough and in some ways I feel like I need more time to prepare.  
    It is looking like after my 12 week leave, my DH will be staying at home with the baby days and going back to school nights.  Does anyone know of any Dad's groups - or "Mom's" Groups that would accept Dads? I was thinking it might be good for him be able to get out of the house with our LO.  Does anyone else have this kind of arrangement where their DH stays home?

    TG it is almost the weekend!!!  Only 2 more hrs until I can go home and get in my PJs!  Can't wait!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Oh, Krystabel, I would be a teary mess too if I were in your shoes. It's stressful to know that the shower will be at your place and that it isn't all planned out, especially if your mom and sister are fighting about it. But I'm sure they will work to make sure it all comes together well for you. The day of should be a joyful one.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Krystabel-how horrible for your mom to share that with you. Unerstandably you're upset! And yes, a lot of it is hormones! They can be horrible things!

    AFM I had my GD test this week (28 weeks) and I failed by 1 point! ugh. So next week I have to take the 3 hr test. I know it will be fine, but I just don't have the time to take from work, way too busy. Especially seeing as I took two hours off today to get another ultrasound.

    but the good news is that this little girl is estimated to weigh in at 2 lbs 13 oz and is growing great (they're watching her since they fear she might be small). And I think I have everyone agreed not to start nonstress tests until around week 34/35! much better than first starting them around week 31.

    I'm also starting to mourn no longer being pregnant. This is our last and I'm going to miss beinig pregnant. I'm trying to enjoy it all now.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    In Response to Re: July - Pregnancy:
    It is looking like after my 12 week leave, my DH will be staying at home with the baby days and going back to school nights.  Does anyone know of any Dad's groups - or "Mom's" Groups that would accept Dads? I was thinking it might be good for him be able to get out of the house with our LO.  Does anyone else have this kind of arrangement where their DH stays home? TG it is almost the weekend!!!  Only 2 more hrs until I can go home and get in my PJs!  Can't wait!
    Posted by Krystabel

    Hi Krystabel - funny, we just decided to do the exact same thing.  DH has about 1.5yrs left of school and working full-time and taking 2 classes per quarter is overwhelming.  He is also disgruntled at work because they have promised him 2 promotions, and snatched them away at the last minute.  And right now, he isn't making much more than the cost of daycare, so we decided that he should just quit and stay home with the baby and hopefully finish his degree faster so we can move. 

    I was wondering about a dad's group as well...where do you live?  He plays basketball once or twice a week, so I think he should still do that so he can socialize and not feel too isolated. 
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Thanks Pitt & KAM!  I am feeling better.  

    Leila - my DH doesn't play BBall,. we live in the metro west area.