July Updates

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    Re: July Updates

    Thanks for all the nice thoughts!  You have all been so welcoming, and I really appreciate it.  I didn't start looking at these forums until I was about halfway through the pregnancy, and I am so glad that I did.  :)

    IPW - your story of your husband made me cry a little bit!  So sweet and so wonderful to have such a supportive partner and excited dad to be!

    I hope everyone enjoys this amazing relief of a day!
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    Re: July Updates

    This weekend we told DH's mother and brother and then my immediate family.  My sister was away for the weekend, so I had to make a second trip to tell her before someone let it slip!  Everyone was really excited... except maybe my dad who was really absorbed in a movie when I burst out with the news LOL.

    MIL's reaction was better than I expected.  The more I had thought about it, the more I realized she'd have a good reaction.  It was funny though, she started asking about daycare, etc. right away.  I said, Don't worry - we have time to figure that out!  For some reason, she tends to think of us as broke 20 year olds.  DH was literally dancing around her kitchen because he was so excited to spread the news. 

    We still need to tell DH's brother, SIL, and sister.  I think his sister and SIL will be the most excited of all so I can't wait!

    Last night, I signed into Facebook for the first time in ages.  (Who has the energy to turn on the computer?)  My family had started a thread about a possible family reunion next year.  I can't wait to say, FYI there will be a newborn attending!!
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    Re: July Updates

    I second that - that was a really sweet story IPW!

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    Re: July Updates

    IPW - Ew about the sweet coke taste!  I haven't heard of that flavor.  I think the acidity of the orange sort of balanced out the sweetness a little.  I haven't gotten any results, so am hoping no news is good news... but I'll probably call later.  And what a great story about your DH having his little moment with your baby!  So sweet - I'm glad you were only pretend-sleeping so you didn't miss it!

    LLLE - congrats on reaching the 34 week mark!  It must be nice to know he's head-down and in position!

    Medford - I agree, even though we know the due date is meant to be an approximation, it's still hard not to have that date lodged in your brain as THE date!!  Let us know if the fish tacos and long walk triggered anything...

    Ditto on being asked to insert the internal ultrasound doohickey myself!  Actually, she didn't ask, she TOLD me to!  It was awkward but I did it and tried not to giggle at the strangeness of doing it myself.

    Fram - congrats on your announcement!  Of course now you want to tell the world!  It's so exciting.
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    Re: July Updates


    I had an internal a couple weeks ago and the tech inserted it.  She didn't even give me the option to do it myself, but I've heard some do.  My legs were completely covered with paper, so DH saw nothing.  It's not like it's just hanging out :-)
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    Re: July Updates

    Good morning ladies!

    I had another appointment with my doctor yesterday; she wanted me to pop in just so they could check the heartbeat and make sure everything was still good.  It started off a little scary, but everything turned out great...

    My doctor couldn't get the heartbeat on the doppler.  She had me move into a few different positions and tried for about 5 minutes -- nothing.  Of course I started freaking out and thinking something had gone wrong.  She took me in for a quick ultrasound, and thankfully we saw the HB right away.  Such a relief, plus I ended up getting an extra ultrasound!  She showed me where the spine was already forming, and I actually saw the baby move around which was pretty wild.

    Two more weeks and I have my NT test -- and finally through with the first trimester!  Laughing
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    Re: July Updates

    Pugs, that sounds like the scariest moment ever!  Thank goodness it was nothing serious.
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    Re: July Updates

    It was scary, and it made me regret not doing my research first!  Apparently the doppler can't always detect the HB right away, especially earlier in the pregnancy.

    I wanted to share just in case this happens to anyone else and they'll know not to worry.  :)
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    Re: July Updates

    Pugs - I can't remember how far along you are... When I first started my OB appointments, he couldn't get the heartbeat on the doppler and said the reason was that when I lay back, my uterus tips backwards (which apparently is not uncommon for many women).  He warned me about it ahead of time.  This makes it really hard for the doppler to pick up the heartbeat of such a small baby.  He couldn't get it for the 8 week appointment or the 12 week, I think.  I'm not sure if this was the reason for you.  If my doc hadn't told me, I would have freaked out too.  I'm glad you had the ultrasound!!
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    Re: July Updates

    Poppy, I'm 10 weeks today, so that makes perfect sense.  The doctor did say that sometimes you need to be in a certain position to detect the HB on the doppler.

    I was a little annoyed that they didn't fill me in ahead of time like your doctor did, but the fact that they did the ultrasound and tested everything thoroughly made me happy.
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    Re: July Updates

    Seriously, I am becoming more addicted to this board/thread than to facebook..., so much going on and I hate to miss any news!

    I had my 36 week appointment yesterday and the NP is apparently quite concerned about my excess amniotic fluid as she ordered another US in addition to my NST for this week... plus her general demeanour kind of made me nervous... So, of course, I came home and surfed the internet - bad idea, now I'm trying to forget everything I read :)  Although will be armed with a lot more specific questions next week!

    A few more days and we'll be at 37 weeks and won't worry about DS showing up!  But with the full moon last night I was kind of hoping he'd make his appearance - I had contractions all night, but nothing regular and they are minimal today... it's so different from DD!
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    Re: July Updates

    Pugs - Yes, at 10 weeks I bet that's it.  I'm glad they didn't just send you home and tell you not to worry!

    Canuk - me too, totally addicted.  I haven't heard about excess amniotic fluid... I thought there was only potential danger if there wasn't enough!  But I know how pretty much anything one googles surrounding pregnancy inevitably turns up "DANGER! DANGER!" warnings.  I certainly am not a pregnancy expert, but I've heard that after 34 weeks babies are pretty much ok to come out!  It must be odd when your second pregnancy is totally different from your first.

    I'm learning from all of you ladies as well as my friend who is 36 weeks pregnant that it seems to be possible to have contractions for weeks before the LO actually arrives!  Did not know that! 
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    Re: July Updates

    I'm addicted too!
    I have a friend with a newborn who keeps sharing her pregnancy/baby wisdom with me... The problem is I've already learned most things from you ladies!  (...or a book ...or the NP) 
    Half the time I pretend I didn't know, so she won't think I'm being difficult :o)
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    Re: July Updates

    Thanks Poppy, I hadn't heard of it either, and honestly figured I was better off with too much than not enough (still think this is true)  AND my belly is huge so it's somewhat comforting to know I'm not having a 22 lb baby since a lot is fluid :)  I think if DS arrived now he'd be fine, the NP asked that I wait until next weekend (37 weeks) to go driving on bumpy roads, but that it might be a good idea at that point!

    The weeks of contractions was news to me too, and I'm a second timer!  DD literally arrived about 24 hours after the contractions started... DH keeps calling to see how I am doing and I say "Just sitting here, contracting all day"  After several weeks of this he still asks "How far apart?"  Like I have nothing else to do but count them...LOL!

    Hang in there all, and enjoy the nice day - humidity is back tomorrow!
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    Re: July Updates

    Aww IPW, I teared up, too :)  How lovely of you to "sleep" through that experience!
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    Re: July Updates

    Pugs - I'm SO glad to hear that it ended well.  That must have been scary.  I had a similar experience a bit later on, but luckily I had been warned.

    Add me to the list of people who didn't know contractions could go on for a while with no results!  AND to the list of people who are having it happen!
    I started having contractions on Sunday night, and they were even coming as close together as 7 or 8 minutes, and then... they just stopped.  Again yesterday afternoon!  Went to the doctor this morning and she reassured me that it's normal and that it's actually a good thing as the uterus is practicing for its big moment.  But it is sort of an emotional rollercoaster, as I get pretty excited for nothing!

    I noticed Winter hasn't posted on here for a couple of days... I wonder if she's having her baby!
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    Re: July Updates

    medford - are you about to give birth?!?!?!  contractions!?

    canuk - i had my 24 week appt today and because i have US's every 2 weeks due to the twin factor, they check the length of my cervix and do rough measurements, etc.  anyway - they said i had "normal" levels of fluid in both sacs, but the girl's sac was a "high normal" amount - more than in the boy's sac.  so i asked the dr and she said it was no big deal and that it's a problem when there's not enough, not when there's too much???  now i'm wondering what you read on the internet!!!  eek!  :)  each of my babies (weird!) is around 1.3 lbs - bizarre - and in 90+ %ile for size - which is crazy b/c that's so small.  i know poeple who have given birth at 24 weeks - yikes!  fingers crossed i'll hold on til 37 at least. 

    thanks for the posts re: my misc. vag. pain (haha) - doctor said this was normal too - but i already knew from you gals.  ;)

    glad to read everyone else's positive updates!  (pugs - i couldn't hear the heartbeats that early either.)

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    Re: July Updates

    I'm so glad for these boards too and that I thought to come on and look.  I used the wedding boards many years ago and didn't think about these until about 1/2 way through my pregnancy but love them and you girls!

    Pugs I didn't hear a HB until 12 weeks...I agree that it is so great you have a good ob who didn't just leave you hanging and just say not to worry!

    Poppy - I am excited to know he is head down!  Pregnancy is just so cool!

    I haven't had any contractions BH or otherwise so I'm a little nervous to feel them because I don't know what to expect but excited too.   

    I was wondering about winter as well...I hope all is well with her!!
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    Re: July Updates

    Pugs - I had soooo much anxiety about the doppler heartbeat.  I would have high blood pressure prior to those visits!  I am so glad that they did an ultrasound for you.  I sort of think if they try to find it and can't they should definitely do an u/s.  I knew when I went for my 11 week that if they couldn't find the heart beat I was sc*rewed because they didn't have u/s on that day.  What anxiety!  10 weeks is on the earlier side and glad to hear that everything was fine.

    Oh medford and canuk - I can't imagine the waiting game you guys are on right now.  I hope everything goes smoothly!!

    Poppy - I am due the day after you I think - October 18th.  My little girl however was lying completely transverse and my placenta is still low.  I am still hoping that I will able to delivery vaginally.  I am not concerned about her moving as much as my placenta. 

    I am officially out of kick boxing - I just can't do it without BH constantly at this point.  I think that weights are still fine but I am sort of bummed.  At this point, I am big enough that I don't care so much about the weight gain but I will miss it!
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    Re: July Updates

    I've been briefly lurking these last couple of weeks, but haven't had time to post. Just wanted to share in the chorus of "I love you all." You've all given me so much peace of mind and wisdom and laughs through my pregnancy, I can't imagine what I would have done without you, aside from gone crazy and freaked myself out on the "regular" internet!

    Work has been exceptionally stressful as I try and wrap things up this last month, and I feel very unprepared for baby at home. I'm hoping this is just the hormones. I had a wonderful, sweet baby shower Sunday and when we brought everything home it made us realize we aren't as prepared as we thought, and we have no idea where to put everything. Ugh, just having one of those hard days where I think "it can't possibly be only Wednesday!"

    But Canuk and Medford and Winter, I'm thinking of you...hope all is well and progressing as it should!
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    Re: July Updates

    I agree - Winter's absence is noticable and I'm wondering what is going on with her!

    I also agree that you all are fabulous.  I feel like a boston.com pregnancy forum pusher.  I am constantly throwing links at my friends and trying to force them to come on here!  And then I check in, "Have you gone on yet?  How about NOW?"

    LLLE - I can't remember how far along you are (maybe I'll start a "due date" thread, I just have a terrible memory), but I tell you that BH are nothing to worry about - it just feels like a tightening/weight in your belly, not painful... maybe a tiny bit unpleasant, but not scary.  Can't speak to actual contractions yet, though!  I, too, am nervous about those...

    LIL - I will be hoping for you that everything works out for a v. delivery... what has your OB said thusfar?  My friends and I were just talking the other day about one of them being delivered from a transverse position and we could NOT think of that word.  I think it's certainly possible to delivery vaginally that way, isn't it?

    ML - sorry about the stress at work... how long until you're out on maternity?  I hear you about being unprepared - right now our nursery consists of a twin bed, a bookcase, a shelf of ALL of our cds/dvds... and lots and lots of unfiled papers.  Not very babyish!
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    Re: July Updates

    ML -- I had the same issue after my first shower: I got all the stuff home and it felt like so much, and yet just the tip of the iceberg.  I took a Sunday and went through it all, sorted the clothes by size and washed some stuff, put away anything that the baby won't use right away (Bumbo, Exercauser, high chair) and started finding homes in our cabinets for bottles and stuff.  It takes a bit, but it comes together and you'll feel much better.  Just keep a pad of paper handy to jot down the stuff you think of while you're doing it -- I didn't and I'm still fishing those little, "Oh, we need X,Y,Z" thoughts out of my brain. 

    And, yes, a lot of it is hormones.  :) 

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    Re: July Updates

    ML try not to worry about work too much, it will go on, with or without you :)  A boss and mentor of mine once told me to leave my laptop at home when heading out on vacation (there was some kind of deadline looming...)  He said "Don't worry, the work will still be here when you get back"  Sure enough, it was :)  Mind you, mat leave is not exactly like vacation, but all you can do is do your best while still looking after yourself (and the baby) and the rest will follow.

    I've been on 'limited activity' the past couple of weeks, with DH dropping DD off at daycare in the am, making him an hour+ late for work, but I just haven't felt like I could deal with her solo, if anything went wrong - he's been a doll about it, but it's hard on me mentally to be so needy.  Anyway this am when I got up to pee at 5, he was wide awake and much to chatty, so I sent him off to work early and did our usual morning routine, just DD and I - It was awesome!  It feels to good to do something normal, even if it seems small!  I think it was good for DD too, as I'm not sure she knows what to think of mommy in bed so much... anyway, it's not the really big good news, but it's good news nonetheless!

    Non stress tests and another US to measure DS and my fluid tomorrow morning, fingers crossed!
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    Re: July Updates

    Hello ladies.. ditto loving this board.  I love our group size... I can keep track of what everyone is doing.  Any other board I've seen has way too many members and I just feel lost!  I almost feel like I know each of you personally... and feel so lucky to be part of the "mom-in-training" team!

    LIL - don't beat yourself up about stopping kick boxing.  Is there something else you enjoy that can take its place?  And not so much for weight gain... because we will all continue to gain weight.  But just for peace of mind and those work-out endorphins.  I've been doing the elliptical and really love it. Easy on the joints but still good for hip flexers and seems to really help lower my ankle swelling!

    Canuk - good luck tomorrow.  Keep us posted on the U/S.

    GC - had dinner with parents and a out of town visiting family friend last night.  She brought about 6 outfits, some onsies and a blanket as a gift.  Even that was overwhelming and just made me feel like my little baby is already so loved!  Was so special.  I can't imagine how grateful I will feel after my shower.  People really are so generous when it comes to babies!

    Little one is still kicking quite a bit in my upper belly..  but also has learned how to push outward.  Its the funniest and coolest feeling.  All of a sudden that area of my belly gets really hard and I can sorta feel around his foot.  Ah... I can't wait to meet this little person!!!
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    Re: July Updates

    I'll chime in about how addicted I am to the boards.  It is such a nice supportive enviornment and the size is just right so I feel as if I know everyone! 

    LIL-I understand the sadness about ending kickboxing.  I felt the same way when I realized that I needed to hang up my spinning cleats for awhile.  I don't remember how far along you are but you should commend yourself for working that hard as along as you did.  Also, soon enough you'll be at the point where walking is exercise enough. 

    I agree that people are very generous re: babies.  We decided not to have a shower until after the baby was born due to family issues and will have something at the end of next month.  People have already started to send out gifts and its been really touching.