June updates

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    Re: June updates

    IPW -- I would call Isis NOW and get signed up.  I was holding off as my practice offers classes run by Isis, but in doing a little digging, the class I actually want is more involved and run at Isis, not at my MGH location.  I found a lot of the classes were full and we wound up only having one option that worked for our schedules that was still available.  Which is fine, it works out and, remember, it's not like the baby won't be born if you don't take the class, but still -- I was surprised to find that I was kind of behind on that. 

    ML, good reminder post!  I would add to start talking to DH about your expectations surrounding delivery/in-patient stay, especially what you both want in terms of visitors, family at hospital, etc ... and "help" post baby.  I found that DH and I differend a little in our expectations, so it's nice to start talking about it early so you have some time to mull and it feels less Urgent, as it's still a ways away. 

    I am due exactly three months from yesterday, though -- 27 weeks today.  So things are starting to feel a bit more urgent in general. 

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    Re: June updates

    eek - good tip on registering for classes now!  i wouldn't have even thought about that until month 7 if you hadn't said that!  :)
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    Re: June updates

    If you are going through Isis, I would call them -- you can't register on-line without some ID number, so just call, register with them, then sign-up for your class(es) over the phone.  They mail you out some ID thing and the receipt. 
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    Re: June updates

    How did everyone survive this past hot hot weekend? I got nothing done, sat around alot, ate many popsicles.

    On a positive note, I've seen my real ankles for the first time in a few weeks after all that sitting around with my feet up!
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    Re: June updates

    ML-Great news about your ankles.  It must be nice to see them again ;-) 

    I'm in total nesting mode so I was able to power through and get alot done.  It did help that I had Friday off and I was able to rest most of the day but my LO was in such a strange position that it was really difficult to relax.  Althouh we have a unit in the room, I woke up drenched in sweat and had to make it even cooler (I felt badly for my DH who was such a trooper...he must have been freezing).  Has anyone else experienced this? 
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    Re: June updates

    ML- I thought I was going to die and my old posts about baby brain melting came to mind. And had the air cranked up so high people were wearing blankets around me.

    As a side note- I had another appt on Friday- and I am 6 weeks out (34 weeks on Friday) but am measuring at 36 weeks... which has earned me an ultrasound in two weeks (yeah!! more baby pics) but I have started to get concerned about not having the 6 weeks I had planned on. Everyone kept telling me first babies are late... I hadn't really thought about him coming (or needing to be induced) early OR having to deliver an oddly huge baby... anyone have experience with this?

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    Re: June updates

    Not personally, but the last few "first" babies in our immediate circle have come anywhere from two weeks "early" to being induced a week or so after the due date.  I'd say the majority are on or after the due date, but there were a few early birds.  Actually ... about 50/50, now that I think about it.  This is highly unscientific, mind you.  :) 

    I'm taking my due date as a guide of sorts ... I don't think it's wrong, per se, but I told DH that anything that we want done for the Bean needs to be complete by September 1st. 

    But DON'T panic.  The only things I would focus on are having the car seat installed (so you can bring the baby home) and having a place to put the baby down to sleep.  All the rest you can manage, honestly. 

    and, re: hotness -- good lord.  I am a heat-lover by nature, and hate putting on the air and DH really hates putting on the air, I think b/c of the electric bill.  But I woke up CRYING Friday night b/c I was so hot, the air had switched off, and I couldn't reach it to turn it back on (it's one of those wall-unit built in's).  I probably sweated out two pounds.  Then yesterday I foolishly tried to power through cooking and laundry with just the windows open; DH found me crying in the basement (where it was LOVELY).  So the a/c finally went on. 

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    Re: June updates

    I'm like you Nene - in the nesting stage.  I cleaned the entire house on Saturday (no a/c).  Of course, then I paid for it on Sunday: completely sore everywhere and HOT!  And grouchy.  DH brought window units up from basement and I sat on the bed in the cold bedroom eating ice cream.  I've got to find a low sugar or sugar free cold treat - I cannot keep eating the amounts of ice cream I'm eating.

    Winter - I don't have direct experience with this, but your post reminded me of my girlfriend who has been going along with a Sept. 1 due date until last week at an ultrasound when they suddenly said, "hmm, we may have been off on the date you got pregnant..." and suddenly she might be due in early August.  I PANICKED for her, while she seemed strangely calm.

    Any chance your dates could be off in that way?  Or are they just thinking "big baby"?  I think if you are not high risk (no GD or anything like that) you could deliver a big baby normally... but of course my knowledge is limited...
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    Re: June updates

    I was the same as many others -- tried to power through on Saturday!  Then on Sunday, didn't even try.  After a few errands, spent most of the day with the AC on and my feet up!

    Poppy - regarding frozen treats - last summer I started getting this brand called Gelato Giuliana (I have only seen it at Whole Foods - yellow container).  I don't know about the other flavors, but the mango has 40 calories per serving, so I can eat half the pint for 80 calories!  And no artificial sweeteners, which was important to me because I can usually taste them and I hate them.  I feel like there must be some sort of mistake in the labeling, because it's delicious, but I'm going with it.  :)
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    Re: June updates

    I have been eating those "whole fruit" or "edy's" fruit bars- frozen fruit type treats... and this weekend, I discovered the small seedless watermelons, which were also great cold.

    poppy- there is also "lite ice cream" or the slow churned style or something- still not "slimming" but better than the normal stuff.

    and to answer your question, there is actually no way that our dates are off. we only tried once that cycle... (we were a little unsure of getting pregnant right before the holidays) so I even know the precise time. the ob said "not that i think he will be 11 pounds or anything, but he is now measuring two weeks further along."
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    Re: June updates

    I flew to Toronto for the weekend for my sister's Baby shower and it was equally as hot there... but DD and DD were home, so it was a bit of a break for me (no nesting tho'!)

    As far as due date goes, DD was about 10 days early, as was I (also a first born) so it's possible...

    DS feels like he is going to push himself straight out of my belly and not go out the usual way - it is unreal how uncomfortable I am this time around compared to #1... I really don't think our dates are off, as I tracking my temp, but I am very afraid he is a BIG baby!  2 months to go!
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    Re: June updates

    Measuring babies is inexact at best - I had a few ultrasounds (she was breech and had to be turned - they used ultrasound to do the turning, and check on her afterwards) before DD was born, and they told me she was going to be 7+ lbs. She was 5 lbs. 10 oz. - But she was also 19.75 inches long. So she was big from a length of limbs point of view, but she was skinny. I never thought to ask how they determine how big they thought she was going to be - but my guess is they use length of limbs, which might not be the best way to get at weight.
    She was also two days past her due date, when I was certain she was going to be early.
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    Re: June updates

    Thanks amy- he turned a few weeks ago, and dropped last week. He now feels like he is wearing my cervix as a hat and like I crush his skull everytime I stand up. so although I have not had any complications... there is a part of me that wonders if he is getting ready early.

    I will have to ask at the ultrasound next week and see how they do the calculations.

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    Re: June updates

    Just have to say with many of you in the home stretch, can't wait to hear about more babies being born on this forum!!
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    Re: June updates

    Got my BFP this weekend!  Called this morning to make a doctor's appointment, since I figured it would be a few weeks before they could fit me in.  The woman on the phone asked when my last period started - May 15 - and then said OK so that makes you about 5 weeks pregnant.  Really?  You think I got pregnant two days after my period started?

    Do they guess your due date based on your likely ovulation or on your last period?  Luckily I know we conceived between 6/4 and 6/7, so it doesn't matter what they say!

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    Re: June updates

    Fram, I know its weird but you are technically pregnant already for 2 weeks before you are really even pregnant...that's how they count the weeks.

    I just looked it up, and your EDD is February 19, 2011. :-D hehe.
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    Re: June updates

    Yay Fram!!  Yes, they do the initial calculation based on date of last period.  As you get farther along (mainly after ultrasound(s)) they will readjust dates if necessary based on development of baby.

    So all books you read will be based on the first day of your last period, which initially I found confusing but got used to.  So, for example, in "Your Pregnancy Week by Week" each chapter starts like, "Week 18 - Age of Fetus--16 weeks".  When people ask you how far along you are, you would base your answer on that date as well.
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    Re: June updates

    Congrats, Fram!  Yeah, pregnancy math is weird.  Try not to worry too much about dates until you get the confirm/first appointment. 

    They base their count on the first day of your LMP (last menstrual period).  Don't even both trying to introduce logic into the festivities, as it will merely confuse things. 

    But, yay!  Great news!

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    Re: June updates

    Saying that makes sense would be a stretch, so I will say I understand both of your posts :o) 
    According to my calculations, I will be due between March 11 and 14.  So excited!!!!  But yeah, I'm a wopping 14-17 days pregnant so trying hard not to get TOO far ahead of myself.
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    Re: June updates

    Yeah, pardon the pun, but baby steps.  The only thing you need to do right now is be happy, and start taking a pre-natal if you haven't already. 

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    Re: June updates

    Oh ladies I am feeling lucky.  The heat stinks but I was able to golf both days so I feel very fortunate! I am getting a little more swelling though! 

    Poppy - What the heck with the ice cream.  I NEVER crave ice cream but have eaten enough lately so that I am sure the cow's are feeling pressure to produce!

    Winter - The cervix-as-a-hat thing seems very uncomfortable.  I have a little 23 week peanut and I can feel even when she is near my bladder.  I can't even imagine what you are feeling!

    Congrats again Fram.  I posted on TTC.
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    Re: June updates

    Fra, ur due date would be Feb 21-26th depending on your cycle length.  Trust me those weeks will make a huge difference towards the end of your pregnancy...
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    Re: June updates

    I didn't ovulate until approximately 3 weeks after May 15, so my due date would be 40 weeks from then, right?  I understand what everyone means in terms of the doctors using my last period in the beginning, but will my real due date be 40 weeks from O?  Or is a pregnancy not actually 40 weeks from inception, but 40 weeks from the last AF?
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    Re: June updates

    It's 40 weeks from the first day of your LMP, not from O or conception.  I know it is crazy, but as a previous poster said, you are two weeks "pregnant" when you conceive.  Crazy, right?  So then by the time most people get a BFP they are 4-5 weeks pregnant.  
    It doesn't make sense, but trust me.... it feels so good adding those two extra weeks on! 
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    Re: June updates

    The reason doctors use the LMP is because it's impossible for them (and you, too) to know *exactly* when fertilization or implantation took place, given the many variables that come into play.

    Like GC said, what will really determine your due date are the measurements at your early ultrasound. The rest of it is just a guessing game. Fun, to be sure, but nothing more than guesses before the u/s.

    eta: For my DS, the EDD based on LMP was 9/25. After the first ultrasound, my OB determined a due date of 10/1. DS was born on 9/28.  Completely normal given gestational ranges.