June 2013 pregnancy

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    Re: June 2013 pregnancy

    My doctor has said don't fly after 36 weeks, and use my judgment about travel in general.  I think it'll be okay to go to New York.  The question is really whether I want to or not, especially since probably we would have to drag my DD to New York with us, which would make her miserable, but she isn't invited to the wedding, so we'd have to figure out childcare, etc.  The hassle is the real reason I don't want to go, but the pregnancy is probably a good excuse. 

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    Re: June 2013 pregnancy

    Thistle - my doc had me travel with my medical charts after some bleeding at 31 weeks.  He restricted flying after 36 but other than that didn't restrict my travel as long as I had my charts with me.  One thing to check is if at some point your insurance stops covering an out of state delivery.  I believe for my BCBS plan it was at 36 weeks.  Other than that I was feeling pretty good at 36 weeks and would have loved a weekend in NYC with my first.  Now that I have a toddler I would probably decline because of the hassle as well!

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    Re: June 2013 pregnancy

    If you don't want to go, decline.  They invited you so that it would be your decision, as it should be.  Great friends understand that timing isn't always perfect for everyone, and you'll be in their lives after the wedding - it's just a day.

    Discretion is the better part of valor.
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    Re: June 2013 pregnancy

    Thistle, my DH can't go to his best friend's wedding 6 1/2 hours away because it's 9 days after our baby's due. Instead, he's throwing the bachelor party and we're videotaping his speech for them to play at the reception. We're also visiting next weekend. 

    Maybe you can figure out an alternative way to celebrate with them--I've heard of people skyping in to do a message for the bride and groom. Something like that.

    I also wouldn't want to make the trip if I were you!