July - Pregnancy

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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    AFM=As for me.

    I doubt very much they'll hear the heartbeat at 7 weeks--my 1st appointment was at 9 and they didn't even try, which was fine with me because I figured it would just freak me out if they tried and couldn't hear it.  The next one was at 13 weeks and I brought my husband to that one because I knew by then they should be able to hear it, and I wanted him there--either to hear it or to help them get me into the straitjacket if there wasn't one.  (Yeah, I was a little anxious early in my pregnancy.)  He's come to most of my appointments since.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Arcain, My doctor typically waits until 10 -12 weeks for the first appointment because it's when they can hear the heartbeat and unless they are doing an early ultrasound, there's not much they can tell you other than to take your blood and other measurements. 

    My DH didn't come to my first appt, and I wish he had.  I was going in early, at 6 weeks, because I had some really light spotting.  Turns out, I had (or was having) a miscarriage (m/c), and I really wish he had been there with me because I was a blubbering mess and really needed someone to lean on.  We went through another week or two of not knowing if it was a viable pregnancy, and lots of blood tests and eventually a Carmen Biopsy to determine that it was indeed a m/c. 

    That said, I doubt you will go through the same experience as I did with that first appointment, and probably won't need your DH, but it couldn't hurt if he is able to take the time off work. 

    With this pregnancy, my first appointment wasn't until 10 weeks, and DH came with me.  But, we also knew we were probably going to be able to hear the heartbeat, so he wanted to go.  A lot of advice I have heard is that the partner should come to all ultrasound (u/s) appts, if they can, but skip the basic check-in appointments where they really just measure you and take a urine sample - that's not worth his time off of work. 

    Hope that helps!  (some people also write that at HTH and it took me forever to figure that one out!)  Another one is FWIW (For What It's Worth). 
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Also, thanks everyone for the well-wishes and the reassurances on the placenta issue. 

    So, is a low-lying placenta the same thing as Placenta Previa?  I had heard previa being discussed before on this board, but wasn't really sure what it was, and my doctor didn't use that term.  It sounds like they are the same thing, just wanted to clarify. 
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Okay, I answered my own question!  From babycenter.com:

    If you have placenta previa, it means that your placenta is lying unusually low in your uterus, next to or covering your cervix. The placenta is the pancake-shaped organ that supplies your baby with nutrients through the umbilical cord.

    If the placenta covers the cervix completely, it's called a complete or total previa. If it's right on the border of the cervix, it's called a marginal previa. (You may also hear the term "partial previa," which refers to a placenta that covers part of the cervical opening once the cervix starts to dilate.) If the edge of the placenta is within two centimeters of the cervix but not bordering it, it's called a low-lying placenta.

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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Thanks so much, Jenn, for the appointment advice and acronym info (I actually thought AFM meant "all future mothers," like addressing everyone on the board...riiight :-)). Your reason for wishing you DH was there the first time is exactly why I think I want mine to come -- I don't think I could even drive myself home if I find out it's not viable.

    As it turns out, I called the doc to ask if I would be having an u/s next week and mentioned that I was having some occasional mild ab pain (no spotting though). They think everything's probably okay but decided to schedule an u/s TOMORROW b/c they say they always want to check when there's pain. Not sure whether to be more worried or just grateful that I've found docs who are willing to indulge my obsessive worry. Either way, it's early morning so DH can come with me and not worry about missing work. Here's hoping I can sleep tonight!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    A belated thanks to all for the vitamin suggestions.  I'm back to being able to swallow pills again so that's a relief.  This morning sickness is getting old- I keep hearing that the 2nd trimester is easier for most people so I live in hope! 

    Congrats Jenn on learning you're having a little girl- very exciting!

    Good luck tomorrow Arcain, hope all goes well.  I think at 5 or 6 weeks they should see a gestational sac but probably no heartbeat yet. Oh, and it took me a while to figure out AFM too!

    Anyone else feel like they're growing out of their clothes but not ready for maternity stuff?  By noon today, the waist on my pants was making me crazy, they were so uncomfortable.  I'm 12 weeks so not showing but my waist has apparently grown.

    Good luck to those who are going any day now!

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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    tc95, I'm also 12 weeks and feeling the same way - today it took me forever to find something to wear that felt comfortable and looked decent, though I don't have a discernable bump at this point. It seems early to start looking at maternity clothes, but maybe it's time for a belly band...

    I'm cautiously optimistic that my m/s is easing up - I've been able to eat semi-normal meals and not be sick for the past three days. Come on second trimester! :)
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    June: Were you really picking up DD #1 at 2 weeks post partum???  Do you know how much she weighted at the time?  My DD will be a little older (15 mo) when I give birth and she's about 20lbs (we have a baby scale).  I'm not sure I'd want to risk busting stitches though.  Thankfully my DH will be around full time for at least the first 2 weeks, and then my MIL will be here so I'll have another set of hands to help at all times (hopefully!!).  It must've been so hard to have been on your own.  Glad to hear the recovery was easier!  I had a very easy recovery with my first and was off all pain meds after 1 week and feeling great, but I've heard recovery from subsequent c-secs can be more difficult.  Of course everyone has a different experience.

    Arcain: Hope your appt and u/s went well today!!! :)  Glad DH could come too!  I agree with Jenn I like my DH at all u/s visits, but for regular appts it doesn't really matter if he's there.

    TC/Pitt: Yay for almost reaching the 2nd tri!!  The best trimester in my opinion :)  I think 12-15 weeks is just about when I had to break out my bella band.  What a fabulous invention! 
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Trouble, my DD was about 22lbs 2 weeks post delivery...she was heavier but she got super sick and lost about 5 pounds from month 12 to 13.  I wouldnt hold her for long periods of time, but if I needed to get her out of her crib, lift her onto the couch to sit with me.  Again the only difference was she was also sick so she wasnt as wild as she is today so we got lots of cuddle time :)
    You will know your limits, as I knew mine.  You will have 3 straight weeks of help, thats AWESOME!!  I wish!!  I only took pain killers at night and was just strickly on motrin during the day.  Keeping my feet up was the hardest part of recovery the second time around.  Being left alone with 2 wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Hard to believe 6 months have gone by and I really dont remember the 1st couple weeks at home with 2.  My daughters love one another and interact wonderfully!  I was just saying how my little one who is now crawling wakes up super early and crawls to the edge of her bed to wake up her sister in the mornings...they will chat and laugh for about an hour before I need to get them.  Kinda sweet!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    tc and pitt... I am 14 weeks now and right around 12 weeks my work pants were killing me.  I got the beband from Target in both black and white and it is perfect.  I am still wearing my regular shirts, but sticking to the longer ones that cover the band.  Looser ones hide my bulging waist (definitely not looking like a baby bump yet... just too many donuts) but some form fitting T's are ok because the band smooths everything over and it just looks live I've gained a bit of weight in the middle section.  Earlier this week I bought my first maternity top because I was running out of shirts that were long enough to cover the band.  I went with something that wasn't super huge or billow-y.  I found it at Target and it is actually made of decent material.  I actually like the style of a lot of the target shirts because they are mostly regular shaped with rouching along the seams so they just have light folds of material over the belly that will expand as I get bigger.  The shirt that I bought will probably not be big enough by the time I'm 8-9 months along... but it is a summery shirt and I'm due in January... so I figure as long as it still fits until October it was a good purchase.  I don't want to spend a ton on maternity clothes, but I also dont want to be wearing super huge clothes just because I refuse to buy stuff that actually fits.  I've also heard that having some 1st-2nd trimester clothes come in handing right after you give birth while you are still bigger than your pre-preg clothes but too big for what you were wearing at 9mths.   ... Now I can't wait to buy some nice maternity jeans.  Next weekend I'm going to treat myself to a pair of gap maternity jeans.  They are more expensive than old navy... but i've always been a gap-jeans girl.  Once I tell people at work I'll feel ok wearing pants with a stretchy waist.

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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    It's been so busy at work the past 2 weeks!!  I suppose that's a good thing- I'd rather be busy that sitting here twiddling my thumbs and thinking about all the other stuff I'd rather be doing outside of work :o)

    It's been nice reading all the updates!

    Jenn- congrats on the baby girl!! 

    Arcain- Welcome to the boards and congrats on the pg!  FWIW, I was very cautious at the beginning of my pg about telling anyone.  I mentioned this in another thread, but I waited until about 7 wks to tell my parents and generally everyone after the first tri.  I waited as long as I could (around 18 wks i think) to tell work mainly because I didn't want my pregnancy to affect my staffing of projects.  I didn't want to sit here with nothing to do for the rest of my pregnancy.  I didn't really start noticeably showing until 20 wks, so it was fine.  As for the first appointment- mine was around 8 wks and they did an internal exam and we just talked to the nurse practitioner.  DH came with and it was good fromt he informational perspective.  That said, he didn't have to take off from work or anything, so you could balance those out.  DH came with me up until the 12 wk and comes to the u/s but doesn't come to the dr. appt.  (u/s and dr appt are separate for me).  HTH!

    I am too blurry on all the updates to remember what's going on with everyone (I'm horrible!!) but, Good luck to trouble, quad and anyone else approaching the end!  Thistle, how are you doing?  I think we're around the same place or at least within a week of each other.

    AFM, I have my 24 wk checkup tomorrow- can't believe i'm at 24 already!!  And i'm a little nervous about my GD test.  I am really hoping that I won't have to take the 3 hr test, so everyone cross their fingers for me!  I'm excited to hear the little heartbeat again, especially now that I can feel my little one squirming around in me (though baby's been quiet today).  We did an intial round of crib shopping this weekend, which was fun, though tiring and kind of overwhelming.  The plus is that we seemed to find one that we liked and are probably going to go back to order it in the next couple of weeks.  I am desperately trying to rearrange and reorganize our 2BR to accommodate our stuff plus baby and whatever combination of parents we will have with us after baby comes. 

    I hope everyone is doing well and staying cool!!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Thanks boston, that's really helpful. I'll have to go to Target this weekend and check out the bebands- hopefully that'll give me more options as I'm down to a couple pairs of pants for work that are still comfy enough when buttoned.  Totally agree on not wanting to wear huge clothes... I'm petite and when I looked at some maternity stuff at Old Navy, it just all looked enormous.

    Good luck with the GD test itsallnew!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Tc - I don't usually read the pregnancy boards but it just made my day to see you talk about needing the bebands for your beautifully growing self. :)
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    tc - Old Navy runs large anyway.  I am comfortable in Medium or large Motherhood tops, but Large Old Navy tops are giant.  Even the mediums are roomy enough.  I usually wear a size 10.  You can also find some cute empire waist shirts that aren't maternity, but will last you for a while.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    tc--I am petite, too, and have been able to wear a number of non-maternity Old Navy tops (empire waists, etc.). Definitely check out the regular section for pieces that might help see you through.

    ETA: Jinx, jennifyr! :)
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Thanks so much lil!!  I can't tell you how much you helped when we were deciding on whether to pursue the donor egg option. Just hearing from someone who had been there really made a difference. Third time was the charm so we're thrilled (and aside from being happy that I'm lower risk for certain things because of the donor's age, I don't think at all about the fact that it wasn't my egg). 

    Fingers crossed that you're back here soon with baby #2!  I check the ttc boards now and then and I'm praying for more good news over there.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Thanks for the advice on telling work and appointments all. Wish I had more to add to what you all are going through, but I'm so new to this I can mostly just lurk and post my obsessive worries :-).

    I went for an u/s yesterday and DH came with me. I'm barely 6 weeks but we did see a heartbeat. It was 90 bpm and was basically the only thing I could see on the screen - amazing! Total relief, and I think it made this a bit more real for me and much more for DH (he even got a little teary!).

    Of course, the relief was shortlived -- I had a tiny bit of spotting this a.m. and freaked out completely. It's been a few hours and I've had nothing since, but after letting myself be excited for a day, I'm back to just keeping my fingers crossed and trying not to freak out. Ugh.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Welcome Newbies.  So exciting for a new gang to be joining.  My situation was very complicated, so I can't weigh in on telling work/family etc. 

    Arcain, a little spotting can be normal.  I passed a clot around six weeks, and was sure it was over, but thankfully it turned out to be nothing.  If it persists, give your doc a call.

    AFM, FINISHED CHEMO WEDNESDAY!  Yep.  All caps.  Sometimes you need 'em. 24 weeks of that nonsense was enough.  The HR OB told me last week that I was already 2 cm.  The little guy did fine on week's NST.  So, the plan right now is to induce on 7/26 (due 8/1), to shorten the interval between chemo and surgery, but still have as much time as possible to heal up and bond with Sparky before surgery.  And, it's my birthday weekend... Doesn't sound like DH made big plans, waiting to see how I feel.  But, I'm thinking we should do something to celebrate the two big milestones before our next one in about ten days!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    WOW, Cookie, Congratulations!! You must be getting so excited that it's almost single-digits until you meet your little man. I agree with you--go celebrate! You and DH have earned it!!!

    Arcain, thinking good thoughts for you. Hopefully it's nothing (and there's a very good chance that it is).
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    June: So sweet!  I can only hope my 2 are so close!  Since my #2 will be a boy I'm not entirely sure, but I will still hope! :)

    Cookie: Congrats!!  I'm so excited for you!!  Go out this weekend and have a fabulous time.  You definitely deserve it.

    Arcain: Not sure it helps at all, but I had spotting with both of my pregnancies.  Both times it was cervical and both times it turned out to be nothing.  If you had intercourse last night that could've triggered it.  If you call your doc they will most likely have you come in for an u/s, but since you just had one yesterday and saw the HB, they might not even do that.  Its so nerve wracking to have spotting. Sorry!

    AFM, DA with a MW yesterday and she said I was "full of baby."  Ha!  Head down and good to go.  And I guess next week I will technically be term.  I'm still wondering if he'll come early and I'll try a VBAC.  Then that stresses me out with trying to figure out a plan for DD.  We have zero family close by, so we will have to have a list of people to call and hopefully someone will be around. With summer and people travelling it is just so difficult.  Any tips on how to handle care for your older child if you spontaneously go into labor?
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Cookie -- Congrats on finishing chemo! I can't imagine what it must be like to deal with that while pg, but I heartily agree that you should celebrate, celebrate, celebrate! Congrats on being so close, to delivering, too. So exciting!

    Trouble -- Can't offer and advice as this is my first, but good luck figuring out a plan for your DD. If all else fails, does the hospital you're delivering at offer any kind of childcare that could take her at least until you can get someone? I have no idea if any offer that, but it seems like it'd be a good idea for people who go into labor before they expect to?

    AFM - No more spotting so far, and I feel fine (other than being incredibly hungry and simultaneously nauseous -- never would have thought that possible before :-)). I suspect it's cervical and wonder if it could have been b/c of the u/s. It was an internal, and I was quite uncomfortable when they were rooting around in there. Just seems weird it would take almost a day for the spotting to show up.

    In any case, fingers crossed, and thanks all for the reassurance. We tell DH's family when we see them tomorrow. I'm bracing myself for MIL's tidal wave reaction -- she cried for hours -- no exaggeration -- when we announced our engagement (good tears...I think!) and at many other milestones.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    itsallnew - I am 24 weeks as well!  Had my checkup earlier this week.  I'm not looking forward to the GD test either...hope all goes well.

    TC - I'm petite too...Old Navy runs pretty big.  I am still wearing non-maternity shirts but have been wearing maternity pants since about 12 weeks.  I didn't find the bebands very comfortable...it made the clasps and buttons on my non-maternity pants dig into my skin.  My favorite work pants I found at target...like them way better than the ones I got at motherhood maternity.  It's difficult to find small sizes there since their selection is so limited.  I also got a cute pair of jeans at H&M, but they don't stay in place when I sit down.  I found that to be the case with most maternity jeans...the only ones that stay put are the maternity jeggings from old navy.  Never thought I would wear jeggings, but they actually just look like skinny jeans. 

    Cookie - congrats and happy bday!

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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    itsallnew, yes, we are very close!  I will be 25 weeks tomorrow.  I'm doing pretty well--better now that it's not so hot.  I had my appointment today--the heartbeat is loud now! Mine is also squirming around like crazy. 

    For the newly pregnant petite ladies out there, it might be worth trying Ann Taylor Loft--I went there yesterday and bought some regular shirts, in an XS, that fit me just fine.  Granted, I was fairly small before I got pregnant, but even so it seems ridiculous--but the shirts are very comfortable, and fairly roomy on me.  And they're having a sale where all t-shirts are 50% off.  For anyone early in pregnancy, I bet they'd be fairly flattering, and last a long time.  They also cover the bella band, which I'm still using.

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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Thistle- did you find an Ann Taylor Loft store that carries maternity in store?  The last time I went to one (in the Pru) they told me that their maternity selection is only online!  I just generally prefer trying clothes on and buying them in person.

    I'm also still using the be band for work, and I'm hoping to get a couple more weeks out of it while I look for at least 1 pair of maternity work pants.  I definitely need a couple more tops, so hopefully I can do a little shopping this weekend.  So far I've had success at Kohls and Target.

    I had my glucose tolerance test today, so I guess I'll have to wait until Monday to find out results.  The drink was so sweet!!  The appointment was pretty uneventful, though it's pretty amazing that now i heard the heartbeat as soon as the dr. put the doppler on me- no searching.  It's fast and sounds healthy, so i'm happy!  Now I guess I will continue my organizing and reorganizing until my 28 wk appt. next month :o)

    Trouble- I don't have any great advice for you about childcare for your older one...  do you have anybody you can put on notice?  Best of luck if your little one decides to let you try the VBAC!! 

    Cookie- Congrats on everything!!  I am sure it's an amazing relief to be done with chemo and to just focus on this baby, who seems to be coming in about 10 days!!  Very exciting :o)

    Hope everyone else is doing well.  I'm having a lazy Friday but actually have to do some more work!

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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Cookie - CONGRATS!  Yes, that deserves all Caps too :)

    Arcain, I think the internal U/S is probably what triggered the bleeding.  I wouldn't worry too much and just keep monitoring it.  So amazing that they could see a heartbeat that early!  I know that is a huge relief. 

    I am now 19 weeks and am feeling pretty good.  I get some pain in my lower belly every once in a while, but I wonder if it's just round ligament pain, or maybe even the baby moving, and I just don't recognize it as movement yet? 

    I told a coworker I was pg yesterday and she said she would have never known (bless her), and then when I stopped to chat with an older neighbor, she touched my belly and said, "wow -  you can really see it now!".  So, I guess it depends on what I wear.  I've laughed at a lot of the comments on here about random people touching your belly, and this was definitely my first, outside of DH.  But, she's in her late 60's and is the sweetest thing, and I didn't really mind. I'm sure it will start getting annoying if everyone does it though!

    Happy weekend.