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July - Pregnancy

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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    I like all the shopping ideas!  Thistle, I actually went to AT Loft during my lunch hour today and picked up a few tops, tanks and a sweater.  I'll have to check out Old Navy again to look at the non-maternity stuff. It's funny but I always avoided the empire waist type tops before partly because they're usually too long for me but also because I was afraid I'd look pg... now, don't care so much as it's only a matter of time until it's obvious.  Next stop is Target, may try Kohls but that may have to wait for another night.

    Cookie, congrats on finishing chemo, that's wonderful news. Have a fabulous celebration!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Tc - Thanks for the kind words.  I love to know someone else who did DE was successful.  I know how long the road was for you!  Also, yes, the joy of having a 20 -somethings eggs.  Advanced maternal age - I think not! :)   We at least get that added benefit.

    I totally avoided empire b/c I was soo afraid of someone thinking I was pregnant when I wasn't.

    Cookies - Congratulations!!!  That is great news!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Cookie, congrats! I hope you and DH have a great celebration this weekend! It must be great to be through chemo and know you have the reward of meeting your baby so soon.

    itsallnew, good luck with the GD test. So exciting to hear a good strong heartbeat, too. And I hear you on the room rearranging. DH and I have finally finished moving his office stuff into my office to make room for the LO. I don't know how we've acquired so much stuff!

    AFM, we had our NT scan today and the u/s tech said everything looks completely normal and healthy. It was so wonderful to see the baby wiggling around and waving. After our m/c this spring, a piece of me is always worried at these appointments, but this was really reassuring.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    pitt.. congrats on the good us!  I felt exactly the same way.  We had a m/c in January and to see the little bugger waving and moving around was just the most awesome thing and totally reassured me that everything was ok in there.  At least you can pretty much breathe a sigh of relief... once you've made it this far the chances of m/c are so small.  Not that the worry ever goes away... then you just move on to something else :o)

    My current worry is that I'm not feeding the baby properly.  I haven't been super good about eating lots of veggies lately and yesterday I was starving in the afternoon but didn't have a snack with me so went about 3 hours with a rumbly stomache... the whole time I was thinking that the baby wasn't getting what it needed.  I know it was a crazy thought, and I'm good about taking my vitamins, but I made a commitment to myself to start eating better this weekend.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Bostongrl, it's great you are planning to eat better, but I wouldn't worry about missing an afternoon snack. The baby is still so small at this point, it doesn't need massive amounts of food. I feel worse for you and your rumbling tummy. I worried about not eating enough when I was in the middle of the worst m/s, and my doctor said not to worry as long as I could eat and keep down something every day.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Itsallnew, I haven't seen maternity stuff in Loft stores--it just turns out I can wear their regular line (in my regular size, no less) still.  At least in tops--I don't think anything else would work.  It's pretty surprising, but on the other hand, I always used to feel like their clothes weren't very flattering on me or didn't fit right or something . . . apparently that was true.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Cookie - Congrats on finally finishing chemo!!!! That is great news!!! I can't believer your LO will be here in about 10 days. That is so exciting!!!

    pitt - Congrats on a great scan. Hopefully you can relax a little now!!!!

    AFM - I had to take the 3-hour GTT Friday and FAILED!!! Waiting for my appt with the nutritionist to be scheduled. I am so upset about it. Do all people with GD end up with big babies. I am so afraid of my natural childbirth now. My MW doesn't do pain management. Here's to eating better and walking, ALOT!!!

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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Hi Twin,

    I know exactly how you feel.  I have GD too and at first there are so many questions.  Make sure you get that appointment scheduled with the dietician ASAP.  They will probably have you meet with the Dr or nurse too and they will help answer some of your questions. 

    I believe that babies can get large due to GD only if the GD isn't managed well.  I have a growth U/S tomorrow (37 weeks) so I'll let you know if that's true!  I've been able to manage mine very well with diet only. 

    You will need to test your blood sugar 4 times a day to make sure you are on track.  It will be difficult to change your eating habits at first, but it will get easier and you will probably feel much better.  I definitely think I do.  You basically need to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks daily and count the carbs. 

    I know you didn't ask, but I was so scared and clueless at first, I thought some additional info might help you.  Let me know if you want any further details for before you have your appointment!!!  I'd be happy to help!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Twin - My sister had GD and had to take insulin pills to control it (not everyone does), but her baby was still under 8 lbs.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Thank you so much trouble. The info is definitely helpful and I can't wait to hear how you make out with your u/s tomorrow. I know I'll have to do some preplanning for meals and such, but that is managable. I was seeing a nutritionist when I got pregnant so I kind of have an idea on what I can have and not have or should limit. I think I will be okay with that. I'm just really nervous about size and delivery now as I have a MW and she only does natural births (which is what I've wanted, but am now realizing may not be what I end up with). I've only gained 12 pounds so I'm hoping I can manage with just diet and exercise.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Fram - Thanks!! That makes me feel a little better. I'm pretty sure that I will be able to control it with diet and exercise, but it's good to know that even if I had to go with insulin, I could still be ok.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    twin--just wanted to say that I am sorry about GD diagnosis and all the worry. I have a good friend who had GD with both pgs. She was able to control things really well with diet and both her babies were right around the 8lb mark. She also swears that the diet helped her body bounce back pretty quickly after birth, so hopefully that's a silver lining. Good luck with the nutrionist!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Hi Twin, I am sorry about the results of your test.  I am not sure if it will help with your concern about birth weight, but when we took the natural child birth class the teacher said that the weight of the baby is much less important than the diameter of the babies head because that is the biggest part and that the weight of the baby doesn't effect the diameter of the skull.  ...not to say that the baby will be bigger, but it kind of put it in perspective for me.  Sending you the best wishes!  :-) 

    AFM, 33 weeks as of Saturday.  Feeling pretty good and trying to avoid the heat.  My shower was yesterday and it was realy wonderful!! My sister did a really wonderful job and DH & I felt so loved!! So many people were telling us what great parents we'll be, it was really nice to hear and I can't believe the sheer volume of amazingly generous gifts we received.  I tear up when I think of all the love and support we have.  My sister had the shower at my house and made some stuff and had Roche Bros cater some all of it was delicious.  Having the shower in our home was so wonderful, it felt really comfortable and special to have all our close friends and family in our house!  It also had the added benefit that we didn't have to carry all the gifts home and now my house is super clean and neat!  My sister was really funny she wouldn't let me come down stairs in the morning and I thought that was going to be hard to hear her doing stuff, but it ended up being really realxing to have breakfast in bed and just hang out until we got the OK to come down ...Now we just have to figure out what to do with all the awesome baby stuff we got.  :-)  We are so lucky to have such wonderful friend and family!

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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Congrats to all the Newbies, and to Cookie, nothing but the best to you.

    We welcomed Cameron James, last Thursday Evening.   I had a doctors appt Wed and my doctor said I was 4-5 cm dilated and had a bulging bag of water and she could not beleive it had not broke yet.  She was on call the next night and told me just to come and I would have the baby.  The next day I was so anxious and nervous about my water breaking I had DH come home from work and bring me in to the hospital.  I thought I was having regular contractions but turns out it was all in my mind.   Anyway, We got there about 11, I saw the on call doctor from my practice, he admitted me and I got my epidual at 330.  My doctor came in at 5, broke my water at 530, I was fully dilated at 9:22, 6 minutes later he was born.  I only had to push for 6 min, the joy of a second baby.  I never really had one bad contractions so labor was the best it could be.  He was perfect but never cried, It freaked us out but he was prefectly fine.   He also had some facial brusing because he came out so fast but that is already gone.  He looked pretty beat up.  He was 8lb 6 ounces, I never thought I would ever have a baby that big.  With my first delivery I hemmoraged pretty bad, this time nothing even close so that was a relief. 

    We left the hospital on Saturday and everything was going really well.  He was eating 2 ounces every 3-4 hours then bascially just sleeping.  Sunday morning he ate as usual at 430am and then would not eat after that bottle.  At about 1pm I called the doctor and they sent me back to the hospital to the ER. I was in a complete panic, I  knew in the back of my mind he was fine but in the ER they were taking blood, giving him and IV, etc and it was scary.  I was asking if I could just go back to the nursery and see the nurses and doctors up there because we had just left, and neededless to say we would have still been there if they did not let me go home a day early.   They admitted us and the doctors and nurses on the floor were so much better.  They reassured me he was fine and was just going through an eating funk. I am not putting down the doctors at SSH pedi ER but I just felt they did know as much as how to deal with a 3 day old.  I think the pedi doctors that do rounds in the nursery would have been a better fit.  They gave him some fluids and he starting eating again.  We had a few issues but it is just with technique.  We did well all night and he ate just fine, they discharged us this morning and we have been fine since.  So scary.  At one point my husband made me leave the ER and go home because I was a total mess.  I just lost it,  it didnt help that my hormones are all over the place anyway. 

    DD is doing so well with him.  We have her being our little helper.  She runs and gets bibs, binky's, and burp clothes and loves helping me change him and feed him.  I gave her a diaper and bottle and she loves to mimic me with her baby alive.  It is really cute.

    Sorry for the long story, good luck to the girls up next, I know cookie and trouble are pretty close.  Have we heard from Prill? 
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Twin, sorry about the GD diagnosis. Hopefully you'll be able to manage it with just diet. Good luck!

    Krystabel, glad to hear that the shower went well; I know you were concerned out it. Sounds like a lovely day :)

    Quad, congrats on your little boy! Good to hear that the delivery went pretty smoothly. So scary that you had to head back to the hopsital so quickly. I'm glad it turned out okay - what an ordeal.

    AFM, we got a call today confirming that between the first trimester bloodwork and the NT scan we're at low risk and things are looking good :) After the u/s I wasn't too worried, but it's always nice to get good news.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Quad - So glad that you had a great delivery and got to have your regular dr deliver you!  DS went through the same thing on day 2, literally did not eat for 16 hours and it is very scary.  I was glad to have had a csection and been in the hospital for an extended stay to help with the weight.  I agree that the dr's and nurses on the floor are great and you must have been very relieved (if thats possible) to get him admitted.  Glad to hear that things are going well with DD too!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Quad--Congrats on the arrival of your little man! Glad that delivery was smooth and that after a scare everything is great with DS' eating. Enjoy these early days!

    Krysta--glad to hear you had a great baby shower. I loved mine, especially having the chance to get the collective wisdom of all the important women in my life. Also, people's generosity is truly amazing, isn't it?

    pitt--congrats on great testing results. It's a relief for sure!

    I'm just plugging along at 31 weeks, still have the sciatica. So, I am still hobbling along. The other day I held the door for an elder entering a store and she then saw me hobble out the door. She stopped and said, "Oh dear, I should have been holding the door for you." You know you're in rough shape when that happens! :)
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Thanks Kiwi!!! It's great to hear about others who had GD and were able to manage with just diet and exercise. I hope the bouncing back works out for me too. I've only gained 12 pounds (I'll be 32 weeks on Thursday) so far so hopefully that is an advantage too! I really hope your sciatica resolves itself sooner than later!!!

    Krystabel - Thanks! That is great info. I have done some reading on GD and saw that one of the 'side effects' is larger babies, but also that they tend to gain that weight in the upper body making it more difficult to fit through the birth canal. I've been chanting "small head, narrow shoulders" for weeks now. LOL!!! I'm so glad you shower went well and that you have great family and friends!

    Quad - A big congrats on teh birth of baby Cameron. What a great labor and delivery you had. I'm so sorry you had some troubles once you were home. I'm glad things are going much better now. It's so wonderful your DD is doing so great with Cameron too. What a great helper she is and will be as everyone grows!!!

    Pitt - I'm so happy all the b/w and the scan came back great. That must be such a relief to you. Great news!!!

    Trouble - What type of meal plan did they put you on? I called my MW office yesterday and the earliest appt they could get was next Tues. I'm not sure if that is when I am going or if my MW is going to find something sooner. What are you eating for breakfast? I can't eat eggs everyday. That is one of my aversions. Today I had whole wheat toast with peanut butter and 1/4 of a cantaloupe.

    AFM - Doing well. I can't believe I only have about 2 months left. Found out accidentally about when my work shower is going to be. Still have no idea about my family shower, but I don't think invites have gone out for that yet. Not sure if a date has even been picked yet. Summers are just so busy for my family!!!! It will all work out so I'm not worried.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Quad - Congrats on the birth of baby Cameron!  Sorry to hear about the trouble on day 3 but also glad that eveyone is doing fine.  So cute how your DD is being so helpful!!

    Krysta - So glad your shower was so much fun!! 

    Pitt - Congrats on the great results from your NT scan!   Such a relief.

    Kiwi - Hope the sciatica gets better soon! 

    Twin - I am on 3 meals and 3 snacks per day.  I have an allowance of 30g of carbs for breakfast and all the snacks and 45g for lunch and dinner.  I think breakfast is very important because after fasting for so long your blood sugar can spike with the first meal.  My dietician told me no fruit in the morning for one.  Secondly, be careful and breads because some are loaded with carbs.  I usually have a fiberone english muffin if i have any bread (around 17g).  Oh, and you can subtract the fiber from the total carb count.  I was having eggs a lot, but I got sick of it (and the cooking).  I usually have 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and either a buttered english muffin or a kashi granola bar.  The kashi granola bars are good because they have a good amount of protein and aren't too high in cartbs.  That's another key, to have protein at every meal.  That helps your body process the carbs better.  The peanut butter you had is a good source of protein.  For me, breakfast is the hardest because I notice my blood sugar is probably the highest for the day after that meal, especially if I'm at work that day.

    AFM, I had my growth U/S today.  Baby is measuring to be (and I quote) "perfect"  :)  Just what any 8.5 month pregnant woman wants to hear :)  He's at 6lbs 7oz right at the 50th percentile (give or take 1lb that is).  So If I go to term, the doc estimates he will be right at around 8lbs.  They also said his head is right on average for his gestational age, so that's great if I do go early and get to try VBAC.  My DD had a huge noggin, so that was a concern.  They seemed really happy and said they see no need to NSTs or an additional u/s.  Yippee!  

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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Quad-congrats on your little boy! scary to have to go back to the hospital so quickly. Glad to hear he's doing better.

    Cookie-congrats on the final round of chemo! Let the all caps celebrations and count down begin. How did you guys celebrate this weekend?

    Twin/trouble-sorry to hear about the GD! A good friend had it, ended up on insulin to control it and had a vaginal birth to a perfectly sized little girl.

    AFM I'm a single mom this week, DH is traveling and boy, am I exhausted dealing with this heat, DS and being 30 weeks! I give all single moms major respect since I want to forbid my husband from traveling ever again!  Right now DH and I can't seem to decide on a name. I'm almost at the point where I want to pull the "I'm-the-one-who-is-carrying-the-baby-so-I-get-to-pick-the-name" card. Alas, I'd like to find one we both equally love.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Trouble, congrats on your perfect baby :) It's nice that you don't have to have the NST or additional u/s. Must be so exciting to be so close to meeting the LO. Good luck trying the VBAC!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    KAM--I hear you on names! DH and I have decided on a first name (it's very traditional/classic) and I want a funkier middle name (not weird, just a bit out of the ordinary). DH won't even talk about it. I feel like a barely-used middle name should be my reward for a enduring a not-so-easy pregnancy!!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    I've been away from the boards for a few days...   

    Quad, a belated congrats on Cameron!  Sorry about the feeding challenges.  I can't imagine how scary and hard that was for you.  I really hope everything is going smoothly now!

    Trouble - Great news!  Good luck with the VBAC - my sister had one and it was totally fine!  

    KAM & Kiwi - its funny before I was pregnant I used to say to my friends that were preg "your the one carrying the baby, it should be your decision" .. somehow I feel differently now that I'm pregnant... weird right.  :-)  Good luck coming to a consensus on the name!

    Some one suggeste the name Harper (for a girl) to us, which I really like (although I like it better for a boy) although we probably won't use is as I think we are going the route of a Jr is its a boy.

    Have a great weekend everyone and STAY COOL - it is HOT out there!!!

    Oh, Sprout, how are you doing? We havent' heard from you in a while. If your reading, I'm thinking of you, I hope all is going well!

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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Quad, a belated congrats.  So glad you weathered the first scare, and have the little guy home!

    AFM, we did go out for a Bday dinner on Saturday.  Ate outside down at the waterfront, and strolled (waddled) around Fanueil Hall.  Had a blast, but payed the price the following day with some terrible GI issues.  So glad that's over.

    So... 3 cm already, and 39 weeks this coming Monday.  So, we got the plan together for a scheduled induction at 11 pm on Monday night.  A week early, but honestly, I'm more than ready.  Hope to have a great story for you all by early next week!

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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Happy labor and delivery Cookie!!!!