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July - Pregnancy

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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    best of luck cookie!!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Good luck, Cookie! We'll all be pulling for a nice, easy and quick delivery for you and your little guy!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Good luck Cookie!  I can't wait to hear your birth story!  I'm hopign for a quick and easy delivery for you!  :-)

    So I just had my first peditricial interview ....  I'm not really sure how it went... I wasn't totally turned off, but not over the moon either.. I wasn't overly concerned about choosing a Pedi, but now I am wondering if I am taking it too lightly.  I went to HVMA Pedi and on one hand the doctor was 30 minutes late, she seemed nice but she was on her laptop (I doubt she was taking notes on our conversation, but I could be wrong), on the other hand she answered all of my questions well, especially about stretching out the imunization schedule and concern about over use of antibiodics.  She said she'd prefer to go with the schedule recommended by the AAP, but she is willing to work with the parent if they wanted to work out some alternative schedule.  That is really what I was looking for was the "I'm willing to work with you".  

    I am honestly not sure how I feel about changing the vaccination schedule, I have assumed that I would want to based on what I've read to date, but it has been a while since I've read up on it and admittedly I need to to more research.

    Initially, I was hoping to go with Patriot Pedi because I have heard such great things about them, both on this board and in person, and they are closer to home.  They don't do "meet and greets" because their practice is so busy, and when I called a month ago, the receptionist said just call after the baby is born ... well today I decided to call back and see if I could ask some of my questions over the phone so I would have something to compare the interview at HVMA with.  The receptionist transferred me to a nurse.  While she was perfecily nice basically said that they will only sitck to the AAP recommended schedule unless the baby was sick and it was counter indicated ... and when I even explained that I was really wanting to know that the Dr would be willing to work with me (basically telling her what I wanted to hear) she just kept repeating the "script" at one point she said, well, you'd have to speak with the Dr and I said "OK that would be great" she said she meant after I brought my baby there... I also asked her a bunch of other questions that she answered in a frustrating way and then completely contridicted the receptionist saying that they may no longer be accepting new patients when I am due.... So I am not sure if its just that nurse that is frustrating or if I should take it as a sign to go elsewhere.  That call was SUPER frustrating, but that experience definitely doesn't match the feedback I've heard about the practice.

    From previous postings, I know vaccinations can be a volitile topic and I am not looking to start a debate, I am just wondering if this should the issue that determines which pedi to choose. I really wish I could speak to the doctor at least on the phone.  I do need to do more research ont he topic, but as I said part of my reason for asking the question is based on the fact that I am looking for a doctor that will work with me and not think their way is the only way.

    Any advice on choosing a Pedi?
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    For me, the pedi matters so so very little.  I have a nearly-3 year old and I have only taken her to the pedi for her routine visits and shots.  She has been lucky and never been sick between that, and we had one emergency broken leg at 1yo but we were immediately transferred to Children's (which, I really wish my local pedi, HVMA, could have just casted instead of dealing with the chaos of CHB).

    The thing about changing vaccine schedules around is you really have to KNOW what you're doing.  Its a huge responsibility to take your child off schedule becuase the SCHEDULE is how the CDC and AAP have tested the vaccines and the way children not only react to them but are protected by them.  Like some people want to get one shot a week for a month.... well, do you know the effects of firing up your immune system like that over and over? And does vaccine #3 take as well on an already fired up immune system? etc.  Just lots of things that you sometimes cannot know the answers to.  Its a hard call, and I am totally not even saying I am pro-vaccine schedule!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Krysta, if the shots are that important to you, than you should find a doctor that will work with you.  I have no opinion on shots, I have just gone along with whatever shot they are supposed to get at that time.  You should find a doctor that is convient, has great hours and has affliations to Childrens Hospital or another hospital that specializes in children.  I do believe you should like who you are going to.  I like my doctor, but love his nurse pracititioners and I choose to see them for almost all my well appointments and if I need to see her for a sick visit, the doctor will always come in if its something more than she can handle. 
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Krysta--I think you need to go with your gut and find someone who will work with what you want. No matter how great the recommendations are for a particular practice, if you don't feel comfortable then it's not a good match. Our pedi and practice comes very highly recommended. When we met with the doctor before DS was born, he brought up the vaccine schedule almost immediately. We responded that we were totally on board with the practice's schedule. He said, "Good. Because if you had wanted something different, I would have shaken your hand, thanked you for coming, and suggested you find a different practice." We appreciated his forthrightness. We knew exactly what we were getting into and our philosophies matched. That's reassuring. If practices you have talked with are hemming and hawing at this point, I don't think it will be much, if any, different after the baby is born. Are there any local moms boards you are on that could also answer this question? (I am on JPMoms, for example, and there are a number of threads there with pedi recommendations for alternative vaccine schedules.)
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    This is great advice, thank you Hugh, June & Kiwi!  High - great point about altering the schedule... I honestly don't know what to do about it.. I have read very conflicting information.  June - that is a good point about an affiliation with Childrens and also about liking the other staff! It is is the same for my Primary care Dr - she is good, I don't love her bedside manor, but I love the nurse practicioner and request to see her for every apt. Kiwi - great point that it wont change after the baby comes! Also, I can't seem to find a local mom's board for where I live.  I have been looking and wish I could!

    Additionally, Someone offline said to me (regarding the nurse that was extremely frustrating to talk with) that is that is the gate keeper, you don't want to have to call and be frustrated every time... so I will keep looking for a Pedi no matter what I decide to do about the vaccinations.  I feel tempted to start a thread about vaccinations, but I don't want to insite a riot....

    Hope everyone is well! Happy Monday :-P
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Krystabel, where are you looking?  Maybe you'll get some get names here.

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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Krastabel - have you discussed this with your OB/midwife?  My midwife brought up pedi's at my last appointment since I am heading into my 3rd trimester and need to start thinking about it.  She was able to go over a list of Pedi's in my area and let me know which ones work with an alternate schedule and which do not.  She also shared her thoughts on the matter and gave additional resources for research.

    FWIW - I switched Ob's about a year ago because, while I liked the doctor a lot, I couldn't stand his nurse and I had to deal with her more often than him.

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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Hi Winter - I am looking in the Bedford, Burlington, Concord area.  

    Leila - I asked my midwife, but the practice I go to is in Wellesley and she didn't know anyone in my area, I have an appt with a different MW at the end of the week and I could ask her then.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Oh, I just remembered, I think Cookie is being induced today - Is that right?  Best of luck Cookie!  Looking forward to hearing from you!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    It sounds like going with the doctor who has the "I'm willing to work with you" attitude would be a better bet.  With pediatricians, that philosophy tends to be important for more than just the vaccine schedule.  Go with your gut, both in choosing and, if necessary, changing. 

    Also, I have a HVMA doctor and he takes his notes on a computer during our checkups.  She might have been doing that.  It's great because every time you go they give you a printout of the growth chart and where your kid is AND where they've been.  Plus, it's easy with day care because you get a quick form printed out of all the information schools/daycares need.  You don't have to fill it out yourself. 
    If she does it again you can always ask what she's doing. 
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    krystabel-go with a doctor who you feel is listening to you and willing to work with you. maybe once you know what vaccine schedule you feel comfortable with talk about that with your doctor-if they know what you're intially thinking many more will be more likely to work with you. I did a modified schedule, which at first our pedi wasn't thrilled with, but once I described what I was thinking he though it perfectly reasonable and willingly went along with our plan.  Being able to communicate with your doctors is important, feeling they listen is very important.

    my initial meeting with our pedi he asked me a lot of question about our family, what DH and I did for work-and joked about our careers and how parenthood would be a clash with how we clearly work (we're an engineer and management consultant). Call around to a few other practices, find one where the hours work, and where you get a good feeling.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Lissa & KAM you are both right, I am really just looking for a Dr that is willing to work with me.  Ans KAM - that is a great point about being able to clarify what I am asking for.  I can imagine a Dr would be less likely to agree if he/she was not completely sure what he was agreeing to.  I just made an appt for a meet & greet that came highly recommended by a good friend and neighbor (so he is close by).  I'll do my research before that appt so I'm prepared.

    Kam, would you mind telling me your modified immunization schedule?  Di you follow Dr. Sears suggestions or a different schedule?
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    I've been away for a little bit because my daughter was very sick last week, so I've seen a lot of my peditrician as well as experts at Tufts Childrens hospital.  Luckily DD is fine now, but it was very scary and made me so happy to have such great doctors.

    My peditrician was recommended by some friends and my daycare.  It is a group practice and I've met all of the doctors who work there and think they are all very nice.  I don't have an issue with the AAP immunization schedule, so I never brought it up to my peditrician before, but my daughter's illness last week happened to coincide with her 15 month wellness visit and my pedi was more than happy to put off her scheduled imunizations and work with a modified schedule.  Just so you know, certain vaccines can't be split up, like MMR.  My fear right now is that I don't want DD getting a fever, and she has gotten fevers from her vaccinations in the past. 

    Our doctors is a mom with 3 kids herself, and very low key.  There are few (if any) musts with her.  Her practice is also open 364 days a year.  The only day they are closed is Patriots Day because the street their office is on is shut down.

    So I think you have to be comfortable with the peditrician you choose, but your ideas and thoughts might change after LO arrives, so who you choose now isn't set in stone.  Personally I think a good recommendation is worth it's weight in gold. 

    Good Luck!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Krystabel-my modified schedule: I only allowed one vaccine a visit if it was a combo shot, or two single vaccine shots. And brought DS back to the doctors one month after getting the vaccine to get the one he missed. So nothing was skipped. Only spaced out a little bit. One could probably poke holes in doing it the way I did, but I felt better and DS never got any fevers or any reactions to any vaccine. He even got some early due to us traveling internationally. When I told his pedi what I was thinking he had no problem with me spacing things a bit.

    I hope Cookie is doing well!

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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Wow, I had a lot to catch up on! Between work and family vacation I've had no time to read.

    Quad - Very belated congratulations, and I hope all is well now!

    Krysta - I'm probably repeating what's already been said, but I agree with everyone saying you should go with who you feel comfortable with. I know very little about the vaccine debate so can't comment on that, but regardless of whether you want to go with your own schedule or the recommended one, you should choose a doc who treats your concerns with respect and will have a dialogue with you -- it's the only way you'll be able to feel like you trust them.

    Trouble -Sorry about the scare with your DD, but very glad to hear she's doing okay now!

    Cookie - Good luck!

    AFM - Had my first official doc's visit last week. I'm happy with the practice so far -- thorough, informative nurses, and I liked the doc I saw (it's the Newton Wellesley OBGYN practice, so I may see several different ones). I realized I don't know what I'm looking for, though. I've talked to colleagues who used midwives, but I didn't really do research before I got pg so I just went with the more familiar doctor route. Nothing I've heard so far has bothered me, but I wonder if I should explore. Unfortunately the colleagues who used them have moved on and we've lost touch. So, those of you using midwives - did you work with a mw and ob? What are the benefits/drawbacks?

    We also had another ultrasound and saw the heartbeat -- 131 bpm at about 7 weeks. I've been feeling good (though still nauseous and exhausted) and we've started telling more people...I'm actually letting myself think this is really going to happen. In the course of 2 weeks, DH and I went from refusing to reference it as a baby to talking about "the baby" all the time. Maybe the fact that my clothes are quickly becoming too tight is helping to make it a reality :-).
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Baaahhh!  I just sneeze-peed for the first time. It's too early for this, I'm only 14 weeks. And I have allergies so I sneeze all the time- oh, the joys of being pregnant...
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    I am 20.5 weeks and I wore maternity pants to work for the first time today.  I've worn maternity shorts and capris outside of work, but have been able to get away with dresses/skirts and a couple of my regular slacks that are more roomy.  I'm glad I've been able to stretch my regular wardrobe, but it's so comfortable to wear the full-panel pants!

    I also think that I have felt the baby punching and kicking a few times.  At first, I wasn't sure, but then it started happening more regularly, and yesterday she was pretty active.  However, I didn't feel anything today.  Is it normal to feel stuff one day, but not the next? 

    Good luck to Cookie - hope all is well!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Jenn, when I saw my midwife at 21 weeks, they were pleased that I could feel the baby moving, but specifically told me not to worry at that stage if I didn't feel her every day.  So I do think that's totally normal, especially if you're only recently certain that you're feeling her.
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Jennifyr- At my last appt (24 wks) the dr said that only closer to 28 weeks do you start to have patterns of/regular movement.  I'm at 26 wks and my baby definitely has active days and very quiet days so it sounds pretty normal to me!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Hi All!  Hope everyone is well.  The Trouble household is doing much better this week and my DD is back to normal!  :)  We have sitters lined up (mixture of friends and paid babysitter), I am just finishing up my last load of laundry for the new baby and I think I'm ready!  10 more days max for me :)  I can't wait to meet my new little guy!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Congrats Trouble!  Glad all is normal and that you are ready!  And thanks for reassuring me about baby movement.  I assumed it was normal, but it never hurts to check.  I have a long list of questions prepared this week for my next Dr. Appt next Thursday. 

    I have now joined the ranks of the waddling pregnant women - oh, the chafing!  I'm sure there are other reasons we need to waddle later in pregnancy, but at only 21 weeks, I have to waddle or my thighs will be on fire.  My thighs aren't even touching each other - they are just rubbing against the leg of my underwear.  I have tried baby powder and neosporin, but there has to be a better way.  

    I don't know if this has to do with swelling "down there" or what, but this is not normal and I don't like it!  Any advice or commiserating?
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Trouble, Im so happy to read DD is feeling like herself again!!  I know exactly what its like when your baby gets sick so close to the end of your pregnancy.  At least you can have your DS with peace of mind she is good!  :)  Goodluck!
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    Re: July - Pregnancy

    Jenn... have you tried something like wearing boy-short style underwear to cover that area?  Does it make a difference with skirts vs. pants?  The only other thing I can think of is that they sell something called "body glide" that runners use to avoid chaffing on long runs (you can get it at most sporting goods stores).  Basically you lube up that area.  Or go cammando :o)