June Pregnancy

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    June Pregnancy

    Hi all,

    I can't believe it is June! Time really does fly.

    I went in for a scan yesterday and the baby is measuring at around 34.5 weeks and I am only 32, so it looks like we may have a big one (if any of this is actually accurate). She weighs around 4.5lbs right now.

    My shower is on Sunday. I am excited to see all of my friends at one time. Hope everyone is feeling well and has a great weekend!

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    Re: June Pregnancy

    Thanks, all. We are home and adjusting to our new life, hence posting during a 3 am feeding. Nov - we have been alternating between William and Will. A few things about the hospital bag. I was so much more comfortable in my own clothes so definitely pack a few outfits. I had brought yoga pants but found them uncomfortable and was much happier with the loose jersey pants I had. I got a pj set from Target a size up from my normal size which has been amazing. I plan on ordering several more. They are jersey pants and a matching robe and are made by the target G&g brand - Gallino or something. Good luck in the final days, Summer. Wishing you a wonderful delivery.